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  1. We need a historical database for people who @LoveMG, snort along with various@HarringtonFishSmelleriterations, miss locking the gate with @CaliMeanGreenor simply need food recs from the @queenofsushi
  2. I once witnessed a portly woman corner Tune in the club level and drunkenly ask him if he was the one who lost his dog. (Tune - takes a sad pause, looks down at cup): “Yeah that was me.” ”Did they ever find him?” ”No. No they didn’t.” (Everyone looks down awkwardly for 20 seconds.) Pretty sure that was the day Dunbar rushed for 313 against MTSU, but it’s all jumbling together. I’ll never forget that sad exchange though and try to channel that same energy into every Ray vote I give. EDIT: on further reflection, this was the 2012 MTSU game bc it was sunny. Now I feel like the guy who used to only post about Chase Baine from Lake Dallas for two years in our peak player and coaches family participation era of GMG.
  3. Seeing it’s a nationwide outage of the system we use. The only solution is free beer like when the payment system went down for Nebraska/Northwestern in Ireland. UPDATE:
  4. Proudly devaluing your own degree to own the libs should probably make you more upset than it does, but I’m truly glad you’re happy. Speaking of buzzwords, you’re hopefully not quiet quitting on your employer with all these daytime posts.
  5. The guys who go hardest on this always have the absolute lamest jobs/careers. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. One love.
  6. Abyss opens wide But you’re all talk each year never truly free
  7. I’m too busy making $62,500 a MONTH! and $15,625 a Week!! to worry about this.
  8. Maybe he simply really hates UTEP and will be on his third hat (NMSU) next week.
  9. Classic banner flyers’ dilemma: put money into another banner for a game that likely has less than 16,000 people at it, invest the money into NIL via the guy who inspired the last banner or simply hold the money and not show up.
  10. The non-existent ones you constantly and vaguely refer to when I can’t find a single post that extols their greatness, just occasional varying opinions on who deserves more blame between all the busted parts of this jalopy.
  11. You keep picking these weird QB hills to die on when the defense is goatseing for Mordecai at a rare level even for us. I don’t think we have a QB in our history - or even the ability to craft several of them together - that could have made this game competitive. You and Bowler also keep doing this weird “look into the camera” style of posting like you’re scripting a podcast and making up people and stances to argue with. Who is everyone? Who is happy?
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