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  1. So does that mean it is time to discuss uniforms?😐
  2. It has to be bad if Lane is suspending him. It is almost like the devil giving you a suspension.
  3. Maybe the kids that can't qualify for college can go there to develop. I am sure it will have a ripple effect.
  4. Did he do the hockey lineup changes during the game? It seemed under him our team never got a flow because they were not on the floor long enough together to get something going.
  5. I want some more size on the team. We need some big bodies on the floor. I don't think Z Simmons plays aggressive enough because he knows he has no backup.
  6. This happens every day in the World. it does not surprise me or do I care about him cheating on his wife. That is between him and his wife. I just want to know if can he coach our linebackers with what we have left on the team.
  7. has he been playing like 10 years now?
  8. Is there anyone on this staff that could take over as HC if or when SL leaves us?
  9. 3 rd team, I think he deserves better.
  10. 😮, Tony will show us all we were wrong about him. He will win a game in the SEC tournament and LSU will make him the new head basketball coach. He has to clean up where ever JJ has been. Look what he did for us after JJ.
  11. Maybe Wren should put this sign up at the Super PIt for the players we are recruiting since we have a small team now.
  12. Was the Texas Pickup on university land or did they own their own property?
  13. I don't think any of us really solve any real problems here. It is a fan forum where we can celebrate and complain about our teams, coaches and fans. I do not agree with a lot of what is said in here and from my downvotes, I think everyone thinks the same about me. However, I do enjoy reading post from everyone except when they get to personnel. We are here because we are all fans of UNT sports we express it in different ways. I am disappointed in the way the football season and the basketball has ended up and I tell myself I won't buy season tickets next year but I always do because I cannot think of a better place to be on Saturday nights, Thursday nights and Saturday night, afternoon and early evening games for basketball. I dread that we are going into this time period of sports. Soon we will be discussing uniforms and the new Scrappy vs the Old Scrappy. The improvements the teams have made from football, basketball, softball, and volleyball have been great if we take a step back and look. Just three years ago we were hoping to get into the CUSA tournament. Football has come a long way but now we are not satisfied with just winning we want more. I am as guilty as anyone on this subject. It is bad when I come after a game we lost and I am upset. Like my wife tells me it is just a game. Like it or not athletics is a window to the university and we all want to be proud of teams and university. If we could solve a problem my vote would how do fill Apogee and the Super Pit for games. Off the soapbox now, sorry for the rant but most of it is aimed at me. GMG!
  14. The book store and the car wash want to sell their property but the NYSH and the restaurant next door on the southside do not want to sell. Someone said the land across the street is owned by a private developer? If it is owned by private developer better take it now why the land is cleared. Why wait until they developed it and have to tear it down when UNT wants it. I sure NYSH will come back to life in a new location. For the people who say students go there when I go there are students, UNT staff and others there and the business is doing well. Maybe in the new location, they can have a drive up window. Not a fan of eminent domain, what if it was your business?
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