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Backlash At UNT Over Governor Abbott At Graduation

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It's a Netflix series about women's prison. It's a super kickass series except for the constant undertone that the producers don't believe any woman should ever be incarcerated for any reason.

Never heard of it. Is committed to a mental facility considered incarcerated?...




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So she is famous for being a transgender person who played a transgender person in a movie?

Again, I really can't see her speech being about anything other than being transgender? If that's the case, that is a political speech.

Now, if she had come to speak about thermonuclear war, finance, the business model that made her successful, or any other topic and just HAPPENED to be transgender, that would be completely different.

Yuck. She lost my vote based on this alone:

Cox spoke about her life and journey through transition. She described her experiences being bullied almost every day from preschool to high school, because of the way she expressed her gender. For most of her childhood she dealt with name calling and being shamed by classmates, members of her church, her teachers, and even her own mother.

Though it took awhile for her mother to understand and accept what being transgender was, especially during Cox' s transition process after college, she is now quick to correct those who use the wrong gender pronoun when talking about Cox.

During her lecture, Cox continually encouraged love, empathy, and understanding. She also gave chilling statistics about the high suicide and homicide rates for transgender women, particularly transgender black women, to make the audience understand how far hate can go.

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The facts are, young people as a whole, do not agree with the republican party. To me, the reasons are obvious, but its clear most people in this thread are too old to understand why that is. Get off your high horses, if wendy davis came to speak, it would be met with the exact same resistance from you people, the people who are claiming the left are "intolerant" because they disagree with a right wing politician speaking at their commencement.

If someone protested loudly to the media about not going to listen to Governor Wendy Davis, they would look like just as big a loser as those complaining to the media about Greg Abbott. Shockingly, I didn't get on a high horse to make this very opinionated statement.

Your post above is just your way of trying to make the current douchebags who are causing this issue to embarrass the university to be somehow understandable, probably because they are "on your side" politically. Guess what, if you defend this kind of stupidity (left or right), you're part of the problem in this country right now. All we do is demagogue others and never even listen to their views in a respectful manner. Just get to the media first or to your online social media group as fast as possible to create more angst. The country is more divided than ever--we literally have the least amount of cohesiveness ever as an American people. I don't know for certain that it will hurt our country even more in the future, but I know its not going to make it healthier, either. Civil debates and peaceful protests are one thing--obnoxious, run-to-your-favorite-media-outlet-and whine-without-showing-respect reactions are the polar opposite.

I am a pretty strong Catholic--yet I often listen to speakers who look at the world in a very different way than my Catholic theology teaches if the topic interests me. Why? Because its the right thing to do, even if it makes my blood boil. I need to understand that view point better if I want to re-affirm my own view or to ask myself if that is a valid thought. My pastor at our church often talks about listening to other viewpoints, if for no other reason than to show others that you can respect their right to think differently. Now, if a Satanist shows up to defend his view in some talk, I don't have any interest to hear it, so I don't go. But I sure as hell don't cry to the media about it, like a child. I act like an adult and allow for adults to determine if a speaker is deemed worthy or valuable to the audience, which usually is shown by the crowd that shows up and its reaction to said speaker. If you go to a free speech, one protected by the Bill of Rights, just to shout it down or to interrupt it because you disagree with it, you're just an idiot--a selfish one, too. At least let someone speak their mind if they are invited, just as you would if you invited a guest into your home. If we followed that kind of logic, I have zero doubt that we would be a lot more civil toward each other today--insted of this "gotcha" mentality that exists in our society now, which provides absolutely no value whatsoever, in my opinion.

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I have nothing mild mannered to say about these idiots other than saying I have nothing mild mannered to say.

Oh and Laverne Cox's speaking engagements are nothing but political. It's a highly controversial well talked about political point that she comes and spreads into the ears of vulnerable college students.

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He really is nice in person. Never lets you go without a beer and 99 44/100% less crazy (but still a little crazy). Just watch yourself in the bathroom stalls during games.


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How sad that this generation can't even listen to opposing viewpoints and hates those that hold those opinions. When I was in school, Jesse Jackson was trying to get the Democratic nomination to run for president. He came to my school to make a campaign speech. This wasn't a graduation speech so I wasn't forced to go if I wanted to walk. So even though I disagreed with him on most political points, I CHOSE to go listen to him. I didn't try to get him banned from campus and as far as I know, no one else did either.

Why did I go?

1) He was a national figure giving a speech. That's something you want to see.

2) He had a reputation as a good speaker. He lived up to that reputation

3) He had an opinion worth listening to. He had legitimate grievances and political points to make especially at the time more than 25 years ago.

I disagreed with his methods of addressing those grievances and political priorities, but it was definitely a speech worth attending. I broadened my world view, learned about others' concerns, and learned how they wanted to address them. Perhaps some of his ways to resolve issues I could accept. Perhaps some of his issues could be resolved another way that I would like. Perhaps the only thing that I could gain is I understand his viewpoint even if I totally disagreed with it.

But without respecting the man and his opinions, how would I know any of the above?

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I would not let the speaker destroy my years of hard work. I'd put my head phones on, turn up some Metal and listen to something I enjoy.

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