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  1. Western’s fans must REALLY dislike us by now
  2. Bell needs to go back to his more natural role of clean up man. You get beat on the drive? Bell can clean it up with help defense You miss a shot? Bell can clean up the glass Tight game where we need a stop? Bell can clean it up with a timely block But if you need someone to dribble a lot and try to back his man down…don’t call the clean up man!!
  3. I hope Jeff runs for 300 yards and 5 touchdowns. And Dak slices up the 49er secondary for 450 yards and 7 touchdowns
  4. Not saying this game will be easy by any stretch, but beating the Hillfloppers won’t be some miracle. We have a common opponent in Buffalo. They lost to them by ten, 77-67 We lost to them by three, 69-66 (and I already regret bringing this game up, because I know I just triggered several of you)
  5. If I were in charge of marketing, I would approach every student organization and the NT Alumni association and organize tailgates in the old Fouts parking lot. I’d even mark off (or rope off) a section and call it something…maybe even bring back the “Pit Crew” moniker. And I’d give local bands a chance to play this area for Saturday games. Make basketball games an event that lasts longer than the length of the game itself like it is for football.
  6. During the postgame interview, he was asked about Jamiah Simmons and his injury. He talked about how much Simmons has been through, how he’s battled injuries, and how he’s the best teammate he’s coached…and then he said something to the effect of “people can say what they want about scholarships or whatever.” I don’t think that was an accident.
  7. We’d be up by 15 if they were enforcing where people sit
  8. I don’t disagree with the last portion of your post. I just have a hard time as someone who loves North Texas (and has the mental scars to show for it) watching our most ardent fans perpetually engage in a “we suck, we’ve always sucked, we’ll always suck” echo chamber…especially when comparing a perennial (meaning year after year after year) national champion contender to ourselves in terms of following.
  9. Or, and just thinking out loud here, maybe half our dedicated fans know that voicing concerns to those that can make a change is FAR more effective than rehashing the same complaints ad nauseam on a message board
  10. Man, I love that one of our traditions is self-flagellation. Really builds the morale and, as an added bonus, it actually changes a damn thing
  11. I bought six tickets through the promotion North Texas athletics put out. They go through a company called FEVO. I have yet to receive an email and this FEVO company has no contact information that works. The phone number is a fast busy and the website just keeps looping on itself with no customer service contact available.
  12. We shot 54% from the FT line We were out rebounded 33-24 They had 15 second chance points to our 1 None of these things are due to whether we recruit locally or visit high schools, or whether we have enough scorers, or whether we gave scholarships to guys who don’t get a lot of PT. These are basketball fundamentals; we clean them up and magically some of you will say McCasland shoots rainbows 🌈 out of his butt again.
  13. After watching this tape, his name should be Nick Nak-yoassout
  14. This guy has offers from 3 of the 4 teams that played in the CFB Playoff this year and a bunch of other P5’s. Won’t hold my breath
  15. GA tickets are $15, so buying two tickets through this deal would save someone $9.78
  16. “Roll Tide” and “Fight On” aren’t all that creative…but they seem to be working for years and years now. Why do we always feel like we need to change things??
  17. Yeah, but I’m told that’s getting better in America
  18. Can I just go ahead and tell you now?
  19. I would love home and homes with all of the following Texas State ULL Arkansas State Air Force Colorado State
  20. I don’t think so. Unlike Seth, Saban comes up with some good game plans when he has time to prepare for an opponent
  21. I tell my kids this all the time! "You have a choir concert on Friday...I won't physically be there, but I want you to do well and you have like ALL of my support!"
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