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  1. I normally would agree with you that Texas tends to get th benefit of the doubt, but shouldn’t a 3-1 record and two convincing Top 25 wins get you in the Top 25 no matter what it says across your chest?
  2. DentonLurker

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    19-68 Mean Green in honor of Joe Greene
  3. DentonLurker

    Flashback Friday Sale

    They sent an email too. The whole point of these is they’re “flash” sales.
  4. Alamo Drafthouse Denton LINK
  5. DentonLurker

    Trap Game

    This message board has never lost a single game
  6. DentonLurker

    Underdog Dynasty CUSA Week 3 Power Rankings

    Unfortunately, FIU and La Tech are probably going to get blasted this weekend.
  7. DentonLurker

    Uni's for Arkansas...

    Why would you care enough about what random people you’ll never meet from the internet think to be pissed off? The uniforms look sweet and the players seem to like them. That’s all that matters.
  8. DentonLurker

    Arkansas losing to CSU did not help us

    Arkansas firing Morris in under a year would be about as foolish as it gets. Hiring him was a completely new direction for the team and surely people realize that it takes more than a couple of games to work things out. I hope the powers that be are more well-equipped to work through this season than the knee jerk fans of the world.
  9. Agreed. Seems like a fair point. I actually think Brett has been pretty positive about this year’s team.
  10. DentonLurker

    It may be time to look into expanding Apogee

    At the end of the day, the Super Pit is not really that great. Lack of true premium seating, suites, elevators, entertainment areas for donors, legit practice facility, outside needs a ton of work to make it inviting, etc. It is missing so many things that a premier venue would need and I don't see it making financial sense to renovate. For the cash it will take to make it what you want, I think your money would be better spent by building new. And that doesn't even scratch the surface of the issues that arise from Athletics not controlling the facility. If the plan is to keep good basketball coaches around, I think a new arena needs to be a priority. Baseball is a long-term issue to me. Fixing the basketball facility is a very short-term issue.
  11. DentonLurker

    51 Yard Field Goal

    Perhaps they want a more convincing win than that where the nation gets put on notice
  12. DentonLurker

    It may be time to look into expanding Apogee

    I can’t remember who, but I heard a P5 AD once say that he wanted a third of his stadium to be sold out from season tickets. For Apogee, that number equates to approximately 10k. Last I heard, we were still under 5k. That seems like a fair target to me. Once we get there and actually have a sellout or two under our belt and we have strung together some sustained success on the field, I would agree it’s time to consider expansion. Until then, just win! I agree with the comment that you don’t add seats to cater to visiting team fans. When Texas travels to USC, do you really think the administration at USC is concerned about seating for Texas fans? If anything, they’re trying to figure out how to get more USC fans in the building to keep Texas fans out.
  13. DentonLurker

    UAB tonight

    They’re Portland State bad. 😉
  14. DentonLurker

    Announcement from Wren Baker

    They may want to proofread the headline on