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  1. The biggest assumption in this thread is that a decision hasn’t already been made, whether that decision is right or wrong in each person’s eyes.
  2. I mean why would anyone have thought this offense might have scored before half?…?…
  3. I know that run turned out well, but I hate shotgun handoffs from your own 1 yard line…
  4. I agree. I think at UNT you need an AD who is hungry and on the way up. You need someone who will think of new and creative ways to generate revenue. Going to the same handful of donors has been the strategy before and during the WB tenure. Time to try something different.
  5. He extended Neal Brown after mediocre first two years at WVU, basically
  6. That's wild. Just this morning, reports were they were hiring Eric Morris.
  7. Anything else is just speculation. I may be the minority here or even naïve, but I don't believe the Lovelaces are holding this football program hostage just to keep SL. They haven't been as successful in business as they have been from never making hard decisions.
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