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  1. I'm a UNT football fan, I never want to see us fail. If SL pulls through I will eat a crow and post it on Tik tok. Sadly, history is not in favor of that. I truly want to see him pull a rabbit out of his 2 million dollar hat, but at that price tag we could have done so much better...
  2. Anyone who actually thinks we couldn't do better... Etc etc. The guy is a lame duck at this point. We deserve better. Plus, no. I don't think he can get over the hump. I HOPE he can. I wish he could. But he's over his head and his paygrade
  3. For what it's worth, UNT football has aged all of us at least 30 years and made us jaded fans. We search every nook and cranny expecting bad things, just like we search our couch cushions for that last quarter to pay for our season tickets, just knowing that there's a hidden push pin waiting to get us. The push pin ALWAYS gets us.
  4. If it's not 80% genitals and 30% man it ain't worth it. Yes. Thats 110%. The math follows
  5. Love how aggressive we are playing. Very hungry team
  6. First time ever watching UNT basketball. New believer on board!
  7. Lets do a perspective shift. If he hadn't signed up to be notified then there's a very high chance that shot would have ended up in the trash. Once you break that seal there's a very definitive shelf life in that vial. The first 3 or 4 shots probably went to the intended demographic. After that you got an extra shot or two that someone didn't show up for or was declined. Do you just trash it? Scramble to find someone who needs it within the time frame of spoilage? Or have a listing of folks willing to take it and go through that. Its the most efficient and effective way to reduce was
  8. Well then. My anti-Littrrell job here is done. He is a fine coach. He ain't a 2mil and private jet coach. No shame there. But if you can't produce then don't expect the pay.
  9. I mean... have you even been in America the past 12 months? My faith in the general public is standing on a very very tall ledge right now.
  10. What's even more concerning is that the 1/3rd refusing it are the first t I be offered, meaning those in medical and high risk patients (I work in medical and that is an accurate number). So as we reach phase 2/2b and 3 people even more will opt against it. Its going to be a struggle to hit 50%
  11. Meh. I mean... did you even watch Tech this year? I have a good friend who went there who is probably happy to lose this guy
  12. Personally, I'm 100% guilty of that assessment. Of course, my opinion of them skinny oklahoma boys is warped by Fine, so my hopes are up on him. Kuehne is really such an unknown, but I'm happy to see him get more of a shot with Jason climbing up the Bean stalk. Bean really didn't give me any great vibes, so I can't imagine it's a huge step down.
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