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  1. Cause that's exactly the same thing they are serving at apogee, yes?
  2. NDSU isn't playing around. 28-0 at the half.
  3. And let's not kid ourselves, NDSU would wreck us up, along with 2/3rds of FBS. I don't know why they haven't taken the leap yet. Maybe it just feels good picking on the little guys
  4. I gotta disagree there. Bama isn't exactly a cakewalk for even then best of teams (see Georgia vs Alabama part one). Cinci held up pretty well to the pinnacle of CFB. There is a reason Alabama leads the 21st century in CFB championships
  5. Based on...? I meant I would like that too. But every shred of evidence says it ain't happening. We know our known quantities, so the news guys are really our shot at something different.
  6. Really really wanted cinci to pull an upset. Looks like it ain't happening. That p5+ to g5 gap is just too much. On the other hand, this is shoving a foot in the door to hopefully start leveling that field.
  7. a 5-7 UT and a 6-7 UNT aren't even in the same solar system of comparability. Even on their best day, CUSA isn't even fit the iron the underpants for most B12 teams.
  8. Less people died to Covid than Spanish flu. Something is working.... We should keep Covid around.
  9. all good. Was a sucky afternoon for us all.
  10. You wholly misinterpreted that. I meant them as a combo. HC OC and DC
  11. You completely omitted: The last 2 losing seasons (now 3) The assistant coaching fails The inability to find a decent QB The record against winning teams 5 straight bowl losses No one is calling to fire him after every loss. We are calling to fire him after all the above.
  12. Fuente. Harrell. Bennett. Just make it happen
  13. This is a family safe board. The words necessary cannot be spoken in the tongue of man, demon, or ancient evil
  14. I don't care at this point where we got with a coach as long as mumbles is gone. Albatross of a coach is holding us back
  15. Another loss and more proof SL should never be a head coach again
  16. Sucks that the alternative choices are likely even worse
  17. Not that it applies here (just a rant of mine), but in the future I'd love to see a clause in any NIL contracts from sponsors/university that sitting out a bowl game voluntarily voids the contract. If you are now a "paid" college player, you should be required to play now.
  18. Lately? How about the entire season. I think I remember 2 or 3 good throws...
  19. Just cause you drive the wrong way down a 1 way street, blindfolded, and still arrive at your destination doesn't exactly mean you succeeded or guided a team. At best he stumbled across the finish line after being pushed by the sheer size of the defenses billiard balls.
  20. Apparently a few of you didn't know rocky horror was in Denton. Uneducated swine...
  21. I agree. But by gawd I want that delectable drama that would occur if cinc won. A shakeup to change the foundation of CFB... Or maybe not.
  22. Everytime someone's aunt walks into the QB room it's immediately improved. That's a pretty low bar...
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