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  1. I haven’t seen #21 Nic Smith last couple games. Is he hurt or did Easley and Torrey beat him out of the starting lineup/rotation?
  2. MeanGreen01

    Week 4 Unis: Codename Necessary Roughness

    Great look just not a fan of the smaller eagle on the helmets. Like the larger eagle like we wore last week during the Arkansas game and during our bowl game.
  3. Couldn’t agree more! We were doing the same thing, trying to rehydrate and get out of the sun for halftime. The Arkansas concession stand workers opened the doors of the machines that kept the bags of ice frozen, just so people could come and put their heads inside for couple minutes. There was literally a line for these things. Needless to say, so worth it and so glad we went. Love how they compete as one with such team chemistry. Definitely a team win! The MeanGreen nation should also be proud. Fans came and were LOUD!! Priceless time! Go Mean Green
  4. MeanGreen01

    Week 2 Unis

    Great look, my favorite!
  5. MeanGreen01

    Phil Steele showing UNT love

    Well I’m glad he realizes his prediction could be wrong, owned it, and gave us props on Twitter!
  6. MeanGreen01

    After re-watching the game twice

    Couldn’t agree more! Our dline has some mass and are plugging those holes so the LB’s are more free. D-line were incredible
  7. MeanGreen01

    What Uniforms?

    Totally agree, wish they would use only the wing on all helmets. The SOW just looks outdated.
  8. Good write up on the scrimmage, exciting to hear about the positive team chemistry! Anyone know if we will have everyone for SMU game? Any injuries?
  9. MeanGreen01

    A Picture of the Endzone

    I was thinking a contrast would look great but this doesn’t look that great unfortunately. They have gotten everything else right so far though.
  10. MeanGreen01

    Born and Bred is Back

    Awesome, what channel?
  11. MeanGreen01

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    Would love to go to Heart of Dallas again for the obvious reasons; dfw recruiting, attendance, costs, home field advantage, usually better teams, and etc. (Not a fan of the NM Bowl or New Orleans Bowl)
  12. MeanGreen01

    New Endzones

    Doesn’t look like it is finished; post from today’s practice:
  13. MeanGreen01

    Uniform talk?

    Love this staffs willingness to invest in our updated swag. Love the various combos that we currently have. Only couple suggestions would be to add, as mentioned above, the eagle feathers down our white and green pants (like our current black pants). Love the current flat black helmets with the green eagle logo, just wish it was larger like we have on our white and chrome helmets! Grey uniforms are awesome, love the added "UNT" and "Let IT Fly" helmet bumpers too!! This staff is getting it right! A+ PS: The digital media graphics have been incredible as well!!
  14. MeanGreen01

    Seth litrell

    Our offense did their job for most of the year. It was our defense that was awful. Reffett has to be on the hot seat.
  15. MeanGreen01

    Eric Jenkins in the NFL?

    Not even close to the NFL