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  1. Mostly uninteresting story, played a game call Ark and my online footprint from that was developed around a religion to prehistoric beavers (casteroides). Even had the whole pantheon set up. Just kinda stuck with my other online circles and it's been my go-to avatar since What's the lesson here kids? Don't play RPGS. Not even once. They rot your brain
  2. Nay. I'm new blood mostly on the forums. I've just lost faith in Sir grumps-a-lot. But, been a decade long fan of UNT football. And I'll be one ten years from now. So, GMG! *Edit: by new, only minorly posting over a few years. decided to ramp up my angst this year
  3. Should win. Need to win. Coach mumbles chokes again: Charlotte 24 UNT 17
  4. I feel like despite anything that has happened, Wren is what is making everything possible. The guy is 110% baller and probably the best thing that happened to UNT athletics. Advertising. Graphic design. Facilities. Promotion. Recognition. Even coaching improvement to a point. He's where we should invest. Faith in Wren is faith in our programs future
  5. Those greener pastures would have fired his ass second year. He got lucky sticking around for a paycheck.
  6. The future of CFB head coaching ladies and gentlemen.... I want to see the guy succeed. But he's just getting blown out by other coaches and staffs. Kiffin and baby briles blew by him year one. UAB blew it straight out the door last year. sure, they had a bunch of old men on the team. Sonny and the Hyundai boys blew right by this year. We keep getting told it gets better. It ain't getting better.
  7. A) Guess again B) Things change. They need to be allowed to change, and not every change is going to be a winner, but if it's managed well (and I think it has been so far, except Reffett still being here), it can be very productive. My degree's have given me a lot of success, and I'm proud to point to our quirky school. Wear it as a badge of pride, or wear it as a stigma, but it's not going anywhere no matter how much we complain on a message board
  8. Exactly. Scrappy will always be here. Just adding a cast of characters to enjoy!
  9. A good portion of ya'll have outlived the old tradition. This is the new. It's for the young to bring in what they see as fun and enjoyable. For the rest of you, I think there's a rerun of M.A.S.H on Try something new. you might enjoy it
  10. As an alumni, and a decently successful and not particularly youngish one, I say buck that trend! Our football history isn't exactly a tradition we embrace. Unt is in a new place, a better place. Let the albino squirrel lead that non-traditional charge! there's a place for tradition and a place for change. embrace both and become a better institution sources: 3 degrees. so screw ya'll. I paid for the right to this comment
  11. A win is a win. Used to be they were far rarer than even this let down of a season. Just happy to see the W. and LATech took down SMISS. And seeing Rice up over UTSA makes my heart flutter a bit. Not a perfect night, but a good night
  12. It's something uniquely UNT. I dig it. Anything to add some quirk to our crazy
  13. Surprised to see someone do that piece. I always liked it. Strauss is a bit overdone, but hearing some new with the old is always fun
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