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  1. See that's what I figured. But then I looked and all the dates were Fridays and I was totally curious if they were just making them up. So essentially the schedule is one day off but the weeks are correct?
  2. I looked closer at the dates on ESPN. It says they are all Fridays. Is that accurate?
  3. Sorry, forgot to add the ticket link! https://www.prekindle.com/find-tickets/id/531433527896466049?2
  4. For anybody who is looking for stuff besides bonfire to do tomorrow, don't forget about this! I would love to have a bunch of you in the crowd!
  5. I know a lot of people will go to Bonfire, but if you aren't going (or don't mind going late), I'll be headlining one night only at 8 and 10 pm at Hyena's Comedy Club in downtown Fort Worth. The last show I did there sold out, so we are keeping 2 shows now to accommodate for more crowds since a bunch of people got turned away last time. Sorry updated with: Ticket link https://www.prekindle.com/find-tickets/id/531433527896466049?2
  6. Thanks! I'm going to headline another comedy club date back home and we wanted to work it around homecoming so if friends who also live out of town want to come they can.
  7. I looked around and didn't see anything official. Do we know the Homecoming weekend date yet? I would assume October 23rd against Liberty. November 13th seems a bit late. I'll be scheduling work around it for the trip back and the more notice the better!
  8. Hey I'll be on Vatos Chistosos radio tonight at 9pm to talk about the comedy tour and our shows this Saturday in Ft. Worth! You can watch/listen live either on the free Live 365 app, party105dfw.com , or on Facebook Live at the Party 105 DFW page.
  9. Honestly other than a couple weeks I didn't stop getting work all through pandemic. Bare minimum I was still getting outdoor park and winery type gigs. And travel to whatever states had anything still open. This whole thing has taken off quite a bit beyond what I planned and now even includes some tv work that I didn't even ask for. So I'm just pumped to come home and hopefully have a sold out crowd for the Hyenas show.
  10. Hey gang! As you probably didn't notice, I've been gone for a while. I had a bunch of people push me to pursue comedy more, and it started paying well and opening doors, so I went for it and it has taken up a LOT of time. So now I'm doing my own small tour all over the country, and one of the biggest dates will be headlining at the Fort Worth Hyena's Comedy Club in the Red Room on June 5th. It would be great to see everybody, and I hope to fill the place with alumni and friends since I don't come home very often. Hope it's okay to include the ticket links. Haven't kept up with group rule changes since it has been forever since I even got on here! Edit: we now only have an early show! https://www.prekindle.com/event/85526-vatos-chistosos-presents-kid-ever-fort-worth
  11. Yeah even though I like seeing us with UAB and Houston, the obvious offseason changes for both teams (seniors, HC loss, etc) make me wonder if they were also looking to hype some matchup games among teams that were hot-or-not this year.
  12. We're having one in Phoenix too. 2401 w union hills for anyone in town.
  13. Yeah but we have like 800 receivers....😛
  14. That's the West. You're excluding the entire other half of the conference.
  15. If it is every Saturday I need to check it out next time I go....
  16. Toso's Sports Bar 2401 W Union Hills in Phoenix... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156695622718418&id=619338417
  17. Just curious...with Mason limping and people questioning it...was there a chance he was hurt coming into the LaTech game and we put him in because it was one of the bigger conference games? If he is hurting but not truly injured he can still play if vetted, yes?
  18. I noticed the likely win percentage during the game. Even when we were losing, we were often favored statistically. We have an amazing team. They just need to be ready to overcome tough calls and big plays and such...you know, be ready to win regardless.
  19. The way the game played out, yeah. I think honestly...our guys were high on how well they performed OOC and weren't ready to perform the same way in a close game. I was worried about 3 more on the schedule and this was possibly the biggest one. Hopefully the Dogs taught our guys the lesson they needed. Every game is huge but there were only 3 conference games I was worried about and hopefully the first one sucking gave the necessary development. Southern Miss and FAU will be coming hard for us just like you did. I think the ass stomping of the first 4 games may have done our guys a disservice against LaTech.
  20. I am almost echoing you echoing me...but so many people (and not just North Texans) have said for decades that we could be HUGE in football and have been a wasted enterprise. Yeah, we had moves in the early years and then brief jumps with Fry and Greene....but nothing long term. If Seth is the guy who takes this potential and runs with it...why leave for anything other than a top 5/10-ish program if he makes a legacy and gets PAID for his effort and his family is happy and stable?
  21. Yes and see below. Very good point...shit. I keep forgetting they are the "cusp" conference and not the low end of the big boys, plus how the New Year's Bowls realigned. I don't have time to keep up anymore. But even if we both fall short of the NY6 it would be a cool matchup.
  22. Ok keeping it clean...OP means original poster. He thinks that my belief that the calls should be made in the legal way that guarantees the safety of the players is invalid, since the desired result of the game is intact. He also believes that my views of what is important about athletics are invalid, and he therefore picks topics and replies to attempt to ridicule me, even though his own friends have agreed that he does it just to be a jerk. Is that clean enough a response? If not, I will try to provide a diagram that includes rainbows and unicorns the next time this person who has "blocked" me wants to create drama. Oh...wait...it's my fault if I respond to it, according to him. So can we all agree that he should either produce some unicorns or stop being a jerk...or both?
  23. The room full of retirees watching the game with me probably would have agreed. But even with the officials overlooking so many things...we still nailed it. Nice when your guys have to fight the other team AND the officials and still come out ahead. I think a lot of people were willing to overlook bad calls just because we were able to keep WINNING. But that doesn't make it any less dangerous to make bad calls!
  24. Of course. That's what we would all love to see. But based on the existing system, it's unlikely that either of us will sniff a chance at taking on the top 4. So when it comes down to bowls it's not about taking down a low end P5. It's about rankings. Remember the Boise vs. Louisville Motor City Bowl game? Make it epic and ride it into the next season. Why would we want a game against an unranked p5 if we could have a killer ranked game? Just keep winning and get the best bowl. That's the focus until deciding on which bowl to take.
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