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  1. Texas Stranger


    Odufu-who ?
  2. Texas Stranger

    Scouting Cal

    Berkeley is actually on the Oakland side of the bay, pretty much a northern suburb of Oakland. Oakland and San Jose (at the southern end of the bay) are closer airports than SF. Don't stay in Oakland or near Berkeley, those are mostly run-down areas.
  3. Texas Stranger

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    Since we usually get a game moved to Thursday whether we want it or not, why not be proactive and push hard for the 10/12 game at USM to get moved up to 10/10 for prime time? It's a road game following a bye, which is the perfect scenario for a weeknight game.
  4. Texas Stranger

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    It looks like everyone in CUSA plays their travel partner twice before pod play. We could theoretically play Rice 4 times this season.
  5. He graduated during the ceremony in Albuquerque before the bowl game.
  6. Texas Stranger

    Which win vs La Tech tonight was bigger?

    It goes without saying
  7. Texas Stranger

    Houston, You Have A Problem

    Unlike UNT, you can't keep coaches that win more than 8 games a year.
  8. Texas Stranger

    Name the New North Texas Basketball Venue

    Used To Be The Radisson Pit Suck It Denia Pit
  9. Texas Stranger

    Patrick Cobbs

    and being a "Parcells Guy" for awhile can't hurt, either
  10. Texas Stranger

    For the drivers, weather concerns?

    Other than some high winds Thursday evening, no weather concerns at all this weekend. The rain will be moving off to the east overnight Thursday night, and will be gone by Friday. I'm driving 380 through New Mexico, I've always liked that drive.
  11. Texas Stranger

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Weather link for Albuquerque National Weather Service - Albuquerque
  12. Texas Stranger

    My 1st Basketball Game Today....Question

    the weekend games also allow parking on the east side of the coliseum (the Clark lot)
  13. Texas Stranger

    Leaked Footage from Littrell's Players' Meeting

    That's what was so amusing about the KSU QB following SL's twitter. He didn't realize that if SL had brought along Fine, he'd be rocking the clipboard or transferring.
  14. Texas Stranger

    Worst Stadiums in College Football

    The Kibbie Dome was usually nice to us, clinched the 1st SBC championship there in 2001 on a big day by freshman Patrick Cobbs. Still amused by the goalposts hanging from the ceiling.
  15. Texas Stranger

    good news

    Isn't that degree #2 ?