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  1. For those unfamiliar, Berkeley is on the Oakland side of the bay.
  2. Doubt there was any actual negotiation. Big Orange could do this to UTEP if they wanted, hopefully for the Miners fans they won't.
  3. I wonder what effect, if any, making Kinesiogy or Interdisciplinary Studies a 136-hour program might have.
  4. Who will be the first HC to list his entire roster as Possible?
  5. So they did have some "quit". That's a hard attribute to shake. How much house-cleaning has Holgorson done on his roster?
  6. More interested in Army's scouting report on the coogs. They were quite effective as I recall.
  7. Hmmm...do ya think some Crimson Tide season tickets might show up at the NWS office in Birmingham in exchange for a few well-timed Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for Tuscaloosa County ?
  8. Had something similar happen last week in Grand Cayman. I took a jet-ski trip offshore to Stingray City and after returning to the island some girl hollered "Go Mean Green" as I walked into the bar nearby.
  9. We'll have to take our turn in Hawaii sometime. Win the conference and put it off for another year.
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