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  1. No we wore all white vs utep. This time we are wearing a green helmet
  2. I am so sick of watching Trieb do absolutely nothing on the pass rush.
  3. PUNT the ball! We were not even past our own 40 yet... smh
  4. Wish I could roll my eyes and down vote this comment alas I can only choose one....
  5. Well not everyone graduated when it was NTSU... I graduated from UNT. We need to embrace the present and the future not continue with the past because thats how it was for over 100 years. Also, I am not saying drop North Texas as a whole just add on University of North Texas and stick with the acronym UNT because that is the name of our university.
  6. I disagree. We are not "North Texas" we are University of North Texas. Therefore, UNT would be much more appropriate on the helmets. We need to get rid of the North Texas tag. UNT is the name our school is trending and we need to continue to follow that approach similar to UCF, USF etc.
  7. You and I are on the same page. Why not get under center and run the dang ball or do a QB SNEAK???!!! Is it that difficult?
  8. Littrell refers to the lack of execution from the players multiple times. If player execution continues to be the issue then at what point do we look inward at the coaches and play calling? If the execution is continuing to fail then quality coaches will adjust and put the athletes in a different positions to be successful. I am sick of hearing about lack of execution. Littrell was asked about the play calling inside the redzone and he said that he didnt feel like anything should have been called different but players have to execute better. Im so sick of hearing that. Coaches need to be held accountable for not adjusting and helping the players be successful. Sorry if this was repetitive I'm just sick of hearing his same old stuff.
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