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  1. Kind of strange hire as I thought Alexis left UNT for LSU disgruntled. Maybe I was wrong. I really thought she was an impact player down low. https://meangreensports.com/news/2022/6/6/womens-basketball-alexis-hyder-named-video-coordinator.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2lcgxRyFajU0VPPcT292bzEk9TlbcHqfq602AeH1TLdkVxHwfHZuI0i-I
  2. Due to a paper shortage by their printer/vendor, the magazine will be delayed a month to the general public. Baby formula, now Texas Football Magazine. What’s next?
  3. The question is, or should be, general to any coach, at any school, in any sport, at any level. Take Grant McCasland and North Texas out of the equation for the moment; as not to confuse anyone who may think the topic is a criticism. If a school or professional franchise advances annually in record and title(s), is it reasonable to expect greater interest from “perceived” higher caliber players; to your program/franchise? Again, not a knock at all on past recruiting or draft history of the guys you built your team around to win. Your program should be more attractive to those recruit(s) / free agent/ pretty girl that wouldn’t date you previously.
  4. Upon review, Duffey was 2017-2018. Still waiting on the fax to arrive from Wagner in the class of 2023.
  5. 2017-2018 Umoja Gibson Roosevelt Smart Zach Simmons * signed NLI during early period w/ T. Benford Tope Arikawe Michael Miller Mark Tikhonenko Jahmiah Simmons 2018-2019 Larry Wise Jorden Duffy Abdul Mohammed J.J. Murray Shakeem Alcindor 2019-2020 Jalen Jackson James Reese Deng Geu Javion Hamlett Thomas Bell 2020-2021 Rubin Jones Terence Lewis II Abou Ousmane Mykell Robinson Mardrez McBride 2021-2022 Aaron Scott Matthew Stone Chrisdon Morgan Hameir Wright Tylor Perry Deon McKeon Bryce Zephir Rasheed Browne ARSH MATTU 2022-2023 Moulaye Sissoko Jayden Martinez Tyree Eady Kai Huntsberry Dajuan Wagner Jr
  6. In todays times, it may be better to pass on a talented freshman that’s ready to play right away. If they turn out to be really good, they’re in the portal in 2 years or less.
  7. Saw him play against Bishop Dunne his senior season on TV. Didn’t play up to the hype during that game.
  8. How does DII ball compare to Texas Juco competition?
  9. Thats wonderful you feel this way. This is not what I am asking. No coach would or should discuss names of potential recruits. I would, however, want to have a general idea of how many official scholarship are available? Are we looking to get bigger? Have we been informed that a kid (without names) may not be back? What’s the goal for next season? Very general questions to keep fans connected and engaged during the off season. To my knowledge, North Texas does not have a 24/7 cable network or coaches show(s) year round. To inquire about things during a critical period in time is not asking to much. No one is criticizing the coach. In fact, my amusement is that local media does not appear to ever reach out, proactively, for this content; for the benefit of fans. I really enjoyed and appreciated RV for popping in from time to time on this forum, in the interest of those interested. Thanks for the invitation for me to personally reach out to the coach. I kinda think this is more the role for media types. Often times message boards are full of speculation, opinions and erroneous information. Why not go through the media as a conduit. I’m equally impressed with the results in recent seasons. I don’t feel, however, that a coach, regardless of their success, should never feel that they don’t deserve to be visable. Not saying that Grant feels this way.
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