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  1. I went to a Euless Trinity vs Allen playoff game at Apogee maybe 5 or 6 years ago and it was standing room only. I hate to say it, but to me, it looked like a crowd for a college football game should look.
  2. Why would we assume that he would not, or that he wouldn't otherwise be released, when there is an example of someone much more successful at another level (and recently more competitive against power 5 teams) leaving by "mutual agreement" just last week: https://footballscoop.com/news/john-grass-steps-down-jacksonville-state
  3. Why wouldn't we want SL (and UNT) to win out, including a bowl win? If he did that, then left, he would probably have a better chance for a well paying assistant position somewhere, reducing the amount of our payout
  4. Your children's attorney will be in touch.
  5. Didn't Seth say once that he wanted to coach a high school triple option team after he left college coaching? Are we sure he hasn't already started that career change?
  6. I watched that game and wished we still had him to start against Liberty.
  7. No to Bennett. If he won a few he has the resume to become a credible hfc candidate here, who probably doesn't have what it takes to set this program right, based on his record at SMU. Maybe Cobbs could be a good fit as interim, as there would be few expectations anyway, and if he won a few or at least had us playing competitively, might set himself up for a promotion here or a good move to another school, which could look good for us. I just don't see us a place where a "new" coach should be an internal hire, which a Bennett promotion might portend.
  8. North Texas Football fans are the last group where you'd find anti-mask sentiment.
  9. This is probably the best thing written about this mess.
  10. Well, it would take a spectacular enough next 3 months to forget the last 3 years. But, if all of a sudden he shows the player development, game planning and game management that no one here has seen this year, he would still have to actually win 7 more games to get this crowd behind him. I actually think the team has some pretty talented players, but the play calling looks like coaching malpractice. If Littrell offered his resignation midseason, UNT football would probably have little to lose by accepting his offer and letting Patrick Cobbs coach the remainder of the season. Little would be expected of him, but if he won 3 or 4 games, who knows?
  11. I can see a way it could be feasible at UNT, but I don't think anyone here wants to go down to FCS level.
  12. The bar for what is acceptable public behavior has dropped so low that one can expect the social media reactions excusing anything short of physical assault. I will say that there have been those on this forum criticizing the profanity directed by the UNT student section towards opposing teams and anyone who has to listen to it. When I consider that in 1969 I attended the Texas International Pop Festival, along with about 100,000 others, and never saw or heard of any violent activity, and in 2019 attended a commemoration of that event with about 10,000 others and saw a physical assault happen while waiting for a bus after the event, it did make me think about the decline of civility in public during those intervening years (actually getting worse during the pandemic). Perhaps some of this behavior is alcohol induced, but I think that overall there has been a decline in what people expect anymore. I wonder (hey, all this talk of branding), if the educational system should start considering how to teach common courtesy, if for no other reason, that one who wishes to attain the best positions in government and business may have their behavior be subjected to the kind of scrutiny that searches into job applicants' social media accounts may provide. At least folks should be reminded of the quality of video recording available in devices just about everyone carries with them these days, which might record behavior embarrassing or dangerous to one's career or freedom. It's not hard for reputations to be damaged to the point of causing one serious harm through this wondrous thing called the internet.
  13. SMU: "Dallas, we're your team". Dallas: "You're from University Park, not Dallas". SMU: "But the Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington". Dallas: : "How about them Cowboys".
  14. I guess this could just as well be a comment in the "short yardage situation" thread, but since we've recruited and are playing tight ends now, it seems like there should be some pass plays designed for tight ends in just those situations, which I would hope could provide some alternative to the "run it up the middle on 4th and 1" strategy which has been seen by us and all our opponents enough times to see how that works.
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