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  1. Firtitta is worth $5.5B. GBR is more than doing his part and I’m super grateful for him. We need to support financially how we all can to continue to take some pressure off the AD having to continue to knock on the same doors.
  2. Or maybe he wants to focus on having success and finding a home without having to explain himself.
  3. My dog is named Fouts and he’s unfortunately still with us.
  4. @GrandGreen I think you're thinking of Erric Pegram. Reggie Pegram was the transfer from Purdue. In 13 he was third leading rusher and Byrd was carrying a heavy load back then. In 14 he was certainly a contributor on a bad team. I think he's one of the better successes on the aforementioned list of transfers. He didn't light it up, but I think he was a solid player and a tough runner.
  5. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/schedule/2022
  6. Aria is great
  7. They’ve not been quite as crisp lately, new program being installed and they’re on their way to becoming homeless conference wise. That said, I don’t disagree with you and I always expect them to be good. Just assuming those things are factoring I to their theory here.
  8. Great find! Thanks for sharing. At the end of Clip 8 you can see the famous carrying of Coach by the players after the game. What glory! 💚sweller!
  9. By way of Louisiana is I'm sure why quadrupleagle said such
  10. Proud of that dude for his stepping up this yr. His presence on the floor was so significant and one of the major reasons I’m looking forward to next year.
  11. https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=1438045152974939&_rdr
  12. I respect the hell out of La Tech athletics for all the winning they do considering their little resources and leadership (which at times baffle me)…they are always so competitive. I’m not sure I’d want to continue a regular rivalry with them because they’re always a threat to beat us and will be in a perceived lesser conference. That’s says more about they’re ability to win than ours. The payoff just wouldn’t be there. I don’t know that we need a “regular” non con opponent now that we’ve bedded our ponies.
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