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  1. Gibson won't be in the NBA and will most likely end up in Europe. He can play at UNT and still get notice by the Europe teams. The NBA is an elite league and I don't think Woolridge will be there and most likely be playing in Europe next year if he wants to continue playing basketball.
  2. This team being so picky who is the conference with them may have to end just due to economics. Things are changing and the "better than thou" attitudes will have to change. SMUT can say all they want about us but we help their attendance more than they help ours. Why the metroplex teams don't play each other is beyond me. Close travel and built in interest.
  3. You can never go home! Johnny , Karen you would have had lifetime employment here in Denton without the pressure.
  4. I think with all that is going on there will be conference coming a lot sooner than we expect. He just takes a couple of teams to start moving to start it. If we go to regional conferences it will be interesting who will be available. I know UTEP wants to go to the MW, UTSA to the big eight so that leaves us Rice, UTSA and UTEP for conference mates in the state. I don't think we can hope for any other teams in the state unless we want to add Texas State?????. Maybe we could keep LA TECH and maybe add some LA schools. Maybe Tulsa might be looking to cut expenses. It doesn't look good for us in future. The P5 are killing college sports. I was so excited about next years team but this does put a damper on it. Wish he change his mind and stay. Maybe I am depressed from all the is virus crap going on but I have a strange feeling the old denton might reappear in the near future.
  5. just a rose bowl win and we offer a 4 year extension, are we just crazy or what.
  6. I predict there won't be a season.
  7. 1980 was brutal, I was going to summer school here and was Africa Hot.
  8. the guy. should get the bonus for just pulling us out of the Bedford years, that alone with worth 25K. The guy rebuilt this team and has done a great job. With we had an average season I would say don't give it to him but he exceeded our expectations. Attendance has improved and he coach who can win without cheating.
  9. I see nothing but a easy road to the final four.
  10. I read the article and the failures parts makes you wonder.
  11. Brings up a question do I pay for my season tickets now or wait until we see if we will have a season?
  12. From what I have seen and watched it would Aune, Martin, Bean. Bean tends to take off to fast before looking down field.
  13. I hope by the fall we can play football. So let the uniform talk begin.
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