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  1. The offense put up great number last yr in spite of a challenging QB situation. Our OL has improved. Recruiting has been a bright spot. We are full of offensive playmakers and we at least moved on from a defensive scheme that didn’t work. More student interest. Better facilities. Best draft candidate in some time.
  2. The erosion of your confidence in Seth is damning. Always respect your takes and I’m right there with you. 😔
  3. Agree with the sentiment here, give it time, for sure honor him, Jersey retirements are sacred and should really be a once every 50 yr type talent but I think the practice is losing steam. Love the idea of immortalizing him and Mason in a ceremony half a decade from now.
  4. Some weird magic to him in final games (all games for that matter), going off against KState to close Fouts the year prior. I wish I could go back and really enjoy and appreciate his career. I was so bitter about how bad we were I took him for granted.
  5. How unceremonious that picture from his career day in front of three fans. Damn I wish we could’ve done better for that guy.
  6. I've driven Fords since I started driving and they've all done me great. Started with a Ranger, put close to 200K on an 05 F150 that I'm pretty sure is still running around with the construction guy I sold it to, and now am 120K in on a '13 F150 Ecoboost. I've also got an 82 F100 3.8L that still runs, though not great but slowly working on restoring.
  7. His fiery rage is a caricature of a bygone style. I’m all for discipline and accountability but he’s been too much even when those were still highly held values in the game.
  8. If that were true, known alcoholic Sark is the guy they hire to replace him?
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