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  1. Personally, I'm 100% guilty of that assessment. Of course, my opinion of them skinny oklahoma boys is warped by Fine, so my hopes are up on him. Kuehne is really such an unknown, but I'm happy to see him get more of a shot with Jason climbing up the Bean stalk. Bean really didn't give me any great vibes, so I can't imagine it's a huge step down.
  2. More excited about our incoming QB prospects TBH, hope he sticks the landing though and does well!
  3. This is why you get Whataburger for breakfast. At least then you know why there's $100 missing. better food too.
  4. He's saying all the right things. Only #1 has me concerned. As for his head coach record, good coordinators don't always make great coaches, and vice versa. Different talent sets, so I'm hopeful. Fingers crossed, I want to see them succeed but I've been hurt too many times
  5. It's all UNT is giving him to report on (and Bennett). Give a man a turd and you'll still get crap in return.
  6. Always seemed like he was just on the verge of breaking out too. Best of luck to him, hope he goes on to do great things!
  7. I would almost agree with that if the conference win was something to brag about. We are such a bad conference, and with the cash we are putting out, the recruits, and the facilities, consistent Conf wins should be bottom line for remaining employed.
  8. Year 1 goal: win CUSA championship Year 2 goal: actually win a bowl, or let Seth walk
  9. My goal is CUSA conference champ. We have the offense for it already. Let's bring the pain. Bowl win would be a cherry on top. Year after, that bowl is a win or walk for mumbles
  10. How is staying a better choice? Straw man there. You can't turn an argument without giving a defense??
  11. What kind of fan wishes hate on a former UNT player? He is choosing to better his options. You would have too. I bet you eye roll half the post here because it doesn't fit your old denton narrative...
  12. Because the person is what matters. Siggers deserves to succeed and I don't know any of you who could guarantee that here. It's a smart choice, not an emotional one.
  13. Good pickup for the staff. Definitely a step up. I don't think its going to instantly bring a winning season but it makes that next year of mumbles tenure much more bearable
  14. Isn't this guy like 30 now??
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