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  1. It also makes me appreciate JJ even more. He didn't complain about playing time or his role. He just worked his butt off until he found a role. I wish more players had his attitude and guts.
  2. May explain why he was not at the event last night.
  3. NTSU did put the score on the Fouts scoreboard following the game. The game was in Tennessee. It was the only game played of the two game series. Tennessee mailed us the check for both games and told us not to come back next year. Don't know what Andre was doing in Denton.
  4. Best players play. She was clearly outplayed by a senior transfer the last 3 games. I trust that Coach Mitchell has a replacement in line.
  5. He did what I hope every coach does when he comes here. I don't mind if they have eyes on bigger positions in the future. In order to get those, you have to win here first. He did exactly that.
  6. I think the plan at one time was a dorm complex called Fouts Village. I don't know if the university is still thinking of putting that on the old stadium site. As I am sure most of you already know, Willis Library sits on the original football stadium.
  7. Yes, that is still the plan. When we built the Super Pit, we used academic money. After UT and aTm built their facilities, they changed the law so that academic money could not be used on athletic buildings. We got around that by letting the academic side build an "auditorium" that we happen to play basketball in. Athletics rents the Pit from the academic side of the university. That is why we have seldom been able to make upgrades/updates and why the women had to play a home game at TWU a couple of years ago. The master plan calls for a new basketball arena on top of the
  8. And they wonder why they aren't relevant anymore.
  9. Funny, but I told my wife when the tournament started that if he didn't start shooting we would get beat in round 2. I said he can score, but he HAS to start taking the shots. It seems his maybe his confidence wasn't there, but you could see it grow each game. He also plays outstanding defense and is unselfish. I'm glad we have him.
  10. The way he left the game last week and the area he seemed to injure didn't give me much hope he would be back this week. It looked like something that would take weeks to heal.
  11. Yes. We light the tower for any win in any sport.
  12. Middle Tennessee got beat tonight. The girls are in 2nd now.
  13. The girls played great. Marshall beat Rice last week. They are not terrible. Our defense was outstanding. We just couldn't get any 3's to go in and they did. We found a way to win.
  14. And the girls win again today. They were poised and took care of business (and the finally made some free throws). Big road trip the WK next week. The Hilltoppers lost to Rice today by 3. Those would be nice road wins.
  15. Destiny McDowell played great. Madi Townley scores now. Quincy is amazing. Jackson and Boyd just continue to get better. We have multiple threats inside. This team is for real.
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