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  1. We'll have to take our turn in Hawaii sometime. Win the conference and put it off for another year.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/StadiumCollegeBasketball/videos/2230810130516001/
  3. I'm amused (and maybe amazed) at how fast he went from winning an Oscar to doing car commercials.
  4. Berkeley is actually on the Oakland side of the bay, pretty much a northern suburb of Oakland. Oakland and San Jose (at the southern end of the bay) are closer airports than SF. Don't stay in Oakland or near Berkeley, those are mostly run-down areas.
  5. Since we usually get a game moved to Thursday whether we want it or not, why not be proactive and push hard for the 10/12 game at USM to get moved up to 10/10 for prime time? It's a road game following a bye, which is the perfect scenario for a weeknight game.
  6. It looks like everyone in CUSA plays their travel partner twice before pod play. We could theoretically play Rice 4 times this season.
  7. He graduated during the ceremony in Albuquerque before the bowl game.
  8. Unlike UNT, you can't keep coaches that win more than 8 games a year.
  9. and being a "Parcells Guy" for awhile can't hurt, either
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