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  1. I've been to Canada many times for vacation, and have never heard a Canadian say anything like "hey, we'd love to have NFL football replace Hockey Night in Canada". I have heard something like, "hey, get out of here before the next storm hits, so leave right now". That was in May, but wouldn't advise Canada after October for anyone who didn't just love the Texas weather for the week starting on Valentine's Day, 2021.
  2. As long as it's football politics, I'd think OK. Political football, maybe not.
  3. I found a great UNT t shirt at the Southlake Costco. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
  4. I think the added value of a master's from a different school than the bachelor's is probably the most unarguable point you've made. Are there UNT programs outside the College of Music which prefer a UNT grad over one from almost any other university? Other than for programs in which we have led, such as emergency management, I doubt there are many.
  5. Just looking at the Google results for a search on "Tate Wallis", there is a DRC story titled "Tate Wallis offered his resignation and we have accepted" attributed to "UNT". I don't think that indicates that UNT owes him anything, much less his old position back. Just because a case has been dismissed in a criminal court doesn't mean that the accused also has rights to employment unless there is something between them and their former employer that amounts to their employment being other than "at will" (subject to termination at the pleasure of the employer). Honestly, even at the college level, and when the student is 18 or over, the whole thing of a teacher/student "relationship", other than professional, is just a nightmare for a school if it draws public attention (which it probably does only rarely). I'm sure the leadership of UNT was quite happy to accept the "offered resignation". The rights to employment (such as they are) are nothing like the rights of defendants in a criminal proceeding, where the accuser bears the burden of proof. An employer, unless there is something like academic tenure, can hire, fire, or "accept resignation" with no reason given at all.
  6. If I can learn to love Tom Brady, maybe some of y'all can learn to love Brett Vito.
  7. These are good points, and thanks for correcting the omission of the football precedent. I do think the fact of some sports being, by their very name "women's", poses the greatest issue. I honestly would watch womens softball in preference to the generally all male baseball, and would hate the see the essence of it changed due to issues around gender preference. That is my personal feeling however, and I think a lot of this will be resolved on a sport by sport basis.
  8. In some places in the world, there are some women who can compete and even dominate some of the male athletes in this part of the world. However, people don't always stay in the same place, and some of those women could probably be found in the city where I live. If a woman could make UNT competitive at the highest level of football by becoming the first female quarterback in college football, would any of us here care about her gender after she proved herself on the field?
  9. From WFAA website, with interview of Trautwein by KVUE TV sports director Jeff Jones, out of Austin: https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/hope-trautwein-north-texas-perfect-game-21-ks-pflugerville-hendrickson-graduate/269-53eb1d1d-1162-461e-9b02-1b2337b1e843
  10. He's one of a fairly long line of Euless Trinity football players from the Leota family, some of whom have gone on to success playing at the college level; I only wish him the best in Denton. The tape reminds of the 3 man rush Trinity had from the Steve Lineweaver days, and he seems to fit the mold of some pretty good linebackers they had. I hope he can get some good weight on. Always glad to see a Euless Trinity guy heading up the road to UNT.
  11. Thanks for the best laugh today, or yesterday, for that matter.
  12. What I've noticed is that solid players from good schools want to play. If they don't see the prospect of playing time, often they do leave. This guy has enough skills to find a place for him. I want to see what he does on the field in 2021.
  13. Not really. We've had others who have gone that route, and were planning that as they were finishing up at UNT. It's just another way to go pro, and maybe make it to the NBA eventually. Some do make it to the bigs that way.
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