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  1. Bowl losses don't make a coach bad. SL has turned our entire program around on and off the field he has got people to buy in like no other coach I have seen at UNT.
  2. We are getting very little pressure on the LaTech QB. He is sitting in the pocket being patient. Cmon defense.
  3. Lets Go Those are FIRE!!!! GO MEAN GREEN! That would be awesome if we can buy the throwback Jersey.
  4. ARK qb is not very good. Throws in double coverage constantly...I love it!
  5. On the SEC ALT channel my guide says TBA. So it should be on the alternate channel at 3. But if its not then it better be on Watch ESPN or I will be upset.
  6. In what ways are you talking about?
  7. They are clueless. Dan Orlovsky is as good of announcer as he is a QB LOL what a joke!
  8. It will be shown on ESPN Plus which is a paid subscription. But they have a free 7 day trial so take advantage of that!
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