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  1. Awful officiating today for us. Great for smiss...
  2. Reffet has flaws. But he's been an unexpected bright spot to this season for me
  3. You go, You gorgeous defense you...
  4. Can't pressure a QB who has instant throws
  5. Udomann

    C-USA ranking after week 6

    MTSU is the real surprise this year. The opposite of FAU this year...was Baby Briles the source of their success? I was enjoying the Lane Train ride
  6. Also, to be fair, we are kinda the reason a couple of those teams have a losing record 😉
  7. As much as I hate that quote, it's up to us to prove it wrong, because "we" really aren't doing the job. We did have two really not so good games in a row. We threw away the LaTech game. We barely showed up to UTEP I think our offense does reset and goes apesh*t on SoMiss. I really do, and I'm looking forward to it I also think UTEP isn't as bad as the 0-6 record shows. They are improving each week, and I think they see their first win in a week or two, and their defense hasn't let opponents stack up the points. There's some positives on that team.
  8. Udomann

    Strange feeling

    Usually on the same page as you, but not here. Fine was limited this week, and I'm glad he was. He probably shouldn't even be in the game. But given his condition, and our stubborn coaches, he did a pretty damn good job for a team that was only half awake. The fault isn't on Fine this week, but our o-line who just sucked harder than Russian mail order bride.
  9. Udomann

    Strange feeling

    I'm glad this was a close win. Get our players and coaches heads out of the clouds. Every game now is a potential loss, ramp the work up
  10. Can we please please get back to #newdenton football? My liver is not going to take much more of this...
  11. Are those really that mutually exclusive?
  12. I would pay for a recording of SL laying into these guys at half time. Missed business op by Wren there
  13. This is UNT fandom. Kneejerking is a hallmark since the Dodge days