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  1. After watching the past few years, just thinking back about McNutley makes me want to punch ol "Big Ring" in the face.
  2. Another great addition. He'll need some time to fill out, but this is exciting. And once again, another top recruit that seems like a good kid too. Love it!!
  3. ..."In the mean time, all players report to Room 217 in 5 minutes to pick up your checks cash"
  4. High school's a whole different game, but he's had some carries and catches too. All around athlete and appears to be another "good kid" that the coaches are bringing in. http://www.hudl.com/profile/9349116/Jamal-Ligon
  5. I see your point, but you're arguing to cut slack about something that we don't even know the details on. That's why we're speculating (and because like SSG said, it involves devil-lite). Remember these are kids that can: vote, be drafted, (should be allowed to drink), go to jail, get married, ..., and who many are also arguing should be getting paid for playing. I cut them slack for not making perfect decisions on the field and for minor mistakes like GMG_Dallas said, but until we have details, there's no slack to cut. How would people react to a 20 yr old welder that got fired from his job "for some unknown reason"?
  6. Worse than that. TWO of the FIRST THREE SENTENCES of the article have mistakes. "Quarterback Mason Fine is now a senior and will leave the North Texas football having made his mark in multiple ways. For the past two seasons, he has led the Mean Green to bowl appearances nine consecutive seasons wins. Looking at his record as a whole, he’s the makings of the second greatest football player to ever don the Mean Green."
  7. Seems like it'd be easier to play if she took those other 3 strings off. They're only getting in the way.
  8. Great job coach(es)! Keep bringing in quality players that are also fine men too. I want to be 12-0 every year, but as I've said before, I'll take an 8-4 with a team full of good kids over 11-1 with a bunch of s-heads all day long.
  9. As with the GH loss, I liked JF from what little I saw of him on BTG, etc. and wish him well (except in recruiting against us). But as others have said, ST seems to have done a good job in back-filling, so I'm hoping he does it again.
  10. I liked GH and hoped he would have success here, but that's history now. Was confident in our staff trying to get a good replacement, but was afraid there wouldn't be a good choice this late. I don't know much about Reeder, but have watched some EWU games and am really excited about this hire. Hoep he's got some ideas that can help make up for the limitations of our OL as well.
  11. UNT has had incompetent/complacent people at all of the levels of management regarding athletics for decades. They continued the status quo of filling many of the important positions in the AD with mediocre performers at best. Well, that's no longer the case. I realize that losing Brett is a big loss, but I'm confident that if a qualified replacement is available, we'll get him. Sounds like he's doing this for personal reasons, so I hope the best for Brett.
  12. I've had to retreat to my safe-space for nearly 14 months after reading that post.
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