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  1. Would he bring his camper down with him?
  2. I was wondering why bell had so much time on the court tonight, He had a lot of turn overs and was not scoring. Seemed like he was out there the longest. Maybe resting Geu for UTSA? Zach looked good tonight.
  3. he looks bigger than 205 or maybe the other players are just smaller.
  4. I heard that SL was seen talking to a janitor at the facility, maybe or next OC?
  5. How many kr and pr did we have returned on us this year for touchdowns? Seems like it has to be close to a record. Hope we have a punter in the wings that is as good all our last three at least.
  6. I always thought Perry was a good coach our special times was a bright post when he was here and recruited east Texas. I do not want UTSA to have any quality coaches.
  7. Why do I think this will bite us in the ass? I hope he got a promotion to go there, which I am sure he did to end up at UTSA.
  8. shorter on one side and him on the other with a Dardin in the slot, if we have a half way decent qb they will be a dangerous group.
  9. Will always remember is hit on the punt returner. To bad he had to make the tackle but it looked good when he did it. One thing UNT seems to do right is find punters.
  10. I always liked Duffy, I wish he had more years here.
  11. Seth comment I am here to build a winner. My wife and family like living in the area until the next coaching job opens up. If he wants out of here so bad why not resign and spend his time interviewing full time. How much commitment can you have to a program when you are out seeking employment elsewhere. Growing tried of the SL watch.
  12. Well, Well, Well maybe this is why he has named an OC yet. String us along again, no denial or no interest statement so he is gone if they offer it. If I was Were I start looking at resumes just in case because we will need to move fast. If he bolts what will be holding this team together, a new DC?
  13. I am only going my the amount of INT he threw while in the game, he is fast for sure but I think he might have had more completions to the other team.
  14. How do we know we don't have a qb, didn't see our backup guys play much but I am not sold on Bean as the starting qb at all.
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