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  1. Goodhart actually starts, but she tends not to play as the game progresses. Cali shoots better than Grace and is bigger. Our coaches do a good job with matchups and playing to each girls strength.
  2. Had not won there since 2008. Chance to take the series tomorrow. Go Mean Green!!!
  3. Why does everyone worry about letting someone from close by "get away"? Did you want to stay home for college or go away? There was a good DL I coached that was offered by us and SMU. He went to La Tech because it was far but not too far. Don't worry about it. Just get better players every year than you got last year.
  4. With both of the last two games on the road, I have not been able to see the girls. My take on both games is that we may not have the depth to finish games against the top teams in the conference. We are MUCH better than we have been. We are probably another year of experience away from sitting at the top ourselves.
  5. Guyton was good but not great this year. I don't think he was ever the same after the targeting vs Army last year. What he did before that play will be hard to replace. What he did after that play...well, not so much. We will be fine.
  6. We will fine and so will he. And he is already the modern day Sears Woods to me. I was there.... and it was incredible. I'm more worried about replacing him as a punt catcher than as an inside receiver.
  7. So that only leaves money games at Texas A&M in 2020, Missouri in 2021, and Wisconsin in 2025. I'm okay with ending all those series. Future home and home with Houston, Cal, Baylor, Tulane, Wyoming, Army, and Texas Tech. I'm glad we are telling people to come to Denton or we are not interested.
  8. Lots of people, but not Lawson. Just go back and watch him in the CBI Tournament. We were and are better without him. He is a talented player, but often that is not all there is to the equation.
  9. Watching the way their players acted during the game, particularly #32, I do not feel sorry for them. Karma Owls, just karma.
  10. This is not unexpected. When 4 play in front of you and 3 of them are back, it doesn't look good for future playing time. I wish him well.
  11. Leaving for another job or just not coming back? We all know there is a difference.
  12. How is the opponent even relevant? The FACT is that athletics does not control usage at the Pit.
  13. GrandGreen, I have a suggestion. Next time you see Wren, ask him who schedules use of the Pit and who has priority if there is a conflict.
  14. This is absolutely true. We built it with academic funds and not athletic. That is why our girls basketball team had to play a home game at TWU just a couple of years ago. The academic side needed the Pit and took it. Another example is how miserable the Mean Green Club room under the pit looked for years. The academic side would not allow the athletic side to upgrade the room. Years ago, the Longhorns and Aggies built their facilities with academic money. The legislature then changed the law so nobody else could too. Every other school in Texas has been scrambling to catch up ever since. We did what we had to do at the time to get it built. But, the academic side of the university has generally been uncooperative when it comes to upgrading the Pit. The Pit is an arena that can host a basketball game when not in use otherwise.
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