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  1. southsideguy


    I think Kelly and Buckshot have a lot in common.
  2. southsideguy

    Ball State vs Western Michigan. Nobody There

    I think they showed every fans' face up close on TV during the game and had time left over. We may be playing Western Michigan in a bowl game somewhere.
  3. southsideguy

    FAU Game Preview & Prediction

    I have been thinking about this years team and last years team and I think there is different coaching philosphy going on this year. Last year our defense could not stop anyone and we had to out score the other teams. I think the offense took more risks through out the game, 1st qtr- 4 qtr and we pull many close games in the end. This year i think because the defense is much improved we get that lead and turn conservative in the play calling. The offense loses their timing and cant regain it. I think the offense has to keep being aggresive for all four quarters and play like the defense cant stop anyone again. Heck line up a lineman as the running back and let him block for Mason. If we are going to lose lets lose in style and not what havent been doing. GMG
  4. southsideguy

    ESPN Loses Another 1.5 Million Subscribers

    IF we go to regional in conference the teams" Schools in the region UNT, Rice, UTEP, UTSA, ARK ST, Texas State, SMUT, Houston maybe La Tech ,Tulsa. If the big 8 goes away, i think Baylor, Texas Tech and TCU might be available. Not sure how it would be broken up and I know some teams would not take it well but when the P-5 goes to a P-4 they are not going to want to share the money with teams they dont want and if the Big 8 goes away that is what they will do. I could have left teams out this is just off the top of my head.
  5. southsideguy

    New Bowl Tie In for CUSA

    I think the stadium holds like 20k if they play it on the campus of CCU. Frisco hold more people. Everyone under the P-5 level should start thinking about and forming regional conferences. The dollar are shrinking for the little people. We have to boost attendance to make revenue. Some schools may like who is in their conference but it going happen.
  6. southsideguy

    New Bowl Tie In for CUSA

    More to the to do then just the beach, i most likely would not go in the ocean if was 90 degrees. Off season is great for rates.
  7. southsideguy

    Be there!

    Let us hope that we have more in attendance then the Ball State vs Western Michigan (possible bowl opp). They look to have about 500 and that is generous.
  8. southsideguy

    New Bowl Tie In for CUSA

    I would proably go to this one and the the game would give me a reason to go to Mrytle Beach. The game would not be the biggest focal point to me of the trip. Rent a beach house and enjoy a vacation there.
  9. southsideguy

    Is there a coaches show tonight?

    what time does it start
  10. southsideguy

    I would rather work..

    Anyone who giving up on the team I see that TCU is marking down their t-shirts. Wonder what t-shirt he is wearing these days.
  11. southsideguy

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Never said Wren is stupid what he has done for UNT in short time he is more of miracle worker. I sure Littrell would tell Wren before anyone else he is leaving. I just think of UTEP that signed their new coach 10 days before signing day. The new guy will have to work hard to keep the recruiting class together.
  12. southsideguy

    What's FAU saying about us?

    i hope the ol takes this a personal challenge and has their best game of the season.
  13. southsideguy

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Have to agree with your points. I hope we looking for a replacement while he is looking for a P5 job.
  14. southsideguy

    Metroplex D1 Teams

    Sorry my mistake not galloway, you know who i am talking about. The guy can hit home runs but bats around 200. Gallo not Galloway my error, cut me.