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  1. I think I heard that Emmit and Rudy and other of the Talons were helping build that group up for a time. Since they have moved on it hasn't really been the same organization.
  2. I gave you a plus one. Several others did as well. Feels like you give us no credit for that. Remember people bitch online more than they praise mostly. I think you are a good poster.
  3. Of course not - he will be there. It will be via a satellite feed from Tuscon but he will be there.
  4. What 5 golfers would you pick to be the favorites for the tourney this season? I am choosing: Chamblee, Thomas, DJ, Speith, Cantalay and Horschel. Any better combinations you may suggest for me? There's money involved.
  5. CELEBRATING MEAN GREEN BASKETBALL THURSDAY, APRIL 8 - SUPER PIT 6 PM - 8 PM FREE EVENT AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! UNIVERSITY SAFETY POLICIES REGARDING CAPACITY, SOCIAL DISTANCING AND MASK-WEARING WILL BE ENFORCED North Texas Athletics and the Mean Green men's basketball program will host a season celebration event on Thursday, April 8 at 6 p.m. The event will take place at the Super Pit and will recognize the achievements of the 2020-21 men's basketball season. Attendance will be limited to 15% capacity.
  6. He and another Tech fan are claiming that tomorrow UT will announce the Beard hiring and Tech will announce McCasland. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  7. I mean why would Reese want to leave us? It don’t make sense.
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