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  1. They can call it what they want but it is clearly age discrimination!
  2. McCasland seems like a good coach but he lost Ryan a year ago and now Mo. His New Years resolution needs to be getting better at retaining his players.
  3. In case you hadn’t noticed, he had a good game last nite. I’ll hang up and listen.
  4. Very disappointing showing. We’re better than this.
  5. Refs are homers! Their post is beating Zach mercilessly.
  6. What about Jim Leavitt? Where’s he at nowadays?
  7. Why is any qualified DC coming here with Seth hanging by a thread?
  8. This is very interesting. Look everyone on here knows down deep Littrell ain’t getting us where we need to go. And no he isn’t going to miraculously become a great coach next season either. Wren knows this but unfortunately his hands appear to be tied due to the buyout. To make a move now would take stones and I doubt it happens until after next year. Sadly for us Covid become a convenient excuse for a program that is faltering.
  9. Yes the defense is 99 percent of the problem.
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