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  1. Offered him very early when he was a junior. Committed to okst early and stayed committed
  2. Hed take a redshirt... which is probably what he'd be doing at Colorado anyway
  3. Yeah but I highly doubt its happening for a brand new incoming freshman. That would be insane to have him do that for an extra few months of practice. Possible yes, realistic no.
  4. No he just signed, there's nothing to enroll in. It's the middle of the semester
  5. It really sucks. He was my 2and favorite player behind Mason. But the writing was on the wall so long I'm okay. Especially having Darden back and shorter breaking out.
  6. Think they went big fish on QB this year as we should. Brandon Lewis was very close to flipping to us on early signing day. After that I think they moved focus to other positions
  7. https://247sports.com/Player/Tykieast-Crawford-46042429/ this is who I want us to go after.
  8. I think we lose that scholly this year
  9. QB/OLine/DT for the last one is my hope
  10. If we get a whole class of "rebounds" with the talent of this kid that's cool with me.
  11. @BillySee58 are you planning on doing the ratings of the class based on offers now that the whole class is signed? I have to think this is our best class maybe ever.
  12. I missed typed ,meant 60's and it was Todd Dodge's first class the last time we had a class rated this highly.
  13. Now #67 in the nation, 4th best in G5. I don't think we've ever cracked top 60 in the nation on 247 rankings. Another step forward, now to produce on the field.
  14. Should be ranked top 10 best G5 class in the nation. When is the last time that's happened.
  15. Kid is very embarrassed right now from the ole miss BS. Just give it time.
  16. **we are 1st. one still coming
  17. Down to us and UTSA... so yes
  18. https://247sports.com/player/detraveon-brown-46051109/ Here's my guess!
  19. Let's goooooo!!! Transfer or a NSD guy?
  20. There's the 1 we asummed... still waiting on Pickett! Will there be 1 or 2 more today you thinking?
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