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  1. In the 70's there was 2 cards a week, on Monday nights in FW and Wednesdays (I think) at Sportatorium. The Monday night card was what Channel 11 showed on Saturday nights in the 70's. By the early 80's, the Ft Worth cards petered out and the focus shifted to the Sportatorium, this was when the Von Erich "kids" started, along with the Freebirds, Chris Adams, Skandor Akbar, etc
  2. The Saturday night show on Channel 11 (Main Event Wrestling) was filmed at Northside Coliseum in Ft Worth Stockyards. It's now called Cowtown Coliseum. I don't remember who the announcer was in 1975, it was either Bill Mercer or Dan Coates. Fritz was the main draw, neither Kevin nor Kerry were wrestling yet at that time. Other faces were Red Bastein and Alberto Madril, the main heels were Blackjack Mulligan and of course The Spoiler. They were both managed by Gary Hart, who was also the co-promoter.
  3. If we lose Johnny Jones will have to eat every green burrito at Buccee's
  4. If we lose Mattress Mac is going to JJ's house and taking his green TempurPedic back.
  5. I would like to see us host Tx Southern next season if possible.
  6. Usually they're called "Boss" but that might be the same thing to some.
  7. They're renewing 2019 seats so that would assume 2019 (full) seating capacity
  8. Should be able to renew 2019 seats
  9. As long as he keeps one eye open for blitzers he should be alright
  10. We "followed your lead" into the G5 a long time ago. And we'll both still be here when it becomes the G6
  11. In playing time and depth chart position he's likely to be better off.
  12. OK schedule, neither great nor terrible. 2 of our traditional bugbears, Thanksgiving weekend and a back-to-back with a ho-hum as the 2nd game. At least we don't have a big conference game following the bye.
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