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  1. Huh? Draper and Wooldridge are LITERALLY the only Benford recruits on the team. Mean Green Add Two Recruits For 2017- 18 - North Texas men’s basketball head coach Tony Benford announced the signing of Zach Simmons (Cedar Hill, TX) and Amaad Wainright (Kansas City, MO) to National Letters of Intent. Simmons, 6-foot-9 forward, continues the trend of Texas native recruits to sign with coach Benford. According to, Simmons is ranked No. 91 in the state of Texas. Wainright, a 6-foot-4 guard, plays at Trinity Valley in Athens, TX and his brother is a senior guard at Baylor Ishmail Wainright.
  2. Bingo!!! We finally have a winner! This team had most of its major contributors returning from last year with 5-6 more scholarships to add to the mix. This was clearly the worst signing class in the history of the program. (based on the # available).
  3. Cooley

    DRC: The NFL scouting combine list is out
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    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    Jackson was one of the top players in Texas and had a New Mexico offer. Wallace had a UTA offer
  5. I think if Jason Bean could find 20+ pounds, he would be All CUSA quality. I know it's not appropriate to criticize anything about Mason Fine and probably rightfully so but Bean is the type of QB who is needed in the absence of a good line. He actually grew on me during the HS playoffs. He equally has a great deep ball and would be a threat to go the distance when the line protection breaks down. Hopefully he will hang around knowing that he will sit again next year.
  6. ??? - Zach Simmons, Ryan Woolridge & DJ Draper
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    Punt Returner

    Maybe it's time to bring in Brewer. Oh wait...
  8. Happy to see this coaching staff take a chance on a kid that appears to have had a legal issue in the past. Got to keep up with FAU. Not the same as the Tyler John Tyler motto but I like his first name for the adversity he has faced (CUJO literally means an unstoppable force)
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    North Texas Eagle Midyear Report

    I can feel your passion for UNT football recruiting. It’s actually refreshing reading articles by someone based on interest; instead of it being their job. Thanks for being a fan first.
  12. Walter Chapman was very dominating and better than Kennedy.
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    DMN Top 100