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  1. Didn't think we could start worse than last week but we've seem to have found a way.
  2. Unless the D can come up with a pick or fumble this game is out of reach
  3. So far we're having a lot more success in our running game.
  4. Just everything that can go wrong is. Mason not looking like himself at all.
  5. Lot of bs calls from these refs. Not that they need them
  6. Well not a good start. SMU scores fairly easy and getting pressure on Fine on that 3 and out
  7. Man, just about everything App St is putting up is going in.
  8. I remember reading that WKU won't accept anything other than a NCAA or NIT invite.
  9. At least they didn't hit the shot at the half
  10. Crapping the bed again against WKU
  11. Not looking good early. Refs aren't helping either
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