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  1. Does working from home instead of the office count? Cause hell yes. The constant sounds of a 5 year old will drive a man mad. Drive a man mad.. Drive a man mad..... Drive a man maaaaddddd.........
  2. I'm curious, based on some responses here, why folks want us to actually play at A&M? Other than than juicy paycheck, what do we have to benefit from it? It's going to be a complete Cr@pshow, and our only upside is coming away from it with minimal injuries.
  3. I mean, it's the unpopular opinion as everyone likes to say loyalty is all that matters. But if I had a "chance" at millions and lost it because of my loyalty, that loyalty isn't going to keep me warm at night.
  4. This reflects so poorly on our latest year under the 2 million dollar man. We can't even get one of the greatest players in UNT history, one of the best QBs in the past few years of NCAA football drafted. I know I'll get flak for saying it, but he SHOULD have transferred elsewhere for his own sake. We dragged him down as much as he pulled us up.
  5. Ok. Wth did I just walk into? God we need sports back.
  6. Seth to replace Tommy Mangino at North Texas? There, got that out of the way for you guys
  7. Wilson with a pretty big play right before the half. Stupid offensive interference ruined it on next play
  8. I think this year is a write off performance wise. It's got rebuilding written all over it. New staff new players. As much as I've been against coach mumbles, he did clean house and he's got his own plan, and like it or not he's here for another few years. I'm keeping the faith and will be there/watching each game no matter the odds. Still, not nearly where I thought we'd be at this point. Not remotely close for the 2 million dollar man.
  9. I can't imagine a world where these guys don't get some kind of role, even if practice squad. Hamilton should easily make an active squad eventually, and Fine has to fight the prejudice against short QBs but would be a valuable backup to any team with his football IQ. April will be nerve wracking, but look forward to seeing whichever team they land on
  10. I'll have no other man steal my title on this one! Our season sucked because, the reality is, this season was a HUGE step back Our season sucked because, the realism is, this was on par, or worse, than many Dodge/McCarney years Our season sucked because our only real post season highlight so far was because we fired half the staff No, the optimist says we got a whole bunch of new staff. The pessimist says they have probably the most disappointing set of credentials since dodge brought in a high school staff The pessimist says we lost our best players and brought on no recruits. The Optimist says they are all diamonds in the rough. The truth is, this is a rebuilding year. This was a bad year. Pessimistically, so far the hirings have been uninspiring. The recruits are not exactly inspiring a whole lot of confidence. Optimistically, Seth seem's to have a goal in mind. I think this year is going to be a step back, and anyone drinking that there kool-aid should probably have another shot of it before season begins cause it's going to be an interesting ride Don't lose sight of the fact, negative nancy or polly positive, we are all still watching. still bitching, and still drinking ourselves into a beautiful stupor and supporting the green
  11. It's not hard to feel like some of these hires are a step back not forward from what I expected, and compared to our peers hires. Seth gets the big bucks (And the private Jet) so I trust he knows better than we do. Still I'm skeptical. Regardless I'll cheer them all on.
  12. He did kick our ass up and down the field with a box of scrap players. Not like we have anything we can say against that argument.
  13. Wish I could say I would miss him more than I would his buyout clause, if he got it. I can't though.
  14. Jason Garrett and Langston in the same week? Little late for Christmas but I'll take it!
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