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  1. you lost me on that rationalization. He wasn't good enough to start. Everyone else was bad enough that its was our only passable choice. Just cause you have the job doesn't mean you deserve the job. Just ask coach mumbles.
  2. You could add the Kansas city chiefs to our team and I would still remain skeptical with our coaching. Its not the players I have a problem with but they inability to develop the talent. Until the coaches show some sign of life i'll take the "wait and see" approach before congratulating them
  3. Thats a pretty strong assumption made there... ...assuming our playbook isn't written in crayon with koolaid spilled all over it.
  4. I'm mildly intrigued, but been hurt so many times before that I don't know what to think
  5. Because 1. ONE. single draft pick is something to brag about? Sure. You can't argue that its still a pretty low bar
  6. Despite the conference, they are out maneuvering us at the marketing and recruiting game by a pretty hefty margin. Except for McCasland. He's ours. No touching. Wrens PR game was absolute Fire the first few years when Seth was the new hot thing. Now, I have no idea. But it ain't that.
  7. So, is it ok to start crying now, or is there a communal area where we can all do it together? Or do we just wait until Aune takes the field again? I'm open to whatever...
  8. Spoiler: It's 50% gonna be more than half of us bitching about Aune, and less than 50% of us complaining about the other half of Ruder. Sprinkle in a pinch of complaining why the younger guys aren't getting more interest and you have yourself an offseason. Bake until exhausted of posting.
  9. (I'm also responsible for my fair share of them too)
  10. You don't have to read the thread if you don't like. Unless it picked on you in high school, or hit on your wife, I think you are pretty well protected from the harm it could cause you.
  11. To be fair, the day I wrote that comment was after seeing 4 threads in a row of people complaining that stuff didn't belong in the football forum, even if football related. Felt like a bunch of folks were policing things, so it annoyed me. I don't check anything but Football and Basketball, otherwise the content on here would be dead. and I like content. It gives me a reason to keep drinking.
  12. Points that everyone here can agree on. The leadership in that room from SL down has been non-existent since we lost Fine/Graham. Maybe someone does catch fire. I hope so. Either way, going to watch that ship sail or go down in flames every game!
  13. Now, if Aune was an NFL level QB, I'd go with that. But he got benched for Aune, not Burrow. That's about as black and white as a players competency can get.
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