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  1. Bingo!! This is exactly what I thought before I got to your post. The correct response from the University is to remind students that they should have a little bit of class and this doesn't show it. Yeah, I was 20 once too and spent some time in the corner of the Pit razzing the visitors until we got a reaction. We didn't do things that other fans would find offensive.
  2. Or beat sMUT a few more times, then drop them like a CJ hooker and start playing TCU.
  3. Yeah and with ACU being the first game of the season, that loss would be easier to explain away. It would also require details as to how the losses occurred. A windy/rainy loss to ACU and/or with MF hurt or some crazy plays, etc. along with a last minute loss to Cal and 20+ pt wins over Smut/UHCoots wouldn't be too bad of a way to start 2-2.
  4. Regarding the article, it was pretty spot on with some good ideas. Of the 10 suggestions, they essentially broke into: let the fans do something other than watch the game (4) stop gouging the prices (3) relate to fans (1) don't play nUTSAck (1) ??? (1) Item 1 was to add more BW for phones, but item 10 is to go listen to a coach that says phones are the biggest problem. I don't disagree with him, but that is an interesting way to end a list.
  5. From the article, item #1 is investment in bandwidth, i.e. WiFi in stadiums. It's amazing that our stadium that is named for a major(?) provider of network services to universities doesn't provide a WiFi service in said stadium. Anybody ever checked out their website? Front page has a scrolling banner of 10 schools. Guess which school isn't in the list. If you stay on the page long enough, there is a fly-by selection of case studies that does have a panel for UNT. Of course, the answer is at the bottom of the page. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS 1905A Kramer Ln. Austin, Texas 78758
  6. "Okay, Pat, I'd like to buy an E" Ding! Ding! Ding!
  7. Emily Litella: "If they don't show 10 minutes of this guy on the big screen during halftime of every game, somebody should get fired!....Oh, nevermind."
  8. I thought we only had to get a non-fatal shot to the leg? This has really escalated, except for the sex part. A year? Ha! I'll do a year just for 1 additional win right now.
  9. Yep, this seems like a major afterthought and that there was no plans for them until the AD got pushback from the public.
  10. If MF gets hurt and doesn't get to play a large portion of this year, I'll be heartbroken. And once he's gone and turns into a valuable community leader, there needs to be a statue of him somewhere near the MJG one.
  11. Nice, but I wish they were more elevated/prominent.
  12. Watched the first series of this replay. I liked the TE pass play at around 7:30 of Q1.
  13. Ok photoshop wizards, there's gotta' be something you can do with this and a big ol' KFC bucket.
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