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  1. What do you mean? He was getting his chance until he got injured.
  2. Kansas is a basketball school that is 4-0 in football.
  3. I actually enjoy listening to these even when we lose because the radio guys make it fun.
  4. They just beat Boise this week
  5. For me Southern Nazarene looks so bad up there (low level D2 stuff), could we swap that exhibition out for the first real game or just strike Southern Nazarene’s name and put a standard “Mean Green Basketball starts in…”?
  6. 16. If you are going to keep using Aune and actually have him run the ball, run it at full speed in practice with full contact. The guy looks like he is running on ice half the time like he has never practiced pulling it and running. To be a threat in the run game and alleviating the pressure on our running backs he has to be quick and deliberate and absolutely cannot tackle himself like he did on Saturday. He isn’t fast but if he makes quick decisions with a quick first step he can get 3-4 yards per carry which will take some pressure off the backs.
  7. I’m interested in a former D2 linebacker that coached a D2 national championship team.
  8. Hold on now, which conference loss did I miss?
  9. There is no need for you to take your anger at Vito for not covering UNT baseball out on @GrandGreen
  10. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Tampa threw Cole Beasley out there instead of putting those reps into Jaelon.
  11. Same here. Whether they got the idea from here or on their own, I’m glad they made some changes. I saw this difference that I suggested implemented this week and was very pleased.
  12. Mine for Aune, Ruder, Earle, and Gunnell is based on velocity that I’ve seen in clips but also watching Ruder and Aune throwing on the sideline last season with Kason.
  13. Most of the time I defend Aune but this week he flat out cost us the game. We should have won this one.
  14. @Pseudo Nymyou and I must’ve heard a different broadcast. Last week during the UNLV game they talked about him being old and that he had a year of eligibility left. They asked him if he was going to play next year and he said no he wasn’t coming back but would try and give the NFL a shot.
  15. You are the only one who said he couldn’t handle the media. I think he does a great job. Considering his experience as a professional baseball player, he should be. You said he was unfocused with pie in the sky dreams instead of focusing on the current season and I said he gave an answer about his future so he could focus on the season ahead instead of being badgered about his next step.
  16. I can only speak for myself but it is based on watching them warmup and fall camp passing videos.
  17. You are crazy. His time in minor league baseball, his age, and the fact that he has a season of eligibility left is in every commentary made about him outside of local media.
  18. Aune is a junior. He has another year of eligibility and, if he wanted to, could play next year too – at age 30. "My wife is super supportive so, when I told her this is my last year, she said 'All right, this is your last year,’” Aune laughed. Thing is, he wants to turn pro... again. "I want to try to get to the NFL," said Aune. https://www.wfaa.com/amp/article/sports/college/austin-aune-unt-oldest-qb-d1-college-football/287-791ee2b1-2db7-4002-9ac3-ce76fb90d2e5 I don’t see any cockiness or looking ahead in there at all. I see a man that knows his hourglass is running out of sand and wants to move on after the season without the constant questioning of if he will return to UNT for his last season of eligibility. And the reason most other players shut down the NFL talk is because they are usually gauging their draft stock at the time and are you g with a real decision to make on what is best for their future. Aune’s NFL potential is inconsequential to his future as he is done with college football after this year. He isn’t 21 or 22, he is 29 with a full on family. His is less an announcement of jumping to the NFL and more of an announcement that he is retiring from college football.
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