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  1. Tristan Thompson went into the HOF in 2020. I suspect that all the names being listed will eventually go into the UNT Hall of Fame. Damn shame but this is what it has become over the past few years. Coaches with losing records, players that played here 1 or 2 years, average players etc.
  2. Interesting you asked. I just watched Taylor's game from two weeks ago last night. I think if he was about 2-3 inches taller, he would be a P5 kid. Love his game. Not sure he will excel against bigger and faster G5 guys. I also watched 2 playoff games last year where he looked very good at times but struggled against the eventual quicker & more athletic State Champ. I may watch his game playoff game from yesterday later tonight (against Magnolia) in which he scored 30. (NFHS Network) Mason lead the DFW area in scoring with an average of about 26 ppg. Very good size and reminds me a lot of Alex Cotton. Don't see him having an immediate impact but the talent is certainly there. He was on a very bad Plano team that didn't even make the 4 team playoffs. Outside shooting is inconsistent but he can shoot and get to the bucket.
  3. Unless we are a perennial top 20-25 program, I don't know why it is acceptable to knowingly sign bench/role players. J. Morgan was not a good player in high school. Why would we expect more from him now? Stone was the 3rd best kid on his Oklahoma HS team. Why would he be a key guy on the G5 level? The kid from Kilgore JC (not sure he is on scholarship) just started playing the game. Our recruiting has been boom or bust for the past 5-6 years. Half of the recruits have excelled while the other half have been busts. Stop wasting valuable scholarships on kids of great character that may be great in practice. Treat each scholarships like it's the only one we have. There are too many good/great players that we pass up that could really help this program. (with no known issues) More so in football. Just my weekly rant
  4. Turnover impacts every program in the country every year. The better one's just reload.
  5. Off the topic but Gwendlyn McGrew (Pasadena Memorial recruit) is the real deal. Watched a full game yesterday online (from December 30th). Scored 40 against Clear Lake. Good size for a shooting guard. Not excited at all about the Juco All-American from Collin County (Mackenzie Buss) Very petite 5-4 pg. The other recruit from FW Brewer (Chania Price) didn't show much as well but is at least 6-0. Carry on
  6. I'm thinking PWO https://x.com/returnof4_/status/1753124175886033313?s=20
  7. Almost had this kid until he blew up his senior year at Duncanville. https://www.si.com/nfl/draft/news/nfl-draft-2024-ennis-rakestraw-jr-injury-surgery-senior-bowl-news
  8. I've always found it interesting that the top attended games (mid 70's - 80) were at a time the student enrollment was just 17,000. Additionally, the population of Denton was 40,000. The games were an event with high powered offenses. (over 92 ppg in 75-76) The collection of talent, top to bottom, remains unmatched. Further complicating things was the fact that NT was independent and with no chance of advancing to a conference tournament. Much less, a very small NCAA and NIT field.
  9. 1000% percent. Stone is an absolute liability on offense. Who should have a better shooting percentage? Someone who is wide open on shots or someone with contested shots. On a very good team, he's a bench player. The bar is so low for him that we seem to be happy when he gives us anything. (D+).
  10. I'd rather wait to see how the season plays out. A few quality wins and some that shouldn't count based on the competition. I've always felt that it shouldn't take more than 2 years to turn a basketball program around. It also helps with a transfer portal in place where you can bring your 2 best players with you.
  11. This was a clear pushing foul by Allen. No one likes the instant replay system but it should be made available on a limited basis; if the technology is in place. Because bad calls occur throughout a game, the coach should have at least one challenge. Happy about the win but not with controversy. It's just a matter of time before we get screwed.
  12. Never missed a home basketball game as a student (1975-1978). Don't ever recall a game with less than 2,000 students in attendance. Largest, of course, was 10,500 total attendance (Jan. 21, 1977) against the Ira Terrell lead SMU Mustangs. (103-99 NTSU victory. Someone need to correct this misprint.
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