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  1. Frankly I love the stadium and the layout. Game day experience has really gotten a lot better the last couple of years! Obviously this piece is not accurate. Maybe they should consider season tickets, park right next to the entrance! Maybe even tailgate some before the game if they want! #GMG
  2. Because i said IMHO Bean was overrated and Aune was better and should be 2nd team. Agree, Aune had a great camp and not sure why he ended up 3rd string. Good question.
  3. I got a ton of down votes for saying Aune is a better QB than Bean... and I’ll say it again. Aune is more athletic and a leader!!
  4. Love this look! Love the all white, but this is a great look too! #GMG
  5. DC needs to go! Also concerned how we keep coming out so flat.... this team has no excitement. They keep talking about how close this team is but I don’t see the excitement from this team. Not sure why but the team is flat. Littrell needs to diagnose and fix whatever the issue may be. Hopefully a head coach earning $1.8M/yr knows his team enough to nip it in the bud!
  6. Love the icy whites with the wing helmet. Actually a fan of the grey tops to change it up on the road too.. Definitely prefer the large wing on our helmets more than the diving eagle... Also, huge shout out to this coaching and training staff for getting some great looking uniforms, helmets, and some incredible combo’s since Littrell came to town! Our uniforms with Coach Mac were hideous! Love to see the progress! Keep it going!! #GMG
  7. I haven’t been that impressed with Bean! I think Aune has a lot more to bring to the table, maturity being a big one and arm strength. They both can move around so really would like to see Aune get some action this year too.
  8. Defense looks pathetic! Not sure what the deal is but the effort isn’t there
  9. Corners were exposed tonight, especially Harvey! Was hard to watch
  10. I just have an one tix I won’t be using. If you still want it and are for sure going let me know and I’ll save it for you. Section 218, row 2, seat 5
  11. Yes, I remember that game. Then came... Derek Thompson which was a stud! He was better than most of us gave him credit. Thanks DT!! #GMG
  12. I love that we are kicking their butt, especially in the area of fan support for our team. Love kicking their butt on, and off, the field! #GMG wear green sat, not white! Ruin that for them too!!
  13. I also approve the trash talk! I like playing them for this reason, trash talking. This will be a fun series if we can continue to kick their butt. Other than this week, I could careless about SMU and their sports!
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