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  1. This is one of the game where no matter how bad you are how good you are it will be close game. 31-21
  2. 18,511. I hope for a lot more but it might rain and we have two losses might be to much for our fair weathered fans. Speaking of attendance another school was caught cooking the books on attendances. They more or less guess at the number of people in the stadium "because they don't scan tickets because the "wifi is not good at the Stadium". Even their coach made a joke about the attendance numbers. The team in question is UNM. Read an article in the Albuquerque paper about how they count their numbers. If they give away tickets and no one comes they count the tickets as people being there. Surprised it is not a sell out at all home games for them. It also sounds like they might start having bake sales to support the athletics at UNM. They did pick up a big check for their game (well they showed up) with the ND Irish.
  3. on a different topic USC made a 1st down on third and short and I did not recognize the play. I guess GH was a major wheel in out success.
  4. Notice there is no score prediction thread this week. Cal 48 Us 24
  5. I think we go 6-6 now that the dust has settled, I had us at 8-4 before we started the season. We were not good in our first game and terrible in the second game. We might be underdogs the rest of the season. Maybe we bought into our own hype. UTSA has me worried because Houston is the following week. Sorry I rather beat UTSA than Houston. I think Houston is going to kill us on our own field and the attendance will take a big hit the rest of the season if it already hasn't happened. If our starting CBS are really the best we have we are in trouble. What happened to the quick offense? I will continue to go the games and support our team but my expectations have been lowered.
  6. Trice always came to play. Really enjoyed watching him.
  7. We all knew this was a pipe dream. But Mason has one thing SMU Swag will never have-class.
  8. Cougar Queen in SMU clothing?
  9. I think this is the Cougar Queen has come to visit us again under a new name.
  10. Did anyone hear this or catch this or was I hearing things at the ACU game. I swore I heard the announcer say this injury time out is brought to my Medical Center of Denton? Thought it was strangest brought to you by.
  11. I am sure you can sit almost anywhere when you get there. I sure there will be plenty of open seats on the SMUT side.
  12. Don't feed the ponies, otherwise they will not go away.
  13. The team's name should have been the walking dead. Wow, talking about bad luck.
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