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  1. Can we just call them a "divisional rival" and leave it there? Just another conference game.
  2. looks like possible territorial restrictions, their menu shows Idaho St @ Utah
  3. will disagree slightly. Cam Johnson was great, but was seldom targeted. And why not, our 1st 2 opponents have thoroughly aimed their game plans at Harvey and Moore.
  4. There were plenty at Apogee store before the ACU game.
  5. The Red line doesn't go to Victory Station, it goes into South Dallas after West End station. Only Green and Orange stop @ Victory. To transfer from Green (inbound) do so at any of the 4 downtown stops (West End through Pearl). Be careful at St Paul also, the 7-11 there attracts lots of panhandlers begging folks coming out of the store. I usually transfer to or from Green at Pearl.
  6. But wasn't smart enough to get into Rice, Stanford, or Ivy League.
  7. I really liked the halftime selection. 'Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor' is a Chuck Mangione classic well known in jazz. I hadn't heard the Snarky Puppy tune the Dance Team performed to before but I liked the arrangement. It looks like the GB is going back to the Music Dept's roots which I'm all for after years of tributes to Disney and Boy Bands.
  8. Average max temp for Aug 31 is 94, so at least it's below normal. Also, kickoff is 6:30, so game time temp will be a few degrees less.
  9. We are currently set up for a 5 home game season in 2025, unless the Army series gets re-worked or the Wisconsin game gets ditched. Hopefully the latter.
  10. Latest GFS model run this evening is somewhat cooler on Aug 31, from low 60's in the morning to a high in the low 80's with low humidity. All thanks to a very strong Canadian front coming through around Wednesday night of next week.
  11. Remember when UH was a part of the SWC/big boys group? Yes, that was a long time ago. What happened? How did the coogs sink to the same level as NT/UTEP/UTSA/LA Tech? That must be very aggravating. I can find you a list of therapists in the houston area to help you deal with the bitterness.
  12. He was also one of the holders during field goal drills
  13. Given who he's competing against, that might be the Sum of All Fears.
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