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  1. who job is it to recruit defensive players?
  2. I agree with you, a great OL can make an average qb look very good. If he has time and decent arm he can be dangerous.
  3. We have a long way to go but we have also come a long way. Not that long ago we were losing to bad teams. This season is a disappointment and with Mason gone next year will be hard year unless we can some how find a defense. I will buy my season tickets and being excited if we win and ok if we lose. I just will have to lower my expectations some. I doubt I ever see another qb here like Mason Fine in my lifetime. It is to bad he had to play with a weak ol and this year a bad defense.
  4. no way we have not played this season against average to good teams.
  5. jerry has lots of money to spend. I sure he notice the fast turn around at SMU. Ark p-5 SEC. SMU P-6 AAC
  6. so who will be the next coach at Ark? any rumors.
  7. wonder what his buy out was?
  8. Is there a data base that schools have that show who has been offered a scholarship by what university? I am sure there is but it could be used to spot recruits we have not been looking at. I know when we offer it seems the offers roll in from other schools.
  9. Well he could start here or I guess Neb......
  10. I rather be seating in Apogee on Saturday on game day than anywhere else.
  11. I watched Jackson in the first game and I think he can be a great player. He just young and still learning. I like him on defense very much. I think the team is still just trying to find their flow. When I look on the court I am amazed to see how many new faces are down there. We need to learn how win close games on the road. Hopefully we learn by next Tuesday. I do give credit to coach Mac for playing some good teams this year. Think the OU will be a sold out? I am afraid there will be more Red and white in the stands than Green.White or Gray or Black. Yeah this team misses Ryan but every team fouled him crunch time. I think one of the reason he left was because he was not on the floor in close games at the end. I was/am a big Ryan fan but coach Mac was right to have him off the floor late in the game. I was always amazed how he could shoot from anywhere but from the foul line he struggled.
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