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  1. UNT86

    Nic Smith

    I think the biggest issue with him may be pass protection. His size makes it more difficult to pick up LB's running at full speed. Out of the backfield he is fine, but so is 23. And 23 is bigger.
  2. Winning is contagious. Unfortunately, so is losing. I'm for the teams on my schedule losing every game every week and to me every year.
  3. UNT86


    I still have not seen an official count. It was actually better than I thought considering the weather. Anyone know the official number?
  4. I didn't want it to get lost in all the offense, but our new punter was outstanding Saturday. Kenworthy punted twice for a 43 yard average. That takes away one of my worries.
  5. I heard they want to hire the coach from NTCC. It would be such an upward move for him. They would even be willing to provide him with the funds to get on NCAA probation again.
  6. I think this one sentence sums up just about everything I hate about them.
  7. I don't know what you mean about their turnout. It is the same 21,000 that show up for SMU home games.
  8. UNT86

    2018 Player Adoption Thread

    I am still claiming Nic Smith. Sorry BillySee58.
  9. "Parted ways" with Patterson? So, he was dismissed from the team? What is the story on this?
  10. Reason #984 that I hate 'em. I hate everything about them. And I'm no big fan of the DMN either
  11. Looks like the kind of frame they will add some weight and move him inside. Needs a lot of work on pass rush but I really like his extension and pursuit. Runs well for a downlineman. Doesn't quit on the play. Good get for the Mean Green.
  12. So, 4 years of English, Math, Social Studies, and Science covers this. Shouldn't students that want a college degree be doing this anyway? And a 2.3 isn't that hard either.
  13. Give me 2 more 9 wins seasons. I'll worry about 2020 when it gets here.
  14. UNT86

    Gymnastics at North Texas

    It is VERY expensive per athlete. Not very many on a team. Lots of expensive equipment and space.
  15. UNT86

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    1) 1977 beating SMU 24-13 while they were cheating like crazy, then watching their Saturday morning highlight show. They wouldn't even show any highlights of the game. 2) 1975 beating Houston 28-0 and then they win the SWC the next year. 3) 1978 listening to us beat New Mexico State on the radio and then going to the Mean Green Club the following Monday to watch the game film. That was the game were Jordan Case stuck the ball over the goal line and we went for two to come from behind and win 22-21.