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  1. It's 2020 and your team is seeded #1 in the tournament that is hosted 30 miles from your office and this is the best answer they can give to this question. You should either know the answer or be able to state that you've requested it and are waiting for a response.
  2. Even if he's running for his life every other play?
  3. Getting better! Like the helmet stripe, but not a fan of the helmet numbers. Also would like to see an attempt at a dark version with the pant stripe and/or helmet stripe.
  4. Yeah, I do like the pant stripes, but HATE asymmetric helmets. Wow, the longer I look at those pants, the more I LOVE them!!
  5. Yeah, that was my reaction as well. Like EPE said, NCAA just appears to be a spineless entity that's just there to get money for as long as they can.
  6. Damn sure better not be a ticket price increase this year.
  7. Yeah, I can certainly understand the mental effect of the injury and if he decided to never play again I'd understand. His reaction is the kind you'd see if the staff was being reckless with his health and he blamed them for his injury. His behavior is odd.
  8. I thought the purpose of going to a university was to get a degree. Silly me.
  9. In other words, if he's not getting something out of it, then move on. Second round pick, yeah right.
  10. 1 - Hell no, unless it's famous for being a selfish a$$. 2 - Only if it was because we dropped FB.
  11. I have no idea what his job status is or what his interests are, but if he's looking for a job, then anybody that isn't offering him one immediately is missing out. Never met the man or even been within 20yds of him, but everything I've ever seen about him makes me think he's the kind of person that just makes any environment better just by his presence.
  12. We did pretty good over the last 4 yrs with a guy that fell into our laps.
  13. Will his grades at the new school count on our Academic Progress Report? /rhet
  14. Finally. For a while there it looked like we had contracted our recruiting out to those guys in Iowa.
  15. I've jokingly given JM a hard time on here plenty of times, but he did seem like a good guy that just couldn't make that big ol' body do what it needed to do sometimes. Thoughts go out for the big guy.
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