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  1. This is the internet good sir. Reason was abandoned for madness years ago. It's now 90% memes and ads for singles in your *insert city* area
  2. Watching the packers shred the boys for yet another year might almost be something I could swallow if Zach was there.
  3. I remember my first IPA... what a disaster. But I learned that, like coffee, its a process. Start with the absolute worst most bitter and pungent one imaginable. I recommend arrogant bastard. This is the palate killer. Next, go cheap and simple, something inoffensive like Sierra Nevada's entry level IPA. This acts close to a palate cleanser, but more of a palate reset. Finish with something high end. I recommend dogfish head 90 minute. After that, the flavor just sparks. You suddenly notice the notes and appreciate the hoppy bitterness. Or you don't, you unsophisticated donkey.
  4. Guy was coaching into his 70s. The only things burning were his knees. Back. Kneck. Probably prostrate and who the hell knows what else. NIL may have been the final straw, but this guy went well beyond the standard and still did amazing work.
  5. Like seriously... my daughter is about to go into computer animation..of which UNT has no degree. Texas state has one. UT as well. Should I curse her lineage because she went to another college for a better program? The green in me says yes... the dad in me tells that other guy to f*ck right off
  6. Basically, if FSU couldn't make CFP against the current conference, then playing Cal or SMU is going to count even less against them and push the strength of schedule even further back
  7. I actually love this idea the more I think about it. It adds a lot of fun to the post season and probably more revenue overall. Still have the problem of players sitting out... but maybe if some of that revenue was shared? Anything to make the bowl system more exciting and meaningful for sub-CFP teams. Yeah it's basically FCS 2.0 but the current system is too broken
  8. Perfect time to insert that Steve Buscemi high school meme
  9. Fair enough. I rescind my criticism of him but not college football
  10. Sitting out a bowl game just to become an UDFA? College football just plain sucks now
  11. Todd Dodge just sat up in a cold sweat.
  12. Hey, don't drag me back into this. I'm just a near middle aged man who is frustrated to see his favorite sport dying and likes yelling at clouds. I'll get them darned kids off my lawn one day... (when I send them to college)
  13. Does any of this matter? Aside from coaches, every team will be 75% portal kids. Who knows wth kind of team anyone will be the next year regardless of record.
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