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  1. Maybe you should try going to a NORTH TEXAS game and quit worrying about the opponent. Are you there to see the Mean Green or the Cougars/Owls/Miners?
  2. Wren deserves to be considered. The last thing you want is an AD that nobody else wants. If he stays, good for us.
  3. Digital tickets is just one of many things Covid has changed permanently. We used them in Indianapolis. Once I figured out the app, it went fine. And I am the LAST person to figure things like this out.
  4. When this is over, there will be a P4 instead of a P5. Okie State will find a home, but maybe not with the Sooners. Folks like Baylor and Texas Tech will land on their feet, but not in a P4 conference.
  5. We stayed the whole game. This is when I learned to take a sleeping bag and sit in it to watch the game. It really wasn't that cold. I also remember that 3 members of the band stayed and played at halftime. It was great, except for the final score.
  6. If I remember correctly, we switched to the wishbone at some point during this season. I believe Bron Beal was our QB and Monte Moon was the fullback. TCU didn't act like they knew what to do with the bone and/or had not worked on the option much. Great day to be green.
  7. I remember when we would play defense at critical times. Oh, those were the days......
  8. I promise Joe, if you sing Glory to the Green loudly enough, someone will open the door for you.
  9. You need some football, badly. Or some basketball... or some softball, or some volleyball, or a good bonfire..... maybe just sing Glory to the Green and drip dry.
  10. There was not a single spot on our defense that was good last year. Our inside LB's were okay when they were healthy, but that was not often. Every other part of the defense was terrible and that includes the DL. We wouldn't get any pressure, man cover, or stop the run. Our scheme was better than the year before where we had safeties responsible for A gap, but it still was not good. Maybe we could only give up 28 a game this year and win 6?
  11. Until we show that we won't give up 50 points every game, this is exactly where we should be. EVERYTHING is riding on our defense.
  12. Backwards. We will play at Colorado and they will cancel or buy out the trip to Denton. We are doing these backwards.
  13. Typical. Stores say they can't sell NT gear. Stores say they can buy the license. What they typically can't do is buy the gear in a bundle that is discounted. So they buy one hat that often is crappy looking. It doesn't sell because NT fans have already bought it or it is crappy looking. Then they use that to justify not paying to buy more NT gear. And on and on it goes.
  14. So, are we going back to a normal schedule of Thursday/Saturday with travel partners? I hope so.
  15. For the former SWC schools, this is just the cost of doing business.
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