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  1. Bad play by Perry right now.
  2. Everything is at the Basket for TxSt
  3. Looks like we may also have to fight the refs on this comeback as well...
  4. The majority of this 9-0 run is UNT has only had one shot attempt.
  5. UAB getting every benefit from the refs right now.
  6. Thought the same luckily ball don't lie 😂
  7. Right now FAU is getting the benefit of these calls.
  8. I wasn't able to watch it live unfortunately but luckily just found the replay on Stadium. https://watchstadium.com/videos/1-29-22-north-texas-at-la-tech-mens-basketball/
  9. Little concerning that since Ousmane's layup at the 14:55 mark we've only gotten off one shot.
  10. His throws are off at times but that was a nice keeper for a TD
  11. Penalties and Aune's inaccuracies may doom us in this game.
  12. Missed opportunities. Another game that feels like it slipped away.
  13. Unfortunately Miami came out with energy and we just haven't been able to match it. Very similar to the Buffalo game where they caught fire and we couldn't get any thing done to stop the bleeding.
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