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  1. They call it the transfer portal 3-4 years later
  2. 40 points against Grand Prairie last night
  3. He was on the line and off the line. Either way, I’m putting him on the field ahead of Garner. Mostly an LB at Cedar Hill and the first man down the field on kickoffs.
  4. I know this is not a favorite list but I would call an audible and select Riley Dodge ahead of Mason Fine. I would go with the better threat to take it to the house, on any play, and select Jeffrey Wilson ahead of Lance Dunbar. (very very close) Didn't leave on the best of circumstances but I would insert Jaylen Guyton & Carlos Harris ahead of others. I like John Shorter in the secondary and Brandon Akpunku ahead of Garner. I know Dodge against Fine is going against the grain but I'm brave enough. (my list is more of a who would I prefer to go win a championship)
  5. Never could crack the 2 deep chart and left the program last week. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/227147/kievan-myers
  6. He needs to fix that awful defense.
  7. I rarely attend girls high school basketball games but I did watch her Summit team eliminate my old school 2 years ago in the playoffs. She was very impressive. I know that Jalie has been missing out on some of the top local talent but this is a really nice pickup.
  8. Rubin Jones does not stay here 4 years in this offense
  9. Wylie's game against Prosper is currently on Channel 21 (Dallas) They have not called his name once. Was not mentioned in pregame as a top player on defense. I have not seen any individual tackles and maybe one assisted tackle. It's halftime
  10. The stadium is Mason Fine. I'll give it higher marks when they get rid of that wing.
  11. John Stephen Jones to SMU
  12. Under a different set of circumstances but Ryan transferred from San Diego to UNT. Never played but used up their dime during the recruiting process.
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