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  1. They scored 14 of their 27 points when he was the QB...'nuff said.
  2. SWEEETTT!! Not a great pass, but it works! Correction - it was a GREAT pass and he nearly got killed!
  3. Yeah, that sounded like a custom snippet produced exclusively for CUSA. Almost seemed so setup that I'd expect a similar one for each conference.
  4. Don't know how good of a coach he is, but he sure LOOKS like he could be one serious dude that is right for the job!
  5. Not a huge reaction on RT, but some of them are saying he took a lower paying job to stick it to nutstack. Cory93's post got get it right though:
  6. Or they looked at the film from this season and saw our potential All-American QB that had done well previously running for his life for most of the season and realized it wasn't the coaching but the lack of OL talent that made it impossible to have a consistent offense.
  7. Only if the OL improves over last year.
  8. Don't know about 2019, but I sure hope to see something good out of those two OL guys at 6'5" 300+ .
  9. Whether some Joe Blow graded them or not, it was obvious to anyone paying attention that our line was horrible. They were often beat by 3 rushers and could not be counted on to get a critical 1 yard conversion.
  10. Here's a better one for the 2019 season.
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