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  1. We should do a AAC-MWC challenge like the other conferences do. Use regular season standings from last year to pick the pairs.
  2. To go along with what you are saying about players returning next year, there is an intangible thing I don't quite know how to quantify or if it's even matters. Looking at who would return next year would it be the first time in quite a few season that we don't have wholesale roster changes? And because of the large changes we have always had to wait for the team to "gel." We always got better as the season went on and the players got to know each other, only to have to build up that familiarity and understanding the next season. Will we finally have a roster that can hit the ground running?
  3. I'll also add our schedule takes forever to be released. This season we were filling in slots 8 days before the season opener. Others had their schedules set for months.
  4. I can see a 2 bid league, but more than that and I think it gets tough.
  5. His role works when we have our other scorers and we need someone to play hard defense, but when we have 2 starters out we need someone to step up and contribute on offense. The strange thing is when we played Tulsa he looked confident and aggressive out there, I assume he was playing in front of his family, but he needs to realize he needs to play that way all the time. He and Sissoko have been getting a lot of flak, and I feel for them, but you need to step up to the challenge when you are needed.
  6. Having 2 starters out of the rotation is huge. We are basically running a 7 man rotation with Moore just coming in to give Edwards a few minuets of rest. Having a 9 man rotation is a world of difference, not to mention those two were our primary ball handlers.
  7. I think in June? That should be our first AAC pay out. When someone files a FOIA request we should be able to see how much we are getting from the TV deal, as well as other revenue.
  8. If you see them again ask why they haven't put the same effort into the other home games.
  9. I don't think we see either until March.
  10. Yeah I thought I saw this was an ESPN2 game for us.
  11. I saw a lot more of Walker taking the ball up and giving Edwards a rest from everything going through him. I thought it was a really nice change up and it allowed Edwards to get open and pick his shots.
  12. I guess you can slam into our guys as they are going for the rebound, but any little bump is a foul.
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