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  1. So this is in addition to the unreturned game at Mizzou next year (2021)?
  2. Couldn't they just move it a year or two? 2022 was set up for 7 home games, moving Cal to another mutually beneficial year wouldn't cause the sky to fall. Although a 7 home game season would have been nice.
  3. There was another one before that, an O-Lineman IIRC that was a complete bust. Just stay away from that campus.
  4. We really do need a Family Package for General Admission similar to the Wing Zone deal at Apogee.
  5. Overall about as good as we could hope for on the Conference portion. The home back-to-back is at a perfect time of year, the road back-to-back has the bye in between, no home games on either Halloween or Thanksgiving weekend. Still stuck with NASCAR weekend but that's the visitors' problem.
  6. I have always thought Bean would make a good slot WR with occasional shifts into Wildcat QB.
  7. Rather generic, the ol' "Every G5 coach is a candidate for every P5 opening" bit. Freeze the Sleaze would be right up thier alley though.
  8. He was the guy from Texarkana a year ahead of Martin and Bean ?
  9. Beat them the most recent game (2018)
  10. Those are the offers 247 knows about. Which may or may not be all of them.
  11. Go to CUSA website, look up baseball standings from last season and see who's missing (besides us). From (faulty) memory, I don't think UTEP plays baseball either.
  12. From Arkansas? We can hardly wait to see what their punt coverage looks like.
  13. And make sure he brings highly regarded Defensive Coordinator Ron Mendoza with him. You can't miss.
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