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  1. ForneyGreen

    Praise for Mason Fine (and how far we've come)

    Watching that Iowa footage reminded me of how much we miss Mr. Jeffrey Wilson. He was like Loren Easly and Nic Smith all in one player... quick, tough, and break-away speed.
  2. Whew - I feared we would discontinue all athletic programs after our 2 pt loss to la tech πŸ˜‰ Love the master plan... I've gone back-and-forth between a new basketball facility versus an Athletics/University combined effort to enhance the Super Pit... but this new plan includes Volleyball and practice courts in the new basketball arena which is nice. I've also gone back-and-forth about resurrecting baseball. I do believe having baseball makes us more attractive to other conferences as we claw our way up the food chain and would give the athletic department more ways to advertise the university during Spring and early Summer.
  3. ForneyGreen


    Agreed - I hope Fine doesn't miss too much time, but we'll see. He was obviously in a lot of pain. The Easly injury looked really bad.... We may be limping through the next 4+ games... it will be really tough.
  4. ForneyGreen

    Iconic Mean Green Football Moments

    Crushing Baylor 52-14 in 2003 in front of what was the largest home football crowd in school history (before the greatness of our SMU beatdown this year ☺️)
  5. ForneyGreen

    Mason Fine Bench Pressing 315

    Impressive! Looked like me benching 140 lbs 😁
  6. Agreed - the amount of excitement generated from a big, marquee win is amazing and really helps to propel a program to the next level. I remember our "win" against Texas in 1988. The amount of excitement from that one game was huge. A win at Arkansas this year would go a long way πŸ™‚
  7. ForneyGreen

    DRC: UNT to pay $625,245 for new Apogee turf

    Same here... stadium turf can run 1+ million. Somehow we got a really good deal.
  8. ForneyGreen

    Jeff Wilson Interview

    Very proud of Jeffrey - just a great young man that will represent UNT well in the NFL. The combine and tests are critical for all G5 RB's, because even if you tear it up at a G5 school, there will still be some NFL scouts/coaches wondering "can he do it at the next level". I think Jeffrey has a great shot.
  9. Exactly. Fine has missed some throws and not his best game, but I would be in the hospital after the beating he has taken (today and against FAU). Our OLine gets sooooo abused by any good DL.
  10. One of the worst defenses in the country. Littrelll - please fix this!!!!!
  11. Our OL is getting owned and abused - not sure why we abandoned the short pass plays, especially in the middle.
  12. Exactly - kick the extra point which is automatic for us... and stay within one score. Not good for your resume SL.... :-(
  13. Dang - execution just isn't there today. Fine has missed on 2 big passes to Chumley and now to Bussey which was an easy TD Team has to realize that in a game like this - to even have a chance - you have to hit those plays.
  14. Does anyone actually coach our defense??? Isn't right-side containment taught in freaking high school???
  15. Nice season overall - team has checked-out apparently. Troy is very relaxed and confident, and we are a deer in the headlights. Lots of work to do before 2018. Hope Littrell gets it done next year.