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  1. Missed the first half. We are really good defensively but they also missed a ton of shots. I REALLY wish we were stronger at the free throw line, especially with our style of play. All in all though good win and GREAT start to conference play. These dudes are on a roll and we have already faced some of the more challenging competition in the conference. Grant and co are doing a great job with these guys and they seem bought in. Especially after losing Ryan I’m really impressed with the response from our leaders plus Hamlet/Geu. Mo, Simmons and Rose have all done what they need to do. Rose has been a very different guy than we thought he’d be after showing up on the scene but he’s doing a great job embracing his role and staying positive. I like these dudes.
  2. I’m so glad they ran that so they could get him some space outside of a traditional pocket to show case his arm. Making throws the traditional way has never been his bag. Sprint outs, bootlegs, etc. Get him in some space and let it fly.
  3. I fully expect each of you to never consider another job even if they offer you better pay.
  4. A fast start was key. We can suffocate folks like the highest scoring team in the conference if we stay out of foul trouble, have disciplined possessions, make free throws and play this beautiful brand of defense to get on top early and hold onto it. Team basketball is going on right now and it’s been a beautiful evolution. Hope these guys can keep building.
  5. Yep but like you said great signs. Selfless, disciplined defense. Hopefully that really helps us more as we go through conference play.
  6. I wouldn't imagine they would change styles so drastically after having success with a program built with players pretty opposite of what Seth does.
  7. Josh White Tristan Thompson I really liked Michael Miller last yr.
  8. So great to see Lairamie on this list. That dude was so tough. Trice and him were a great duo. I won’t argue any of the list. It’s perfect. He wasn’t here long enough, but Eric Jenkins sure had great moments. And Kenny Buyers was a tackling machine, especially early. All that said, this list is correct.
  9. Fouts Apogee Cotton Bowl DKR Sanford (GA) Bill Snyder Family Razorback Rice GJF
  10. Congratulations and thank you for your service
  11. Lots of “young man”ing there.
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