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  1. jtm0097

    Offer to Longview High School QB

    His dad is the head coach at Longview. He would be a great addition.
  2. Yeah, I hope they win every game so Coach Bro doesn't get canned.
  3. Clearly you didn't get the bit snowflake.
  4. jtm0097

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Joseph Smith was a prophet dum dum dum
  5. 1. It can be boiled 2. It can be fried 3. It goes well with Tacos 4. My favorite is Jasmine 5. Take that back. It's best with crawfish etoufee
  6. This sucks. What a punch to the gut.
  7. jtm0097

    Morning News says new school in C-USA

    I think our President is on to something with all of the fake news out there.
  8. jtm0097

    This team deserved better

    I was there with about 15 people in my section. Perfect football weather.
  9. jtm0097

    Craft Beer Eagles 🍺

    Franconia Lager and Legal Chief Justice Stout have been my go too as of late. If I am consuming large amounts, I get a light beer like Miller.
  10. Joooooel Klaaaat. Jooooooel Klat
  11. Here is a little more information about the game.
  12. I witnessed a great division 2 game yesterday at Apogee. Midwestern State and Texas A&M Commerce originally played in Wichita Falls. However, they were only able to get one half in due to weather. My buddy is the radio guy for Commerce. He called me and asked if I could help be a spotter. I got to hear first hand how this unfolded. Commerce couldn't find any hotels around Wichita Falls after the rain delay. The closet they could find was in Roanoke. The Commerce AD had a good relationship with Jared Moseley. So they called him and Wren as they were boarding the plane to come back to Denton. They were kind enough to let them use our facilities. The Commerce media guys were very complimentary of our staff and facilities. I had a blast being a spotter in the booth. It was a great game. It went down to the wire. Texas A&M Commerce won 20-19. Midwestern State missed a field goal as time expired.
  13. I will take it. Hopefully this wakes us up for next week. Southern Miss will be tough.