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  1. Yup - and the Initial AP Top 5 for 2022 are Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson, and Notre Dame (all part of the 20 champions list over the past 60 years). *Yawn* Still, college football season is the best time of the year, and I'm always excited for Mean Green football! Tailgating with friends, day drinking, bands, pretty young women, evening drinking, an occasional surprise win... what's not to love? 😎
  2. Good choice by UTSA. There's an obvious rivalry that has organically developed between UNT and UTSA which is the best kind of rivalry. The game in San Anton' will be fun as hell 😎
  3. It's ok, they just want to hang out over here at GMG with the cool kids 😎
  4. Probably not the best news for Mr. Siggers ... sounds like he'll be a depth guy again.
  5. Ron Battle? I'm swinging wildly at this point 🙂
  6. Agreed with meanJewGreen and SMU2006 ... UNT should try its very best to keep Mac. If we can't keep him and he jumps for a 1.5x or 2x raise, then great for him and his family - I'll be the first to congratulate him. If we lose Mac, then we should go get the very best HC we can get with Mac's current salary or some type of bump ... but losing Mac wouldn't be the end of the world nor the end of UNT Basketball. 🙂 Who knows... the next guy may bring something that helps get UNT to the next level (back to the NCAA semi-sweet 32 or the sweet 16).
  7. I also love the SOW - however the graphic itself is difficult to enlarge because it is way taller than wide... so it's hard do make it a "big" image without having a ton of vertical space. That's why the SOW looks so small as a thumbnail image on ESPN and other sports sites... and it's hard to make it a larger image in the middle of Apogee... it would bleed into the field's hash marks. Having the SOW on the left of "UNT" allows for a size-friendlier graphic and helps promote the pivot from "North Texas" to "UNT"... although I agree UT with a tiny longhorn would look ridiculous 🙂 The Flying Worm is certainly unique and iconic (and easier to get a large image). Hard to imagine we would stray from the SOW since a lot of effort has been made to market this image - and I do think it is a cool image.
  8. Good info UNTLifer ... That is crazy looking at the guys from the Class of '10 that were graded lower than .80 ... Antonio Johnson (.7933), Y'Barbo (.7870), Zach Orr (.7667), Brandin Byrd (.7444), Olawale (.7444), Will Wright (.7333), Big Rich Abbe (.7333), Brelan Chancellor (.7333) That's a lot of very strong contributions from lower-rated players!!
  9. Maybe someone who is closer to the program can explain why Kason wasn't able to break into the #1 or #2 spot while at UNT? His film (HS and at UNT) looked really good to me... just puzzling that it didn't work out here. Bad mechanics? Footwork? Decision making? Doghouse?
  10. Appears there are only 2 independent (non-system) public universities remaining in Texas: Stephen F. Austin and Texas Southern. So those are your choices for including into the UNT System outside of creating a new campus/school 🙂 All others are part of one of the 7 Texas systems: UT System, A&M System, UNT System, UH System, TTech System, Texas State System, and Texas Women's System.
  11. Really good pick up for us - this guy can play! One of his YouTube highlight picks was against our incoming QB transfer from ACU (Earle) 🙂
  12. Agreed - we brought 30k+ to each of our HoD bowl games. I believe the Frisco Bowl has a 17k attendance max... not sure if there is a specific school allotment or if tickets are up for grabs. I think a UNT vs Tulsa match-up would be a definite sellout.
  13. Just get one week better... 😎
  14. Agreed - very happy with this week's choice 🙂 It's a super clean look for away games.
  15. If the JMU upgrade to FBS thing materializes and they enter the Sun Belt, then the New Sun Belt will have 14 football teams. I wouldn't think the New Sun Belt would be interested in adding any other teams just for the sake of having more teams (revenue sharing, etc.). However... maybe La Tech could make a push to be the 14th Sun Belt member instead of bringing JMU up from FCS... if La Tech, NLU, and ULaLa can all get along 🙂
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