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  1. So pissed at this coaching staff, can't even stop a team from celebrating on our field on senior day on the last game for our best QB
  2. Ugh, just like that. We should be up 10, instead UAB has all the momentum.
  3. They finally call a roughing the passer this year.
  4. Everything looking easy for UAB this drive
  5. Can't run, can't throw, can't protect the QB, can't stop anything on D.
  6. Looks like we're trending towards getting blown out by a 1-9 team.
  7. Rice came out like they were the team that needed to win.
  8. Same, went let my dogs out came back and we punted.
  9. Started off good, but now RI is on a 14 to nothing run.
  10. Our guys better have been watching and not thinking Rice was going to be an automatic win.
  11. Hating this offense that is just passing between Gibson and Hamlet
  12. Very ugly offense play right now
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