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  1. The girls started VERY slowly vs UTA. They pressed and our guards had a miserable time. We make a lot of bad passes. Davis struggled the most and I don't think she or Moore played the second half. Our inexperience at guard reminds me of the team a couple of years ago that had 2 freshmen guards. They took a lot of growing pains, but last year was the result. It is also hurting us that we are missing Mallard. We only have 2 players with any height and if our opponent can match up on the other forwards, we have a hard time. UTA had several big girls. On the bright side, Lampkin is playing well. Johnson is beginning to contribute. Boles has gotten better every game. Hardaway is figuring it out. Moore had her first bad night and she has played well up to this point. Davis has a lot of talent. And Quincy is very good. It is hard to completely turn over the roster and at times it looks like we have 9 new players that have not meshed yet. Give this some time and it will be better.
  2. So tired of these..... so very, very tired.....
  3. On a positive note, we averaged over 19K for just the 9th time in our history. We had 19,205 at our 6 home games. Five of our best 9 are under Littrell. The others are 2 under McCarney and 2 under Matt Simon.
  4. Boles and McGruder were both key. Their continued growth will be critical for how this season goes. Also, this team makes free throws. Boles made 3 out of 4 when the game was getting close.
  5. I'm not surprised. Every one of our programs looks at the character of the individual as well as the athletic performance. Character matters at NT. I am proud that we put academics at the front of our athletic program. Congratulations to all our coaches and our administration for supporting these students where it will matter the most.
  6. This is only for the first 6 years. It can be refigured after that. Perhaps it will since your redesign is good too.
  7. Every year rival games are NT-SMU, UAB-Memphis, Rice-UTSA, Charlotte-East Carolina, Navy-Temple, Florida Atlantic-South Florida, Tulsa-Tulane
  8. Just another name to add to the ignored users list.
  9. OMG, can we quit with this? Enjoy the season. Let the people that make this decision actually make this decision.
  10. It is nice that this has become an expectation and not a goal. Now go win a conference championship. It won't be easy, but nobody expected it would be.
  11. Got my first look at the 2022-2023 girls basketball team yesterday. Here are my thoughts. Starters: #0 Quincy - Same as before. Don't give her an open look and yesterday she made some really nice passes #1 Kendall - She has been in the weight room. Last year she looked like a high school kid. This year she has added more muscle and can still move. She is going to have a really nice year. #5 Davis - Did not look out of place as a freshman in her first college action. #20 Moore - Wow. She is going to be the best point we have had in a while. She looks like the real thing. #24 Lampkin - Seems to have slimmed down a bit. She moved well and looks like she can carry the minutes inside with Mallard getting healthy. Bench: #14 Cleary - Time for her to step up and play more minutes. She looks like she can. Her shot was off a little last night, but she has shown in the past that she can score. #22 Loudermill - got better as the game went along. She will help off the bench without a big drop-off from the starters. #35 Johnson - This one worries me a bit. She did not play well and did not seem to want to be coached. Lots of body language issues that made me wonder if she has attitude too. If that doesn't get fixed, she won't be coming off the bench for long. #12 Boles - My guess is that she continues to play more until Mallard gets back. She was fine on defense but she gets bounced around a little. I couldn't tell how much she can contribute on offense. It was a good start for the girls, but there are a lot of things to clean up on defense. This was a good one to get on film and I would think most of the mistakes are easily correctable.
  12. Only the 4th Mean Green alumni to play for the Dolphins. The others are Abner Haynes (toward the end of his career), Patrick Cobbs, Nate Brooks, and now Jeffrey Wilson. Now I need a Dolphins throwback Jeffrey Wilson jersey under the Christmas tree.
  13. The winner of Rice/UTEP will probably get bowl eligible. The loser probably won't. MTSU could win out and end up 8-4. UAB has a good defense. Can they score on SA? I say probably not enough and they end up without enough wins to be eligible.
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