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  1. Nice burn, but Hartzell should have replied with "Oh wait...what's the overall record?"
  2. Aggy was adamant about not wanting Texas in the SEC. How'd that work out? If the University Presidents, the ones who actually make the membership decisions, see value in us joining then we'll get an invite. It's an athletic conference, not a frat house, there's no secret blackball process.
  3. It's realistic to think that AAC, CUSA, and SBC will all end up in 2 large G4 conferences at the end of it all, with a few giving up pretenses and going back to FCS. We need to be in the Top 80 as noted above. Try to work with Rice and La Tech to get there.
  4. Go to Stub Hub and remove the zero
  5. It's not apologist to realize that we could be a much improved team (on defense) and still go 5-7.
  6. OK. Was he still the starter when he transferred? If so, that would be an interesting story.
  7. The first thing in their summer practices should be a big icebreaker so can all learn each other's names
  8. Are P5 non-starters transferring to G5 still "breaking" news?
  9. Well, they have been a pseudo-conference game for some time now.
  10. I'm looking forward to Adidas or Under Armor wanting to pay a player to pimp their logo at Oregon (or Baylor).
  11. It might be interesting to see when a SEC team is going to get serious about recruiting him.
  12. really, if you're going to have 12 that's 3 rounds anyway, why not the full 16.
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