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  1. Is he giving out NIL funds? I'm just being real here. This will be a great addition once he steps foot on campus. However, until signing day hits, I will remain skeptical. Unfortunately, the NIL funds are going to keep creating gaps between us and the P5 schools.
  2. I think the INTs he threw his junior season scared off some of the FBS schools. He put up great numbers his Senior year. The transfer portal has also hurt a lot of high school kids. QBs move every year and this has impacted the number of spots available for high school players. We have a crowded QB room at the moment. Maybe a JUCO or FCS school made him an offer that he couldn't refuse? 2022 Stats: 4143 yards, 47 TDs, 4 INT and rushed for 407 yards with 8 TDs 2021 Stats: 3884 yards, 38 TDs, 19 INT and rushed for 219 yards with 5 TDs
  3. Some of you need to log off and go for a walk. It will be ok guys. The transfer portal will be full of guys after spring ball.
  4. Let's keep Florida State away at the last minute. But on a serious note, very impressive pick up.
  5. Who offered the big $$$? I guess we will see in the next few weeks.
  6. Baker had a few offers at the time (FAU, Rice, and New Mexico). However, he bet on himself and went to Texas Tech, before transferring to OU.
  7. Congrats to the team! It was ugly, but Vegas here we come.
  8. Because they watched them on TV apparently.
  9. Ok you are trolling now. There have been multiple instances where they state things that are simply not true or are unrealistic. One podcast was the Texas State versus North Texas hires. Another was in regard to details around our recruits. I mean just the other day Greg Powers took @TheReal_jayD junior day visitor list and published it as his own. Their player ranking lists are full of bias as mentioned here. I have been a subscriber of the magazine for a few years now, but it's even not as good as it use to be. There are typos in articles and sections they have cut out.
  10. This is a college football fan board. I stated an opinion. However, since you're offended I'll clarify. I don't hate the green room, I think Brune is great. I regularly listen to their podcast. I think that the other co-host could add little more insight/detail around his analysis. But I do appreciate that they are supporting the program. I think the ROTF podcast is not so great. They do the bare minimum research and it shows.
  11. As previously mentioned, DCTF doesn't do great research. Their college coverage could improve. They have a Texas State and UTSA homer creating the lists. Their podcast network recently expanded to improve the coverage. However, the 2 guys covering for us now don't have insights into the program anymore. One covers LSU full time (he does a good job) and the other has a full time job working nights (he mentions it every podcast).
  12. He might be hanging out with Chico in Florida. Coaching NAIA ball in Florida. https://fire.seu.edu/news/2023/3/6/canales-joins-fire-football-staff.aspx
  13. I guess today is the day that former North Texas Head Coaches accept Offensive Analyst jobs. Who's next Todd Dodge or Dan McCarney?
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