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  1. A reporter who isn't disliked by someone is probably not doing the work right.
  2. Man, I've forgotten so many details of "The Stand". Like so many others, I was probably so satisfied at seeing Las Vegas leveled by nukes (although at heart I'm anti-nuke), that I glossed over everything it took to get to that point. And I'm really not sure what all variety of names that others living in that area call Boulder nowadays.
  3. Have your realtor check for houses with a good grow room. I'm not kidding.
  4. Honestly, I love the scenery seen from the Socialist Republic of Boulder (a name given to it by Democrats, I understand), but would have to confer with a financial adviser and several real estate agents before deciding whether it pays enough.
  5. Best wishes to you Jack, and prayers that you live long and prosper. And that you live at least long enough to see consecutive double digit win seasons and bowl championships become not an expectation, but a reality for Mean Green Football.
  6. Sure you're seeing everything available from your attached link? The first video I saw showed him on both offense and defense, and the ones listed below were variously offense and defense.
  7. I knew a parent whose football player son was subjected to such a hoax, and, from hearing about that experience, I'm not sure there is all that much that can be done about it, as such activity can come from such a wide range of perpetrators, some likely classmates of the affected student athlete. When a college HC is involved, that's a whole other level. That said, if one or more coaches at a program can be available to counsel these players as to whether an offer is legitimate and help them avoid such, that sounds like a worthwhile investment of staff resources. After posting this, I will STFU, as you suggest, and hope others will do likewise.
  8. Maybe it would be best to let the facts come out, rather than endlessly speculate. I mean, supposed adults have been kiffened.
  9. I really think he got an arm injury in a playoff game I saw him play against Euless Trinity that never healed properly. Gutsy kid, but I think there were times he was out there playing that he shouldn't be.
  10. I think Ekeler is a pretty smart guy, and is coming here because he thinks it's better for him and his family. Whether the money is less or the same right now, you can bet he's found reasons, tangible or intangible, to think returning to UNT is the best choice. Heck, maybe he was just happier here. If Graham Harrell has proved nothing else, he has shown that, for the first time in a while, North Texas can give a coaching career the right trajectory. Whether it's the right ultimate destination is yet to be proven, but we're getting there. Thank you, Brint Ryan and others.
  11. Hey man, we're being trolled by Cerebus.
  12. So, he has a year of eligibility left? He's carrying a lot of baggage for such a short stay.
  13. Yep, that time of cheap DFW/Denton area houses? He gone.
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