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  1. At least they paid Apogee a nice compliment
  2. It takes time for players to develop. Especially after being away from the game for 6 years. He’s going to be fine. I’m more concerned about our heads. This team never looks inspired and never plays with great discipline.
  3. The defense actually looked pretty improved in the first half and received no help from the offense. I’d peg this on Seth and the offense before the D. They did crumble after awhile as usual. Our minds just haven’t been right. Seth has been solid schematically and recruiting wise. If it works out, he needs to find a motivator and somehow develop discipline. I’ve been a defender given the elements, but damn.
  4. Because things are so sad and boring around here (in large part rightfully so), I’ll say that even though we’ve rocked these plenty I’m still in love. We had such bad uni options for so long. I love that these have carved out their place. I do think the frequency has plenty to do with Covid budget and uniform production, but still, glad they’re around.
  5. Yeah it’s showing up on my guide under FSSW. That’s great! Much more accessible to the casual game surfer that the stuff we’ve been on.
  6. As with every week, take this all with a grain of salt. Coaches don't tend to put themselves at a competitive disadvantage by publishing information that can help their opponent to better prepare.
  7. Genuinely had the chance go run the table. LT was the start of a lot of disappointment. Forever grateful for the way I felt in Fayetteville though.
  8. Man, Rice, Memphis, Baylor, now us...Coogs now going to get ready for their fifth first opponent of the year. Fifth first, sounds like the name of a bank.
  9. Ok, I’d be fine with that. I honestly think he’d take the freedom of Ruston over the uptightness of NT politics but I would love to be wrong. He’s done great there. I do personally still have patience for Seth, especially in this year. But I’d absolutely take Skip.
  10. You’ve been getting pretty upset about your downvotes and eye rolls the last couple of days. Don’t worry about it.
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