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  1. How many more bowl games would North Texas have appeared in if 6 wins always meant you got a bid? (Throughout history) How many more, if winning 5 games got us in? (For those teams that only played a 9 or 10 game season. Would any team in the past would have gone to a bowl if not for having to go the playoffs route? Would Mason Fine, Derek Thompson, Austin Aune and others be in any conversation of “Best Ever” if they played in the 70’s; where QB’s didn’t pass more than 20 or 25 times max per game? Or, if they had 2 Running Backs in the backfield. Or, only 2 receivers? Or, when they took every snap from under center? Or, if their 6 or 7 game season didn’t take them anywhere? Just curious
  2. Quietly having a good year. Slimmed down a bit from last year and at times has been dominate. Should move into the rotation early,
  3. Man, that’s a compliment. Shows you don’t go along just to get along. Badge of honor in my book
  4. Kids didn’t exactly follow him to SMU a few years ago. Caimon took a vicious shot to the head a few week ago against Duncanville. Refs didn’t rule targeting. I’m sure he had a concussion. Not sure if he’s returned. Good player but awefully small at this time.
  5. With the acquisition of Christian McCaffrey, the 49’s are fielding multiple offers. What’s should the Dallas Cowboys offer?
  6. With a bowl win, he's in the UNT Hall of Fame
  7. Currently 29th on Texas Top 100 (Class of 2023)
  8. Wasn’t at the game but read that Keith had to be carted off the field this past Friday night against Lancaster with a leg injury. Not sure of the severity.
  9. 2 years ago I would have said Deion Sanders but that program at JSU is much better. If he moves on, it’s got to be to to a P5
  10. Very low bar at the QB position but happy for a win on the road.
  11. We missed out on CJ Massingburg out of high school. (South Oak Cliff) I think he was MVP of the TBT (which I didn’t watch) Led Buffalo to a nice run in the NCAA tournament. May have been MVP in their conference.
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