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  1. jtm0097

    DRC: UNT set for trip to Italy

    I went to Italy last year and it was pretty safe. The touristy areas had armed soldiers, and police were always walking around.
  2. Hopefully we worked on stopping the double moves. He was burned badly on several plays last year. I'm pulling for him. I hope he has a great year.
  3. jtm0097

    PC quoted in Ringer article

    Fascinating read. I loved watching that offense. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I heard through the grapevine a few months ago that he might not qualify. Hopefully he can go to a JUCO and work everything out.
  5. It was very packed. I couldn’t hear much, but I enjoyed the event. Coach McCasland was very cool. I was talking the East Texas area with Coach Brown, The beer and venue were great. I plan on going to Armadillo Ale works again during the season.
  6. jtm0097

    Big time commitment

    Congrats man
  7. Typical Millennial always looking for a hand out lol. I will be there as well.
  8. Armadillo Ale Works at 6 PM tomorrow
  9. jtm0097

    Tim Faison - Last Chance U

    I am 3 episodes in. That QB is a real piece of work. The coach is a character. He overcusses in every episode.
  10. jtm0097

    Get to know Charles Ashford (video)

    New London, Texas
  11. God we were terrible that year
  12. He’s going to put up big numbers in this offense. Great addition to the offense!
  13. jtm0097

    Where is the Coach's Caravan ?

    Thanks, I will just pay at the door. See yall on the 31st.