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  1. So Scott has a year left? I thought he was a senior. we have seen the drop off when Jones is not in the lineup. If they can bring in someone as talented we maybe ok,
  2. so if you were paying the extra amount for one of the green chair backs the new amount will be about the same now? not a bad deal
  3. I was looking at lineup and I am really worried about next team. Look at the players we lose and the guys behind the starters I am not sure can carry this team. I guess I should worry about this year.
  4. What you cant hear the refs whistles?
  5. I left the game early because I was disgusted. Not with the team, not because of lab but because of the refs. There were 20 fouls called in the second half before I left. It really takes the fun out of the game and the energy out of the building. I dont know how you can go from so few calls in the first half to so many in the second half. Same thing went on at the Dallas game we played last week. BTW when do we play SMU? After beating Dallas I was wondering we will play SMUT? This officials crew should never be allowed in gym again unless it at the YMCA for games for 10-12 year olds.
  6. I am not sure if anyone knows the answer to this question but I will ask. I know we get a lower payout in the AAC than some of the other schools. Will Smut leaving benefit us financially?
  7. if you are hurt that often you should probably retire from football and work on your career
  8. I thing the DC should get a F-----. If I hear he did not have the right players for his defense then why did he play the defense in the first place. You play to your players strength and not to defense he knew the players could not play. That alone is a reason not have him back on the field this upcoming defense. Will we hear the same excuse this year " we didn't have the right players". I watch ISU in the bowl game and some of the runs by the other team sure look familiar. They came around the corner and no on the defense was no where to be found. I am not a fan of that defense. We had a DC who could stop the the spread with a three or four man front. Man I miss that guy. We have had no defense since he left.
  9. Lets hope the men can do the same thing
  10. very worried here but more worried about that god awful defense
  11. great game for the good guys , we dominated on the boards and Edwards is a beast. However we need others to score more so they cant try and double team him. They slowed him down in the second half. If more players can step up he will get more open shots. Had an obnoxious Tulane fan in our section. Loud at first but at half time not a word. I dont think we have a better job on the boards. I was surprised we struggled a little with the full court press. We have handle very well this year but they got us a few times today. Playing without two starters and winning is a very good sign.
  12. I see Okie State's qb is coming back for his 7th year. hard to believe that is possible. when does this covid year extra year end?
  13. I hear Frank Harris has two years left two play, not sure if he is in the transfer portal yet.
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