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  1. He's one of a fairly long line of Euless Trinity football players from the Leota family, some of whom have gone on to success playing at the college level; I only wish him the best in Denton. The tape reminds of the 3 man rush Trinity had from the Steve Lineweaver days, and he seems to fit the mold of some pretty good linebackers they had. I hope he can get some good weight on. Always glad to see a Euless Trinity guy heading up the road to UNT.
  2. Thanks for the best laugh today, or yesterday, for that matter.
  3. What I've noticed is that solid players from good schools want to play. If they don't see the prospect of playing time, often they do leave. This guy has enough skills to find a place for him. I want to see what he does on the field in 2021.
  4. Not really. We've had others who have gone that route, and were planning that as they were finishing up at UNT. It's just another way to go pro, and maybe make it to the NBA eventually. Some do make it to the bigs that way.
  5. You never learn anything at the deepest level without negative feedback.
  6. I can understand any of us being selfish, as that is human nature, but can't resent another exercising self interest.
  7. Ah, but: “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”
  8. Well, our guys never gave up. Don't play horse against Villanova for money.
  9. Yeah, they'll carry those memories with them forever, but how many will remember sitting under the court as we beat UT Arlington in their previous cafetorium home, with JJ drawing up the final play? I guess I was never truly dedicated, but got reminded by the geography professors when I changed to that major that said professors were scorekeepers in that Bill Blakely era, so began attending at the Super Pit, thinking that was a strong hint. Those were large and raucous crowds for such limited post season possibilities. Strange that I mostly remember those 1970 style jackets Blakely wore, but c
  10. I'm just glad that you got to see it happen. I can still remember watching TV and seeing you and Matt in the stands, maybe with Matt painted green, but I'm older now and don't always trust my memory.
  11. It sounds like the main knock on the guy is that he (may) move up from a "quality control" position to one as a full time assistant, but that seems like a path that a lot of up-and-comers seem to be taking, as indicated here: https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-football-best-young-coaches-30under30-151573416/#151573416_1. And I believe we hired Graham Harrell as OC and QB coach from a similar background at Washington State. I guess some of us didn't like what we were seeing on the field with him until we got a chance to see his successor at work, who seemed to have the tradition
  12. Didn't he come expecting to be head coach in waiting, which is actually what happened? Kind of a strange way of getting a HC job, but maybe it all happened the way it was supposed to, except that Jank didn't meet the expectations y'all had.
  13. Channel 8 DFW was giving us love on their 6:00 news. Tune in at 10 tonight and they'll probably show some of the same coverage.
  14. Yes, prayers for the entire Drummond family, and thanks that it was no worse than it appears to be, although those are injuries that will take a long time to heal. Amazing, to travel 70 feet from impact and live through it.
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