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  1. Well we don't have sharks around, so there won't be any questionable photos on the internet of him.
  2. He had speed but couldn't seem to put it together on the field.
  3. Yes, fun city. Very walkable and great places to eat/have a pint.
  4. Wearing my green in Dublin, Ireland today.
  5. I saw Bronco Mendenhall's name on another post, and I think he would be a great coach. However, I think he wants a P5 job. https://footballscoop.com/news/bronco-mendenhall-outlines-what-hes-looking-for-in-his-next-job
  6. We are now at 40 coaches. Whenever the announcement is made that Littrell is not being retained, I will send Wren Baker the official gomeangreen.com list of coaching candidates.
  7. I saw FAU great Alfred Morris at the grocery store the other day. He was thinking about going to the UNT game this weekend. I'll be drinking guinness in Ireland that weekend. I hope we can keep it competitive.
  8. This is like when the Cowboys get beat by a TD by the team that won the Super Bowl. Jerry Jones the week after that team wins the Super Bowl, "We are just a TD away from being in the Super Bowl."
  9. I took a nap, it was much more enjoyable than watching the 2nd half.
  10. Unfortunately we are like the Cowboys. Anytime we do something good, I'm just waiting for us to crash and burn.
  11. The crowd looks terrible on TV.
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