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  1. Hugh freeze made some mistakes but the guy can clearly coach. We should invite them to CUSA or the AAC and Bellch will beat us to the punch.
  2. This is great thank you @C Rod
  3. No one in particular it's just I don't trust the rating services because they profit off of giving players higher rankings.
  4. Why are they highly recruited? Because some for profit service seys so? Methinks you give them too much credit and they in reality don't have a clue. Me myself looks at offers in particular P5 and G5.
  5. Wow this is kick ass @BeyondTheGreen. Excellent production value. It seems like every facet of this program is top notch except the product on the field.
  6. Great post. People can watch a power team anywhere, okay? They come to UNT for the atmosphere and the attitude. Okay? That's what the Mean Green is about. It's about fun.
  7. UAB will beat us like a stepchild.
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