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  1. And Hall and Guyton teamed up in LA, reunions abound.
  2. https://www.rallyhouse.com/North-Texas-Mean-Green-Chrome-Exes-Shaped-Car-Emblem-Silver-7020645 they’ve got these too which I have and love (even though deviant from NTAA logo)
  3. https://www.rallyhouse.com/North-Texas-Mean-Green-4x4-Inch-Auto-Decal-Green-57103254
  4. The new silver facade on the upper portion of the exterior in place of the brown is at least an upgrade. I think we can work with it but doesn’t sound like we will, which I get. Baseball being non revenue doesn’t mean it isn’t a loss leader in lots of cases. It can be viewed as an advertising expense for the Mean Green brand, especially if we do well. It sustains the energy of the end of the basketball season through the rest of the semester which is a great thing.
  5. Wren has said it’s not imminent but the repairs/remodeling required to modernize the Pit are more expensive than building a new facility but I agree that the entire idea is less about that and more about posturing and keeping up with the Joneses. There’s not a lot of authentic campus feeling stuff left to our athletic facilities and separating them entirely from campus with probably the busiest highway in America is a bummer. Will miss the feeling of walking by Clark or the Snake Pit on the way into a game. Mean Green Village is great and all but it’d be cooler if it was east of 35E.
  6. This is exactly where my head went too. That may turn out to be a great great thing.
  7. They were unreal tonight. Congrats. It was a game of runs in the second half and y’all made it count when it mattered most.
  8. Good stuff! Do note that the facemask will likely have a bar in the middle, lineman style. It's hard to tell in the picture but I ordered my dad a UH one from his era and realized later. If that's bothersome, you can always put a different one on there. You might also be able to email Joe to request a QB style.
  9. He’s definitely not anything like Fuller in terms of how you use him so that is a strange angle but I like him on any NFL squad, especially his hometown team!
  10. Pat Green was recently spotted wearing this one, though it's a red white and blue flag: https://www.tayhossdesigns.com/store/p54/texasflagtruckergreen.html This is kind of flat bill and not exactly the same but: https://www.zhats.com/products/ntxfla0010
  11. This is so crisp: https://417helmets.com/product/north-texas-mean-green-hayden-fry-tribute-riddell-speed-mini-football-helmet/
  12. Here you are http://www.joessportsconnection.com/tmacminihelmets.html
  13. The soc’s been hitting up the greasers pretty hard lately right? Been loving the trolling. Desperate clinging to the current success just a couple years removed from an asswhooping. Honestly I love having these trolls around. Fun stuff!
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