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  1. Shesh, I don't trust this D to stop anything on 4th now.
  2. Great start! Keep the foot on the pedal and don't forget what FAU did to us last year.
  3. RBTX

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    Finally getting Fine some time to throw.
  4. RBTX

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    Can't blame the Rice QB change when really Rice has 1 scoring drive over 50 yards. Offense needs to get focused.
  5. RBTX

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    Whelp this is staring to nose dive.
  6. The O is letting the D down, at least make a small drive down the field!
  7. Why did we not challenge that?
  8. There we go, hopefully that gets us started.
  9. Agreed, when LaTech had that bad punt and Fine was already hobbling Shanbour should of gone in. He has shown that although he may not be as accurate as Fine he provides the ability to pull the ball and run.
  10. Was about to park when we saw everyone walking back. Decided to go find some place to eat while we wait.
  11. RBTX

    Who is going to the Liberty game?

    Will be driving up and bring my wife, think she only agreed as we got a small cabin to stay in outside of Lynchburg. Currently they are calling for rain and scatter thunderstorms in the PM, hopefully that changes.
  12. Will be there with my wife. Only game I'll be able to attend since the Heart of Dallas bowl against Army.
  13. Funny, I don't recall the NCAA looking into a rule change when UNC tried it TWICE in the past 3 years. Granted neither were successful, getting tackled after taking off on one and the refs called back the other even though there was no signal. Only now that a G5 embarrassed a P5 do they look into it.