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  1. https://sportando.basketball/en/medi-bayreuth-sign-ryan-woolridge/ Hope he does well.
  2. ND would probably play an ACC schedule, they already have 6 games against ACC opponents in 2020
  3. Those idiots think Alabama and West Virginia are too far away.
  4. They seem to be unaware of Shorter and Gaddie. Not impressed with their research of us at all.
  5. Unusual to see an OL wearing an eligible receiver number. Al probably had some sort of waiver from Rozelle.
  6. Trivia: What 2 Rangers outfielders wore number 0 ?
  7. The Houston Oilers had a player wearing double-0 back in the 70's
  8. Tx Southern travels here well, even brings their band. I would think that PVAMU and Grambling would do so also were we to find a way to schedule them. Those 3 plus SFA and maybe SHSU would be my top 5 for purchasing FCS games.
  9. You sure you followed that link? I got mine for 9.99 plus tax, arrived in 2 days.
  10. I assume you're looking for gaiters, those are very hard to find now, except for the kiddie looking skull ones. I looked everywhere through my old tactical equipment when this all started and couldn't find my desert camo ones.
  11. ships from houston, ten dollars North Texas mask
  12. I looked at some CUSA data and I can't see where UTSA has ever won a regular season OR tournament in any CUSA sport whatsoever.
  13. 2002 Defense would sack Mason at least 4 times, probably more. Seriously, Booger and Awasom et al against our recent O-Lines?
  14. It isn't needed since the Mean Green ARE the bomb.
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