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  1. I feel the same way. But I am very grateful we have options outside of staying in CUSA.
  2. Why would GH come back and be an OC at UNT when he is already at USC? Thats worse then a lateral move.. If he was offered the Head job that makes more sense..imo
  3. It tells me that those rankings are opinions... not fact.
  4. No Throwback this week...Yay!
  5. Dang thats sick! How did you get that?
  6. I wonder what is a realistic time in years/decades we will be in a P5 conference... What do yall think?
  7. I also have a black one that I got at rally house...where did you get yours?
  8. The stadium store did sell a similar one to this. It was the exact same style shirt but the eagle logo was a lot smaller and was not all white. See my picture below 🙂
  9. Me currently looking at these tweets. lol
  10. Denton County Hamburger is a must IMO... 715 Sunset St
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