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  1. You're talking about him as HC, this isn't what this discussion is.
  2. He would immediately be the best recruiter on staff. This is a no Brainer hire. Don't understand why anyone wouldn't want him on staff.
  3. Don't forget Guyton, probably the most successful in the NFL at this point
  4. Agreed we should have a good WR class with Maclin, Bush, shorter, hopefully we see some Caleb Johnson. Hopefully our tackle transfer is a hit. I'd expect defensively to be close to the same. It has always been about QB. We lost multiple games last year because offensively inept
  5. Agreed, hopefully the P5 and Memphis coaches left an impression. If not ours can teach him how to run block or something
  6. I'd take any player at Memphis at unt. They've been significantly better than us for a long time. So yes
  7. Good thing he was at Arizona 3 yrs ago
  9. Meanwhile smu getting p5 transfer after p5 transfer
  10. Utsa was doing this before NIL. And surely we can't say utsa has the alumi base to out spend in nil.
  11. They were doing this prior to winning, winning came quickly after.
  12. Why is it Smu and UTSA are getting countless P5 and highly sought after transfer... we are getting fcs guys. I hope it works out for us but it seems they are doing something very different from us
  13. You don't understand college football if you don't already know this
  14. Why are we not going after any D1 transfers? Seems like all D2 guys
  15. Especially with these elite stats. How could it not transfer
  16. 20 tackles, 3.0 TFLs, 1.0 sacks and 3 QB hurries in 11 games for ACU.
  17. Ahh that's much better. Should translate well to the upper level
  18. He also had 9 tackles and a whole sack last year. Seth knows how to get the top of the line transfers
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