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  1. you are forgetting it was not his fault, he didn't know, yada, yada, yada.😯. I was wondering if there was an Mt Vernon college somewhere. The high school did not enter my mind. Bad hire by the high school. Is Dave Bliss coaching there also?
  2. I found my receipt from one of my semesters and it was $117 for 13 hours (1979). As I recall my books were more than tuition. I remember we had a lot of out of state students in those days because it was cheaper to pay out of state tuition then it was to pay in-state tuition in the state in which they were from. Back in those days you could work full time all summer and go back to school and you could almost cover all your expenses. I live in a bad apartment in Cement City. I work full time and held a part-time job in the summers. I always had a job during the school year working on campus. I think minimum wage was around 1.65 an hour then. Never had to take a student loan out, were they available back then? When I was living in New Mexico and when the state lottery came to the state and was supposed to cover tuition for the students. They had to maintain a 2.5 gpa to continue on with it and had to go to college right out of high school. UNM decided it was time for tuition increase when the lottery started. On a side note about free education, this is what I observed at the UNM campus. Freshman classes were huge, and declined greatly the second semester and beyond. Seems a lot of money was wasted on kids who just wanted to show up. If free education is to past it might be saved for upperclassman.
  3. I was playing the 2010 version last night, we were a bad team.
  4. 1. Mason Fine-great player, great person, great leader 2.Brelan Chancellor-anything was possible when he touched the ball 3.Jordan Case-he was a solid qb and loved to watch him play 4. Zac Orr- he was the man 5. Lance Dunbar- Loved to watch him run 6. Rico Bussey- I would put him on the list just because of the TD pass against UTSA but he is so much more. 7.Andy Brewster-animal 8. Booger-always hoped we can find another one of these players 9. Trevor Moore-just because I had no worries when he went on the filed to kick. 10. Benard Jackson-he was a player Many more that could be listed that I probably have forgotten. 11- to all the defense players who were on the field when "The stand" happened against Rice. I have never seen a more exciting 8 plays in my life. You had to be there, throw out the fans that had Apogee rocking those 8 plays. Was nice to see the Rice qb having trouble with a UNT crowd. One other play I will always remember when UNT started to wing it first conference in CUSA was when the MT unicorns came to Apogee and were favored of course. The qb was looking to throw to the receiver on the outside a sort of screen pass and only Adrain Awason was between the qb and the receiver. The qb though twice about throwing it and tried to throw over Awason. Awason jumped up and intercepted the ball. I mean he jumped. The play seem like it was in slow motion but it was key play in the game.
  5. This is sad news, he played a big part on turning the program around. Good Luck Ryan, great job on getting your degree.
  6. They didn't hire Benford? he went to the sweet 16 this year, missed an opportunity.
  7. He must have made great strides this spring. Last year I worried when he was on the field.
  8. Gee maybe a little more background on Mooney. Was he the fg kicker in high school and if so what were his stats in high school. I guess I can look it up but it might have added to the story.
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