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  1. I actually expect this to happen sooner than later. I think required athletic fees will be a target. With the cost of higher education continuing to rise, I think students who don't care about athletics are going to start objecting to required athletic fees.
  2. I'm curious who you give credit to for these two statements? I would argue that this is a product of what SL has done here. It's a result of the culture and program he has been building.
  3. Attendance woes at a small private school shouldn’t make anyone here feel any better about our issues.
  4. I’ll take SL’s approach a million times over Kiffin’s
  5. Any of you on Twitter should tweet @meangreenops. I bet they could go check it out.
  6. I can’t wait for the day when attendance at UNT isn’t dependent on what happens on the field. For this program to go next level, we have got to drive up ticket sales and scholarship fund donors, and we have to get over all the excuses to not support this program. That’s going to be the biggest hurdle we face if/when a conference shake up happens in the near future.
  7. I’ve never quite trusted grown men who are into wrestling. 🤣
  8. I would be shocked if even the G5 schools aren't doing this already.
  9. You don’t think our announced numbers are butts in seats, do you?
  10. Attendance smack? Come on, y'all. The sad reality is that, strictly from a student population and alumni base, UNT should blow SMU out of the water in attendance. The truth is. We DON"T.
  11. I agree with this. I mean, I was getting free food, haircuts, etc. in high school and our team won 2 games my senior year. 🤣
  12. To me, the solution is let athletes who are ready to go pro go pro. Remove the age restrictions, create an NFL minor league system, whatever else. Then, allow athletes who are good enough go straight to the NFL/minor leagues. The rest can use the college system, as is, to develop and grow into NFL talent. Give the athletes a choice of going pro or remaining an amateur and playing college ball.
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