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  1. I remember reading that WKU won't accept anything other than a NCAA or NIT invite.
  2. At least they didn't hit the shot at the half
  3. Crapping the bed again against WKU
  4. Not looking good early. Refs aren't helping either
  5. The replay is up on ESPN+ in the On Demand section if you are subscribed.
  6. Really sloppy now, 2 turnovers and a rebound that just bounces off of us
  7. Starting to play a little sloppy, but if we don't let them get wide open shots we should be good.
  8. Every shot Marshall is taking is a good look. Every shot UNT is taking is contested
  9. Marshall kept hitting their threes and we went on min droughts
  10. Playing horribly right now. Need to refocus and not give up wide open shots.
  11. Right now UNT is a team that if they don't have a good night from deep they have a slim chance of winning. Especially if the other team is hitting from deep.
  12. In a scoring drought again. Can't get anything near the rim to go in due to their bigs.
  13. Haven't made a basket since the 13:30 mark. Not watching the game, what happened?
  14. Such a frustrating way to end before pod play
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