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  1. wish I could make it to Rudys for the show this week but I will be out of town. Not sure who will bring with him, hopefully the guy who has the title of DC.
  2. on the bright side the weather was nice. I saw some die hard fans leave in the second qtr. These guys usually stay to the end. I stayed to the end because you never know if this will be the last game of the season. I guess covid has one silver lining it will hide how bad our attendance will be for the rest of the season.
  3. why go and see us get our ass kicked again. The most mad I saw a player all night was Moody who was calling out a fan.
  4. Funny I was thinking at the game next home game, a mask and sack.
  5. I had to show my ticket to get to my seat when the game started. At half time I was surrounded by college students, no social distancing going on many with no masks. I gave up my chair back seat and moved to area with less people around me. I love the mask commercials but they need to help enforce social distancing in the seats. While they are young and most likely can bounce back from covid I am in a greater risk group. They were all nice and all but just a little to close for comfort.
  6. I bet Cougar queen dancing around his moms basement in her panties waiting for next Saturday. Can we call in sick for that game? SOMO looks like it has rebounded.
  7. I have gone back to the mode I expect to lose but when we win I am surprised. I rather have a good defensive team and lose 17-10 than this crap.
  8. your right, I forgot about that , I meant the the UTEP, UTSA.
  9. UTEP will be 2-0 after tonight, favored to win the west?
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