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  1. RBTX

    Big Question

    Told my wife the exact same thing when I heard him say that.
  2. RBTX

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    They're getting wide open corner 3's
  3. RBTX

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    So far just making too many mistakes. Settled in after the first 10 mins but to get back in it just have to play disciplined and smart
  4. RBTX

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    Looks like they're giving us a taste of our own medicine
  5. RBTX

    Streaming San Francisco vs Campbell

    Very odd and anti climactic ending to that game.
  6. RBTX

    Streaming San Francisco vs Campbell

    Yup, I heard them say that as well.
  7. RBTX

    South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Watching the GCU vs Mercer and this popped up on the screen. Announcers even mentioned that we would host.
  8. RBTX

    South Dakota (3/14/18)

    GCU and Mercer are playing right now, we get the winner. About to start the 2nd half: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmbrYOqzdbs
  9. RBTX

    South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Here comes the part that scares me, free throws.
  10. RBTX

    South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Giving them way too many open 3's, luckily they've only capitalized on a few of them.
  11. RBTX

    South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Mine is working fine, I'm using chrome. If you have an ad blocker you might need to whitelist the site.
  12. RBTX

    Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    We haven't been playing well, but man these refs are making this even harder.
  13. RBTX

    Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    They had me worried but looking better now with Woolridge cutting to the basket
  14. RBTX

    Link to the men's BB stream

    For Facebook this should be the link https://www.facebook.com/StadiumCollegeBasketball/videos/830868233766601/
  15. RBTX

    WKU 2/15

    ESPN reported it wrong. We hit a 3 at the end.