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  1. Yeah, w/o seeing the game, how much of this was MT not being prepared for Bean? Will other teams have a plan that can stop him. Also, what was the MT D line like? Maybe this is one of the few gams where our line could win the battle.
  2. I wasn't able to watch the game so hopefully y'all saw something to base this on, but... As has been said a million times, SL wins against bad teams and is destroyed by good ones and MT is bad. And even in the wins, we've still shown how bad the D can be. For example, the concerns for the D started with the first game last year against ACU. Against HBU, it was way too close until we pulled away at the end. Glad to hear the D is improving and especially that some of the younger ones are getting some PT and showing potential. GMG!
  3. Yeah, anybody saying Baker and Smatresk should be fired have no idea what we were dealing with for the previous 30 years. As many of us noted at the time, it definitely was a mistake for Baker to give SL the extension so early and now we're stuck with it, but it's one of the few mistakes he's made.
  4. A school 30 miles down the road kicked his pathetic team's a$$ for the past 2 years largely due to this. If he needs to read an article to know this, then we've got bigger problems.
  5. Littrell on 4th and 1: "When it's fourth and one, I don't care, get two yards. We run the ball well enough and we're good enough up front that when we go for it on fourth and one we expect to get it and I won't change that call. I believe in our guys to pick up a yard, period." Apparently he's basing this on what he sees in practice. I bet our offense can get easily get 1yd against our defense.
  6. I spend all week putting in hard hours at my job and "not giving up" at it since I'm dedicated and it's what I'm paid to do. I then chose to spend my money to watch this dumpster fire. If I want to "give up" on it, that's my right. The players are equally welcome to "give up" on my work effort as well (at least once they start paying somebody to watch me perform my duties).
  7. Imagine what MF would have done last year if he hadn't been running for his life 8/10 plays. If AA or JB were getting anything like the pressure he was under last year, this would be an even bigger disaster.
  8. Compare the amount of pressure MF was under all year compared to what our QBs have experienced this year.
  9. Yeah, the defense sucks, but this team that is supposed to be all about offense can't score either. It's not like we're losing games 52-45.
  10. Plenty of drops but waaaayyy too many passes at players feet, behind them, etc. More passes should be hitting players in the numbers and not forcing them to turn or go down for the catch.
  11. I wonder whose fault that might be. I'll give you 1.8M guesses.
  12. So you're saying there's a chance...that the season could be cancelled.
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