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  1. You said so yourself in your previous post and in this post. Maybe you should stop trying to be a funny guy (You are not funny) and injecting humor into serious subjects. You find this humorous as well?
  2. So I guess violence and rioting and destruction of others property is only bad if someone is killed? Sad..
  3. I agree, thelse people are complete losers just like the fascist at Berkley destroying property because they didn't want to hear Ann Coulter speak. I refuse to call then antifa because they are definitely fascist in wanting to control what others think, say, and hear. No extremists are completely innocent of violence.
  4. GreenMachine

    Does TheWren Check GMG?

    There is also a good chance the Russians aren't posting here but people will claim they are for the next 4 years.
  5. GreenMachine

    Does TheWren Check GMG?

    Do you think someone that donates $50 deserves to be listened to as much as someone that donates $1000? 99.37% of the postings on this board are complete and utter gibberish. Yes, that includes my stupid nonsense as well. Go back and read some of the irrational crap that gets discussed here and you will understand why WB and staff should stay clear of this constant circle jerk. Like I stated before, nothing of decent substance comes from this forum. It took him one visit to understand our lack of understanding in many areas.
  6. Do we want our athletic village close to that crap hole? They will bring our property values down.
  7. GreenMachine

    Does TheWren Check GMG?

    I have a lot of acquaintances that are fans and none of them have been on this site or even heard of it. I think a small handful of fans frequent the board, most fans get there fix other ways. Most of us aren't just sports idiots, we are idiots in general.
  8. GreenMachine

    Fire & Fury

    Your mad because I asked you to point out where I was wrong in stating that Barry drew a line in the sand and that Barry recanted his line. That is not being a fake know it all, it's being correct. Actually I am in finance but whether it's finance or insurance, you are an asshole.
  9. GreenMachine


    Has anyone seen @Cerebus@GreenMachineand @Ben Goodinghaving ice cream together?
  10. GreenMachine


    @Harryplease remove @Cerebusfrom his admin duties. Cleary the pressure has gotten to him. Do it for his sanity.
  11. GreenMachine

    Message board fun

    I heard you were all handsome but confused. Not sure what they meant by that.
  12. GreenMachine

    Fire & Fury

    So to summarize this entire thread, you are an asshole.
  13. GreenMachine

    Fire & Fury

    No, wrong again. You piped in when I made the statement about Barry drawing a line in the sand with Syria and backing down. You got butthurt but still haven't pointed out where I was wrong. In fact, idiosyncrasies and all, I was 100% correct.
  14. GreenMachine

    When will we get a new uni announcement?

    New uni announcement coming tomorrow. The anticipation is incredible.
  15. GreenMachine

    Fire & Fury

    He does it often. Very hypocritical in my opinion.