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  1. If I remember correctly, the female soccer player from Purdue had already committed to UNT as a grad transfer. She was still kicking field goals and extra points for the football team; garnering national headlines.
  2. The transfer portal is only a requirement for NCAA D1 athletes. Arcadia is like DIII. Not even sure he was on scholarship there.
  3. https://usajaguars.com/sports/womens-basketball/roster/jaylen-mallard/8848 https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/4/9/womens-basketball-mitchell-signs-two-transfers.aspx
  4. This is a very unusual year: with well over 1,000 kids currently looking for new homes. I actually think it would be a mistake to quickly fill vacant spots. Over the next few weeks and months, some very good basketball players will absolutely get their hearts broken. UNT needs to be there to comfort them. I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over going into the summer with openings. I think its fair to say that most programs have been impacted. This program is not good enough to recruit guys for the bench or garbage minutes. Not sure we have anyone on the roster that would be in Baylor's
  5. Well, this is good news. Bench needs to be much better.
  6. 16,500 currently for hoops. Going down to 10k https://www.kut.org/sports/2019-11-10/new-ut-arena-to-be-named-moody-center-after-130m-gift-from-foundation
  7. We may have been in the same Tubb's class. He dismissed more than half of those classes because he had something else to do.
  8. Zach, nice to have witnessed your gradual improvement. You were a steal. Best of luck.
  9. So when will they open more high schools in Allen.? Neighboring Frisco has opened a new 5A school every year. For the past 10 years.I can never respect Allen with their desire to put sports ahead of the general student population. In fact they underform compared to other schools of smaller size.
  10. It’s inconvenient when a coach chooses to leave on their own, but it also shows growth of a program when there’s no agony.
  11. Jones had been here 11 years. He earned the right to cut out
  12. Good riddance! Gary Blair at Texas A&M (former SOC Bear) is 75. She is at UTSA until he calls in quits. Maybe next year.
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