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  1. Some feedback... I immediately got stuck on the second question, especially since I didn't know the subsequent questions or if they were dynamic based on responses. My employer does similar things by asking questions like "T/F Our level of training on XXX is correct". The questions are worded more subtle than this, but there's never a way to say that you think it's too much. Often, media polls are often biased in a similar way. Specifically, for your question, reforms may be necessary, but I don't think people agree on what these reforms necessarily are, so simply saying "yes" could convey different intents. Edit - I continued to the next question and see that you did make this dynamic (good job) and unlike many polls, provide the ability to go back and change the selection. Question 10 seems to be need a "no, it's worse" option to be complete. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  2. (Should have replied to this post instead) It would have made our great QB even better.
  3. For sure last year when we had a solid QB.
  4. I've been thinking about this a good bit lately before seeing your comment. While I do agree echo chambers do exist on both sides, I think they are significantly different (unbalanced). It's extremely easy to be in a pure echo chamber of the left, given that the majority of information (MSM, social media, etc.) is left leaning. You have to actively pursue alternative information. Whereas, if you wanted to be an an equivalent level of echo chamber on the right, you'd have to stay away from the major communications platforms and only go to the alternate locations.
  5. Anybody remember what happened a few years after that???
  6. Yeah, that bit will need to stop. Also, he's like 10% away from being attacked by the SJW/BLT/LBJ/REM mob.
  7. To state the obvious, a lot of this will be dependent on how the line does.
  8. He said "Does this shirt make me look fat?"
  9. Bought my tx yesterday, including specifying which seats to install the seat-back. So, unless they renumber the stadium (or make a major announcement), I know where I'm going to sit.
  10. I ran track as well and got to have a few conversations with him when we'd be working out in the weight room and BB was doing their off-season strength trainibg. Great guy! I remember talking to him about my HS coach who was a multiple state champ from a small school and he was intrigued. "XXX was your coach? That guy could play!" I was a rabid fan during the success of the late 80s. Getting to the tournament was awesome! RIP Coach, you were a great man!
  11. Any info on our history/relationship with him at Rockwall or Horn? Looks like he was there for 7 years and 5 years at Horn before that? Also, "In addition to his extensive resume on the field, Webb is also the president of the Texas High School Coaches Association."
  12. Yeah, even better if they have them scheduled for the week before us.
  13. Or they BOTH came from a third unknown image. (Possibly painted by a guy on a grassy knoll.)
  14. Maybe stop giving them your clicks and money. You'll be surprised how much better your life is when you ignore pro sports (and P5 NCAA as well).
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