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  1. I like the afternoon games in the fall and the late summer games in the evening. It makes for a more comfortable gameday experience in my opinion.
  2. According to @NWKGREEN’s response to @BillySee58 in another thread, getting here in the summer doesn’t seem to matter.
  3. Is there a standard brand or material game ball used in middle school?
  4. I’m putting my son in Todd Dodge’s football camp this summer and you have to bring your own ball. I wanted to know if middle school uses a smaller ball than high school or if they are the same. He will be a 5th grader next year so I’m trying to figure out the best size ball to get him for his long term development.
  5. Monday morning to the top
  6. https://www.meangreenbasketballcamps.com/mean-green-day-camp.cfm Have any of you fine folks put your kids in this Mean Green youth camp? I’m interested in how they enjoyed it since I’d be coming up from central Texas for it if I put my son in it.
  7. Fast twitch. I love his quickness but I need to see his straight line speed at this level.
  8. With the guys they had ahead of him, there aren’t many you’d want to steal reps from.
  9. Something tells me this is just an opportunity for the power schools to lock up more talent to keep it from playing for the competition. I could see alot of “NIL boosters, go grab that 30th best player too now so he doesn’t end up facing us in conference next year”.
  10. Terrell could’ve been something with a fully functioning quarterback willing to throw to more than just one particular receiver. Pegram was a bowling ball type short yardage specialist who wasn’t as flashy as Jimmerson or Wilson. I’m proud we can call both Mean Green lettermen.
  11. To this day Riley Dodge is still the most accurate quarterback we have ever had by completion percentage.
  12. I was against that narrative because he wasn’t stuck behind Sam Howell; he was stuck behind Sam Howell and a younger player named Jacolby Criswell that passed him on the depth chart. @GOMeanGOwas the one trumpeting the “he was at UNC so he should be the instant starter at your inferior school” business. I didn’t believe that, if he had played meaningful minutes like Gunnell, maybe I would’ve been more persuaded.
  13. I dunno man, is it misogynistic to assume the wrong sex? Or is it misogynistic to assume a lady would block or ignore people?
  14. It is a shame that our technology isn’t advanced enough to get us to a habitable planet within the human lifespan. I find it mathematically impossible to believe that there isn’t extraterrestrial life.
  15. Not lashing out at you @El Paso Eaglebut spouting off generally. What has Jim Jordan done in his career that gives anybody an indication he’d have a way to immediately address any of these issues other than trying to ramp up border wall construction again? The baby formula thing is good and bad because it got contaminated products off the shelves but also decreased supply. Other mfrs are trying fill the gap as well as breastmilk banks while the company with contamination issues tries to fix their issues and ramp back up. I don’t see how you can pin that particular issue on Congress or the president. You can’t fix inflation in a day, we are headed for years of heartache fixing this one (Paul Volcker would tell you) and you can blame some of every party for this one. The price of gas is what it is. It would be nice if it were lower but that isn’t sustainable long term. This is the same reason you won’t find 2 tacos for $0.99 at JITB or a $5 footlong at Subway and that $50k top of the line truck from is now $70k+. Input costs are rising whether they be materials, logistics, or human.
  16. Maybe I’m in the minority here but I think the subject of UFOs is a reasonable topic when discussing national security. UFOs don’t have to be extraterrestrial to be UFOs.
  17. Whip him at what? You haven’t even seen the man in a Mean Green jersey yet.
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