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  1. Surprised by the hire, although at least you can see what inspired it. Morris is a name we brought up in the 2023 coaching thread all year long. He’s a Leach/Kingsbury guy. That obviously goes a long way in Texas. it’s been fun talking North Texas ball with you gents. As I transfer schools, I’ll be here posting less, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my year with the Mean Green. Good luck!
  2. I think one game samples can be misleading. 31-21 as a HC, 23-9 in conference. Went to high school and college in Houston. …and most importantly, the rumors are he wants out of WKU as they languish away in CUSA. We could double his salary.
  3. I believe Tyson Helton may be a dark horse candidate for the job.
  4. How do you plan to balance high school recruiting with the transfer portal?
  5. Come on, man. If you’re going to trash talk, you can do better than this. For example, you could talk about how a program that bragged about having “more money than God” all summer finished fourth in their conference. Or, perhaps, you could even point out how a coach left the same school with all those resources to join the cross town rival and took his new squad to the playoff in year one.
  6. Lmao Barnett’s source HAS TO BE Perry himself. *before interview* “dude, I’ve totally got the job” *tanks the interview* “ah, hell, I always wanted to stay at Tech”
  7. Perry leaves me feeling uninspired. Fuente makes a ton of sense. Keeler is a winner. Gillespie is my guy - TCU is in the playoff. It makes sense to capitalize on that momentum with either he or Riley.
  8. Jared has already been running the football search, right? this has always felt like a formality.
  9. I think my first paragraph informs the second. He’s definitely interested. The guy posting here as a VT fan has to be related to Fuente in some way. I’ve never heard a fan call him “Coach Fu”.
  10. So, running all the posts in this thread through my message board filter, I would say Fuente looks to be the guy. Or at least he's in the running enough to send someone here to advocate on his behalf. I suppose it could also be the AD floating a trial balloon to see how it would go over. Would be a good hire, I think. And more importantly, I think it would send a message to the nation that North Texas can get a big name AND that North Texas is serious about competing in the AAC.
  11. I’m going to go off the board. Bronco Mendenhall I think he’s desperate to get back into coaching and the powers that be at UNT have seemingly backed themselves into a “big name” corner by firing a successful (by national standards) head coach in Seth Littrell.
  12. I would hire Joe Gillespie and keep Bloesch as OC (assuming they had a good relationship at Tulsa). I think UNT will try for a bigger name: Patterson, Fuente, etc.
  13. I wonder if we'll see Seth land at Tulsa now that they struck out with Barry Odom...
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