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  1. As stated above. https://dknation.draftkings.com/2020/9/24/21455234/college-football-bowl-eligibility-2020-winless-teams
  2. I’m confused, are we still firing Littrell this week or not?
  3. HULU for me, I figure I can cancel after the season.
  4. Even if we suck, some of the younger guys are getting valuable game reps that will help us down the road.
  5. That wasn’t Kason. He isn’t that fast. I think they had an old roster. The player that roughed the punter was wearing 17 or 18. If I remember correctly it was Ogunmakin.
  6. Absolutely. Bet the house on NT this weekend. Vito predicting us to win has been the kiss of death many times over the last few years. Mean Green win big this weekend.
  7. Not to mention the major sports cannibalizing each other. I usually watch baseball and basketball because football is out of season. Now you had all three going at the same time and my mind doesn’t have the interest for the other 2 with football going.
  8. Guys and gals, can you confirm to me that 45 is still greater than 35?
  9. It’s been a good while since we were in the pillow fight of the week. We had a few with the F_U schools and WKU back in the day.
  10. If all teams are eligible, there is very little chance we get to a bowl. They will go P5 heavy and only grab the G5’s that have a large following like the academies. But at least we can say we were bowl-eligible.
  11. They may have initially but are set to start on the 24th now. He looks healthy aside from the knee sleeve. I wonder how well he will take contact when that right foot is planted.
  12. Mountain West football begins on the 24th of this month so he will have a chance to shine this year too. However, if the rumors on GMG are true that he had a torn ligament and refused surgery, I’ll be shocked if he makes it the entire season.
  13. We may not lose anybody, I think this is an eligibility free season for everyone.
  14. We absolutely would win more with the best DL in CUSA. Alabama and Clemson have the luxury of running a 4-3 because they have depth at the defensive tackle position. Alabama has 7 defensive linemen who weigh at least 300lbs. Clemson also has 7. USC has 6. Texas has 3. Oregon has 3. We have 2. OU has none. It depends a lot on what type of offenses you face and what kind of talent you can procure. We could do better but we are not equipped to field a 4-3 right now and I’d be concerned about even more lack of speed if we threw another d tackle in there. We need to mix in more blitzes and be
  15. On the first point, yes there is tons of opportunity and you and I see it because we are close to this program. Coaching candidates see Dickey- fired back to coordinating at G5 schools for a decade, Dodge-fired back to high school, McCarney-fired into retirement, Littrell if fired would likely end up as a P5 position coach or G5 coordinator for a few years. On the second point I agree with you. We are very quick to get clingy.
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