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  1. Everytime someone's aunt walks into the QB room it's immediately improved. That's a pretty low bar...
  2. As much as I'm waiting for SL to get shown the door, I have to admit I'd be very very interested (and lightly aroused?) to see that scenario play out.. Our current run game, Harrell's air game/QB development. The great wall of Bennett...
  3. I'll give you exactly 1 guess where he ends up...
  4. That's a real big strawman. I don't think 95% of the folks here want Seth back next year. But, The REALITY is he will be here barring any surprise changes. At this point we are accepting the reality, and discussing the best steps forward. Is it a new QB? new WRs? Prettier cheerleaders? Less clowns on the GMG.com? Seth will be here. We want him to blow the doors off and prove us all wrong. THAT is reality right now. You see failure, only expect failure. and yes, maybe it will be failure At this point, the "burn the whole thing down" bandwagon is just noise. We are 99% stuck with Seth, and yelling louder ain't changing it. I'd rather just ride the high than keep yelling at the clouds.
  5. He also got replaced out of the gate by some scrawny kid from Oklahoma no one had heard of. Anyone remember that guy? (I kid, Alec did a great job picking up the pieces at season end. But we had ALL anointed this 'Bama QB as the savior of UNT football after the..ugh..Mcnulty years)
  6. Alec Morris has entered the arena...
  7. Well this is a delicious development... Im 100% onboard for any SMU drama
  8. I hope so. I see a few young folk who could develop. But so far the cupboard has been pretty barren
  9. Yeah. Kinda proving my point my friend. Go play a game. Relax. Your heart will thank you.
  10. Its sunday. Lay off the sauce my friend. Spend it with family, not johnny walker.
  11. You work with what you got. Our QB room is vacant of any true leader. Nobody can make gold of lead.
  12. Up next: Austin Aune Senior... Citizen
  13. Gods we were close though, weren't we? If we truly are a QB and WR away from our goals, then give Seth a year. No extensions until he gets a conference champ win and a bowl win
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