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  1. meaniegreenie

    We have Erection!

  2. Great job coach(es)! Keep bringing in quality players that are also fine men too. I want to be 12-0 every year, but as I've said before, I'll take an 8-4 with a team full of good kids over 11-1 with a bunch of s-heads all day long.
  3. meaniegreenie

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    As with the GH loss, I liked JF from what little I saw of him on BTG, etc. and wish him well (except in recruiting against us). But as others have said, ST seems to have done a good job in back-filling, so I'm hoping he does it again.
  4. meaniegreenie

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    I liked GH and hoped he would have success here, but that's history now. Was confident in our staff trying to get a good replacement, but was afraid there wouldn't be a good choice this late. I don't know much about Reeder, but have watched some EWU games and am really excited about this hire. Hoep he's got some ideas that can help make up for the limitations of our OL as well.
  5. meaniegreenie


    UNT has had incompetent/complacent people at all of the levels of management regarding athletics for decades. They continued the status quo of filling many of the important positions in the AD with mediocre performers at best. Well, that's no longer the case. I realize that losing Brett is a big loss, but I'm confident that if a qualified replacement is available, we'll get him. Sounds like he's doing this for personal reasons, so I hope the best for Brett.
  6. meaniegreenie

    How Much Had Football Changed?

    I've had to retreat to my safe-space for nearly 14 months after reading that post.
  7. meaniegreenie

    Best "Small" Stadiums - skip to 10:56

    Use actual mirrors...and lasers, no...SHARKS WITH LASERS!!! Seriously though, mgl, you have a good idea. Isn't there talk of adding an electronic banner along the bottom of the club area. The awning could be built to add a similar banner on the student side.
  8. meaniegreenie

    9/12/20 --- North Texas @ Texas A&M

    Didn't know Mark Cuban was an aggie.
  9. meaniegreenie

    Best "Small" Stadiums - skip to 10:56

    Dam Son!!!
  10. Alternate story... Nov 18, 2017 - Jaylen Guyton gets the ever-loving cr@p knocked out of him in tonight's game against Army and suffers a concussion. The impact of this hit will (not surprisingly) cause him to experience numerous dropped passes next year, followed by announcing that he is forgoing his senior year to enter the NFL draft, thus ending his career.
  11. meaniegreenie

    Nat’l Champ Boycott!

    You're watching semi-pro football dressed up in the uniforms of a couple of universities. Other than our games and parts of a few games of teams we play in conference, I haven't watched any other NCAA or NFL football for over 2 years. Haven't missed it a bit.
  12. meaniegreenie

    FAU Has Lost Motor

    Collegiate athletics is such a farce.
  13. meaniegreenie

    BTG Bowl Episode -- Thursday Dec 20 10:30 PM

    Not me...I can spare 5-10 seconds! Regarding BTG, thanks for another GREAT season. The show is so well done and presents so much more than just the usual game summary or highlights. Keep up the good work. Also, thanks for the heads-up, but it looks like my DVR schedule (Frontier FIOS) has already updated to reflect the new time, so hopefully all schedule services are being updated as well.
  14. meaniegreenie

    Is Mason Fine going to be OK ?

    Yeah. If you've ever had one, you know it can take a while to get over. Good thing is that it's not an injury that has future impacts to performance (like a knee injury). Now, if he had a history of this, I'd be concerned.