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  1. Been busy this week with family and trying to catch up. Amped for Cal (really wanted to make this trip), but only finding the usual endless threads of you whining about various slights (fight songs, mean old mods, how we shouldn't engage SMU trolls while continuously engaging them and getting owned while doing it.) Anyone know where I can discuss the game maturely without all this cliche millenial victimhood?
  2. I'm gonna die from freebasing this thread.
  3. This is your 3rd post in the thread, so... YGAF
  4. Periodic reminder: you all know you can just not post in every single thread, right? They aren't all for you. Try sitting a few plays out and catching some breath - maybe take a walk or plant a tree. Also, this show blows.
  5. Live footage of the thread collapsing under the weight of its own irony
  6. Guys. Please get help. This is becoming too common. Ask a child or grandchild to show you Google.com, Chrome or Firefox and change your life for the better.
  7. Some fruit basket must have downvoted you, but that's okay. The board is full of people that don’t even respect themselves, much less Mason Fine.
  8. Hello. I just logged on from Scotland (after flying DFW to LHR to CPG to SVG to ABZ over the course of a few days, all without being weirdly detained), and I have questions: Why are we "debating" the rise in costs? Why are we yelling at kids and setting up for an argument for no logical reason? Why is this a generational sticking point at all? Like some of the others, I got through with no debt and worked jobs, but also recognize I had family support and a much lower cost not that long ago. More importantly, many questions for Kram: Why are you still using paper passes? Why not use an app and be done with it? Did you use a travel agent? Are travel agents still a thing? If you are using a travel agent, can I book your next trip for a smaller commission? Why are you traveling with 20 somethings from Australia? Did you meet them before the trip? How did you small talk them? Are you staying in hostels? If they took the interest in you, are you staying suspicious and safe for when the heel turn comes? Have they asked you to get what feels like an unusual amount of ice? Do you still have both kidneys? Do you think they are still good with money? I propose these Aussies are not good with money if they are buying you pints... unless the organ harvest theory is just too real and they will earn a huge return on this investment. Do you think they will register for GMG.com? Putting aside a working knowledge of air travel and working most of my adult life in this industry, I will reduce my logistical questions to just one: How did you leave your luggage in Dallas with a Philly gate agent? Will you share your favorites from the festival? Whisky is the fun choice here, but the gins here have been incredible. Monkey Tail 47, Hayman's and Silver Tail have been my favorites so far, and a lot of the Scottish tonics and infusions have been amazing too. You may also want to adopt the regional spelling of whisky to avoid embarrassment, although not sure if avoiding getting dunked on is a huge priority in general. Have fun!
  9. TFW you can't get YAC membership bc they hate you even though you're YACing harder and stronger than anyone reasonably could.
  10. I don't think Johns recorded a single check all freaking season!!!11!!
  11. If the FWST thinks UNT producing obsessive and unstable loners with anger control problems is newsworthy, boy do I know an online forum they are going to love!
  12. For those who don't typically make it out to games and have kids in youth sports, the AD is great with coaches about this kind of thing and it makes an amazing memory for all the young players involved. I can only personally speak for softball, but it's meant a ton to all the kids I've known who have been part of the pregame festivities.
  13. Everyone gather 'round now, sing us a song Just in case by tomorrow it happens he is gone For two weeks and seven days, our fair feathered friend I have this feeling we might never see Scrappy again But we thought he was gone and now he's come back again Apostrophes are funny but this joke will wear thin 'Cause everyone knows now That every night now will be Scrappy’s last night in town He's charmed everyone here Except a few old guys who later rapid posted all their minus ones Won us over with stories about Grant McCasland Lost points with the real fans for saying he couldn't love a playbook without shotgun snaps But we thought he was gone and now he's come back again Apostrophes are funny but now the joke's wearing thin 'Cause everyone knows now That every night now will be Scrappy’s last night in town We were posting 'bout something, seems like was funny And then Scrappy got eyebrows, I think Scrappy was mad Maybe he wasn't mad but we felt very strange In the moment but the moment was passed and forgotten about We thought he was gone but he's come back again Apostrophes were funny but now the joke's wearing thin 'Cause everyone knows now That every night now will be Scrappy’s last night in town
  14. The best part of stumbling into this thread is watching the handful of olds left doing politics here trip over their dicks to +1 the spam bot that just parrots two of their already parroted responses into one. It's a beautiful and poetic final form for the undisputed open butt hole of GMG.com.
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