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  1. Why should I care? He does not play for us because he did not want to play for us. This is like keeping up with your ex girlfriend that dumped you for someone she thought was better looking. Move on.
  2. Only one statue is deserved... for now. Joe has served our university for decades. Mason has been and will be an awesome ambassador for our school. Time will tell if he gets a statue, but to match Joe it will be a long hill to climb.
  3. I was impressed with Wise and Jackson. Both of them will be studs by the time they finish at NT.
  4. We took him off KO returns when we lost Rico. It was looking like he would play a lot more on offense. Turns out that our freshmen WR are playing well enough and Torrey got hurt, so he is back returning kicks. He is probably the guy I root for the most on our team. When we were 1-11 his senior year of high school, he stuck with us the whole way. I want him to have all the success possible. He bleeds green.
  5. Homecoming crowds: 2010 - 14718 2011 - 17815 2012 - 17534 2013 - 26119 2014 - 20957 2015 - 19801 2016 - 21643 2017 - 26108 2018 - 25379 2019 - 22548
  6. Not HOF if you transfer to another school, even if you graduate. Nice player. Good kid. Glad he went here. Not HOF.
  7. Going. Great experience last time. Looking forward to it again.
  8. I believe the recruits were on the sideline for pregame and went into the stands as the team went into the locker room. There were a lot of them.
  9. The 1st quarter problems stem from several areas. Against SMU, they were playing us with 5 in the box most of the time. They were man to man on all four receivers and had two deep safeties. We refused to run the ball until the 2nd quarter. When we started running the ball, we maintained possession and started to score. Against Cal, they were playing us with 6 in the box. Our problems in the 1st quarter against them was running side to side. Cal's defense is VERY fast. We could do everything right and they would just run is down. Starting in the second quarter, we started running the ball downhill. This negates a lot of speed and we started having a lot of success. On defense against SMU, we played a lot of man to man on the corners and tried to drop a safety into the box to help with the run. Our corners are not that good and we were badly exposed. We never adjusted. On defense against Cal, we played a lot of zone. Cal gave us a lot of empty sets to pull defenders out of the box. Once we were lighter in the box, the QB run lanes appeared. It is a case of picking your poison. We adjusted to what they were doing for the most part. I don't know what our coordinators are seeing on film, but it seems to me like you would notice that Cal's defense is fast and SMU has a QB and two receivers that are good.
  10. I agree. I've often said the most welcoming opposing fans were Arkansas State and Southern Miss. I would add Cal to that list.
  11. The bigger, stronger, faster team doesn't always win, but that is the way to bet - Coach D. Bates 1978 (he was my freshman football coach) He also said "You can trick them for a while, but sooner or later you find out who's the biggest, strongest, and fastest" And finally, Coach Bates gave me the best advice of all. He said "Keep your outside arm and leg free at all times." Coach Bates was a great philosopher.
  12. I agree. If you have corners that struggle on an island, then don't put them on an island. If they play 5 in the box, run it until they quit it. If your defense line is getting blown back, get them on the move. I think it is obvious we have some kids that are going to have trouble playing in last year's scheme. As coaches, you have to ask your kids to do what they can do. And catch the ball. Too many drops by people we count on to come up big.
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