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  1. I know TCU lost a lot of their roster but having just played for a national championship and being this low proves that’s not a credible list. Especially with sack at 2.
  2. No. They are slimy and disgusting. Fake virtues. Laying with them will give us fleas.
  3. With sincerity, if you need meds get them. Don’t be so miserable. We have plenty going for us and a lot to look forward to. If you don’t feel that just pick something else!
  4. You overrated UTSA. Temple and Navy are both down. Memphis will finish higher. I say 7 or 8 for us but it’s anybody’s guess right now. So many unknowns.
  5. Let’s Ball State em on the hot turf!
  6. Undersized WR from Lubbock, TX? I think we have a chance at making a good connection.
  7. Lolz, okay bud. Good luck to your heart this year.
  8. The argument there would be that’s in Year 7 of a program in Conference USA vs Year 1 of a new program in a better conference. I agree in the expectations of 7+ wins but I think it’s important to point out that distinction here.
  9. I'm taking the 50% that you're just being sarcastic on this
  10. The Athletic is worth the $5/mo, I promise
  11. I’m all for baseball after the AC is done. I think we have the means to work through basketball practice facilities etc. I love the Pit and would love to see if survive somehow. I’d also love to see a more intimate arena. Bottom line is we have to do our part collectively as donors to see these things happen. What I like about baseball, apart from just being a fan. is it continues fan engagement which perpetuates moments for more fundraising. That said, I am all for a new arena at the same time and our basketball program deserves investment. We just need more dollars, attendance and investment. We way overdo the title ix compliance but I agree that some men’s Olympic sports are worth cutting for baseball. Golf must stay, we have a great history there and our guys can play.
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