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  1. I definitely think he should be the starter during the bye week.
  2. That’s like saying I’m a different track athlete when I only trip over half of the hurdles. Aune has grit, and fire, and moxy, and a lunch pail…just not decent quarterbacking ability.
  3. I’m genuinely wondering if this squad would beat Dodge’s first team. I honestly don’t think they would.
  4. Since winning the game is out of the question, here’s a new challenge; can we give up more points than Texas Tech did today?
  5. Opposing offenses should just start in a 3rd and long position. It’s when they are most successful.
  6. Is that a good thing? Guess we’ll know by right around the end of the first quarter
  7. I’m almost sold, but I have just one question. Does he look happy enough while standing on a sideline?
  8. Let me take over. I’ll put everyone in plain black jerseys and show you mf’ers how it’s done!
  9. I’m not sure you visited other Sun Belt stadiums back then. Better stadiums could be found in: - Arkansas State - Louisiana Lafayette - New Mexico State - Middle Tennessee - (arguably) Louisiana Monroe - Troy when they joined - Utah State when they joined Fouts was bad. Like cricket infested bad. Like stairs that walked straight up to the press box bad. Like had to bring in generators just to turn on the lights for games bad. Like 30 yards from the FRONT row to the sideline bad. Like concrete covered by a very thin padding and then turf bad. Dickey recruited to facilities that were piss poor compared to most FCS programs.
  10. Love his swagger, but I watched his state title game. Pretty much threw up bombs to WR’s that outclassed the man covering them…he doesn’t have that here. I think we make WAY too much of the nano-snapshots if his play and his *cough* proper level of excitement on a sideline
  11. I wouldn’t be worried about how this affects recruiting. I don’t care how many ⭐️ you have next to your name if you’re getting your butt whipped. Anybody wanna tell me Arkansas has had better “recruiting” than Texas lately…and they whooped their ass.
  12. Don’t wait until after the game, fire him at the half. And, for the love of God, can we stop pretending Aune is some all-conference QB. Ruder is a train wreck, but Aune is a career backup AT BEST
  13. I think our coaches would too, which is why they have now started two different quarterbacks over him to start a season
  14. Just saw on ESPN.com that the line is UAB -12. If you were ever going to show that you can step up and coach Seth, NOW is the time.
  15. “SMU: Dallas’ team, unless you ask Dallas”
  16. Though I wasn’t at the game, or even in the state, I watched a good amount of the game on my phone. We were more competitive than we were last year. This year we worn down and eventually overwhelmed by a better team. Last season we were out of the game from the beginning. Am I happy with where we are? Nope Do I think this defense still has a ways to go before they are great? Yep. Do I think they are better than last year? Yep Do I think Ruder is the savior, or will singlehandedly win games, at his current playing level? Nope. Do I think he’s better than Aune (the real Aune, not the “I’m mad at Ruder/Bean so I’m watching with confirmation bias” Aune)? Yep. Am I gonna join in the early season chicken little echo chamber? Nope. Do I understand that this is college football and sometimes things go badly (anyone wanna go look for sunshine and rainbows on the Texas or Florida State message boards)? Yep. Will I be there for UAB, fully ready to cheer my alma mater’s football team? Yep.
  17. So, what you’re saying is, he doesn’t have two turnovers? I almost won the lottery once, except for those damn numbers.
  18. Currently up 9-7 on #17 Coastal, Bean with 54 yards passing and averaging 8 ypc on three carries.
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