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  1. Need a follow up article on Samantha Mangino's response to this news ASAP.
  2. Based on the 10+ posts you've made about it so far, this is a very aspirational group of untrue sentences. If you're gonna get mad online, really go for it.
  3. Sounds like you have an issue with the people who raised him. Maybe there's a way you all could connect directly?
  4. What about this one? Why is it unofficial? Did you fall in the shower and forget?
  5. Those people are way too happy to be regular posters.
  6. We finally donna go after this elusive white whale or have we already put capps on the list of candidates?
  7. The waiting four days to respond while posting 15 times in the last 19 hours alone really confirms that you are a young, vibrant busy man with a lot going on. I hope your family is ready for your exciting updates on Christmas. Maybe you'll see a bird with highly describable feet or something equally compelling.
  8. Yuck? Yuck. So, if the guy has been vomiting for 17 years in his adult life, I think we can all agree on one thing: he definitely really is/ can think like someone is 18-22 years old. It's A Benjamin Buttons' day miracle... mainly because it also sucks and I have no desire to see it.
  9. Just read some Bing headline about a guy who had to post six times on Thanksgiving because his family no longer could stand to listen to him. Supposedly they are already lining up homes. Broke my heart - family just shouldn't treat each other like that
  10. Much how you can learn a lot about the life and final days of an animal by carefully separating and rummaging through it's scat, I have gleaned much from the 25,000 posts you lovingly drop here daily.
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