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  1. He knows that we know that he's pulling our chain, but why not? As long as we respond to it, game set match, Vito.
  2. Quoner, thanks for pointing this out; I tried watching it, but couldn''t even go back for the show that followed the start of the Scrabble game between Offred and her what, breeder. Of course, it couldn't have gone down well with the wife, I mean, sex is just a reproductive function, but Scrabble, now that's a different matter entirely.
  3. Well, that would be Tony and his "Best Damn Tailgate in North Texas" group. I won't forget you, Tony, and will always remember us holding your canopy from blowing away in a freak storm that blew through. That was my closest to a Wizard of Oz experience.
  4. Yippee, having given even odds on the missing DE's showing up (one shows up) and being validated, looking forward to being wrong (both make it). I've never understood why people have a problem with being shown wrong).
  5. I'll give them even odds, so looking to see one of them in green this fall!
  6. But would you have a pronunciation guide on the Que-Card, with something like "RHYMES WITH SATAN".
  7. As long as SL gets it right for the introduction at the Heisman Awards ceremony, everything will be fine!
  8. Hey, don't be too hard on him; I was in charge of managing the street name system for Dallas for 20 years, retired, came back downtown on the train a couple of months later for a retirement party, was trying to help a woman I met on the train by carrying part of her luggage to the Greyhound station on the day the guy intending to be a shooter got shot; was walking up and down the police barricades trying to find a way through, asked a police officer if maybe I could get there by going over to Commerce Street, he looked at me and said "You're at Commerce Street". Hey, stress and getting names right don't always go together. Of course, I was from a large family and remembering names wasn't required when I was growing up.
  9. You've pretty much hit the highlights then, unless you're artsy enough to check out the old library converted to art museum.
  10. Man, I hope you know there's a Wichita, Kansas and a Wichita Falls, Texas, as in "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls".
  11. That elevation may have helped set up Arkansas for the ass whipping we gave them last year.
  12. It was really something, back in the days when this old Wichita Falls boy would be driving south to Austin by way of Highway 281, and, coming over the crest of the hill overlooking Mineral Wells, see this grand old building standing like a beacon above the prairies and cross timbers surrounding it. It will take a massive undertaking of time, money, and energy, but if anyone can be a major player in such a restoration, it is Brint Ryan. By the way, the State of Texas will eventually have to fund the development of the Palo Pinto Mountains State Park near there, which, by connecting several parks in the area with bike trails, has the potential to provide this area with what some refer to as our new playground.
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