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  1. I don't understand what is the basis for the listing??? Have these players made an announcement? Already graduated?
  2. Welcome to "Sit Anywhere You Like" day at Apogee
  3. The worst thing about this is it's almost the best performance of an NT HC (top3) over the past 80 yrs.
  4. Yeah, that'd be great upgrade to our current... DB's LB's And OL/DL koala koala
  5. Yes, this is what put us permanently behind the curve. Many of us thought that if we finally got the support, facilities, etc. we'd be able to get out of the ditch, but that may never happen.
  6. Is that really true? Why does whether we show up or not affect how good the team is? I understand the crowd can have some effect on the game but if it's that significant then nobody would ever win a road game. The program has more money, better facilities, etc. than ever in the history of NT football. If how good the team is depends on the attitude of the fans, then that needs to be addressed by the guy making the highest salary of his peers and/or his management.
  7. I'm going just to stick my head in the Ticket Office and say if the they raise ticket prices next year to not waste the postage on sending me a renewal packet.
  8. Somebody needs to show up at Rudy's with this printed out and get SL to autograph it.
  9. For a second there I thought you were from the future (or my TV was way behind!)
  10. They're gonna' run that same play again and the QB's going for 20yds
  11. And get some experience for you next year's QB. That's crazy!!!! /s
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