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    Maybe it's time to bring in Brewer. Oh wait...
  2. Happy to see this coaching staff take a chance on a kid that appears to have had a legal issue in the past. Got to keep up with FAU. Not the same as the Tyler John Tyler motto but I like his first name for the adversity he has faced (CUJO literally means an unstoppable force)
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    North Texas Eagle Midyear Report

    I can feel your passion for UNT football recruiting. It’s actually refreshing reading articles by someone based on interest; instead of it being their job. Thanks for being a fan first.
  6. Walter Chapman was very dominating and better than Kennedy.
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    Recruiting Update 6/16

    Not necessarily directed toward you but have we decided what the the bar is going to be for UNT recruiting? If we sign a bunch of 2 star guys (or not rated), what resonates on here is that stars don't matter. (from coaches and fans) but, when a kid is a 3 star or better, we are doing well. Then I read that it should be based on the number of offers a kid gets. Yet there are many kids getting multiple offers that can't play, in my estimation. I realize many offers are based on potential. (mostly in football) With or without this star system (which I've never got in to) UNT, historically, has always signed a handful of good players. The problem has always been that others programs sign more. Based on the number of kids playing in Texas alone and the number of scholarships offered, it appears to me that mid major programs should be signing mostly high 2 or 3s. Right? Just asking. Changing sports and level. the NBA draft is Thursday. Read today that of the 450 players who played 100 minutes or more this past season, 20% of them were 2nd round draft picks. Another 22% of the 450 were not drafted. (42% not 1st round guys) There seems to be different opinions and results.
  10. Disclaimer: My thoughts since 1975 I don't have a strong opinion about the coaches other than the obvious ones. (Basketball: Bill Blakeley; Football: Hayden Fry) I say that because it is so hard to compare era's. In many instances, its been apples vs oranges. I've actually liked some of the coaches that didn't fair well (W-L's) and have been disappointed with others; whose performance (W-Ls) was below my expectations. As a program, we've made some bad decisions (AD). Firing too quickly or waiting too long. I can only speak for myself but I generally don't read beat writers. My feeling has always been why do I need to read about someone else's opinion when I have my own. If I attended a live event or watched on tv, why do I need to read about their recap. So much of what you read is slanted. They are not as critical as they need to be or too critical when they don't need to be. I recall back in the early and late 60's & 70's, we had 2 newspapers (The Dallas Morning News and The Dallas Times Herald. (I had no interest in the Star Telegram) It was practically impossible to follow anything related to recruiting unless a recruit notified the paper of their verbal commitment. The verbal commitment was generally not provided until a few days before signing day. The actual signings were not known until the next morning or afternoon. (The Times Herald was delivered in the afternoon) As a recruiting buff, I sought out as much info as possible by attending games and hanging out in the rec centers talking to the kids and coaches. I've never been a fan of writers not digging deep to provide desired scoops to their readers. The slightest bit of information today is met with a BREAKING NEWS heading. In general, I don't care for those who write an opinion columns. They often wait until public opinion has already been formed before they jump on the bandwagon. Wasn't Bill Nichols a previous Chronicle's writer? I also remember another name if I heard it again. I know I'm rambling. I recall the Athletic Department providing an 800 number for anyone desiring to follow NT football recruiting. It was a 2 minute taped message about the news of the day which I called daily. The line was once answered by Dennis Parker who provided as much inside information as possible. I had to convince him that I was a huge Marshall Maverick & NT fan before he would provide info.
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    WKU Stikes Again
  12. Melvin "Lurch" Davis At least 3 (legit) Hall of Fame starters from Bill Blakeley's 75-77 teams. Congratulations Lurch!