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  1. I mean it's pretty much a given that college football is going to have a break up between the P4 and G5 schools. We're already trending to being the development/minor leagues for the P4 schools. It's not really going to impact us that much. Our students, almuni, and the citizens of Denton are already apathetic to UNT Athletics. What's going to change after this split?
  2. No worries at all. Lets be honest, it's a little unusual that we are having to add a QB this late in the off-season.
  3. Yeah, he is a 2025 recruit. A little small but definitely athletic.
  4. Looks like we have a juco QB joining us. That should add a little depth. Carson Woods QB Bakersfield College 6'0 185 https://www.gogades.com/sports/fball/2023-24/bios/woods_carson_bq09
  5. Needless to say, it's been an interesting off-season. This has been the biggest roster rebuild that Eric Morris has ever completed. We lost 35 players to the transfer portal, signed 24 transfers, and added another 40 plus high school kids. The team is not going to look anything like it did last year. We could potentially have 7 new starters on offense and 5-6 on defense. I am glad they got bigger in the secondary and at LB. The offensive line is probably going to be the biggest that we have had in years. I know the staff is doing the best they can, but I am extremely worried about the depth at certain positions. We are one injury away from having true freshman starting at QB and DE. What are your thoughts on this roster rebuild? QB: Chandler Morris- Starter Cash McCollum (Fr) Tom von Grote (walk on FR) Drew Mestemaker (walk on FR) DE: Jake Shipley (Oregon)- Starter Terrell Dawkins (South Carolina)- Starter Fatafehi Vailea (Not sure if he is DT or DE) Breylon Charles (Navarro/Lamar)- Backup Keith Smith or a True Freshman- Backup
  6. Sucks to lose Rausaw he was a decent contributor on the DL. West Wilson was a walk on and I believe he got a scholarship to go to Abilene Christian.
  7. So outside of the 1 Tulsa WR, we signed positions of need. Almost all played meaningful snaps at a high level. Hopefully these guys stay healthy and put up good numbers for us. I'm going to need a paper roster for the first few games to identify all the new players. We can no longer say Morris doesn't have his guys in here. The majority of the roster was recruited by his staff now. 1- QB 1- WR 3-DL 2-LB
  8. I was never worried about losing Chandler.
  9. Well that sucks. It might be time for life after football.
  10. 6- but I am still worried about the defense.
  11. Lost power for a few hours. A few trees down in the neighborhood.
  12. Big week ahead for Mason. It's between him and Shea Patterson to be the back up QB. https://3downnation.com/2024/05/26/its-up-to-the-coaches-qb-mason-fine-states-final-preseason-case-to-be-riders-backup-qb/
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