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  1. Why doesn't the nUTSAck band have a percussion section???.... They keep eating the DRUMSTICKS!!!
  2. I was really expecting this to be a UNT Dancers poster.
  3. You have to point your antenna toward Wichita Falls. If it's raining, try Sherman.
  4. Here's some highlights: And Aune (running left) makes a ~60yd pass look easy.
  5. When your school has a radio station AND a journalism department but doesn't broadcast games (at least, away ones), something's wrong.
  6. I don't know. I didn't hear anything about being Tough, Selfless, or Disciplined.
  7. You're correct, but suffering for decades as a UNT fan certainly leaves one to be cautious if not fully pessimistic. Too many times, we've thought we had turned the corner, only to be let down again.
  8. The only thing better than seeing UNT beat a ranked team would be for it to be one of the following teams: Alabama LSU UT OU A&M smuT nUTSAck There's your answer.
  9. I hope the thinking in the AD isn't "what if SL wins out...maybe we keep him". If so, that's really scary.
  10. We also have to make sure we KEEP these players here and not transfer.
  11. I think #2 is Gaddie. Not sure if that was OP's point or not.
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