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  1. Bigger sports picture. The potential of USA is troubling… if they invest in athletics the way the locals did in the summer games and the way they are handling this research, we’ll have to listen to a full arena chanting “sul em sua boca” after every free throw.
  2. “There are plenty of outlets for Politics on the web, social media, or other, so kindly please take it there.” The question @KingDL1 so rudely sidestepped in the new forum rules post is “what if the same five people had no other friends to talk to about any of these topics?” Typical elitist mod.
  3. That’s my exact thought process when I skim GMG. (And you haven’t lived until a Go Zone driver cuts you off and slams on the brakes to let someone out in a median.)
  4. If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy siding with pesticide companies to own the libs.
  5. AD narrator voice: This story by Darren Rovell was, in fact, not right on the money. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/33785790/jay-wright-says-retired-villanova-basketball-coach-the-edge-always-had
  6. I do? When have I ever said that? Would you like to see some pictures of Norway from when I used to go for work? It’s lovely.
  7. My guy, prepare for mental anarchy when you learn about the Supreme Court
  8. Cut to all the Trump supporters salivating over that elusive MGNation92 seal of approval
  9. Who else is gonna taco bout the cabanas the kids relax in during free time at The Pines? (My favorite side note about this is a friend of mine (not a North Texas grad but been drug by us to games over the years) married a former counselor and he went to a fundraising dinner with her. He kept trying to figure out why he recognized RV and then sent me a joyous text I will cherish forever: "Damn it the goofy people from your school everyone joked about that seemed fake are now somehow infiltrating my personal life and marriage." GMG.com - safe and fun for the whole family!
  10. A job he took years ago feels close enough.
  11. My brother in Christ, you've posted 5 times in this thread.
  12. I think both of them suck (sorry Dot’s, but I have your better options 5 minutes away) and if I go out in Dallas at this point, it’s a few hand selected Greenville haunts for me. I also haven’t been out in Dallas in probably 1.5 years. We have a lot of common ground here.
  13. I don’t think DFW is that great, have lived in a few places far out of this state, had a job that let me travel a lot of the world and am still now glad to be recently back in Denton despite not loving Texas. I think you sound unbearably big mad about not having fun going out in uptown, so I hope you get to move elsewhere someday. It’s pretty great and beats being the guy whining with faux edgy comments about a circumstance he can easily change.
  14. This series of update posts must be what happens when the war is too boring.
  15. Haha - touché and I appreciate the correction. It (should) be a big jump from “wow, cool he is still a visible fan and glad he’s around, especially after those last few years” to “hall of fame lock,” right! Could we settle on a midpoint, like a framed pic of him and Scotty Pippen?
  16. Ya'll know he got paid pretty well every two weeks while he worked here, right?
  17. When he got time in the Rice tournament game and still looked out of place and couldn’t hold position down low, it was a really telling bummer. He just didn’t fit and I’m sure everyone involved was/is disappointed by it.
  18. The offer for the coach you really wanted fell out of Rick Hart’s pocket when he bumped into Brett Vito hunting for a scoop and landed on Grant’s lap, leading to a comical series of misunderstandings that led to Grant taking off his glasses, looking sexier and winning homecoming queen. However, when he got on stage, he realized he was being tricked but it didn’t matter because so many other people clapped. He broke the crown in pieces and shared it with the whole team as he realized the real NCAA appearance was the friends he made along the way. Tale as old as time.
  19. Because you watch porn on your phone when you sit on the toilet sometimes and lie to your family about it.
  20. You’d be lucky to land Andrew and while it would be a tough loss, I don’t think you all have the guts to put together an enticing package big enough to pry him loose. Prove me wrong, cowards.
  21. “You miss 110% of the great shots you don’t have an 81% chance of missing.” - Wayne Goatse
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