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  1. Maybe he is a great play caller but maybe is not really a HC type. When is his contract over, we won't fire him because we cant afford it.
  2. that is why no other conferences will court us............
  3. no way we play UTEP this season, El Paso is in bad shape.
  4. We are cancelling the season and firing our defensives coaches and we start interviewing for the position.
  5. oh well I guess they were right about the BB team
  6. didn't they feel that way about the football team?
  7. Wondering if UTEP is still blaming us for the game not being played...........
  8. so if a player decides to enter the transfer portal during the year does his scholarship get pulled and support given to the student athlete go away? You know they become a regular student?
  9. This week will be a good test, UTSA is not a bad team.
  10. Were all the seats marked at the game for season ticket holders or just where people can sit? If the seats marked are season ticket holders, I am impressed.
  11. You are correct, I asked at the ticket office when I picked up bb tickets. 5pm on Thursday, oh well with no fans in the stands this year I guess it does not matter. I was surprised at all the rice fans at the last game. They draw better than SMUT.
  12. don't they have satellite school in College Station?
  13. So is it called The New Mexico Bowl at Frisco, TX? The UNM team has been living at the Hilton at Lake Las Vegas this season and using UNLV facilities.
  14. you guys played well against BYU. I was actually hoping you would beat them, never been a BYU fan.
  15. oops they show a 4 start time instead of 3. hu, Nov 26 vsMississippi Valley State 7:00 PM Sat, Nov 28 @Arkansas 5:00 PM Fri, Dec 4 @Mississippi State 7:00 PM
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