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  1. A 3 page ode to censorship on a Tuesday? Good stuff. Enjoy the bye week, everyone! Be sure to grab a weird shirt on the way out.
  2. Show some respect. This man walked so @rojomojo could run.
  3. Is Effeminate Hank the Milo Yiannopoulos of GMG?
  4. Damn - had no idea we had a shot at him. Weird fit, but definitely a change in philosophy we’ve only tried in spurts.
  5. Slowly making the whole program out of youth ministers in under two years was the boldest strategy of all.
  6. Not saying you’re wrong, but please note how many pages this search term reveals on the site.
  7. You’re getting the team you personally absolutely deserve
  8. Think about the years 2006-2023 and start categorizing games… Script one: blow out some crappy school and enjoy it. These are fun and the offense has turned a corner and you know, the defense did limit scoring! [Available for most second home games] Script two: Give up a TD immediately. Answer back and make it feel like we’re in for a shootout. Some mistake happens and then all goes to hell when the defense makes two stops all day. Most of the board ends the day mad at the QB. (Available 50-60% of most seasons.) Script three: Jump out to a 2ish score lead and then crumble. Usually happens when the vibes feel way too good early and the offense can’t score or run clock every single possession. [Available in UTSA or La Tech models] Script four: Lay a fat turd and be down four scores in the second quarter. (Available in limited edition SMU and Bowl Game models) Please add or modify as you see fit.
  9. It’s nice to see Red’s old space get used I guess, but seems like a cursed spot that still hasn’t lived up to its potential. Related, but anyone heard what’s going into the Armadillo and Boca 31 spots? I’ve heard Union Bear, which is just weird on a few levels, but haven’t seen anything official. I guess that pairs well with the Rodeo Goat that’s about to open.
  10. Seems like many of our fan grievances stem from the fact that a vocal few of you are unlikeable people/coworkers and your acquaintances/colleagues enjoy douchebaging with you about college sports.
  11. One in Lewisville headed South just before the Hebron/121 exits too.
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