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  1. After LaTech went up 21-0 I turned it off went downstairs for about 3 minutes and then turned the game back on and LaTech is on the goal line? I was only slightly surprised.
  2. Nearly another INT on the opening possession.
  3. How the hell are we the only ones flagged for taunting when I'm seeing it after every big play?
  4. Has Seth ever been good in short yard situations? It feels like it's been the same thing year after year.
  5. We're going to need a Defensive TD at this point for any hope of winning.
  6. Not sure that 2-pt conversion is what is haunting us right now.
  7. Torrey limping after that failed 2-pt conversion.
  8. Wow, not sure if this will stand but a int for now.
  9. Getting some stops just can't capitalize on them.
  10. I mean you do have to give it to Villanova, they're driving kicking it out whipping it around until they have a open 3. Unfortunately they're hitting just about everyone they take. On our side they're just clogging the lane and not letting us get inside.
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