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  1. Damn kids and their loud rap music.
  2. What is there to say? We beat what might be the worst FBS team or close to it. We've still never accomplished anything meaningful. Players are leaving. And our coach has a contract so bad we can get out of it. Sure we are optimistic that we can improve. Cautiously. But we ain't there yet. Just taking a breath and hoping we don't make bottom 10 again with our 1.8mm albatross. Folks just have nothing left to say.
  3. He earned it. And the way we keep playing Musical Quarterbacks, he'll lose it. Then earn it again. They are both equally good and bad at something apparently
  4. Im just glad to see the team hasn't quit despite the odds and bad start. Take out the turnovers and this team can be fun again
  5. Darden getting me all hot and bothered... This feels weird
  6. They don't even need offense. They can walk it in for a score on penalties alone
  7. Scott littrell... Did we finally get rid of seth?
  8. Glad their receiver has no depth perception. Could have fed exed himself back into the endzone
  9. Game discussion. Drunken ramblings. Pictures of pets. You know... Anything to make this more interesting
  10. Despite a miss-step here or there, Wren has been an absolute boon to our athletics dep. I was always more worried about him being stolen away than our coach. I trust in Wren, and trust he's doing what needs to be done behind the scenes to turn this around before it turns into (or has it already?) a trainwreck.
  11. It also helps me justify my liver damage and sleep better at night on my Scrappy bed sheets
  12. At least spell it right... Geeze. And you are right. I certainly take the blame for a bad football team.
  13. I feel like the team and our coaching are already doing that well enough without our help. Not my job as a paying customer that the product is poor. I personally think the product we have is bad and my only real avenue for change is to vocalize the need for better, not to pump rainbows and sunshine up everyone's asses
  14. Lots of folks get new diseases in college station. I always thought that was part of the appeal...
  15. Don't shoot the messenger... Bottom 10
  16. Transcript: mumble mumble. All three phases. More mumbles. Gotta get better. More mumbles. Maybe a sigh? We have pinpointed the issues /proceeds to wipe tears with 100 dollar bill More mumbles
  17. All said: I will watch every game that is to come, just with cheaper alcohol (moving on to home depot bucket vodka after bathtub moonshine.) SL does not get a pass from me though. Every blown bowl. Last season. This season. The FAU blowouts... He just can't do it. Covid didn't blow those games. He and his staff did. With the best facilities and recruiting we've ever had. Anyways...
  18. How's that going for the giants? Jack of all trades yet master of none
  19. We sure picked the right conference for that!
  20. not a single person here wants to see us do bad. We just are bad. Its a symptom not a cause. The cause should and always will be staff and coaching
  21. Mr mumbles has never shown himself to be in control. The only highlights we ever had were with Graham. Its been a mess since
  22. I've already started researching bathtub moonshine for the UTSA game...
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