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  1. It seems like early in the year we had him at the point and Hamlet at the 2. We got good when Coach switched them. It is obvious to anyone watching the games that he can only play the point in spurts. If Hamlet needed a break or got into foul trouble, he could run the point for a bit. But, to have him do it for a season is not in the cards. Why can't winning be enough? You are an important part of a conference champion and that isn't enough for you? Oh well, we will win with or without him.
  2. This is an area where better play could improve our defense quickly. Improvement may come from a different scheme. We consistently played 3 down linemen (there was actually one game last year where we played 2). We seldom got any pass rush from our interior, even when we slid the front. To get pressure, we had to bring people from the second level and play man in the secondary. We got exposed in man coverage when we tried to stunt. Short, fat, and slow is no way to go through life or a season. We have to be more athletic with our front.
  3. My guess is the Bean starts and the QB run game is actually part of the offense. We quit running Mason during his Sophomore year. With the depth we have, losing Bean to an injury isn't as big of a deal as losing Mason would have been. I look for 3 of them to play early since we don't have Spring ball. I also look for at least 2 of them to transfer at the end of the season. Too many are the same age.
  4. True or False: Every conference has to have a mechanism to award the automatic bid in case the conference tournament cannot be played. True or False: Conference USA awards the automatic bid to the regular season champion in case the conference tournament cannot be played. True of False: Conference USA cancelled the tournament and according to conference and NCAA rules, North Texas is awarded the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. True or False: The Conference USA tournament was cancelled and the bid awarded prior to the NCAA cancelling their tournament. Hint: all the answers are true. North Texas was awarded the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Pay the man the $25000 and put up two banners.
  5. He should get the NCAA bonus of $25,000. The CUSA tournament was cancelled granting us the automatic bid. Put up the banner and pay the man.
  6. I got a notice today giving the two options of Mean Green Club donation or refund.
  7. Agree. We put up both the CUSA banner and the NCAA banner.
  8. The girls just keep getting better. They were outscored in the first quarter by 2. They won every other quarter including 18-10 in the third. They made enough free throws down the stretch to finish off UTEP. They are peaking at the right time. Great job by Coach Mitchell and her staff.
  9. The best part is that we won't have to play BOTH La Tech and WK. Don't care how the rest of it lays out. I would like to know the times of the games.
  10. I'm with them on the officiating. I hate it when there is a big game and suddenly the game is called differently than every other game. They are trying not to impact the game, but when they won't call ANYTHING it does impact the game.
  11. I hate to keep being right (no I don't) but Coach Mitchell and her staff have been doing great things with this team. We'll make some noise in the conference tournament. We will be in the hunt for the conference title this time next year.
  12. And there you have the stupidity of extra conference games. We should already be the #1 seed.
  13. It took them a long time today to lay off the change up. Lots of pop ups and balls weakly hit. Most of these girls at the top of the lineup hit better last year. I think the hitting will come around.
  14. Second win at La Tech, but your point still stands
  15. GrandGreen, just out of curiosity and not being critical, but were you at the game yesterday?
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