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  1. I remember meeting the team at the airport after this win. Good times.
  2. With the depth issues we have had, I am glad she can help. Get your tickets now. The girls are going to be good.
  3. There is some sort of black hole/disturbance in the time warp continuum in El Paso. I don't remember any of our teams EVER playing well there.
  4. Every team runs RPO. The only time you would see a coach not ready for it was a few years ago in the NFL. Now, every team runs it.
  5. It makes all the difference. After the Longhorns and the Aggies built their athletic facilities, the legislature passed laws forbidding the use of tax dollars for athletic facilities. We got around that by building an "auditorium" for academic use. The athletic department has to rent the facility any time we use it. The athletic department cannot upgrade the facility since we do not own it. Case I point are the minimal Mean Green rooms. And what makes you think we played an exhibition game against a conference opponent in March? We badly need a basketball arena we control. It
  6. He sat next to me at a game a couple of years ago at a game. When he introduced himself I said "Ron Battle, the original Iowa End". He seemed very proud that I knew that. He said he injured his knee and could not get into a stance, so Coach Fry just had him stand up. I told him that was not the way I remembered the story. He seemed puzzled. I told him that the way I remembered it was that he wasn't going to block anybody anyway so Coach Fry just had him go ahead and stand up. His buddies all got a big laugh. Ron did not laugh quite as much. UNT legend. He seemed to be
  7. Again, the problem with the Pit is that the academic side owns it. They have been almost completely uncooperative when it comes to updating. When the academic side kicked the women's team out of a home game and we had to play at TWU, enough was enough. We need a new arena across the highway ASAP.
  8. I am a middle school teacher. I got it the first week students came back on campus face to face. I had morning cafeteria duty the first day students came back. I had to tell the kids over and over to wear the mask over their nose too or to pull it up. It was a constant issue telling them to wear the mask in the classroom (they want to take it off at their seats). I had afternoon bus duty that same day. It was a mask free zone when they were waiting on their parents - not because we allowed it, but they would not listen. I tested positive at the end of the week. I have not been b
  9. Speaking as someone who currently has Covid, it is the real thing. It is relentless and EVERY step should be taken to keep it from spreading. If it means we cancel a football game, then we cancel. If you think it isn't real or isn't that bad, then I would guess you probably have not had it.... and I hope you don't.
  10. I hope they lose every game they play, in every sport, in the worst possible way, until the end of time. And the same now goes for the Astros. I wish both of them nothing but failure and misery.
  11. It will come down to three things: 1) Can we get off the field on 3rd down 2) Can we keep them from hitting the home run ball on our secondary 3) Can we run the ball at all
  12. We also beat UTA in their last football game, but that one was in Denton.
  13. He has been passed by better recruiting. I am not worried at all to see him in another jersey.
  14. What I liked: Our corners were better than anything we ran out there last year. We played several and changed them repeatedly to keep them fresh. The last group of freshmen are not ready. It was obvious last year game 1 that we were in trouble in the secondary. Maybe not so much this year. We also did not show much variety in scheme (probably because we did not have to). I also liked that we seem to have moved a couple of guys to safety that were not playing there last year. Cam and Gibbs both were much better at safety. I think last year we were asking them to play out of position
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