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  1. Wish I could understand Saban. Still a great watch. Love the brother banter.
  2. But hey… we have hope today. and it’s the hope that kills you.. (stole that from Ted lasso)
  3. Strugglebus… I’m stealing that. But agreed, team did not come prepared but did not quit. I’ll watch that any Saturday (with lots to drink)
  4. And there it is. Good game after the half. Until next week
  5. Can we get 2nd half UNT all the time? Also finally seeing some passion from mumbles. And some dirty words if my lip reading is on target (spoiler: probably ain't)
  6. You. Me. Safeway parking lot. You bring the coors I'll bring the velveeta nachos
  7. Hey, we all choose our hills to die on. Mine is that star trek voyager was better than TNG. I'll take any of you on over that. But our QB problem isn't so black and white. OL is poor. Receivers drop more balls than magic mike. There's 99 things to fix on this team. We are starting to see how much we miss our WR corps
  8. Second half defense has not been the worst thing ever. Not ready to write PB off yet, but our receiving corps needs to get a gift wrapped box of wheaties, cause this is really hard to watch
  9. Unless he slithered his way out of your very own veejay, no one should be this into Aune. He's looking better. But better is still bad for us. Far from the savior some hope for. Just more of the same.
  10. Im all for ludicrous speed. Lets blow this program up. Also, that poor ref was really trying hard to get that all called out. Hats off for nailing it!
  11. Thank gawd for penalties! Beat last weeks score already
  12. What in sweet crispy baby jesus is going on with this team... This is hilarious
  13. So, is LaTe going with their 4th string quarterback now? They are toying with us
  14. Maybe if you find your kink, a little turned on? #FiftyShadesOfGreen Its the only pleasure I get from these games now
  15. Oh look. Another dropped pass. How often can that realistically happen?
  16. 1/8 On 4th downs now. No an area of strength for this team
  17. Take a shot boys. Gonna be a long night. We are horrific.
  18. All joking aside, I do technically believe we have more yards right now than we did at end of first quarter... Uh... stanza... Last week
  19. I think LaTe puts up 40+. And, since we don't throw an interception on the first play of the game, we get 12. All field goals
  20. Ruder Ain't it. Aune Ain't it. Let's just toss one of the newbies to the sharks and see how fast he can swim. I say Drummond, but at this point I'd take an angry panda bear in a jersey if it actually could throw a ball.
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