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  1. Right now I have more faith in Dayton LeBlanc and Dion Novil than I do Jason Bean.
  2. Wow so that means all those kids in the portal would be immediately eligible rather than just the grad transfers. Could certainly help in our pursuit of a xfer quarterback.
  3. Maybe bad for UNT, maybe good for UNT. It may be the thing that finally breaks our draft drought. Right now players on our roster are typically viewed as undrafted rookie free agent at best. If we have a few transfer out and make an impact at places as Woolridge has, it will bring peoples perception of our athletes up. Also, it could give us a chance at landing better players out of high school if they know they aren’t “stuck” at a G5 all 4 years if they work hard and succeed. It is great for the players and that is who should matter most. If Woolridge had stayed, he would be one of the stars on our team. A ream that is one of the best in CUSA and have a good chance to be a 12 to 16 seed in the NCAA tourney so long as we handle business in the conference tourney. Instead, he gave us 3 good years, left us better than he found us, is one of the better players on the #2 team in the nation and is probably mentioned as the transfer from North Texas in just about every Zags national broadcast. It worked out well for him. I wouldn’t begrudge him his year in the son because of the 3 good years he gave us. I say good for Woolridge. NOW, if he had a stellar true freshman season and then transferred out? I’d feel much differently about the situation.
  4. My recollection is that this is exactly what Art Briles did to a fault. He decided to trust his players were being honest with him and chose to let the legal process play out but in the media these days, an accusation equals a conviction. It is very sad but very true. You make a very valid and important point. It is lucky for us that there is a relevant piece to the puzzle that the article missed about us and I’m very glad they missed it. I’m not going to mention it because I don’t think it makes a hill of beans in how altruistic our program is. We do things the right way. Seth is a stand up guy and this is just more sensationalism to sell papers. You’ll never see this sort of trash written about the University of Texas and you can bet the farm on that.
  5. To treat an accusation and a conviction in the same manner is counter to the judicial system but understandable in today’s social media “pile on” culture.
  6. I thought he had already left a little while back for a community college?
  7. All the best @GrayEagle, you’re an icon around here
  8. I believe Lance is the only one.
  9. I don’t get shitting on players who put in hard work for the team, if they move on because they are ready to do so that is their choice unless you do it in a shitty manner like the Vizzas.
  10. He would have to be, right? His five year clock would expire after the 2020 season if I’m not mistaken unless he gets a hardship waiver somehow. As an aside, I don’t know why some of you are all torn up about it he was “only” a 2 star.
  11. https://twitter.com/_dreamjg/status/1141778933832138753
  12. AC: What goals have you set for the 2019-2020 season? RW: Personally, I just want to leave my mark. I want to compete every game and actually win a championship. I want to make an impact not just on the court but also with the Spokane community. Very telling answer. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.slipperstillfits.com/platform/amp/2019/6/24/18716047/talking-with-the-newest-zag-ryan-woolridge
  13. 1. Yes, we have shown the bar is low for our NT hall of fame and just like Hayden Fry, his being great somewhere else doesn’t diminish how great he was here. Folks like Darvin Kidsy, Darius Carey, and Ryan Woolridge who had pretty good UNT careers (non HOF careers, with maybe the exception of Woolridge) went on to do even greater things at their next stop. While I would prefer them to stay here I can’t fault them for wanting to see what else is out there. You only get 4 1/3 seasons to play this game at the collegiate level and you never will have that chance again.
  14. How do you feel about Ryan Woolridge? https://gozags.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/ryan-woolridge/3127
  15. He was great here, I wish him nothing but the best and hope he remembers his time in Denton fondly.
  16. 42 and 64 at UNT with a 34-22 conference record. Now that conference record doesn’t look too bad except when you remove the 26 straight victories out of the middle and are left with a 8-22 conference record. He was 5-11 in the big west and 4-10 in the Sun Belt once USU, NMSU, and Idaho weren’t around for us to beat on. He lost to FAU in 2004 and Troy in 2001 before they were in the Sun Belt. If they had been in the conference his record conference winning streak would’ve been halved to 13 games. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying he did no good here because he did, however I think it is important to point out that we have had more important and successful people come through our athletic programs for whom to name facilities after.
  17. If you drop us in the Southland tomorrow I’d bet just about anything that Seth could win 4 straight conference titles if he didn’t get poached first. Dickey did some good things but don’t get ahead of yourself and make him out to be on the level of Odus Mitchell and Hayden Fry.
  18. Give me https://247sports.com/Player/Anthony-Brown-76419/ or similar dual threat qb
  19. While I agree to a point, I never saw Davis or Maher play but Hall and Meager did not have Riley Dodge speed.
  20. He was good but his body just couldn’t hold up.
  21. His recruiting rating was as an athlete and not as a quarterback. Before he flipped to us, he was set to go to Texas as a wide receiver or defensive back.
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