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  1. he hurt himself by leaving Denton but he did get to experience the beach life.
  2. Buffalo was were Reese was at before UNT?
  3. wait a minute Purdue is his first high major offer? Didn't we play them recently?
  4. Didn't they catch a 20 something guy playing high school basketball somewhere here In the DFW a few years ago. People do strange things so don't think I guy will just act like a woman to play basketball or other sports.
  5. I hate that guy in the red shirt. Maybe if the teams kept playing during the tv timeouts more people would show up to the games.
  6. I would limit what a team could spend on the team,( a cap) so the field would once again be a little more level. The cap would not be so high only the P5 could live in it and continue to pee on the rest of the teams.
  7. Lucky UTEP didn't get the death penalty. The NCAA loves to pound the little guys while it turns it head on the P-5 violations. Wonder if UTEP will have to give up any bowl victories or won't be able to go to a bowl this year? Nice job NCAA you never disappoint.
  8. We just missed the cut off............😜
  9. Will the last person in Denton please turn off the lights. Darn a starter at that. I thought the OL would be strong this year.
  10. wish nothing but the best for Reese, one of my all time favorite players. He gave his all and a third year would have been a bonus for us but sometimes you want to go home.
  11. So the big boys tell players to go to a G-5 develop in the first two years and we will give u call when it time to come up?
  12. Probably not but would we be impressed by male who thinks he is a girl hitting a homer in women's softball?
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