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  1. Lot of folks thought the same about Jeff Traylor-trash, or Lashlee being real head-scratching hires. Seems that some teams just get lucky. But not us apparently...
  2. To get curb stomped in the AAC? I'm very much not looking forward to next year at this point
  3. Well, someone wanted us to stop talking about coaching changes for a week. Looks like you got your wish...
  4. I believe most of us do bear one. But would also love to beat them too...
  5. Do all the players get to carry large glowsticks for maximum effect?
  6. monkey paw curls... wish granted...but... Seth finally emerges from the depths and completely blows the F'ing wings off the chickens and the bowl team, inspires our team to heights we never knew and reinvigorates the fanbase. 4 more years! ...then is hired away by Tulsa
  7. Which is clearly offset by P5 coaches getting HUGE paydays. We aren't getting P5 results. Barely mediocre G5 results. What's the average G5 payday?
  8. seriously, I can't be bothered to watch 75% of them
  9. I forgot to ask, did uncle seth ever invite you to thanksgiving dinner, or was it another swing and a miss?
  10. We can dream... But he'd make less at Tulsa than he would doing the bare minimum here for a year. Now he's going to fail his way upwards against a badly injured UTSA without their QB and collect his extension on the way to a 2-10 year in the AAC (we still play rice and an FCS team right?)
  11. I guess settling for sympathy bowls is definitely better
  12. I will never root for us to lose but I also wont cry if this leads to the last of Seth
  13. Some of us get a little joy stirring the pot. Sure I like to see lots of up arrows and trophies but I also get a kick out of seeing some major kneejerk negative reactions. Lets be honest, this board would be boring if we all just agreed all the time. I only cry myself to sleep a few times a week over my internet reputation.
  14. Now I'm not saying she is a man like Adrian Brody... But...
  15. Wren ain't pulling the trigger. He should have, but won't. This is 100% Seth's final countdown.
  16. Most everyone had the same covid year as us. We weren't playing at a disadvantage. Apples vs apples(ish) Why would you want Seth next year instead of rolling the dice? The risk is small, with a big upside. I personally would like to see more than a few thousands butts in seats.
  17. Seth "Shit the bed" littrell? Mattress manure mumbles?
  18. *pours the good scotch back into the bottle* Back to the whitehorse jug I guess
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