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  1. I respect taking the risk. If it works it's genius. if it fails its lunacy.
  2. Other teams adjust. We don't. We just repeat the same process, and hope for better results
  3. Usually the meltdown happens after the half. Our boys are getting there early this week.
  4. Ouch. So where is all that extra In n' Out going to wind up?
  5. All Mean green pride aside, that guy has earned it. I can't imagine a less desirable position and absolutely knocking it out of the park. Hope he enjoys the Kansas job next year? (/crosses fingers...)
  6. Asking for a friend... how's ya'lls oline coach?
  7. Our oline has killed any hope of this. Better luck next year
  8. There had better be an oline coach firing after this game. It couldn't possibly get worse
  9. We peaked week 1. This entire season has been a downward spiral. Not sure wth is going on...
  10. I almost forgot what it looked like when you had time to make a pass... How dangerous we really could have been with a good oline
  11. Awful officiating today for us. Great for smiss...
  12. Reffet has flaws. But he's been an unexpected bright spot to this season for me
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