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  1. My off-season strategy? Sign these guys...
  2. I’m taking WKU. ODU needed a meltdown by La Tech in the quarters and won yesterday by a point. I think wKYjelly puts together a full 40 for the first time tonight.
  3. These are teams with an established pedigree in the tournament. We will get those type of guys when we do more than win out of conference games with a weak SOS.
  4. I think people really value his lunch pail.
  5. I wasn’t kidding. We may not score 15 this half
  6. We may be lucky to score 15 in the first half this time
  7. If we don’t win Johnny Jones should be fired.
  8. PLEASE stop pretending Arikawe is some x-factor. He’s a minutes eater, that’s it.
  9. If we don’t win this game Johnny Jones should be fired
  10. RV asking for a one for one with Notre Dame? You mean, like, instead of just whoring us out?
  11. I would if I was a talented big man, and not a role player at best
  12. You had me until “Benford knows the game pf basketball” He’s basketball Dodge...this can only end in despair
  13. Calling people from Mississippi “slow” is just going after low hanging fruit
  14. (Not so) surprisingly, SMU is not seen as a gem of a job. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/ranking-american-athletic-conference-college-football-coaching-jobs-2019
  15. I think the loss of JUCO’s hurts the big boys more. All the JUCO players who have top shelf talent AND grades get snatched up by P5’s as depth.
  16. My wife’s pedicurist has a close friend who knows a guy who saw a realtor drive past Rodney Delong’s house. That realtor attended Purdue. Our coach is as good as gone to Boilermaker country folks!!!
  17. Amd Smart is the one who will literally shoot you out of a game.
  18. Good. Those kids are paid too much already! Can you believe they want to raise the minimum wage to 27 cents, calling it a “living wage.” Ha, just wait until they’re replaced by a kiosk.
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