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  1. Yeah we need to get a lot better very quickly.
  2. how many blonde cheerleaders can you have? Watching their game is very apparent we need to get so much better to compete with those teams. Out team just seems so out sync.
  3. SL has a fan or family member on here because when ever SL is mention to be fired it pops up. How can anyone think he is doing a fair job much less a good job. HIs record speaks for himself. Mason saved his ass and now he has been exposed. He should be a OC on a P5 team. He will make a good living and be happier. He looks depressed on the sidelines as I am in the stands.
  4. I see Friday there will be a reception at the Hub Club to celebrate the new conference.......think we name the new coach there?
  5. You won't be missed and I hope we stop playing u in all your sports that way your fans will have more room.
  6. one more ass kicking and SL makes it to #1 on the list.....see we can be number one.
  7. Has that ever stop this UNT? Get in the backfield and we can even throw in a unsportsmanlike call for you.
  8. When does a throw back stop being a throw back?
  9. So let me translate, nothing will change this week.
  10. Speaking of shirts, I was at Home Depot the other day. I saw this couple and she was wearing this sharp UNT jersey #21. I asked them where they got it because it was great looking and I wanted one. They told me they both worked at UNT and helped with Move in day and they were given the Jerseys (21). Why they are not selling them at the BS or Stadium I have no idea but they were. very sharp. They did not look like any jersey we have worn for a game. Get this they were white and green.
  11. He was boring the first game at end of each stanza. He has not got any better.
  12. It would level the playing field a little more for us. I guess SMUT thinks that is bad thing.
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