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  1. Parking was a real issue for LT game last year (especially exit). Need a better plan this time around. More Orange and less Blue/Red game day sales.
  2. Dude, I owe you an apology. I should have realized there is no way in hell that a program like OU would play a game at your stadium. My bad.
  3. Over or Under: The percentage of those red shirts that have an "OU" logo on them....let's say 70%
  4. other leagues is plural. Highly doubt MWC or MAC, since there would be no regionality. Do the math.
  5. Held a wishbone offense to 75 yds rushing, not bad
  6. The author probably showed up for the FAU game only
  7. For those unfamiliar, Berkeley is on the Oakland side of the bay.
  8. Doubt there was any actual negotiation. Big Orange could do this to UTEP if they wanted, hopefully for the Miners fans they won't.
  9. I wonder what effect, if any, making Kinesiogy or Interdisciplinary Studies a 136-hour program might have.
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