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  1. If you have a fire stick download the Pluto tv app. Stadium is one of the channels.
  2. Apparently he left Va Tech for personal reasons to be with his family. I am sure he is grateful for a 2nd chance. Welcome aboard!
  3. I watched him play yesterday. He was pretty good in person. Football is my expertise, but he definitely passed the eye ball test.
  4. Clicks on article, sees that NT Daily wrote it. Tries not to make fake news reference.
  5. I can't speak for other programs, but I talked about East Tx recruiting with 2 coaches last year. One told me whenever they offered a kid, Arkansas would pounce on them. The other laughed when I said Traylor had plenty of experience recruiting kids from East Texas schools during his time as head coach at Gilmer.
  6. We should not even bother recruiting Tyler Lee. Jeff Traylor's little brother is the head coach, and he sends most of his recruits to Arkansas. Last year, we were on that Beaux Limmer kid before any other school, and then here comes Arkansas sniffing around.
  7. Another poorly written article by the failing NT Daily
  8. Not sure about the deadline, but it was an add on when I renewed today.
  9. Just renewed and added a MGSF donation. It was a very easy process online.
  10. Just saying.... the offense can be unstoppable if executed correctly.
  11. Same here. I could see us still being pass heavy this year and playing to our strengths after Mason graduates.
  12. Whispers..... NY Sub Hub was never really that great. It's more of a nostalgic feel good place for alumni.
  13. The headline will read. UNT Makes Non-Dream hire. What the offense could have been with Major Applewhite.
  14. I just watched EWU highlights for 2018 on youtube. The offense was very fast and explosive. They line up in the pistol, and often have a H-Back in motion or in the backfield. Their QB was small and very fast. Some of the plays looked very similar to our offense. I am interested to what new wrinkles they add as well.
  15. Very nice hire. He was in charge of recruiting DFW for EWU. So he should have relationships with area coaches.
  16. Have you watched a Cowboys game as of late? We run way different offenses.
  17. Waiting on the NT Daily to write a response to this. Since they failed massively when they talked about the athletic department's finances a few months ago.
  18. That’s Briles offense buddy, not the angry looking ginger.
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