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  1. https://sports.yahoo.com/big-12-pac-12-meeting-200038490.html I feel like this has some legs to run on, makes a lot more sense than AAC/Big12 Doesn't help us still... But good business
  2. No interplay with the helmet shape and design. Wouldn't match anything on the uniform. Its the equivalent of a freshmens graphic design final. Simple lines, flow into the helmet. Rich colors that compliment the uniform. Simpler is key, do too much and its just looks like too much (As dictated by a director of financial operations whose only artistic background boasts a "help beat cancer" coloring contest at chili's, which may to this day still be posted on the conroe, TX chili's wall)
  3. These concept helmet/uniforms articles really grind my gears. Maybe 1 out of 10 us usable. Pretty graphics =/= usable outfits. And most are just downright hideous enough for SMU to actually use
  4. He mispronounced bert... Seriously I appreciate his comprehensive view on UNT vs local sports. He doesn't use that green tinted lense, but gives a real a perspective view as any UNT fan could. The 'stache is throwing me off. I think I like it
  5. This is America my friend, land of the free economy. Founding fathers knew that the pursuit of better things (happiness, success, and, of course, more money) drives us to our ultimate potential. Don't like it? Be sure to pack your hammer and sickle on the way out. Buckle up, this capitalist ride is just taking off, and we got a decade of crazy ass football shenanigans ahead of us. I mean... Jason F'n Bean is a starter again. None of this makes sense anymore. I'm just gonna watch and enjoy the fireworks.
  6. Get those Jabs in while you can big boy. Houston is perilously close to being a has been. 2 more years of Dana and you'll be right down in the dumps with us. We can brush each others hair, do our nails together...
  7. Been a pretty crappy week with all the news. Why stop now? Wren was always going to move up. I wish for nothing more than his and our success. What's next... Seth signed to a 10 year extension? Maggots found at Apogee? RV opens a Jimmy johns franchise?
  8. I feel like we all knew this was where it would land for years now. Still sucks to be one of the have nots. That in mind, getting ahead of that portal to pull in players who drop down is our future aim. We won't be landing big recruits (not that we did before...) but we can scoop up the super conference leftovers and dropouts. FCS 2.0
  9. Plus we need to give them something to write about. I imagine there was a nice article after the 2018 beatdown, but we've done nothing worthy of print since. maybe the Phil hire just because it hits close to home. But on field... Crickets.. (Ok, and the peter pan play)
  10. I have commitment issues. I just don't know if I'm ready for that leap in our relationship. Its not U(NT)... It's me
  11. And beat our ass (except one year) ever since. I admire your eternal optimism Plumm.. but we aren’t anywhere near where those green koolaid goggles make us seem.
  12. Not gonna lie Being a UNT fan aside, that would be one hell of a fun conference to watch
  13. Thanks! Not very intuitive, but its is after 5 and drinking time.
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