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  1. southsideguy

    A Picture of the Endzone

    who is man green...😁
  2. i would think the schedule would be set, people have to plan for travel and make arrangements for a team and that takes planning.
  3. southsideguy

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    i doubt Hogs players and coaches are worried about us. Did we ever beat Morrison? I would like them to be looking to the next opponent when they play us. Not saying we cant win just like being the underdog.
  4. Well i guess he will be at FAU for five years anyway. So now we have to figure out how to beat him since he is not leaving.
  5. Do you think they even bother to watch or listen to the game?
  6. southsideguy

    DRC: UNT source confirms Miller headed to NMSU

    El Paso does not cool off that much, I remember driving home at midnight running over a million grasshoppers and see the billboard still at 100 degrees. Only shade is man made shade. Those sage bushes smell great when it rains but they dont throw off much shade. Grew up there and work outside during the summers and it was hot at 7 am.
  7. southsideguy

    Tulsa AD+Coaches accept pay reductions

    4,563 students are enrolled into University of Tulsa where 3,406 students enrolls into undergraduate
  8. southsideguy

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    UNT, Colorado state, e Illinois and Tulsa. I think we would be the best of the three.
  9. if it stays in the cotton bowl they better order some card board people to put in the stands so it looks full or put a tarp on the end zones. We cant even sell out our stadium in Denton and it holds about half of what the cotton bowl does. I wish I was wrong and I cannot figure out why we cant sell out a game in Denton.
  10. southsideguy

    DRC: UNT set for trip to Italy

    what a place the world has become.
  11. see liberty and nmsu are playing twice this year.
  12. southsideguy

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    as long as the season ticket holders get first crack at a Frisco bowl appearance i am ok with it. Is the Frisco bowl televised? SDSU would be handful if we go to the New Mexico Bowl and play them. Rocky Long always has a good team. Why UNM chased him away I will never know.
  13. southsideguy

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    Watch Jerry pick it up and turn into gold. CUSA wont be in it.