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  1. I liked Tom at Houston. He fell really flat in Austin. I don’t think that his failures in Austin had anything to do with the fan base or boosters. He just wasn’t getting it done. That said, I could see him getting another shot somewhere. My concern with him is the stories about Texas HS coaches not really liking him. If there’s any truth to that, it would definitely depend on what assistants he could bring in for me.
  2. Tell me you don't know anything about the politics of college athletics without telling me you don't know anything about the politics of college athletics.
  3. I know this will probably be an unpopular stance, but should UNT consider taking more the Kansas or Kentucky model and throw millions at basketball instead of football and just be okay with football being what it is? It seems like we've tried everything in football with basically the same results... up and coming coach, former P5 coach looking for a second shot, shiny new facilities, etc. Could we build something special in basketball with the right financial commitments? Plus, with a need for 2-3 star players making a huge difference in results on the court, basketball could be relevant a lot faster. I've always felt like Texas needs a school to sell out to be the "basketball school" in Texas. At the 2 big boys (UT/A&M), basketball will always be second fiddle. It doesn't seem like anyone in Texas has ever tried letting basketball be first fiddle.
  4. The biggest problem I continue to see is that there's this assumption that TV is okay with a school's mere presence geographically in a market. The real question I would have is whether or not we actually deliver the DFW market. We can't even fill Apogee. Do we add enough eyes to televisions to "deliver the DFW market" is my real question? I have the same question about Rice and the Houston market. I'm honestly afraid that we are getting to a point where if you're not in the Pac12, SEC, ACC, or Big 10 you're going to continue to be relegated to ESPN3, Stadium, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and that the financial impact for your institution will continue to ween.
  5. So what you're saying is all schools should only move into better conferences when they are good in their current conference even if there are solid financial, exposure, rivalry, recruiting reasons to move up? Just trying to make sure I understand your argument.
  6. Not sure where you live, but any chance you could take it back to one of their brick and mortar stores and save the $’s?
  7. I would rather the department save their money than send or give me a cheap gift.
  8. At the end of the day, I don’t care what uniforms or helmets they wear. Just light up the scoreboard and play in the win column, and whatever they’re wearing will be my favorite uniform ever!
  9. A huge public school trying to talk smack about attendance to a small private school is beyond a joke. You guys need to just stop. And if you think UNT has only been announcing butts in the seats instead of a tickets distributed number, I’ve got some ocean-front property in North Denton I’d like to sell you.
  10. The problem is that "Texas" conference would only pick up interest in Texas, and quite frankly, without UT or A&M I'm not sure it's really much better than the SBC or CUSA. There would certainly not be much national interest in that conference.
  11. College sports have been broken for a while. In the top level of football, only a handful of teams have had a shot at a national championship for a long time now. If that’s not broken, I don’t know what is. I’m glad things are getting shaken up. Schools need to do a lot of soul searching to figure out what the role of Athletics truly needs to be for colleges anyway. We have been a long way away from truly amateur Athletics anyway.
  12. 1- I'm sure they would. SEC Network with Texas/OU is going to bring them more money than the LHN. Also, there was some talk over the last few years about coaches feeling like the LHN responsibilities were a distraction. 2- A&M won't be able to block Texas. My guess is they'll actually vote for Texas in the end. They'll keep looking like they're scared if they vote against Texas. If I was Texas, that would be a huge talking point during recruiting.
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