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  1. If Dion has a good year he will jump to the NFL in a second if offered a job.
  2. I am reading an interesting book right now call the The American Expiration Date. It talks about our national debt and how it will bring America's living standard way down. We will exist and it does not discussed the USA going away but talks how we could lose the dollars status at the worlds currency and what follows. We have to get spending under control and both parties as guilty as the other. I have also thought term limits would be a good idea. Maybe knowing they cant be reelected they will be willing to make some hard choices instead of worrying about their reelection. Plus no one person gets to much power.
  3. I always thought he would make his way into the rotation. The limited times I saw him he looked good. Best of luck to him. Does A&M pay walk ons?
  4. yes a coach can remove a player from scholarship but in the past is was frown upon. From what I understand from a friend who son played college baseball it is year to year for the players. But it would be bad PR for coach to do that. I dont think it matters much anymore with all the moving of players in portal. The player can do so can the teams. It is now an open market.
  5. they should be ban from calling any games
  6. Anyone wants them you can have them section 106 row two so good seats. The only problem is I have paper tickets. I have to be out of town visiting the in laws. I rather be at the pit. Please take them if you will use them the team needs the support
  7. I see I got the down vote so yes Bedford had worse games. Rice did not foul Perry We really didn't have many turnovers-there I fixed it
  8. I was only joking about it.
  9. Didn't we expect this to happen with SL not being let go at the end of the pervious season. We would have had a year to get ready and now it is a fire drill to get ready for next season. WB did us no favors on keeping him on the extra year.
  10. Stone was a scoring monster in high School but the three point line was closer in. Maybe stone needs to shot from inside the three point line? I am just trying to figure why he is not hitting his shots here. He had some very wide open shots.
  11. You dont have to worry about CUSA officials calling American Conference games. CUSA officials are tied in to the YMCA and they call the girls 9-10 year old games.
  12. I think the NIT is our hope this year. Rice was fouling Perry hard on purpose to try and get in his head. This is the worse game I think I have seen us play. We had way to many turnovers and usually mac's teams dont do that.
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