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  1. I noticed today that every time a car drives by or someone walks by with a pig displayed, I get the urge to smile. This is unlike when someone displays a gelding where I get the urge to shoot the finger.
  2. The one that plays the most will be whomever excels at pass protection and ball security.
  3. He saved us last year. Hope he can do it again and we get him some help. When we can run it, it opens up everything else. He makes a difference.
  4. Kerr freshman year. It was a zoo. Never would have graduated if I had stayed there. McConnell for the next three. McConnell was upperclassmen back then with 24 hour quiet on the third floor.
  5. My guess would be a reworking of the courtside seats. Maybe the long table is history?
  6. Apparently Mitchell had career ending foot surgery. Still no word on Tatum.
  7. Just looking at the ladies roster, there are two names missing from last year. Velma Mitchell and Tatum Henderson are no longer listed on the roster. Anyone know what happened? Mitchell played plenty and Henderson came off the bench late in blowouts. Somebody, do tell...
  8. There is absolutely no way that SMU will ever allow this to happen. They have and always will look down their noses at us and would rather cancel the program than to admit that we are equals in any way. To be in a conference with us is unthinkable to them. I'm not sure I would want to anyway. We complain now about natural rivals. Other than SMU and Houston that we play anyway, name one school that would attract our alumni attention. I can't see our Mean Green nation getting any more excited about playing Temple or Tulane than they do Middle Tennessee or Western Kentucky.
  9. If they don't want to play us home and home, then I don't want to schedule the series. I don't care how big or how much money. Home and home only.
  10. Interesting choice... go to Colorado and get your butt kicked on a regular basis where no family can come see you play or go to North Texas and win where your family can drive to nearly every game. My grandmother would say not to let your eyes get bigger than your stomach. Same can be said for P5. He will be in the transfer portal soon enough.
  11. I completely disagree with this decision. These girls earned the right to play postseason. I'm disappointed for them not to have the opportunity.
  12. Goodhart actually starts, but she tends not to play as the game progresses. Cali shoots better than Grace and is bigger. Our coaches do a good job with matchups and playing to each girls strength.
  13. Had not won there since 2008. Chance to take the series tomorrow. Go Mean Green!!!
  14. Why does everyone worry about letting someone from close by "get away"? Did you want to stay home for college or go away? There was a good DL I coached that was offered by us and SMU. He went to La Tech because it was far but not too far. Don't worry about it. Just get better players every year than you got last year.
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