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  1. At one point, you just gotta commit and go all in. Arizona should have been that stop, but it seems like he was forced to always overachieve his expectations (By who, I wonder...?) The portal can help revive careers. In this case, it has all but ended it because there was no commitment to working harder/better to earn the spot. Find the next easiest stop and hope for the best?
  2. Might want to check those numbers
  3. Rebuild year? Check New coach(es)/schemes? Check Harder conference? Check This year will be a hard watch. If we win 5, it's would exceed my expectation. 4-8, sadly no bowling. Shake it off, and next year will be a major improvement.
  4. But my mom says I'm a handsome boy and not to listen to them.
  5. See, I miss those days when you COULD support a player. NIT/Portal has put every NCAA team in a pay-to-win model. It's hard to care about the "student employees" on the field/court now when they can just move on practically whenever they want. Makes it hard to care about any of the teams and competition now. That said, some players also deserve that opportunity too. TP has a massively high ceiling, and he can do so much more.
  6. Thought that was him on TV... Good man supporting those who helped him rise
  7. They are super talking up CUSA teams (soon to be AAC teams). At least some respect is being shown
  8. Might? Rest of us are on a post UNT after party
  9. Sadly, there's about 2,000,000 reasons why... and not a chance we'd even come close to matching that
  10. I wouldn't expect much returned to us for that role. A lot of analyst take the job for near free since they are still on buyout money
  11. Gonna need a mercy rule soon. I almost feel bad for sam houston. Almost
  12. Its just a small something called inspiration... Seriously... I bet you aren't related to Martin Luther king but sure would find his speech motivating. You never made a movie but you've probably been inspired by one. Do you listen to someone elses music? Well guess what... Drawing on emotional context to inspire is a great tool until we fill our tool kit with enough to create our own. You just sound... Angry, and honestly petty
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