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  1. I hope this is the case. Will make the camp out Friday night much more bearable
  2. This article is garbage. They pick SMU to beat us.
  3. Jaelon Darden He will have 600-800 yards this season, and about 10 TD’s
  4. The more they stay the same. Good to see UT’s “we’re handling it internally” by doing nothing tradition is still alive and well. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27408591/texas-wr-moore-faces-charges-carrying-gun
  5. Did this dip shit really refer to SMU as our “big brother “?
  6. It's all part of the self-perpetuating cycle. "UCF beat a P5 school in the bowl game, but they could never compete for a full season in a P5 conference." How do you know? "Because P5 conferences are better top to bottom" How do you know? "Because they play P5 schools every week. And they recruit at a higher level" How do you know? "Look at the rankings of the players they are bringing in" So, how do you know those rankings are legitimate? How do you know these kids are more talented? "These kids have offers from all the P5 schools" Rinse...repeat...
  7. Honest question...How many SMU fans would be interested in meeting a single kid from inner-city Dallas if the kid couldn't run fast, jump high, or do something else to entertain them?
  8. And he is being recruited by Kendal Briles
  9. All I kept thinking was how we may not miss Guyton as much as some think. I think between Greg White, Shorter, Bussey, Darden, and Mike Law we will be just fine.
  10. Lose to ACU and a win against UH means nothing. It will be seen as either “they were looking ahead” or “UH obviously wasn’t that good...they lost to a team that couldn’t beat Abilene Christian”
  11. Great article. I watched that state final and I can tell you with confidence, Deonte Simpson has the goods to make an impact here. I have never seen Ward play, but I hope these two are both successful.
  12. The banner should read “Buy SMU season tickets...all seats currently available”
  13. Happy to see the defense getting the upper hand in Fall practice. Historically, that has been a very good omen for our team’s season
  14. Come play in front of all 200 of these Benjamins kid
  15. Once we sell our 100th ticket we will outnumber the home side, so it’s just a matter of whether our fans want to fill out the visitors side AND all of the endzone
  16. Pre-game party at Twin Peaks (in Mockingbird Station across the street) for alumni Buses for students
  17. UTEP has the most “physically talented” quarterback. Translation: If he can’t throw worth a damn, he will run.
  18. I can tell you he doesn’t currently hold a peace officer license, so he must be in an academy somewhere
  19. There is no E in "uniforms", but there is an E in "schEduling" and one in "pagEantry" so we could have talked about it for weeks.
  20. If these rankings hold true, that’s a 11 win year
  21. It’s pronounced “cordon-bleu” They’re fancy, ya know
  22. Yes. They were being sold at the table where all of the Barnes and Noble bookstore stuff was (end of the room with the mini helmets).
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