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  1. I would guess you have to empty your bench at some point for it to be a blowout. We kept our regulars in the game the entire time. But yes, a twenty point win is a butt whipping.
  2. As you should. I would rather take my chances with someone who is unselfish.
  3. Charlene has the talent. I think it is about attitude. After the loss to SM, she and Anisha were laughing. After the win yesterday, she was clearly pissed. What comes first for her?
  4. I am 100% confident that we contend for the conference title next year.
  5. They kept fighting. Coach Mitchell is working hard. Totally different game plan from Thursday and the girls executed. Nobody panicked at the end. Mims played great defense and Townley actually took some shots. The freshmen on this team are growing up.
  6. When he didn't show up on the sideline as the season progressed, it was telling. Glad we had him, but I think the Mean Green have moved on. Hope someone signs him to a FA contract. Also hope his knee is recovered enough to have a shot.
  7. If you meant Trena, she is a turnover machine. A year from now she won't play much. She still plays hard as and cares, but she has gone backward this year.
  8. I think this team has some attitude issues. After the game, Charlene and Anisha were laughing it up. We had 9 players tonight. I think 7 of them still care about the team. I think #11 and #42 are mailing it in. Townley will not shoot the ball. She also got pushed around tonight. She is a one trick pony. If she cannot rebound, she cannot help. Fortunately, our best players are freshmen.
  9. Seems to me he is just down the depth chart. He played non-conference. He and Jackson will both be great for us. But for now, maturity matters.
  10. I'm guessing that this site also was looking for the most out of date logo.?.
  11. I think she got crossways with Coach Mitchell. She was in the stands for a couple of games after she disappeared from the bench. I wouldn't look for her to return.
  12. Wait, you are telling me that another former SWC school is still cheating? Shocking.
  13. This is one area I think we could do a much better job of advertising. When you go to La Tech, they are advertising guys that don't even play in the league anymore as if they are current. To my knowledge, we don't advertise any of our players in the NFL on game day.
  14. Clara Campbell. Averaged 17.8 points per game and led us to our only NCAA tournament. Still our all time leader in blocked shots. Still holds the single season record for points.
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