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  1. Yes, UNT showed no love but for four years they housed you and provided you with an education. If it were not for the “love” UNT gave you, holding that teeny, tiny trophy might not have happened. Have you learned to block those defensive ends yet?
  2. I now live in Florida and Fox Sports Southwest is not an option. What are the radio stations that I can listen to? I know it is not on KNTU.
  3. “Let’s put a “D” on their helmets and Dallas on their jerseys and maybe no one will know we’re SMU and come to our game!”, said their AD. Part of it is working, they dont know who they are.
  4. “Maybe if we change our uniforms and put Dallas on our jerseys, they won’t know we are SMU and will come to our games.”, said the A.D.
  5. Greene didn’t start playing football until his sophomore year. He’s only played two seasons and has come a long way. We may have stolen a jewel.
  6. I now live in Florida and haven’t received mine.
  7. I am quite sure SMUt is excited to know they will have 50% attendance. 😉
  8. I was at the game, Homecoming, sitting on the student side. I believe the snow was 11” and it was hard to concentrate because of the constant barrage of snowballs. It was the first time many of the FSU players had seen snow and when the game ended, a snowball fight broke out on the field.
  9. I will take Charles Macmillan. Six foot four with a 41 inch vertical leap. He jumped center and seldom if ever didn’t get the tip off. He had amazing dunks and rebounds. Charles played with Fred Mitchell and Melvin Davis. Their team averaged in the high nineties for points per game.
  10. The Quads and College Inn. Gosh, I loved living there with the sororities!
  11. Texas Stadium Cotton Bowl UT OU OSU Ruston Louisana Super Dome SFA TCU SMU San Marcos Apogee Fouts Tulsa
  12. JT Smith was not from Sweetwater. He was from Big Spring, 60 miles further west.
  13. Pretty sure he was speaking of the Freshman.3 point record. .
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