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  1. If we weren't North Texas the track feet and baseball arm would belong to the same guy.
  2. Our best road combo IMO. https://twitter.com/MeanGreenFB/status/1316789684576509954?s=20
  3. rumor has him with a broken bone in hand
  4. Found this in the GMG Basement...anyone want to add anything?
  5. There are a few injuries involved (Adaway and K Jackson notably) and the COVID tracing bit, but yes, I was also wondering why the youth movement is being delayed .
  6. I think that's just the artist doing a bit. Hopefully the tops are the appropriate shade. I do like the striped pants. This would have been a good combo for the chrome helmets.
  7. Frontier dropped it too. I dropped Frontier the next day. Spectrum still has it.
  8. The "tie at QB" could be just for USM's benefit. Let's see who takes the field first.
  9. Video shows 3 plays where he wasn't blocked. Yay for him.
  10. Just not getting it, sorry. The Super Pit is not Basketball Fouts. There's nothing wrong with it, unless being built in the 70's is some sort of structural flaw.
  11. Gigantic Question: What SEC team is Tune looking to transfer to ? I think he still gets 4 games until he self-redshirts. Isn't that how they do it down there now?
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