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  1. That could be extremely damaging to our future if true. La Tech, Rice UTSA UAB FAU etc might distance us forever.
  2. “Everyone agrees that the NCAA can require student athletes to be enrolled students in good standing. But the NCAA’s business model of using unpaid student athletes to generate billions of dollars in revenue for the colleges raises serious questions under the antitrust laws,” Kavanaugh wrote
  3. Sucks for us but the SCOTUS git this right. It was Absurd that a coach like Seth could be paid millions but the players not a dime yet could be paralyzed from injuries. Just absurd. My hope is that this will force the NCAA to become more of an HOA and less of a multi billion dollar business claiming to be for “Amatuer sportsmanship”
  4. Maybe a late bloomer or grades? I hear you thougyh I thought the same thing. Why no more interest?
  5. This makes me very proud. What an asset he is to this university.
  6. Look I hope you are right but in my mind, Bennett had been put out to pasture with Art and the rest of that staff way back when and Seth sort of threw him a life vest back to a college coaching career. What gives me hope are the moves they are making personnel wise on defense and also having Novil back is huge. Bennett may be the best defensive mind out there but he inherited very questionable talent and numbers in this job. It very may well take several years to build the defensive personnel and depth he was used to having at a place like Baylor.
  7. DALLAS – Hope Trautwein of North Texas softball has been selected as a 2021 C-USA Spring Spirit of Service Award honoree as announced by the league office Tuesday. Trautwein was an active leader in the UNT Student-Athlete Advisory Committee during the 2020-21 academic year and was instrumental in the execution of several committee initiatives, including a partnership with UNT Political Science Professors for a student-athlete voter education session and establishing a student-athlete Unity pledge. The Pflugerville native graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in A
  8. Couldn't find a UNT player but found this: Callen McCasland, 6-0, 185 WR, S, Archer City (Fort Hays State)
  9. Does anyone know if they sell a light that looks like this for my man cave?
  10. Sorry to see them zooming this. Wouldn’t it be much better to do both in person?
  11. Super awesome. One of the coolest traditional end zones I have seen. Very vintage and old school but neat.
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