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  1. Texas Stranger

    What's FAU saying about us?

    Isn't he just basically saying "Imma try to do my job" ?
  2. Y'all do realize that the RNC funnels money from Texas to GOP candidates around the country? Same thing in reverse.
  3. No sane coach does, unless it is the week after a bye. Also, the kickoff temperature should be in the low 40's
  4. Texas Stranger

    ODU Uniforms...

    I could go with that gray jersey if it were combined with the metallic green helmet and green pants.
  5. Texas Stranger

    Apogee After Dark

    moon will be 1st quarter, about 55% illuminated
  6. Texas Stranger

    random fun fact going into the bye week...

    Fun fact # 2 North Texas is 3-0 vs the Southwest Conference
  7. Texas Stranger

    DRC: 5 things UNT fans should know about UAB

    We've already stomped a team full of P-5 players in Week 3
  8. Texas Stranger

    UTSA’s new Cannon is ferocious we should fear them

    @harryminium_ODU ranks the UTSA cannon slightly above the aggie howitzer as the best in Texas
  9. Texas Stranger

    Morning News says new school in C-USA

    Does this mean we're P-6 now?
  10. Texas Stranger

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    Instability area is maturing into a small squall line. Good news, because there will be improving conditions after it moves on through in the next 2-3 hours.
  11. Texas Stranger

    Injury status

    SL and staff do not divulge injury info (other than season-ending), they consider it of possible use to opponents. This is becoming more common in team sports. Even the sports that are required to divulge info (NFL, etc) mask it as much as possible ("lower-body injury").
  12. Texas Stranger


  13. Texas Stranger


    Hopefully we're getting out of that business (money games, both selling AND buying), so not bad news at all.
  14. Texas Stranger


    not really, I'm referring to games against FCS with 40+ spreads
  15. Texas Stranger

    CUSA Western Division

    scenario #2 is what scares me