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  1. Is it against the rules to put a #GMG on it or something else to indicate North Texas?
  2. I, for one, am glad. Regardless of who was to win, we were going to have a covid outbreak ourselves. Better to cancel one non-conference game than to deal with that. And yes, like it or not, it is the world we live in now.
  3. This is an area that makes me very proud of my school. We graduate our athletes and we don't cheat. Outstanding job to all our athletes, coaches, and admin. Go Mean Green.
  4. Yes. This is a thing. We will lose recruiting battles if it looks like we have no confidence in our coach. Recruits all think they will start right away and that the coach will be there forever. But no kid wants to go to a school where the admin gives a vote of no confidence to a coach by not extending his contract past the time the player will be there. Yes, this is a thing and it will hurt us every time and with every coach if not corrected. And I coached at the high school level for 27 years and talked to my players. This is a thing.
  5. Those of us that have been around long enough certainly understand the frustration of being an independent with a good record and no bowl invitation. In 1977 we were 9-2 (eventually 10-1 after the Miss St forfeit) and no bowl bid because we beat the crap out of La Tech right before the Independence Bowl. The bowl wanted no part of us doing that again and we were left out. Our coach left us right after that. All that being said, better them than us.
  6. I just keep thinking that if anyone in our conference gets left out, it would be a 6-6 (4-4) Middle Tennessee team that lost to ODU to end the season. And since MT already has their invite, surely we will get one.
  7. I would hate to see an outbreak among our players and coaches. If he has it, some of his team does as well. This is not going to turn out well.
  8. CUSA has 7 bowl spots. There are 7 CUSA teams with 6 wins. Maybe they can just do the math.
  9. I agree. I think he made some really good hires at first. Then his assistants got raided. I don't think it hurt us as much from GH leaving as an OC as it did as a QB coach. Seth can do that too, but the HC should be everywhere in practice. You also have to consider the program that Seth took over. In the previous 21 years, we had 16 losing seasons including a stretch were we won 13 games over 6 years. That is hard to overcome when you are recruiting. Early on he got some good transfers and JUCO's to go with Fine. But if you look at our classes lately, he has done very well. There is also the thing with K-State. It is rare for a coach to openly talk to another school and recover with the one he is at. I think he may have finally gotten over it here. It sure would be nice to have a coach not get $$ in their eyes and decide to stay and win a while.
  10. I have looked, and I might have missed one, but I think Saturday was the 5th time we have defeated a 10 win team. The others were: 1999 vs. Boise St (10-3), 2013 vs Ball St. (10-3), 2013 vs Rice (10-4), 2017 vs Army (10-3) What a great time to be Green.
  11. My favorite was the dropped touchdown on the first drive. We motioned the tailback out to that side and set it up perfectly. The pass was dropped, but you could see that our coaches were finding flaws in the UTSA scheme and knew how to exploit them. That is when I first thought we had a good chance.
  12. This is the kind of kid I do not mind seeing in the portal. He came here, gave it his best, and does not see playing time in his future. This is what the portal should be, not a place for OU to recruit a starting point guard that was starting for us. To this young man I say thank you and good luck.
  13. I'm guessing that Long Island University isn't a qualifying win? Again guessing they have not been FCS long enough? Both Miami and West Virginia have wins over LIU. So, for bowl purposes, they are 5-6? Would they be lumped in with the other 5-7 teams and invited based on academics? Anyone know how this works?
  14. The portal is working exactly like the big schools intended. Schools like NT are merely farm teams. In the old days, they would hide a kid in JUCO until they were ready for him. Now he plays in a P5 league until they are ready. It will not change because, according to them, it is working perfectly.
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