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  1. I’m sure that may be the case, assuming the draft schedule stays the same (I doubt the NFL would want to move it). If so, that’s good for us as it makes the playing field more competitive.
  2. Indeed, I know you’ve more than done your part over the years.
  3. I’m sure the athletic department will (understandably) wait until the last minute to begin that process. No judgement whatsoever but I encourage those who are able to either leave your money in or at least make some form of a donation to do so. Things are going to be reeeeal tough up there. Were this a different era of Mean Green athletics I’d probably ask for my money back but Wren and co have worked so hard and we have come so far.
  4. Is there such thing as subject matter that isn’t politics these days?
  5. Yeah like liability lawsuits
  6. People who are pretending a season can successfully happen boggle my mind.
  7. Creating space for byes is a very big deal if this season has any chance of success so a good move - I seriously doubt we get very far into this thing though, sadly.
  8. There ain’t gonna be no ball this year anyway
  9. We are a season removed from back to back 9 win seasons and a win over an SEC team (yes I know they sucked but we dominated them). Last season was disgusting and the ‘18 season was a completely squandered opportunity but I feel like these are growing pains we need to ride out with a promising dude who is still finding himself as a head coach. Not into the idea of trading out at all. He has hopefully learned the staff personalities he needs to fit into the program more...I don’t think he’s the greatest motivator on the planet because he’s such a disciplined personality he has a hard time accepting that anyone would be any different so he needs assistants who connect with the players on a personal level to motivate so he can focus on his real talent which is scheme. We’ve brought in some solid classes but still have plenty of holes. I’m in the camp of being patient. We have a tremendous AD who is filling the gaps financially and facilities wise, they’re both young and learning. We are trending well still in my eyes. Another bad year obviously affects plenty, but we have a major void at quarterback and it’s not gonna be super smooth. I expect excellence ultimately but we are still crawling out of the butt of a undeniable gap in the college football landscape and there are uncountable nuances to the challenges we’ve historically faced. I’m grateful and optimistic.
  10. I love the way he is talking. Sounds like he’s going into the year with a ton of clarity about what he wants to do. Love having guys like that leading.
  11. There’s a confidence that comes with it is more my point but you’re right it’s potentially a slim benefit. We’ll see it play out.
  12. This is the overwhelming opinion I’m clinging to. Maturity, P5 experience and a seemingly steady personality and game. We need a stable captain during this transition and my money is on that guy. Get the ball to 1 and 16 when possible and keep the chains moving. If we protect him we can deal I bet.
  13. Thanks! I’d definitely buy it if it were an L or an M.
  14. Y’all are tough as hell. Thanks for posting. Best of luck the rest of the way other than if we meet again. Toppers made a fan of me today. Unreal hustle and I’m so proud that we were able to match it. The will to win was bleeding all over that court from every sneaker red or green.
  15. #22 for WKU was indeed a beast. They had a great team. A lot of respect for them. They were unbelievably defiant and tough. Made me even prouder to get this dub.
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