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  1. I’m honestly curious about why you guys are interested in Orlando? His defense at Texas, with those resources and talent, was statistically worse than UNT’s this year.
  2. Guys adjust to schemes all the time. I wouldn't worry too much about that. There's so many holes in that defense from this year, there will be a major overhaul in personnel anyway.
  3. And this crowd today is why we aren’t ready to talk about moving up conferences
  4. This line of thinking is tired. An 18 year old deciding to change his mind has nothing to do with integrity. Ever changed your mind in life? Perhaps change jobs?
  5. Grown men who tweet recruits scare me. If you're not employed by UNT as a coach, you need to stay away. You're not helping.
  6. Their defense is trash. That might actually be a downgrade.
  7. Uniform colors and combos have absolutely nothing to do with wins and losses.
  8. Getting to six wins and invited to a bowl is literally deserving to go. Not to mention, bowls are fun for athletes. They get some new swag, get to do some fun things, etc. Pretty sure talking about going to bowl games is a big deal on the recruiting trail for all the Non-P5 programs.
  9. So much this! For those who support the premise of this article, should employers even be allowed to have dress codes?
  10. This is a trash post. Harrell and Filani are offensive coaches. If you start needing consultants to hire assistant coaches, you need a new head coach.
  11. And this is exactly why I’m afraid we will be left behind when conferences start shaking up again. We are just so far behind when it comes to the mid-tier donors I just don’t see how we catch up.
  12. Also, the IRS argument is weak. I was an independent contractor all through college and figured out how to make my tax payments. It’s really not that complicated at the end of the day. That argument is just an excuse. You can make arguments about the merits of athletes getting paid, potential risk of schools gaming the system, etc., but the IRS tax one is not an argument. It’s an excuse.
  13. Aren’t they already doing this? There’s only 10-20 schools who are going to make the football playoffs anyway.
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