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  1. I'd give Wren an A- for his time at UNT... Positives are AD modernization as mentioned above along with the Grant hiring, new Track/Soccer facility, improved media presence, and of course our admission to the American. Negatives are on the marketing and football performance side ... continued struggles with attendance in major sports and a fuzzy roadmap for our football program. All in all, a strong tenure at AD. Hoping that our next AD will take us to even further heights in the American!
  2. According to ESPN, UNT has the #6 offense in the nation while UAB has the #28 offense (yards/game). However on defense... UAB is ranked #34 and our beloved Mean Green are #118. 😞 We better be ready to score some serious points!!
  3. I tend to agree... UTSA play makers just made some incredible plays on that last drive. Frank Harris is UTSA's Mason Fine basically - will be glad when he graduates 🙂 I do feel we should have called a time out after the 1-handed TE catch down the middle (before the TD) to give our guys a breather and really get setup properly. That's a miss on our coaches IMHO.
  4. Brian is an interesting guy and story since he played a different position in the NFL (Guard instead of TE). The guy went to 6 Pro Bowls over his 11-year NFL career and is part of the KC Chiefs HoF. Not sure why he doesn't get more publicity/mentions at UNT. He's a Texas guy from Waxahachie ... certainly seems like a success story UNT would promote! Probably the 2nd most successful NFL'er from UNT behind Mean Joe?
  5. Memphis - 51 UNT - 27 This will be a wash, rinse, and repeat type of score for most games this year unfortunately.
  6. WTF was that s$!t show? I can't support a football program that really is not serious about itself. I hope that one day UNT is really serious about football and has a staff that is truly serious. It's obvious that the school is not too serious at this time with this staff. Went to shake some players' hands after the game just to show a little support. Nice guys, but I'm literally bigger and 2x stronger than these guys at 54 yrs old!! What in the hell is going on with this program?? I can't imagine us winning any games in the AAC.
  7. What stood out to me was how great Jyaire Shorter was before getting hurt! Really hope that dude is able to get back to his early form after battling injuries. If he can get healthy again, he has the ability to take over games.
  8. Agreed the UTEP game is *much* closer minus their serious miscues. However, I expect SMU will have some of the same 1st game mistakes, especially in what I hope is a hostile Apogee environment. University for Real People - 30 Barbie & Ken University - 27
  9. Yup - this would be my guess. This has been a successful play in the past inside the 5 yard line, and I think we'll continue seeing this play a lot.
  10. Yup - and the Initial AP Top 5 for 2022 are Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson, and Notre Dame (all part of the 20 champions list over the past 60 years). *Yawn* Still, college football season is the best time of the year, and I'm always excited for Mean Green football! Tailgating with friends, day drinking, bands, pretty young women, evening drinking, an occasional surprise win... what's not to love? 😎
  11. Good choice by UTSA. There's an obvious rivalry that has organically developed between UNT and UTSA which is the best kind of rivalry. The game in San Anton' will be fun as hell 😎
  12. It's ok, they just want to hang out over here at GMG with the cool kids 😎
  13. Probably not the best news for Mr. Siggers ... sounds like he'll be a depth guy again.
  14. Ron Battle? I'm swinging wildly at this point 🙂
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