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  1. Now that I think about it, I did see some at the game in Dallas...
  2. No wasps, but today I noticed tons of honey bees flying around some mexican heather plants in my yard. Hadn't seem them at all this summer, so maybe they are just active right now. Either way, it's good to see them. Oh, I did see an albino squirrel at the game. Maybe it was attracting the wasps??
  3. Regarding calls, we were surprised that MT was charged with their 2nd T/O late in the game when one of our players was down on their sideline. The officials discussed it (even appeared to talk to coaches) but no reversal on the call.
  4. Yeah, UAB has @USM, UTEP, LT, @UNT remaining.
  5. I guess I don't see what the impact is supposed to be. I assume the don't make the ice at the game and all drinks are in cans/bottles/fountains. I don't see any mention of anything being affected on the site other than the induction got moved.
  6. Ref's gonna' change it up at half and come out rushing just 2.
  7. The first thing you do is buy a whole fleet of Trans-AMs...
  8. Exactly what I was thinking. Not quite as bad as the PS beating, but still bad.
  9. I wonder if the Armadillos could have beaten PS??
  10. Okay, WTH does "two batteries and a circle" mean??? #outta-touch
  11. Yes and no. Special teams cost us any chance we had of staying in the game, but that's 2 complete drives that they had no offensive plays to produce stats. Additionally, giving them the ball at the 40+ on the other kicks didn't leave much room for stat accumulation.
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