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  1. eulessismore

    DMN Sunday Paper

    I think I'll buy the print version today.
  2. eulessismore

    Rice (1/19/19)

    Did your Mom ever work in the old Information Sciences building? Seems like it was part library, part computing center back then.
  3. eulessismore

    Short Yardage Situations

    Because he was a shortstop?
  4. eulessismore

    Houston, You Have A Problem

    True, true.
  5. eulessismore

    Is Mason Fine going to be OK ?

    For you of you who have never pulled a hamstring, it hurts like hell, with the pain starting immediately, and for me, lasted about 6 weeks. It was gutsy as hell for him to go back out there, knowing the kind of pain he was in, and the effect it would have on his mobility. Then, to see him take the hits he did just makes you wish the guy a great o-line for Christmas.
  6. eulessismore

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Well, CKSU, I sure hope someone up there in the little apple can inform SL just what is important to y’all. Maybe if someone here had told him after a 4 win start to the season that we wanted to win the 5th game , in front of probably the biggest home crowd ever, instead of watching the coaching staff lose that for us with whatever brain fart they came up to turn it around for the visitors. Honestly, I love what SL has done for us, but to show up at THAT party and lay a turd in the punchbowl makes me a little less sentimental. However, enjoy your first halves, of games and seasons.
  7. eulessismore

    Let’s move on

    Well, you gotta love a guy that whips your ass.
  8. eulessismore

    Littrell ties McCarney in wins

    Wasn't it a big ass ring?
  9. eulessismore

    #24 In the Coaches Poll....

    Ok, so we beat UIW. Where do you see that other win coming from?
  10. eulessismore

    ODU over WKU: Three untimed downs, a near pick-six, and more

    I hope no coach or player takes ODU for granted.
  11. eulessismore

    Recipe to beat North Texas

    Ok, gotta agree with you this once. Unless our offensive unit kept our punt unit from coming on to the field.
  12. eulessismore


    Honestly, I think going for it on fourth should be a HC call.
  13. eulessismore


    Yes, great quarterback, but not a real fullback.
  14. eulessismore


    I think they were probably a better team, but the reason we lost was poor decision making.