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  1. Just watched his film. He was double teamed a lot and still made a lot of plays. He has a high motor and plays with a lot of effort.
  2. I could see them having an early December signing period and a May one for JUCO kids. Very interesting move.
  3. He changed high schools this year, that shouldn't surprise anyone. Oh well, best of luck playing for one of the bottom feeder P5 schools.
  4. Sorry the original tweet didn’t post but this was from Matt Stepp of Dave Campbell Texas Football.
  5. Dallas ISD's Michael Hinojosa on earlier remarks: “I said I didn’t see how there is any way we could have football this fall for high school. But that is out of our control. That is a UIL call. I don’t have any inside knowledge. He asked me for my opinion.”
  6. Thanks, I'm sure it will be here this week.
  7. I'm still waiting on mine to come in the mail. Being a subscriber doesn't have it's benefits.
  8. Cowboys- Um cows are bad. They fart and produce gas that damages the ozone. It's also offensive to Vegans. Boys is so misogynous. I think they should change their name to the Organic People. That way no one is offended.
  9. LB coach is from Virginia Tech. I'm sure he has recruited the Maryland area.
  10. Just took it. Thanks for sharing
  11. My wife called me on the 18th freaking out because a coworker tested positive with the virus. The coworker returned from vacation on the 17th with symptoms, and tested positive the next day. I immediately left the office on the 18th and was ordered by work to stay at home for two weeks. I went and got a test on the 24th. My Dr called me yesterday to let me know that I tested positive. My wife's test was botched but they assume she has it too. Symptoms- A little bit of a stuffy nose, and a little bit of fatigue. I am an avid runner, and I was able to run 4 miles in the summer heat this weekend. However, after the run my energy was zapped. I do not have a fever or cough. I'm in shock that I have it. I take a multivitamin and zinc every day. I really think this is helping fight the virus. I'm trying to stay active by working out at home.
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