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  1. our back ups always worried me, hope they are better this year.
  2. if they can't win the refs will win for them as we found out.
  3. if everyone else did not have the same design I be excited but I hate to be the also ran team. I rather not have the outline of Texas on the court. I was thinking maybe an outline of the Denia neighborhood since they are such good neighbors to UNT.
  4. Was this a advertising photo or a picture just taken. I mean the guy on the third floor in the right corner, who stands like that. Did this become the campus square arts later on, the set up looks the same.
  5. I still laugh at the Sammy house that was next to Voertmans. It looked like a scene out of animal house. When it changed over to Christian center I had to wonder if they did an excerist before the new group could move into the building. I forgot that I spent on year living at the Campus Square Apts. It has has a new name now and they remodeled it. When I lived there they were like a hotel room with no kitchen and a shared bathroom. In my past career I had a chance to visit there and the mgr let me look at the apt now. I think they made two rooms from back then to one room now. They have a kitchen and their own bathroom. I just remember the how bad the air was there (as in it did work). I lived there in the summer of 1980. If you were in Denton you know how hot it was. Watch the weather and see how many records were set in 1980 in the summer time. I think we had a couple of 113 degree days. I spent a lot of time on campus and took summer classes to help avoid the heat. It was brutal!
  6. Clark Hall 77-78 and cement city (Louise) slum apt 78-80. Back in those days if you could find an apartment you were lucky.
  7. So is Collin the CEO of Nike now? There shoes suck in my opinion. They have never fit me right and they don't last very long.
  8. It looks like the Texas Tech, Texas logo look alike it will be.
  9. I am voting for number 1, that way I know where I am at.😄 I think the battleflag will get my real vote.
  10. Texas Tech below SMUT? Maybe I have lost track of Tech but are they bad now?
  11. The place is always packed for sure. I forgot all about that place.
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