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  1. You can always play the espn+ video on Bluetooth and not look at the screen
  2. Did you just wake up this morning craving violence or was it a choice to ruin our Fridays?
  3. Which was the most excitement and motivation he's shown in 7 years
  4. Isn't the solution either. We just need better everything
  5. Just wanted to pop on and say that I hated SL as a coach before it was cool! /scoots away on a moped with a 4 pack of imperial IPAs and 27 bumper stickers
  6. The only thing seth is beating right now is himself ...wait, what?
  7. The best part of this game is that refs voice. Like silk... Or butter... Keep calling those penalties, I need something to sooth the anger
  8. Texas' defense is a monster lineup. They did get chewed up closer to the end of the Alabama game, but they are basically going to tear through UTSA's offense like 1-ply toilet paper
  9. Not all up-and-comers will be a Littrell. Coach mumbles was a fumble. Risky...maybe. But I'm also just not crazy about the fired coaches carrousel that we see in NCAAF/NFL
  10. You're a UNT fan bro... If it's not painful, is at really a memory?
  11. If there is a god, do you truly think he'd be so kind to UNT?
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