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  1. The classes beginning with James Battle, Earl Goldsmith, and the Moss brothers started a run that really hasn’t stopped
  2. UTEP was not shooting the rock real well to night, so I’m not quite ready to pick out a place for the next banner yet. With that said, every trip down for them seemed to be a one-and-done because of how well we rebounded.
  3. Seeing a lot of guys walking OUT the transfer portal door (some who played decent minutes or started multiple games) but nobody walking IN the door. Are we tempering our panic too much?
  4. It’s interesting. I’ve seen several on this board say that Seth runs it up the middle predictably, and I’ve seen several on this board say that CUSA is easily the weakest conference in America. Sounds to me like Darrell Dickey did far more under the similar (though we all know FAR less well-funded) circumstances. Just sayin’
  5. Yep. They’re like Texas in that fans and donors expect the ghosts of accomplishments past to somehow propel them to current dominance...forgetting that the rest of the world has changed since Nixon was in office
  6. Bring him back in 5 years (along with Mason) to put their names on the wall in the south end zone
  7. WKU will take us behind the woodshed during both games of the back to back
  8. This team is fool’s gold. I’m gonna guess Jackson didn’t get his 31 from passing it around the perimeter for a while and hoping
  9. Wright now has two sacks and a forced fumble
  10. Wright had 1 sack in the first half. Didn’t really see him make any other tackles, but Rider is a spread team so that isn’t a surprise
  11. So far Wright hasn’t made any plays. I think he’s #8
  12. Aledo plays Wichita Falls Rider at 7p
  13. Exactly. When teams are being frustrated by our defense they drive to draw contact. Teams have no fear of getting in foul trouble against our “pass it around the perimeter and hope” offense.
  14. And, like every other 4* level transfer, not headed here
  15. This team shouldn’t be worried about WKU. They’ll be well beyond our reach in the standings.
  16. The offense is pedestrian and grinding and the play is sloppy. If the three isn’t there, the ball stops and there are WAY too many stretches in every game against decent competition where we just go to sleep.
  17. I know somebody he could bring in as an OC. He’s got recent experience at places like North Carolina and Arizona.
  18. Congratulations Steve Sarkisian. You are now another in a long line of Texas coaches to be paid top dollar, given an almost unlimited budget...and able to watch OU win conference titles while you enjoy unwarranted top 25 rankings and 7-9 win seasons.
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