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  1. seen enough of Bean. Time for Aune or Martin.
  2. He's obviously referring to hosting FAU in the Championship Game
  3. do a search on TuneIn for 'North Texas'. Some kind of setup where the only online streaming can be through Learfield. Not unique to us.
  4. This (getting rid of Reffett) may be something Baker has to do. Unless he wants to see 3,478 fans seeing Mason Fine off on Nov 30.
  5. At least Dodge had enough sense to fire Mendoza after one season.
  6. But their employers deduct taxes for them, and pay the employers portion as well. Think that's gonna happen here? Most likely Nike gives someone a $1,500 check and kid either reports it or not in April.
  7. 3 tiny, teensy-weensy little letters.....I...R...S...
  8. Depends on who/if he hires as DC next season.
  9. Wasn't this parents/family day game? If so, not surprising he'd want to sit with family.
  10. Someone around me was wondering why we had Hello Kitty on the field.
  11. Defensive players wanting low numbers, especially single digits, is a huge fad now. Right up there with the generation number (I, II, III) bit.
  12. no to burning redshirts. In today's transfer portal environment, redshirting is a staff's only tool to discourage it. A redshirted player will lose a season of playing time transferring, a player with a redshirt still available will not. (except grad transfer, of course)
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