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  1. FinIey's OC Eliah Drinkwitz from Boise State went to NC State, and that influenced his decision to transfer there. Speaking of Dane Brugler's draft guide, there are a few North Texas guys mentioned. He doesn't have any of them projected to get drafted but does list Brooks and Guyton as priority free agents.
  2. Pancake machine. He is a mauler. There is a good chance he starts in a year or 2.
  3. I bet the league lasts until April 3rd
  4. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/dane-jackson-183200 Add an inch. However, he hasn’t been in a college strength and training program. Once Womack gets him on a plan, he will be fine.
  5. He committed to us per twitter. I just watched his HUDL tape, and he plays with great leverage. He pancaked people on several plays. Hopefully he puts on some muscle in the S&T program.
  6. Let's talk around signing day lol. Glad he committed and I hope it sticks.
  7. It's really a small world. We are currently on vacation in Dublin, and I ran into a couple wearing North Texas gear. I yelled out Go Mean Green and talked to them for a few mins. It's really cool running into alumni in other countries.
  8. I give the league 3 years max.
  9. If you have a fire stick download the Pluto tv app. Stadium is one of the channels.
  10. Apparently he left Va Tech for personal reasons to be with his family. I am sure he is grateful for a 2nd chance. Welcome aboard!
  11. I watched him play yesterday. He was pretty good in person. Football is my expertise, but he definitely passed the eye ball test.
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