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  1. At this point, I think it's a pipe dream that there will even be college football in the fall.
  2. I mean, I hear what you’re saying but the conference only had 10 guys get drafted so I would think that’s not really a huge selling point for anyone in the conference.
  3. Coaches and Athletic Directors don't. Coaches leave before contracts are up, ADs fire coaches before contracts are up. Why hold players to a higher standard than their leaders?
  4. What this is going to show is what schools truly can afford athletics at the amount they’re spending, whether that’s salaries of coaches or cost to play. The other thing I expect to see is schools having a harder time justifying the athletics tax they’ve been charging in student fees. I think this may well be the thing that finally separates the haves and have-nots officially. Schools are going to have to figure out how vested they really are in sports. My guess is a good chunk will have to downshift or shut down sports all together. Dropping a sport, as some schools have done, may just b
  5. I don’t really think any schools are going to abide by that.
  6. I’m all for it. Coaches preach loyalty until the next job opens up. They don’t have to sit out. Seems fair to me.
  7. People still read print newspapers?
  8. I would get claiming a surplus if you were completely self-funded, but with student fees and university support it seems like a bit of fuzzy math.
  9. Write a check and you can probably make that happen
  10. There's also a good number in the pros who call their own plays. This article is a year old, but here's a list of NFL HCs calling their own plays. NFL HC Playcallers
  11. You want the HC in the booth? I don't understand your stance at all. As mentioned before, there are lots of HC's who call their own plays.
  12. Let's be honest. Outside of a handful of programs in the country this is a pipe dream. Career progression is real for you, for me, and for coaches. I honestly think it would be refreshing for a coach to leave for a bigger, better job vs getting canned for losing.
  13. I get this, but I think they have a huge amount of input. If a coordinator feels strongly about a particular guy, I would imagine most HCs are going to adjust. See Seth Doege and John David Baker landing at USC with Graham Harrell.
  14. Langston was a no brainer once recruiting was done. Regarding Yellock, I don't think there's a strong case to keep anyone on the defensive side of the ball. Let Bowen get who he thinks fits.
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