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  1. Do we walk into the same building? If the Super Pit had national historical basketball significance, the outdated aspect might not matter as much. Since it doesn't, it being outdated matters a lot.
  2. Meh, good luck finding an up-and-coming coach who's not already at an Elite Power 5 program who isn't going to entertain the possibility of moving up the coaching ladder.
  3. In reference to marketing Soccer, this number is probably misleading. I bet this doesn't account for salaries and time staff spend on things like graphics, social media, game scripting, etc. The problem is that there is probably money and time spent on Soccer that doesn't get "charged directly to Soccer." I bet that if you were able to carve out all that stuff it tells a completely different story.
  4. DentonLurker


    If only people would listen to and trust him along the way, it would save a lot of headaches. He's been consistent in his stance that SL would still be the HC here next year.
  5. Holy typos, Batman... that is hard to read with missing words and all
  6. DentonLurker

    It Just Must Be Tough.....

  7. DentonLurker

    Uniforms against UTSA

    Maybe they should switch it up at the half. Instead of a normal halftime, change uniforms and come out and redo pre-game warmups. Let’s trick this crew into playing two first halves. Plus, recruits love extra uniform combos!
  8. Why is anyone surprised he considered his options? In this day and age of coaches being fired mid-season, coaches leaving after a year or two of success, why is anyone surprised it's on the student-athletes' radar as well? When the "grownups" are setting the tone of "jump ship when opportunity presents itself" of course the players are going to follow suit. He's the best QB to throw the pigskin at UNT. That hasn't changed. If fans knew every time a star player considered transferring, I would bet that it would be shocking.
  9. DentonLurker

    When bored or sad about what ifs.....

    Or you can sit back, count your blessings, and remind yourself it’s just football.
  10. DentonLurker

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    Like what? 3 straight bowl games? Perhaps playing in a conference championship game in Year 2? Just help me understand...
  11. DentonLurker

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    It’s not an excuse. It’s the reality of how bad this program was when he got here.
  12. DentonLurker

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    Because he is a good coach and is about to take a North Texas program... North Texas... that was 1-11 before he got here to its third straight bowl game. Oh, and he is doing all of that without having a full team of guys he recruited. Oh, and he has the number 1 recruiting class in the conference coming in. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what Seth is building here, but okay. Let’s just get rid of him.
  13. DentonLurker

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    Yep. Should probably just fire him... smdh