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  1. Didn’t that get settled in the bowl bonus payout thread? The answer is very clearly “not if I’m mad at them.”
  2. Can we get #insUrgeNT trending?
  3. Oh no! I'd hate to see a ton of weirdly personal and esoteric skirmishes break out among the message board crowd. Unheard of and possibly something we'd never come back from.
  4. To be fair, you probably walked the wrong stage at least twice, but the point stands.
  5. Needs an area code on the back and we're in business. TANGENT: My son outgrew his Cobbs jersey so we went in to get him a new game shirt on Friday and he picked out a black shirt with a green Texas and shooting star on it. I was trying to steer him to green, but the heart wants what the heart wants. He is now convinced this shirt is the key to all good things and I had to fight him to properly clean it post-game. He held it during the Drake game the next morning, too (fresh off his first basketball game against UTSA before the holiday.) Put us in the Frisco Bowl and I'll personally guarantee we end the bowl losing streak with him and the shirt.
  6. Why'd we move this out of the football forum? Feels like you got to own and shame this crap to prove it's not okay vs. keeping it in the toilet of the board. GMG!
  7. Never the ones you hope, though.
  8. aCtUaLlY tHe SpOrTs TaLk WoUlD Be ReAlLy GoOd iF tHeY wEnT aWaY
  9. Would love to see a sturdy and powerful 1971 Zenith color take on a Samsung 70" 4K with today's pansy ass, non-settop box driven Nielsen rules.
  10. What if we just scheduled Liberty to watch all our games from the corner of the stadium? Heard they might be into it.
  11. That's former SMU great Chad Wolf to you. I heard he and the St. Louis gun lady are bullish on Shane Buechele this season.
  12. You know...the momentum of the early Tea Party movement got me excited and when Mitch McConnell took over as Senate Majority leader in 2015, I was pumped about more Conservative justices and a new Supreme Court. I figured the days of abortion and catering to the gays was over, but recent decisions have really proven it is more of the same - year after year, we get close, but nothing ever changes. That's why I logged on today - to ask a question I think we've all been avoiding. When is Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader going to hold someone accountable? They have every advantage - brand recognition as the party of Lincoln, a passionate base and even their own GOP news network (like the Long Whorns!!!) We make all these excuses for his dual roles, but other political parties don't do it this way. I want what's best for the GOP, which leads me to my tough question, when is Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader going to fire Mitch McConnell the Senator?
  13. And here's a recent Higher Ed article on how to respond to these incidents for the good of the community without running to expulsion and focusing on restorative justice, which is where KSU seems to be headed: https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2020/06/23/first-amendment-response-first-response-racism-campus Again, weird to see folks arguing that the students just need to lay back and take this to preserve the integrity of the first amendment. Most college speech codes at public schools read fairly consistently because legal teams have found what is possible and what can be enforced. And students who disagree have the same free speech rights to shout these assholes out using everything they got. Remember when the Aggies drowned out the Richard Spencer clown show? Ain't America grand?
  14. I think a point everyone missed is no one asked for the student to be expelled. That's the obvious legal precedent this couldn't jump. Since the Michigan case and others, a lot of campus leaders have basically shrugged at incidents and speech like this and said "nothing we can do here." It was a scared copout that to be fair, is not unfounded (but you generally have paid legal counsel and firms on retainer/speed dial for a reason.) Enter the policies I mentioned. You can't ban someone for saying a bad thing at a public school, but you can shore up the consequences around it. If they cross into targeted harassment or inciting violence, the law protects the removal. There is also, as the article says, endless opportunity to amplify other voices and drown out the idiots. When you put the parameters and accountability in place, the idiots generally cry victim repeatedly, then screw up against the new rules. That's why it took 3 different incidents to get @eulesseagle banned. The dude just couldn't stop linking to white supremacist websites. The fun part is he wasn't even the only one who did it (shout out to those of you still here), but at least everyone else figured out how to stop. The KSU student has two years to avoid the ban or pull a @eulesseagle, so we'll see how it turns out all around.
  15. Reading comprehension check: they're asking for a policy to stop him in the future and the university president is fast tracking it. System worked?
  16. Would you quit your job if your boss was an outspoken racist? Would you chastize someone else if they did? This is such a weird hill to die on, Racism Voltaire.
  17. The other student at the center of the controversy did, but you also might be thinking of @eulesseagle
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