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  1. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/32439931/bob-huggins-says-major-conferences-create-own-college-basketball-postseason-event-ditch-ncaa-tournament?platform=amp
  2. Based on everything I’ve seen in this program over many years, I don’t see it at all. To assume we are becoming more competitive in the conference implies the other schools in the conference become less competitive which seems unlikely. Why would they stop putting in effort so we could pass them? Perhaps they want us to be the Kansas of the AAC, good at basketball and terrible at football.
  3. It was posted in the “Jaelon Darden updates” thread. https://www.gomeangreen.com/forums/topic/147238-jaelon-darden-updates/?do=findComment&comment=1316235
  4. And if you flip that need to want, we want them alot more than they want us.
  5. I get why they don’t want us in their conference. They see us as beneath them. The same would happen with many in our fanbase if Texas State jumped up to whatever conference we were in.
  6. This is true of any league. The remaining Big 12 schools aren’t enthused about UH or a potential grab of SMU. The MWC schools would look down on adding us just like many in our league look down on adding Sun Belt schools. It goes round and round. And by the way, the #2 team in the nation right now is a G5 and they play in the American.
  7. The American is ultimately the best move for North Texas and its student-athletes at this time. This is fantastic news if true. Better conference perception without doubling or tripling our travel costs across all athletic programs.
  8. Someone needs to look into @NorthTexasSportsNetwork’s whereabouts at that time. Haha, just kidding you bud.
  9. Haha I like that. His voice is one of his biggest draws. If you’ve ever listened to the callers on Paul Finebaum’s show you know Coach O will fit right in at the SEC network.
  10. You need a director of recruiting. https://www.kcbd.com/2021/08/25/beau-davidson-joins-texas-tech-recruiting-staff/ Plus, I’d put Riley on quarterbacks and have Brandon Jackson take the receivers. DT, Shanbour, or Mason could assist with the quarterbacks. Edit:
  11. Are you serious? Coker and Frank Wilson have both been fired as was McCarney and will be Littrell. The only time we’ve been chasing them is with their present coach. The rest of the time we’ve spent playing spoiler to each other.
  12. If we are stuck with Littrell for another season then definitely move whatever mountain needed to get him back here as OC/QB coach. If we are free of Littrell after the season, I wouldn’t hate bringing GH in as head coach but I’d like to see what other options we have.
  13. He randomly stumbled into a great situation, plus I happen to think he had a fantastic DC his forst 2 years at UH. As far as QBs go, at UH it was a combo of Art Briles and subsequently Dana Holgorsen that developed Case Keenum. At A&M it was Kliff Kingsbury that helped JFF develop the talent that shined on the way to the Heisman. Same thing if they wanted to give credit to Seth for developing Mason; that was ALL Graham Harrell. Chico or Mac for Derek Thompson? No, that was Todd Dodge.
  14. This is fake news. Everybody knows only a G5 in the MWC or AAC can get ranked.
  15. Of course it does, just like Eric Clapton is all of a sudden a racist. The media rules and facts are secondary to sensationalism.
  16. I’m not familiar with that at Baylor either. Alot of assuming goes on but as far as I am aware, no single rapist was allowed to play for Baylor once Art Briles was made aware. Find verifiable real facts that indicate otherwise
  17. Probably true. Luckily we’ve only had to deal with domestic abusers in Denton so far.
  18. I’d still take Art Briles and all his headaches over coach O. Briles has shown he can win at all levels. Coach O hasn’t seen the lockerroom of a non-P5 program in almost 30 years.
  19. I’d check the income tax rate on one million dollars of income before you call him a millionaire.
  20. Good thing we don’t get penalized for fans arguing with our own players or we’d have set the record for penalty yardage.
  21. He got flagged for a blindside block on an interception return yesterday.
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