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  1. I choose ACU and SMU. If we don’t win both of those, does anything else really matter?
  2. Diving eagle for sure. Battle flag has zero brand tie-in to any of the main marks athletics uses.
  3. They already said the garage sale would be in August sometime so don't think that's going to be part of this.
  4. Per the MGSF benefits chart, $300 gets you a parking pass. LINK
  5. This is not how capital fundraising works through. There's always a quiet phase before a major launch like you're talking about. During the quiet phase, you put together your feasibility study, specific capital fundraising strategy, identify lead donors, etc. Typically, when raising funds for a capital project like adding baseball, you try to get 50%-75% in the coffers before you go live with what you are suggesting. I'd also be curious if there really is a "growing interest in baseball at UNT." I wonder if there's been a study done? The issue I think we are seeing is that WB sees other capital projects as more important than adding baseball. Just look at the facilities plan he has put together. My guess would be, that right now, he is identifying lead donors for those projects that have higher priorities. UNT can't just keep taxing the students to fund these types of projects. At some point, these funds are going to have to be raised through donations and ticket sales. Keep winning in football and basketball to drive the cash flows up and then things will really take off. He's got things headed in the right direction in those areas. Now it has to be sustained. There's no reason to keep spreading those monies out wider until you are pleased what what you're already committed to. My 2 cents.
  6. Do we walk into the same building? If the Super Pit had national historical basketball significance, the outdated aspect might not matter as much. Since it doesn't, it being outdated matters a lot.
  7. Meh, good luck finding an up-and-coming coach who's not already at an Elite Power 5 program who isn't going to entertain the possibility of moving up the coaching ladder.
  8. In reference to marketing Soccer, this number is probably misleading. I bet this doesn't account for salaries and time staff spend on things like graphics, social media, game scripting, etc. The problem is that there is probably money and time spent on Soccer that doesn't get "charged directly to Soccer." I bet that if you were able to carve out all that stuff it tells a completely different story.
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