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  1. Charles Barkley had similar pranks pulled on him at Auburn
  2. My .02: White-out first home game of the year. Often a FCS opponent, but sometimes someone else. Next year? Cal. The average high temperature on September 1 is 93 degrees. As we know all too well, it can get a lot hotter than that. Let's bring the Bears in here with those dark, dark blue unis while we wear the white throwbacks. Otherwise, Green jersey-Green pants: Yes, Go Mean Green Green jersey-White pants: Yep, Classic Collegiate Green jersey-Black pants: Still liking it Black Jersey-Green pants: Still cool Black jersey-Black pants: Not interested, too blah Anything gray:
  3. He'd better, because if we lose he has to swim home, including all the way up the Trinity.
  4. I heard WB accused Mac of being overly flatulent and having an ingrown toenail.
  5. The biggest problem with Reffett's scheme was that it was too "narrow". Opponents used formation and motion to get our LB's between the hashes and then attacked the boundary.
  6. Wright was also a converted safety and smallish for a LB. Thankfully we had a DC that knew how to run a 4-3 and use a WLB correctly.
  7. I'm still guessing NMSU. Cincinnati also has dates open in 2023 and 2024
  8. What did MySpace have to say? Was AOL on board?
  9. Thankfully he was nice enough to not book us up there for 700K before leaving town. I wouldn't rule out NMSU, they have to pretty much rework their schedule for next year. At least we can do the road end of a set next year, doesn't have to be a home game
  10. The Sun Belt coach we hired for the Men's Basketball has worked out OK.
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