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  1. Rice may not have been “pretty” but she was the only one we had to dance with.
  2. Success is perception. I live in Seminole, Florida, across the bridge fromTampa. My neighbor was on the coaching staff at USF when Jim Leavitt was the coach. He asked me, “I saw you guys are bowl qualified.” I replied that we were but our bowl outcome didnt look good. I told him we had been to six in the Littrell era. “Six!”, he replied. “We have only won 4 games total in the past three years.” Success is perception.
  3. One of the requirements of a reporter is to report. Hopefully that reporter will truthfully report facts. Brett is in a tough situation. He has to report things as they happen and without bias. He must also work closely with the head coach. If he makes the coach angry, he stands a chance of losing his “Inside source” and causing the coach to completely cut him off. It is my belief that Brett does a very fair job of reporting the story. He is not supposed to be a cheerleader.
  4. We dont appear to be getting much pressure except for one blitz. That is a bit worrisome.
  5. So throwing into double coverage caused an injury? It was not the correct throw but how does it cause an injury?
  6. Temple, Navy, South Florida. I think Tulsa could be a close game.
  7. Is there a chance that part of the Murphy brothers success could be attributed to the constant double teaming of Dion Novil? Yes, they were successful but Dion Novil was an important factor too.
  8. You lost me totally with the first word of your argument. Is that really necessary?
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