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  1. There’s a confidence that comes with it is more my point but you’re right it’s potentially a slim benefit. We’ll see it play out.
  2. This is the overwhelming opinion I’m clinging to. Maturity, P5 experience and a seemingly steady personality and game. We need a stable captain during this transition and my money is on that guy. Get the ball to 1 and 16 when possible and keep the chains moving. If we protect him we can deal I bet.
  3. Thanks! I’d definitely buy it if it were an L or an M.
  4. Y’all are tough as hell. Thanks for posting. Best of luck the rest of the way other than if we meet again. Toppers made a fan of me today. Unreal hustle and I’m so proud that we were able to match it. The will to win was bleeding all over that court from every sneaker red or green.
  5. #22 for WKU was indeed a beast. They had a great team. A lot of respect for them. They were unbelievably defiant and tough. Made me even prouder to get this dub.
  6. No doubt! So much respect to WKU. They were incredible. Great effort all over the floor!!
  7. The three ball has been non existent and that has been the difference
  8. WKU is just flat out good. Very tough situation with Hamlet in foul trouble. Gonna take a lot to pull this off with how cold we’ve been especially from 3. Great game overall though. High effort from everyone and you have to appreciate that.
  9. all of the authentic Mean Joe jerseys I can find are autographed, which I don’t want so I can actually wear it. Does anyone know where I can find something like this that ISNT autographed? Joe Greene Autographed Jersey - Mean Unt North Texas #75 Throwback - JSA Certified - Autographed NFL Jerseys https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N0B45RT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_NRRwEbPE9T5XQ
  10. I think outside the top 10 or so we could beat anybody on any given day. Our non-con against ranked and/or p5 (OU gave Baylor fits btw) teams showed that to be possible. Not saying it’s likely, just saying we have a punchers chance for sure and that goes for LT and WKU too.
  11. I completely get your point but I do think the top pod this yr has some very capable teams. Especially the top 3 I feel could beat ALMOST anybody in the country on a given day. Not a fan of the pod system, just saying the upper crust in the league is solid this yr. If we can continue to build the program this way it will certainly add to the value WKU and ODU bring as basketball brands. LT has been consistent and Middle has put good teams together. Charlotte is certainly a basketball town. Lots of elements there for success and it’s easier to get there in basketball than football. Hoping some of those things come together.
  12. I love all three! And the second three I love too! The initial offering is perfect to me. They’re dead on about our font.
  13. Boy that was a tough presser. Ugh. Just wasnt right.
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