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  1. I don't really know why anyone cares what the reason is for his return to UNT is. I, for one, couldn't care less. I'm just glad he's back. He makes the team better. Flat out, that's all I care about. Based on what I saw last year from PB's defense last year, I am just excited to see what this team looks like in Year 2.
  2. I think the day and age of contract extensions being used to help with recruiting has run its course. With transfer rules the way they are and the ability schools have shown to come up with buyout money when it's needed, it just doesn't mean what it used to. Also, athletes have a lot more access to information than they used to, thanks to social media. You just can't really pull anything over on them anymore.
  3. Any AD who is above average, which Wren clearly is, probably has a list of 4-5 coaches they could call within 24 hours of any head coaching change, particularly in the big sports.
  4. We can’t even get that many alumni to come to a single football game. Why would we think they would all donate 10 bucks a month?
  5. Aren’t scholarships renewed annually? So really you’re talking about a one year “contract” anyway.
  6. I don’t think the heat was ever real anyway. It was year 1 with a new coach. If they really thought it should be a great year, they shouldn’t have fired Herman. That said, I would bet that without a pretty big leap this year things might start to warm up a little.
  7. Honestly, I know it’s fun to poke fun of Texas but I think it actually tells you a lot about the Mannings’ trust in Sark. With Manning money already in the coffers, you’ve got to think this is actually a football decision. He doesn’t need the $$$’s.
  8. Never thought I’d see the day. Now it’s time to get started on a shiny, new arena too!
  9. I sure hope not. I would think everything is wide open to any former players or pros who might want to use the facilities. Although, Denton is probably not very high on the list of destinations for pros to spend their off-season.
  10. Nah. The mistake was not making a good hire to replace him. We weren't going to be able to compete from a salary perspective. If I was AD, I would never tag a coach who fans/players might like as interim. Can only create a false sense of hope. See Canales after Dodge got fired.
  11. I would be so interested to see if they do any kind of ROI analysis on these events and what their stated goal is for these events. Is it to drive new revenue, cultivate existing relationships, etc.?
  12. I get the point you’re trying to make here, but this is apples to oranges and not the slam dunk you think it is. I promise you a $5,000 donor lot at UT isn’t being sold on a single game basis to Johnny who drives up on gameday. I’ll also add that not all donations are created equally. What I mean is that, unlike say a monthly tithe to a church, there are certain donations you do make with some kind of benefit expectation. I’m sure there are some donors who would donate to student-athlete scholarships and not care at all about receiving anything in exchange for their donation. There are others who do it for priority seating, parking, post-season ticket access, etc. It’s no secret that a lot of, if not most, donors care about benefits. That’s why they shove benefits charts in front of you the first chance they get. I don’t think either is any worse than the other. They’re just different.
  13. Anthem singers and others like them should be neutral in a NCAA tournament setting. He's clearly not neutral when it comes to UT. I have no issue with what the NCAA did here. I would not have phrased things the way they did, but either way, I would make the same decision the NCAA did.
  14. I have. I've looked at a lot of it. I can't find anything that supports your opinion that Baseball would be break-even at UNT.
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