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  1. Interesting looks like Grant will transition well to the AAC.
  2. Grant McCasland teaches DEFENSE with a capitol D. That's why he has a ring and a shot at another one.Statistically we play good defense. We do. But with the length, athleticsm, and talent we have we should be playing lights out, knock out, suffocating defense. Championship caliber defense.3's are the whole story of this game. I wanted to be at the game but an illness in the family has me on "covid protocol" so I had to watch this one from home. The TV announcers commented on how open North Texas was from 3. UNT does not let you get a good look and we gave them plenty. They shot 43.5% from three, we shot 16.7%. That's the ballgame. read more: http://hilltopperhaven.com/board/index.php/topic,12646.0.html
  3. Yes. If many of these programs are able to do what UTSA did I can certainly see UTA want their piece of the pie.
  4. I agree. Man Abou is going to be a damn monster!
  5. Why the animosity? Tonight should be a time of celebration. Let’s join together not criticize after such a big win. Peace.
  6. Hip hip hooray! What a fantastic win. And look it, when we beat WKU on the road we always get to the tourney!!!
  7. When I looked at it I was like, we are better than this. We CAN do better than this and I feel Wren needs to explain that clearly to Seth in his annual review and I am sure he will.
  8. I’m not going to get too into weeds into why this is happening or what can be done. That’s an equally long post and one I’m not the best person to write it. But what I do think is important to think about is that for many years, a lot of us tried to ignore this as a short-term trend. The BCS was too small. Nick Saban is too good. ESPN has an SEC bias. Nebraska, Michigan, USC, and Notre Dame are just one hire away from being right back there. Sure. There are portions of truth to all of those things. But how much of that is scapegoating the reality of a very real trend of regionalization of college football? How long does a perceived short-term new normal become the permanent new reality? When only a portion of the country enjoys the highs of a sport, it shrinks the audience elsewhere because it reaffirms the idea of a lower level of realistic achievement for your rooting interest. As elite coaches and top-tier recruits migrate towards the South the regional imbalance grows as does the level of interest in the sport. LINK:https://awfulannouncing.com/ncaa/college-footballs-biggest-threat-is-the-continued-regionalization-of-success-and-interest-in-the-sport.html
  9. Marshall gets its next chance to turn the ship around Thursday when North Texas (9-4, 2-1) visits the Cam Henderson Center in Huntington. The Herd isn’t exactly the most confident group right now, D’Anotni said, but the team needs to keep working on the “goldfish mentality” its coach has been preaching about for the last month. “Any time you go 0-5 the last five games, confidence starts to erode a little bit,” D’Antoni said. “Like I’ve said before, you’ve got to have the memory of a goldfish. It’s over. We’re 0-0 and we’re going to take on North Texas.” read more: https://www.register-herald.com/sports/college_sports/dantoni-willing-to-try-some-new-things-to-end-skid/article_5e825eb9-5ffb-5c8d-b906-b1419de3312f.html
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