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  1. Take the -10.5 now because it will be -13 by game time. I fully expect BSU to put the atomic leg drop on NT.
  2. Nice to see a totally different team come to town and wipe the floor with Seth. My son and I will attend and eat the overpriced food and drink an overpriced drink. At least we won’t be too emotionally invested because we know exactly what to expect.
  3. The money ol’ Wren turned down here to go to WV should cover some of Seth’s buyout.
  4. 7-7 here it comes. UNT apathy here we are. I’m hoping for a bowl that gives the boys a great destination to experience. At least they’ll have that good memory….
  5. Smatresk should give Seth his walking papers and then hire a new AD. I have a real bad feeling this AD thing will drag out and Spanky will be back next year. It’s the UNT thing to do….
  6. Got5onIt


    How many teams with winning records did NT beat this year?
  7. Old Denton was hoping and dreaming of a big upset and then prancing into the Toilet Bowl for another upset win. The Mighty Seth was going to lead NT to a 9-5 record and get that deserved extension. History, statistics, data, trends, etc. all obviously were saying NT would lose the title game and then will lose the bowl game. NT will finish 7-7.
  8. Turn out the lights The party’s over they say that all good things must end call it a night the party’s over ‘cause tomorrow and next year starts the same ol’ thing again
  9. WTF??? I get a puking eagle for wishing him luck on his bet?? Whoever gave me the puking eagle: F you too buddeh!!
  10. Never dealt with piss all over the floor and flooded restrooms even at Fouts. Was shocked it happened at Apogee. I will always think of this whenever i think of ol’ WB.
  11. Didn’t want him here, but he’s a helluva hire.
  12. The biggest game in the history of western civilization! Where’s Seneca Wallace when you need him???!!
  13. Hopefully, NT hires an AD with this vision in his brain. This is what NT should be aiming for and I want to hear those words coming out of the new AD’s mouth at his hiring press conference.
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