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  1. well that's my cue to swap to the OU game. see you guys on the NO bowl game thread
  2. O-line has got to compete, they are losing this for us more the defense right now
  3. The line for success for me right now is even stopping them from scoring on a series....that's not a good match
  4. I'm having a very...very hard time hating Lane Kiffin. We are supposed to hate him right? I just can't...still...GMG
  5. Udomann

    LA Tech Game Thread

    What IS working? Been a bit of a crapstorm. I still have faith they will put it out. but they'll be pulling it out of their asses at this point.
  6. Udomann

    LA Tech Game Thread

    SL is handing the game away
  7. Udomann

    LA Tech Game Thread

    Does SL even have a pair of balls?
  8. Udomann

    LA Tech Game Thread

    Opponent needs a big 3rd down? why not north texas!
  9. Udomann

    LA Tech Game Thread

    Today's team is approaching 2015 levels of bad. Where is the team that played the rest of the year? (except FAU)
  10. Udomann

    LA Tech Game Thread

    Good grief. Aside form STs, it's like I don't know who this team is week to week GMG... I hope