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  1. Except football, they know Ark State would take down the hogs and they could not have that.
  2. synchronized swimming there is a loss.......I didn't even know any universities or colleges had these teams.
  3. We will be playing UNLV in the new Raiders Stadium. May have to go out for the game if possible'
  4. I think we beat the MUTS.
  5. I use to travel a lot to to Gallup, NM which is the middle of the Navajo Nation. Many native Americans were wearing Redskin gear and jackets but they also wore a lot of Cowboy gear as well. I can understand changing the name. I was thinking maybe the Washington Barbers or the Washington Congress has a nice ring to it.
  6. A room can never have too much green.
  7. I don't think we will have a football season the way things stand now. It will be a disappointment for sure but I am hoping for at least a BB season.
  8. OL ,it can make an average qb look good.
  9. better them than a FCS school from out of state.
  10. MTSU has one qb, if he gets hurt they are in the world of hurt. They have a walk-ons and Div 2 transfer to back him up. I think we can win that game. But the struggles against Rice,UTEP and UTSA with most likely our best qb in history is concerning for this team this year. I not sure we will have a season still.
  11. So you think our defense will be improved, ACU scored a lot of points on us.
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