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  1. This video makes me wonder, “What would McCasland have been able to do with this roster?” https://meangreensports.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/2012-13
  2. Then I simply must know what “battling it out” means
  3. It's strange...when I type "Jorden Williams V Tony Mitchell tonight!" I receive no results for viewing options.
  4. HIs game would fit in nicely on that Loyola-Chicago squad.
  5. Who are you rooting for tonight? I’m a Texan through and through, and typically I would pull for the Texas school, but Baylor just gives me a slimy feeling in general so I gotta pull for the Zags
  6. My favorite player from this team.
  7. Word from my sister-in-law’s cousin is that McCasland will be leaving to coach the 1st and 2nd grade Bulls
  8. Yeah, if Jalie doesn’t work out, and Aston wants to challenge herself by getting back into D1 coaching she’d accept an offer from us
  9. Of course I wouldn’t have started him over Fine, but I think you knew the answer to that hypothetical before you even asked it. If you are looking at two quarterbacks, neither of whom is truly going to put you over the hump, then you go with the one who might just bring something to the table that is extra. As you said, defenses actually have to game plan for something that Bean can do. The game plan against Aune is essentially play defense and wait to win.
  10. If they do take Mac and Jones as a package deal, how many minutes should Jones rest per game?
  11. It’s really not that complex. Neither Bean or Aune was (should be) the long term solution. Both were flawed and prone to put the ball in the hands of the wrong team. And both were often playing from behind by midway through the first quarter. With that said, the fairy tale being spun by many on this board that Bean was not 1) a quarterback, and not a receiver, and 2) the best option we had last season is preposterous. Absent an irrational desire to denigrate the kid, a desire that somehow still exists with some even after he has transferred, nobody would look at last season and
  12. I said it after last season, and I’ll say it again after watching the Spring scrimmage. If the best we have at QB is one of the guys we saw last season, this team (even with an improved defense) might just win more games but still be incapable of winning any hardware.
  13. A friend posted the below on Facebook today (and it shouldn’t be forgotten that Smart did get Texas to a conference tournament title...and was let go that year) Unlimited resources or not, I would think coaches might remember this.
  14. Shaka Smart may be available soon. Kidding, not kidding. Of course I am not assuming Mac is gone, as I think we could be on the verge of changing this school's basketball profile.
  15. I won't vote on this until we have had full discussions and votes in both chambers on whether khaki shorts are appropriate for band members AND whether we have enough pageantry.
  16. Precisely my original point. We can't continue to say to the athletic department "do better!" and deny them the resources (ticket sales and MGSF donations) to do so.
  17. FML My secret fear, that I didn’t want to speak into existence, is that the back-to-back CUSA titles and NCAA tourney win made AD’s look at Mac and say “if he can do it there, he can definitely do it here.” If so, I’m afraid he may have already let players know as a courtesy. People made light of it, but there is no other reason to note that we are not a “basketball school” during an interview celebrating this team unless that is a serious concern for him.
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