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  1. Why in the hell do you burn time outs to give Austin Aune the ball with just over a minute left? UTSA knows what we all know….AUSTIN AUNE HAS NEVER BEEN CAPABLE OF BEATING A TEAM WITH HIS ARM
  2. UTSA’s defensive backs coach: Just be patient, Aune will throw us a couple
  3. You think it was Wren who broke this story? I’m willing to bet the cat got out of the bag elsewhere and he was left to own it once it was public
  4. He‘s the backup kicker. Much more grumpy than Mooney.
  5. I know the alumni association will be tied up with a tailgate in San Antonio (as they should be), but is there anything being put together for the Denton County folks?
  6. “Their stadium”?? In much the same way you visit someone living in a guest room at “their” home.
  7. If we have a name coach for our first year in the AAC, could this be a possibility? https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35140446/sources-texas-qb-hudson-card-enter-ncaa-transfer-portal
  8. North Texas Fans: We have to raise our attendance if we want to be taken seriously! Anyone: So, do you go to the games? North Texas Fans: No, because (insert literally any excuse)
  9. I can only hope this is a “growth” opportunity for this team.
  10. We look like we will go as Tylor and Huntsberry take us. Everyone else looks useless on offense.
  11. If we win this game, does McCasland get an extension?
  12. The look on some people’s faces when they realize SL made more in bonuses than they did in salary this year.
  13. Nah, no pain on my end. If, and that’s a big IF, he goes on to be successful elsewhere, I’ll know that he was given every resource and opportunity while he was here and didn’t get over the hump.
  14. They got the 688 part right. And I only saw 5 deaths due to water exposure.
  15. NO! They played a completely different version of FIU, La Tech, Rice and UAB than we did. It is clearly established that teams put in a whole new roster when they play us and hold out the “good players” for the rest of the schedule.
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