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  1. No it doesn't. He was awful as a corner. He didn't play corner for a second this year. Bye Dude. Hope you are playing corner on our schedule next year.
  2. Not an attidude thing on either one. An attitude part on the one that walked off the court when she was taken out. Lack of hustle at times and she appeared to be uncoachable often. Poor attitude. I hope we play the team she ends up on.
  3. Best players play. If he can't get on the court and stay, he might as well transfer. Good luck elsewhere. When did being a role player become a bad thing?
  4. So what. Have we really missed her? Tons of talent, but never put it all together. Got passed by younger/better players.
  5. The problem was never her talent. I suspected she had quit. She can go. Hate to say it, but we are playing better without her. She won't be the last one.
  6. Where are those girls? I think I saw Shepherd and Jones in the seats behind the team. Any word on why they aren't playing?
  7. They are legit. Lots of depth. We will be top 3 in the conference.
  8. Two wins on the road to start conference. The girls are for real.
  9. The last time we played Houston in Fouts was 1998. U-La-La in 2005 drew 14K U-La-La in 2008 brought 17K and again in 2010. SMU in 2006 is really the only choice.
  10. It could be SMU in 2006. We had 25K for that one. It seems big for an SMU crowd, but it could be them.
  11. The girls lost to UTA but 19 last year. This one shows how much they have improved. Can't wait to see the play Oklahoma State.
  12. And none of us are at practice every day to see what the coach sees.
  13. Best players play.... that is why Murray is playing. If you want more playing time, be better in practice. Be so good that the coach doesn't even think about you not being in the game. Playing time is not guaranteed. The best athelete is not always the best player. There is a reason behind this. Same with Wise. If you want to see the floor, earn it. And none of us are at practice every day to see what the coach sees.
  14. He was suited up and warmed up, but there was never any hint he would go in. Jackson didn't appear until 3 minutes left.
  15. Our girls will complete for the conference title... calling it now.
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