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  1. More than happy to be wrong in this instance. Just enough spark to make me double take Mumbles for now. Reffett was a given, but Reeder was a surprise.
  2. Honestly I feel it would be far easier to sell our OC role/scheme than our DC (even if we try a new scheme). My money is on a pretty quick OC fill with a lot more time spent on revamping our Defensive look, unless there's already a known in the pipeline (in which case, why didn't we just can Reffett earlier?)
  3. You aren't wrong there. I feel like we are usually nicer to those from other boards than we are to each other here. Such is the passion of fans! (and I love that the first response to your post was... an eye-roll). Always allowed to have an opinion here, as long as it's someone else's preferred opinion Back to on topic, I'm still a little concerned Langston is hanging around, but maybe that's one of those rolls that doesn't get a lot of post-firing publicity. Saving that last shot of scotch from today's celebratory plastic jug for that announcement. Oh who am I kidding. It was Jim Beam in a toddler take n' toss bottle.
  4. I can live another year with Mumbles, but these next hires have got to be out of the park to get me back on his side. I'm still not sold on him, but this does give me hope that he's got the brass cheerios to do what is necessary.
  5. Kinda surprised on this one. I was not a Reeder fan, but I thought first year FBS jitters would get him a pass. Wonder if he was released by us or opted to go. He's virtually guaranteed a spot int he FCS circle
  6. Happy firings to all. Cause there better be some
  7. TE ain't exactly know for speed. That's the witten special. Wide open and slow as a tank
  8. They may blow pineapple chunks. But I'll still be there watching our boys blow them. (Can we say that here? )
  9. Honor and integrity have pretty much ruined the nfl futures of fine and bussey. If we can't put kids in a position to succeed they should challenge it. You never changed jobs for a better pay check? Football careers are short. However they can achieve that dream, do it (except smu). I wish they would stay. But there's no judgement on my behalf
  10. Best of luck to him wherever he goes. Sad for unt but these kids need to look to their futures
  11. True. Look at rice beating up on those top ranked (preseason) teams!
  12. Skip Holtz(54-36)? Bill Clark (44-21)? Even Lane Kiffin(59-34)? All doing better fixing programs that struggled, and cheaper too! Doing more with less. Or let's look at nearby neighbor SMU with Sonny Dykes. Still newish, but not a bad record so far. It's not a head scratcher that cheaper or newer coaches are doing better than ours (27-24)
  13. Again, it doesn't just boil down to good or bad only. Black or white. win or lose. It's just not that simplistic. If all you see is 2 nine win seasons, everything look peachy. Sure we downplay that we went from dead last in CFB to having some decent years. But you can't pump up those seasons as if we were worthy of a national title or even a good team. We did "just ok" in a really bad conference against really bad teams. Hindsight has showed us that. And we failed to do well against anyone with some meat on them. And now, once again, we are nearing the bottom 10. On a scale of 1-10, given the teams we've beaten. We are maybe... a 5? Barely average? I was kinda hoping to see that go up. Not back down. I truly do hope Seth is the guy. Unless, the good lord willing, some other team takes him off our hands, we are stuck with him.
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