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  1. I had a friend who played for the University of Wyoming and he told the biggest different between high school and college is the speed of the game. This guy will not have down time learning the speed of the game. Hopefully Bennet can utilize his talents and develop him into a top player for CUSA.
  2. I think a lot of players that enter the portal are thinking they will have a career in sports after college. Many don't see it as an opportunity to prepare themselves for employment after the lights go out. If we are not giving our players on their degree choice we are doing them a disservice. Sure, many won't listen but at least we made them aware of happens after college sports.
  3. The old bait and switcharoo? Now you know how Arkansas felt on the fake fair catch......lol
  4. I would not be surprised to see them added to the schedule down the road. With no real TV revenue this is an easy trip and not a real costly one. I think in the future we see more regionally schedule games. I prefer to play them over Body Bag games until we prove we can compete with the owners of the Body Bags.
  5. Funny when it was 23 the other day I had the same thought about it being warm. Maybe it was because I was clearing my driveway and sidewalk.
  6. plant fitness has a $10 month with no contract he take advantage of if he needs to work out. Not playing for the team he should not have access to any facilities at UNT. He is just a student and can use the same facility the regular students use.
  7. I think they already have a very good qb at Liberty.
  8. Why don't we play SMUT in basketball if it is so important for both schools to play each other?
  9. Now we need the football program to catch up with the basketball programs.
  10. he can hit, we need him to put the mean back in the green.
  11. I am not sure what it takes to start at NMSU. However, if he has talent we could use him.
  12. We cant worry about what SMUT is doing or is not doing. WE have no control of them so why worry about them?
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