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  1. Similarly, I found this girl with a google search. I told her I'd buy her a great dinner and she can bring her friends. I've got a good feeling about this!!!
  2. I don't think this year, but it has been said before.
  3. How many Boise players sit out the game?
  4. It was exactly the issue. You must have missed that Graddean was responding to a post in which a daughter was deciding to not go to the school because they couldn't get a QB.
  5. Don't forget that we got our nickname from MJG.
  6. If they didn't change it, what cross-div teams would we have played? Which ones would UTSA have played? What would the order these games have been relative to our in-div teams and relative to the bye week?
  7. I want to think that our D is good but it just doesn't seem justifiable given the way I feel on 3rd and 20+.
  8. University of Southern Montana??
  9. After seeing the crowd shots, I finally figured out what 210 stands for. It's the average weight of their fans (excluding men).
  10. If we somehow come back and pull this out, I declare right now that I"M BUYING A JS NIL shirt.
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