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  1. ntexeagle

    ‘20 DT James Mitchell - Duncanville

    His sophomore film makes him look like a “can’t miss”.
  2. ntexeagle

    Not that impressed

    Great line from “Animal House”!
  3. ntexeagle

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    I’m very happy for La’ Darius. It’s a well deserved honor for this fine young man.
  4. ntexeagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    This is whom I was referencing last week when I said an important person to our university told me, “Texas Tech can’t afford Seth Littrell.”
  5. ntexeagle

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    I did my part.
  6. ntexeagle

    Dave Barnett Interview

    This past weekend I was at a high school class reunion. One of the Board of Regent members was also there. We were both excited about our huge win over Arkansas. I said, “I’m loving this! Now we have to figure out some way to keep Texas Tech away from Coach Littrell.” He looked me squarely in the eye and said, “Texas Tech can’t afford Coach Littrell.” You may take that however you wish but I think Coach Littrell is with us for a while.
  7. ntexeagle

    University of Incarnate Word Preview

    It looks to me like we better stay sharp. They rushed for over 250yds and passed for over 350yds. The defense is going to have to be ferocious.
  8. ntexeagle

    2018 Player Adoption Thread

    Ok, while he is open, Dayton Leblanc.
  9. ntexeagle

    A Football Life: Joe Greene

    It was North Texas State University when Joe was playing. It is still the University of North Texas.
  10. His birth must have been terribly painful for Mom. The had to have weighed in excess of 150 lbs. at birth.
  11. ntexeagle

    Green van, who dis?

    No three on the tree. It has a C6 transmission with a floor shifter. It’s powered by a big block 429, full cam and big ol’ four barrel. It runs like Patrick Cobbs, fast and powerful.
  12. ntexeagle

    Green van, who dis?

    You have a good eye. It’s a 53 Ford. That horrible rear bumper comes off this week and then “Scrappy” will be ready to show. Note the Mean Green sticker on the rear window
  13. ntexeagle

    Green van, who dis?

    This will make an appearance one day soon