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  1. Don’t see that happening before the end of the season at this point
  2. I don’t know the numbers and don’t feel like looking them up but 2 items come to mind: 1. More bowls and bowl wins (consistency year in and year out) 2. More players in the NFL feel free to fact check that but they always have talent...I admire the kids who go there to win in a crappy stadium in front of small crowds because they want to win. We swipe the credit card with all the infrastructure but never pay the debt with wins. I’m an SL supporter though and I think we need to build this brick by brick. Ref should be gone but I believe we need to keep our nose to the grindstone on this and we will see the results add up. Frustrating while we wait no doubt.
  3. Surely they won’t tolerate another g5 loss at this point.
  4. Not by extreme measures though. I’d have expected better rankings from them defensively.
  5. Wow, relatively evenly matched outside of their red zone defense. They’ve saved themselves when backed against a wall but they’ve sure had their back to the wall a lot.
  6. You've been pushing this and I'm with you. Seems to be happening naturally too, which is good. Skip agrees too, per their recent press conference: "This is one of those weeks that you would consider a rivalry week. This is a week that everybody has a bit more pep in their step and everyone is excited for. This is a game that traditionally both teams have had a tremendous amount of respect for each other. This game has come down to a field goal two years in a row – with them winning in our place two years ago and us being fortunate in coming away with a win over there last year. This is a game that creates a lot of energy and excitement, just when you say North Texas and Louisiana Tech because of the history, the rivalry and the competitive nature of these games when these two teams play." "North Texas is a team that was picked to win the west. They've got pretty much everybody back from last year, especially on the offensive side of the ball. They've got an awful lot of weapons. We know it's going to be an unbelievable challenge for us as a football team. It starts with the numbers they're putting up on offense. They're video game numbers and it starts with Mason Fine. He's competitive, tough, accurate and fun to watch play. I enjoy watching him play and have great respect for him. I have great respect for Coach Littrell and the job he's done with this program. I think there's a lot of mutual respect between our two programs. I'm very excited about this game." https://latechsports.com/news/2019/11/5/la-tech-weekly-football-press-conference-transcript-nov-5.aspx Some may say he's just peeing on our leg, but I don't think he says those kinds of things every week. Would be great if we can continue to compete with them and build on what's stoking.
  7. I was actually pondering this in the shower this morning and arrived at the same thoughts as the above. Needs some time to pass and get Haynes and King done first (like NOW).
  8. We’ve gotten more credit than we’ve deserved all season, especially after routing a doo doo team. That said, they’ve had a relatively weak schedule compared to ours and we can score with them, question is just if we can stop them. I’m not betting on it but I’m hoping for it.
  9. This screenshot shows FT...10/18
  10. Quality contributions across the board. If I had to complain about something I’d say 55% at the free throw line continues an issue that left a lot of points on the floor in previous yrs. I can’t ever understand a free throw percentage that bad. Proud of how they pulled away after a clunky start and they looked like they had fun. Hope they are gelling with the new faces. Good to have b-ball back!
  11. This defense won’t stop the Bulldogs. If we win it’s an absolute shootout. Don’t think it will go our way though. 49-38 LT.
  12. He actually had 3 TDs. Very surehanded and great after the catch.
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