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  1. I shook Mean Joe's hand once and said, "Thanks for everything, Joe". He didn't say anything, but was gracious. That was the biggest hand I have ever shaken, and the warmest handshake.
  2. Hey, I'm a liberal, and not particularly religious(yes, still using that UNT voice training in church choir). Still, I imagine her and Scalia somewhere, catching up on things. That friendship should inspire us all.
  3. I don't think we had a real chance at a bowl win that year without winning the CUSA championship and playing somewhere besides Albuquerque. To play at about 4000 greater elevation than here and and do well woud require being in better condition than we were. Two specific things I can think that could have helped I'll lay at the foot of our offensive line play: 1. Don't have your starting quarterback go out early due to already being beat up and getting more beat up early in the game. 2. Don't have your center bouncing shotgun snaps off the ground at the worst possible times.
  4. Uh, no. I wish him well at UTEP, or any place other than Denton, except when we play against a team he coaches.
  5. Ok, I upvoted that "comment", but there's more to than that, as SMU is not located in Dallas, although they have some minor facilities within the Dallas city limits. And the "Park Cities" are enclaves "within" Dallas, rather than "suburbs", so there is that. I can't blame SMU for identifying itself with a better known city, although some might find it confusing. However, I recognize the Dallas Logo to be close enough to the "official" City of Dallas Logo that someone at the City had to sign off on its use, and I have an opinion that such brand management might have serious downside potent
  6. I love me some BillySee58, but forgetting can sometimes be a good thing.
  7. If so, that "specific testing" should become a standard protocol and instituted for student athletes starting at high school level. I'm always suspicious of whether physical exams are thorough enough when hearing about a student athlete dying during practice. Expensive? Probably. Worth it? Think about how much the argument for the economic impact of sports is trotted out as a reason for a return to a regular fall schedule. Better yet, think of how you'd feel if it was your child's life that could be saved by greater scrutiny.
  8. I'm sorry to read of your loss. From reading the news account, he was a wonderful person and exemplary public servant.
  9. If the filibuster and the electoral college were set out by the curb and picked up with all the other garbage on Monday, I wouldn't cry.
  10. It's probably some of our best programs (music, chemistry, etc) could get hurt the most, because they attract students who want the best education for the money in those fields. I am sure this could cause some deep pain to many good programs at UNT. On the other hand, I think UNT and other universities should do as much as they can to have an innovative combination of online and classroom instruction, perhaps in a way to nuance this guidance (i.e., have some classroom instruction for a mostly online course, with perhaps a fourth of the class enrollment in classroom instruction one day a week,
  11. When I moved from Wichita Falls to Denton to attend North Texas back in 1973 I remember being shocked to see that statue on the grounds of the Denton County Courthouse, never having been aware of any "Confederate Statues" in Wichita Falls, and instead being accustomed to the World War 1 statue "Spirit of the American Doughboy" on the grounds of the Wichita Falls Memorial Auditorium: https://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM7GQE_The_Spirit_of_the_American_Doughboy_Wichita_Falls_TX I suppose the "shocked" part was due to having been raised by a Bible believing mother who interpreted the E
  12. No, he said, "Does this shirt make me sexy".
  13. On the one hand, why should we care about whether UT athletes are giving their own school a well deserved dressing down? More to the point, why should I be surprised when members of a forum of UNT alums don't really seem to appreciate the evolving perception of music genres (not to mention the UNT involvement in such)? In the 2010 New York Times obit for Leon Breeden, director of the UNT Jazz Studies program from 1959 to 1981, mentions that when he arrived, North Texas already had the oldest degree granting "jazz" program in the nation, but that could only be whispered, not boasted about,
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