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  1. I got Covid and I was following the rules (wearing a mask, washing hands, avoiding large gatherings, etc...). Its the fumb ducks that are not following the rules spreading it. Let's make the virus political and not wear masks.
  2. He was wide open. His QB is looking good as well.
  3. They seemed happy to be there, and he was very dialed into the game. He definitely has a shot to play next year.
  4. He did a great job last night
  5. He was at the game tonight. His Mom was talking to me and my buddy. Very nice and down to earth family.
  6. New kicks ready for the game. GMG!
  7. I bet wherever he commits will not be his final home. His track record is not good. Just like the Weaver kid that left the program.
  8. He left the program. I guess college football wasn't for him. We should really stop taking kids that transfer high schools on a regular basis. Good luck with your future endeavors.
  9. I hope their trust fund payments are messed up or delayed by their fund administrators. I hope they have issues getting Ubers or Lyfts in Uptown.
  10. David Smoak confirmed this earlier as well.
  11. Tweeting at recruits is the equivalent of little d energy
  12. Whispers “we haven’t had a decent Jack LB since the 18 wheeler graduated”
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