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  1. I've seen some 7th Grade teams use the large Youth ball and some use a NCAA ball. Take the one that fits him best now, since that will allow him to best use the mechanics that he will be taught
  2. The Raiders schedule was announced today, they have a home game on the afternoon of 9/18. I'm guessing that means we'll have a day game there on the 17th.
  3. Mandalay is literally right across the freeway. I just wish we knew what time the game is to make travel arrangements, I only plan to stay 1 night.
  4. Players are already sitting out the end of seasons. What's a few more games? And it's easy to see someone declaring themselves out for the bowl game, but might reconsider for 20-K or so
  5. This is nowhere near the bottom yet. There will be players threatening to sit out the season unless their NIL gets increased. It's just a matter of when and where it happens.
  6. Some people are introverts and want to be by themselves. I didn't have to dorm it when I started but I was already in the Air Force when I started college and was exempted by my 3 schools (A&M, Illinois, and finally NT)
  7. More than a few. DBA, UTA, and TCU are pretty much the only options for playing Div 1 college baseball in the Metroplex. As someone that was desperately hoping to get a baseball scholarship out of HS back in the day, it is clearly not enough.
  8. Back to what? In a G5 conference with UAB, UTSA and "ntsu" ? Nice troll attempt at Aggy with the Trans Am, but I doubt they are too concerned with whatever is happening on the Hilltop these days.
  9. No one disputes they have more money than Satan. The point is what is it getting them? They're where we, UTSA, Charlotte, Troy, San Jose State, and Eastern Michigan are. But yes, they can (and will) pretend to be the tallest midget. Not much of a ROI, I'm thinking.
  10. We don't have to pay gobs of money to get people to transfer to a G5/Mid Major. But hey, if that's what it takes for y'all, then get after it.
  11. Hopefully UNLV announces the game time soon. I only want to stay 1 night in Vegas and need the game time to know which night
  12. NMSU would probably love it. They would have a lot of football OOC contracts in 2022 to break though. If they could do it, it would put us back at 12, with UAB moving to the East division.
  13. Actually only 2. We only need replacements for USM and Marshall, ODU wasn't on the schedule this year. I vote for MTSU and WKU since they aren't going with us to AAC.
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