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  1. Working the NFL beat has always been secondary to Deon. Since his playing days, he has always coached kids. More recently, as the OC coordinator at TCCH, AAA/Focus and Prime Prep Academy. His summer AAU team was billed The Truth. He has never taken a salary. The NFL gigs evidently paid the bills. He generally flew out to the studios the day before games and often time has done remote assignments from Prosper before moving to Cedar Hill. He’s had 3 sons to coach/follow and now feels he is free to accomplish his dream of coaching on the college level.
  2. Should be interesting. 6-8 riser. Son of UNT great Ronnie Morgan. Only other low to mid major offers at this point.
  3. I was with you until you disparaged only 1 kid. (85 on scholarship) He also does not play defense.
  4. Saw a couple of references that Bean “floated” a pass or two. Please don’t confuse a floated long pass as a bad pass. Bean’s long balls are almost always thrown extremely high. Was a thing of beauty in high school; as his receivers often ran right under them. He will continue to get better. My only concern is can he take a hit.
  5. Way too early for this back and forth but Mason Fine would have been sacked twice last night.
  6. He was injured his entire senior year at Dunne.
  7. Majority FBS didn’t offer him at all. What video did this program see with the guys on the team now? Pretty clear they are not FBS defensive ends. It’s unfortunate that no one else can have an opinion on this board; over the last few years. You say he doesn’t have pursuit speed but acknowledge that his speed hasn’t been confirmed. Yes, too many School try to get cute in positioning and projecting positions. Let’s see what he can do at his current position before trying to move him. No, it is not clear he is not DE. OL maybe a need. This team wanted Trey Stiggers as a defensive back.
  8. He’s got the size, body and speed (4.8) for the defensive end position. Stop being cute and leave him on the defensive side of the ball.
  9. Pleasant Grove has a Crimson Tide size defensive front: Marcus Burris - 6-5, 265 Landon Jackson - 6-5, 240 Torey Phillips - 6-5, 270
  10. Jimmy Gales falls in this category. Coaches are hired to be fired. Hall of Famer Tom Laundry was also fired.
  11. Went through there today and on Ave C https://facilities.unt.edu/constructions/construction-report https://www.recenter.tamu.edu/news/newstalk-texas?Item=23816
  12. Could it be that the Bonnie Brae project has started? Or, that there is a major project going up at the old strip shopping center across the street from NY Subway? That’s huge. Apartments and huge parking garage?
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