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  1. Good stuff. Now tell Grant to coach the offense better again.
  2. Are any of them super into designing walkable cities?
  3. Man, could you imagine having people that posted that much and wanted us to read their every thought about everything? Exhausting.
  4. We’re back on track (according to @CaribbeanGreen)
  5. More like Antoine Rigadeaunt, amirite?
  6. You’ve been whining about going 128-64 with Grant while following a program with an overall history of 868-1015 - I guess because they don’t prioritize offense. I think we all agree it can be frustrating at times and I’m sorry this isn’t as fun for you as 8 to 16 wins a year with Benford, but I promise to always appreciate your commitment to being dunked on, no matter how this or any other season ends.
  7. GAME THREAD SEASON STATS FOR PONDERING We are 16-3 in CMJ threads (or 15-4 if you allow Andrew to speak truth to power about Southern Nazarene.) We are 4-2 in Greenminer threads. We are 2-3 in UNTLifer threads (includes a few WBB) We are a stealthy 2-0 in Big Z threads. NT80 did one for Paul Quinn for some reason. ***I’m not cross checking for duplicate threads for the same game and only intend to do this once on my phone. It was an annoying 12 minutes of tabbing between browser and my notes app.***
  8. Every time you all don’t let CMJ do the game thread, weird crap happens. Got lucky tonight, but better knock it off before March.
  9. If you listened to the announcers without a stat sheet, you’d have thought Fiedler put up 25-15-10 (at worst.)
  10. They do. Pre-edit? No +1! Post edit? Couldn’t click it fast enough. Great content. Now this is the GMG this old timer remembers!
  11. I applied to UNT on a lunch break as a transfer on a Friday and was accepted on a Monday. Admission here doesn’t make you special - it’s what you do with it - so maybe get over yourself?
  12. Bring back @CMJdoing these in the old format and stop tempting Basketball Jones to smite us all.
  13. Living here now a few decades later after moving around Texas and other parts of the country frames it differently. Denton has never had a better food and drink scene and while I love my nostalgia and ways to activate it, I’m also happy I can easily have the best Italian meal I’ve ever had in DFW (Osteria il Muro), a ton of great drink options (the John Williams trilogy of bars, Harvest House, Paschal’s and others) and a lot of other stuff that puts many of our college favorites to shame. The future is now!
  14. Almost like combining a grueling, tedious style and six games in two weeks without depth takes a serious toll on the roster. Not an excuse - just pointing out they look worn down and why energy is probably lacking vs. not wanting it.
  15. Imagine having no ties to any of these jerks and still feeling the need to constantly fight for their honor online. What a calling.
  16. If people won’t remember it, why do most teams even play? What hope does SMU have if winning their first playoff game over a traditional power is so inconsequential? Want to take up competitive pickleball with me and leave all this nonsense behind us?
  17. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnOOe6nKdhy/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  18. You’ve posted as many times in the last 10 hours as I have in a month, but sure. You got me just like you got the emailer who offended you so much you had to log in and start a thread because an easily ignored autosignature hurt your feelings.
  19. I didn’t think I needed to ask because I can read your perspective on everything that crosses your mind daily without even asking. If I had to know more about this topic, I’d rather hear the other side of it, but I don’t know how to find they/them.
  20. Mr Goodcents - it was so insanely cheap. Greenhouse also still brings it and Mr. Chopsticks has had a sad decline the last decade or so.
  21. You’re totally right and I agree with you but it leads me to a question: Do you think the guy who received the email reply also started a public message board thread whining about it or did he just express something back privately and move on?
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