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  1. I was shocked that we offered for the reasons stated previously. I saw 2 full games of video. 1 was during her jr year in CO. (State finals) She could barely make it back and forth on the court. Why Jalie couldn’t see that before the offer is puzzling to me.
  2. I absolutely hate discussions about player and class rankings. This means nothing to me. personally. We seem to get higher marks because kids these day commit to UNT sooner than some other programs. Can they play? This roster is seriously talent deficient. I'd rather be more selective and wait for kids with more talent to fall in our lap than taking kids very early. Being told that a particular class is full of 3 stars doesn't get me excited. Let's see how they actually perform. (where was Mason Fine with the star system?)
  3. Hayden Fry won at least 6 games in 4 of the 6 years he was here. Was even ranked #16 at one point. No bowl invites. Most coaches only had a 10 game season. Apples and oranges.
  4. Cedar Hill Longhorn QB with the comeback
  5. In one of the most bizarre coaching decisions ever, Rubin was literally playing on one leg during a key stretch of their State Semi-final loss this past year to Oak Cliff Faith Family. Clearly not effective, coach Wise kept him in the game; which didn’t help their chances late. Could be a good pickup but is a bit erratic with good skill sets and length.
  6. The best example of why stats can be very misleading. He had a very bad game. Period.
  7. Yep, if Dickey gets in at 42-65 the next dorm near Joe Greene Hall is Seth Hall across the street from the new Derek Thompson Ave.
  8. 3 Dallas area players in the starting lineup. Might become a Zags fan.
  9. He moves around a lot. Helped Lancaster move to the state finals at QB before leaving for the Houston area his senior year.
  10. Don't understand why the city of Houston chose the Texans as their name when Dallas had it previously. (Now KC Chiefs)
  11. Extremely proud this young man chose to represent the flagship university in Texas. Keep grinding young man a bright future awaits you at the next level.
  12. Getting an interview and being hired are 2 different things. How are we heading in the right direction with a roster of mostly juniors. (And no big men brought in) He got 0 production from a 6 man signing class just last year. These guys are now at the end of the bench. We went from tied for 7th in conference to tied for 11th (I believe). I hope he does well for the kids. UTA, TCU and SMU continue to land better local transfers. Take away many of the scheduled winnable games and were looking at a losing program. When this staff start reeling in top local talent, others will follow.
  13. I really don't care who the coach is. The overall recruiting has been bad or decent. To your question, this coach is grossly overrated. Mainly because he is often compared to Tony Benford; where you and I would look better. The 20 win season(s) is over-blown due to the cream puff schedule put together to ensure 20 win seasons. (and playing 5 extra games in a tournament most other "left over" programs turn down). No one is a bigger fan of the basketball program than I am and have been. I just refuse to be hoodwinked by the likes of Brett Brett "Associated Press 2018 Star Sportswriter of the Year Award-winner" Vito and others. When it takes nearly 40 games to win 20, the bar has been lowered from previous era's. We are a below .500 program, within a mediocre conference, that falters annually down the stretch when it matters the most. Is it a lack of coaching, talent or both? Certainly, nothing to get excited about from my perspective. For a coach with roots in the metroplex, I don't understand why we have to bring in guys from Russia and other areas of the globe/states when the campus is within 50 miles of the top talent in the country. This guy is over paid and thus, we are stuck with him.
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