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  1. southsideguy

    And So It Begins

    we will all find out Saturday, so i refuse to get in their little pitty party. It is great we are starting to see a running game, we know we have a passing team. Maybe it would be good for Guyton not to start a game and let chumley play TE. We cant have turnovers in CUSA.
  2. southsideguy

    Servpro Bowl?

    Lets win out so we can avoid this crappy bowl. I rather go to new mexico and play a mwc team then be in the crappy game at the cotton bowl. That place needs to be knocked down. It is like playing in a tomb.
  3. southsideguy

    9/22/2018 Other Games Megathread

    ODU maybe a bigger worry then we first thought.
  4. southsideguy

    9/22/2018 Other Games Megathread

    1:56 - 3rd 1 2 3 4 T 13Virginia Tech (2-0) 7 7 7 21 Old Dominion (0-3) 7 7 7 21 CBSSN
  5. keep everyone out of the hot tub.
  6. southsideguy


  7. let hope it does not start raining until the second half.
  8. do they throw the ball at Kstate?
  9. i think the dline will have a good day.
  10. Lets hope it is not this guy.
  11. southsideguy

    It’s GAME DAY!!!

    100 percent chance of rain in lynchburg to day.. looks like t-storms could delay the game. I guess there fans will stay home today. Not sure how rain will effect our time.
  12. southsideguy

    MGN: Liberty Preview

    A little off topic but I was looking at the Liberty forum and they listed their future schedules and I did not see us on it. I thought this was a one and one if not we need a check.
  13. I think Guyton gets back to old ways this week, he is due for a big game.
  14. southsideguy


    kifflin is like a rattlesnake , unperdictable. Singletary is a a worry.