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  1. But I thought “the biggest improvement for a football team comes between weeks 1 and 2”. We didn’t look ready to play at all.
  2. Bean had Adaway in there as well. Aune had to over come a ton of false starts which put him in some tough situations. Aune just knew how to manage the downs better than Bean. Bean was too scared to throw the ball most of the time and failed to hit his receivers when he did throw.
  3. I hope they stick with Aune. Bean has a history of choking in pressure situations. Aune just appears to be more of a leader IMHO.
  4. The thing that bothered me were the 10+ FALSE STARTS! The players joking around on the sidelines is very frustrating. Not sure why coaches allow that crap.
  5. Selfishly I’m hoping they don’t play until we play them. We’ll be in a better position have played 3 games.
  6. I still like our white jerseys the last couple of years.
  7. Anyone have a link or know where we can hear the Sonny Dyke’s press conference for our game? Like to hear his take on the matchup. #GMG
  8. I think it also helped having Littrell calling the plays. Can’t get over how good Adaway looked tonight. He’s going to be special.
  9. Also like this helmet logo a lot better than the eagle. The full eagle on the helmets just doesn’t look right to me. This is still one of my favorite helmets
  10. New uniforms for this Saturday!!
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