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  1. wow-I thought he be going upward?
  2. think you are looking for FAU game video
  3. We seem to come out flat after a bye week. Hope we get better results and we get some players back.
  4. if they are scholarships they are fools to leave. Their chance of making the NFL is slim at best. You get your education and living expenses paid for plus 36K a year in salary. I live on 10k of that since they are providing housing for the players, eat their food and bank the rest so when I graduate I have some money to start my life. Plus a SMUT degree looks good to people. Maybe they got fired?
  5. I didn't have much money and there were not a lot of apts back in those days. I lived in apts in cement city were junkies go to shoot up. I felt safe and all but the slum lord fox and Jacobs did not put a penny back into the apartments. One year I lived in the Campus Square apts? It was like a big dorm room with a shared bathroom and no kitchen. Lived in clark hall my first year.
  6. I found this interesting-the FAU QB has 4 pic sixes this year. We were evenly matched. Since the Lane train left the station FAU has been trending downward. I bet they make coaching change this year.
  7. I love how the current field sits on campus. Though it was kewl with the building and road higher than the stadium. To bad they cant build in the same place on campus. I spent sometime in Lawerence, KS. Pretty neat little town. I was there during the basketball season. They love basketball in that town.
  8. Did he do any reading from his short storied about running children with his car?
  9. my adopted player and still no dinner invite at his moms house......lol He was playing on special teams against FAU, He has changed numbers also. He is now number 34
  10. Seth dropped to 23 on the list and Taggart jump past him to the 11 spot.
  11. Wonder if will see Ruder in the wildcat-seth says he likes 11 on 11 football.
  12. the had to know what was coming and still could not stop him.
  13. One thing that may hurt WB on the Georgia Tech job: Cabrera and Neville, Cabrera’s chief of staff, will look for an AD candidate who represents Tech’s values, understands the complexities of college athletics in the era of the transfer portal and athletes being able to profit off their name, image and likeness rights and who knows college football and can lead the team.
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