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  1. 54% completion rate.... = terrible qb. And the coach that allows it for 3 years, is BEGGING to be fired
  2. I see he was 0-6 in bowl games, no thanks
  3. I see 4 wins MAX and even then it seems not very likely
  4. most of the best HS recruits aren't on this roster anymore.
  5. I've given this school enough of my donations. I'm done until something changes.
  6. The problem for 3+ yrs is the head coach
  7. but we got FCS players to transfer, you mean that isnt going to help us?
  8. Kicking our ass in all aspects.
  9. Teams greatest weakness: Head coach
  10. Who gives a shit about if he's a good guy. I want a winner for once in a century
  11. Utsa is probably better than smu.
  12. I wish KD would have gone to A&M... feel terrible for him
  13. Herman brings experience, winning history. Good reputation with Texas high schools. Probably could lure more transfers here too.
  14. The honest real question, if we lose. Will Seth be let go after the game.
  15. They made us their bitch. I can't even be mad. It's just sad.
  16. Why do we always have to wait for a coach to send us back to the dark ages before we move on. Seth should have been gone last year. New coach this year would have brought excitement, yr after would be new conference. Now we will be rebuilding in a tougher conference. Our future conference mate wiped the floor with us. We didn't belong on the field with them
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