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  1. Our injuries this year have caused us to play lots of young talent. With the experience garnered this year, we could be really deep at several positions next year. Whoever coaches next year is going to have a good team.
  2. Ive honestly never heard so many sad comments over a win. Amazing.
  3. Thus far, we are watching a tremendous drive. Now we need seven and call it a game.
  4. I notice TJ Steele, that we recruited from Lubbock Estacado, is wanting to leave TCU. I believe he was 1,000 per cent to us when he chose the Frogs. Interesting.
  5. Go to the App Store and load the “Varsity” app. NO Charge and great reception.
  6. And we want his coach? Listless and uninspired are the adjectives that have been used for our present coach. I don’t get it.
  7. I’m in Florida and a glutton for punishment. What radio station has the broadcast, it is not on KNTU.
  8. I didnt catch his last name but I think that is Stanley and they pulled him off the third row of the student section.
  9. Television guys said the clouds were moving in and out causing the difference in lighting.
  10. I know for a fact that UAB has a women’s beach volleyball team.
  11. It’s not just Darden. We have lost our number 1 and 2 receivers. We have lost our number 2 and 3 running backs and number one is hurt and only playing because there is no one to replace him. Then, you follow that with basically having NO quarterback and this team is in a world of hurt. It is correct that we were not going to be world beaters to start the season but injuries are killing us.
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