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  1. NT is viewed as a joke. Don’t kid yourself. When they lose it’s always hey they always lose. Apathy in DFW is real.
  2. Whoops Basketball plays Tulsa on 12/21 also. What a coincidence….
  3. I don’t believe he’s locked in. Not for a minute. A bad showing at the Frisco Bowl (or whatever Bowl it is) may be enough for Wren to boot him.
  4. Ah ok, thanks! I thought it was Kent at first, but the colors didn’t match up.
  5. Would love to see a New Orleans Bowl rematch with the Tigers!!!! Who the hell do they have SMUt predicted to play??? The green chicken hawks???
  6. That definitely works for me. MUTS took the Bahamas slot.
  7. Was there the last time, will happily do it again.
  8. Anywhere but Boise or Boca Raton Bowl. 😄
  9. Seth used steel pipe fence posts when he started and switched to wooden fence posts after the Kansas State courting, expecting to be outta here sooner than later. Now his wooden fence posts are rotting at the base. I stand behind what I’ve said from the beginning of the season: conference title plus bowl win saves his job. Hire Skip Holtz…
  10. Anywhere but Boca Raton Bowl would be good.
  11. Seth Litrell thread would probably have points from both sides, especially in such a wild year. You were expecting sunshine and puppy dogs blown up your butthole in this thread with this kind of season?
  12. Do you believe his mediocre record? Or do your eyeballs blind you from that? LOL!! Impatient? 5 years of .500 ball and I’m calling for his head 60 games later, is impatient? Ok….
  13. I don’t know about that. The weather was a factor early in this game. You can’t just say this team coulda woulda shoulda won X games because of the way this game played out. The season didn’t play out that way and Seth was certainly the reason why this team was staring at double digit losses after 7 games. Regardless of the bowl outcome he should be fired. Being the highest paid coach in CUSA, he’s been mediocre at best.
  14. Yep, just get into any bowl and we’re all happy. 6-6 is exactly where we want to be 5 years into the SL era! Screw the abysmal start. Extend Seth today!!!
  15. Yep, just get into any bowl and we’re all happy. 6-6 is exactly where we want to be 5 years into the SL era! Screw the abysmal start. Extend Seth today!!!
  16. How many shots have you had since the game ended?
  17. With his history in Bowl games, that’s an “if”the size of Apogee.
  18. Hire Holtz now while he’s available. Seth has never won CUSA and has been thoroughly outcoached in every bowl game. The time is now with the move to the AAC.
  19. He should give that back for the ridiculous 1st half of the year. Badabing!!
  20. North Texas reminds me of that ‘02 Colorado Buffaloes team that started slow at the beginning of the year and then steamrolled the B12 with one of the best running attacks I’ve ever seen. Chris Brown, Bobby Purify, & Marcus Houston destroyed opposing defenses ghat year. CU had a mediocre QB too.
  21. Ok, but how does SL cause the punt returner to drop a punt? Or Harris to drop the snap multiple times? Telepathy?
  22. Defense is playing really well. Yeah, I know SL hired Bennett. But Phil may have single handed saved SLs job.
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