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  1. Approach slowly, carrying a box of KFC. Lay it down then spread arms to show you wield no weapon. Back away. Compliment the cannon at all cost.
  2. I work in a very large medical organization with a very at risk population and can testify to the spikes in mortality rates. It is a very real issue that we are simply lucky isn't deadlier. But still deadly. Yes it can be a political weapon. But at its root it is not a weapon. Every life we can save is worth it. Sorry to get serious on it. I have just seen how serious it can be
  3. You should also try out AOL for that interweb stuff. I hear its bodacious and radical.
  4. There's pro's and con's. A. It can provide that much needed experience. And if it goes well, a nice esteem boost. B. If it goes right into a major ass-kicking, it can be debilitating to the teams morale and seriously hurt recruiting. I think most of the board see option B happening, unfortunately. The net benefit to the team would be negative.
  5. Here's to everyone who said we'd be starting the season 1-3. wait...that's still the plan?
  6. Fool me once, shame on you. The 2nd, 3rd through 10th though? Still shame on you. I have zero confidence in this coach now. My expectations are pretty low and somehow I will still be disappointed.
  7. They ain't wrong. I can't see how this game ends well aside from a covid cancellation
  8. Sadly this is accurate only because our conference is an absolute wreck too. We expect to be competitive with the dregs of CFB. That just makes it all the more obvious we need fixin'.
  9. Can't fault you on that one. At least we got football at all! ...really bad foootball
  10. Are you personally happy with this?
  11. Sadly I spent all my money on booze so I could stand to watch him. Catch 22
  12. I’m here for the mean green no matter the score. Just grateful there’s a 45% chance/proof I may not remember it
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