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  1. Haven’t heard any injury report on him, but Tre has earned the snaps. He’s been treated as #1 since SMU even over Torrey. Nice to be deep.
  2. Last yr’s team was more well rounded and experienced than this team. I haven’t expected the same things I did last yr. Blowing it with LT, UAB and ODU was super depressing. SMU is much improved this yr. We played awful then and the first half of this one, but winning out from here (as unlikely as that is) would put this up as the greatest year in our history. 2 loss conference champ and bowl winner sounds great to me.
  3. I can assure you there were shorter routes bud. Yes.
  4. The only reason you’re griping about that is because that’s the route you saw. He threw the ball to the beat available sideline route to avoid grounding. If all routes were under 10 yards all defenders would be under 10 yards. The routes were there. The pressure was the issue.
  5. Yes, that’s the play that was called. The issue there was pressure on Mason. Plays have routes within them at various depths and various options based on coverage. If the quarterback is under pressure and can’t execute the play they throw it away sometimes to preserve field position. Did you play?
  6. Field position has been awful. Between bad defense, bad offense and bad special teams, we are giving them every opportunity for a short field.
  7. Downloaded the pac12 now app and logged in with normal dish credentials. Worked great.
  8. Did you do the Ultra package? Our game is on a sub channel called Pac12 Bay Area
  9. Agreed. You DO have to give a lot of credit to SMU. All their transfers have made them a much more talented team and I think they will have a strong yr. We relied heavily on upperclassmen on defense last yr and have been struggling to replace. The defense is bad. Bad bad. On top of being out of position and getting pushed wherever they wanted us to go, energy was also a concern. Beyond discipline, we need to see more fight out of these guys who are inexperienced on defense. Would’ve made the loss taste less disgusting.
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