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  1. Get someone like Gary Patterson and that momentum swings the other way. Excitement returns to the program. The path is there, it's up to the UNT administration to make it happen.
  2. If SL is back next year for the first time since being a student, I don't know if I can support this program next year.
  3. I've kept quiet this week because even though I've been advocating that SL be let go I wanted to let the chips fall where they may and let the game play out. Like I said in various threads, this CCG run is the same as the run to get bowl eligible last year. Now will we be fooled by the same thing again or does can everyone finally get on the same page and see this staff for what it is?
  4. Agree, a real search needs to be done to make sure we get the best candidate. Not saying Mosely wouldn't be a great hire, but you need to do your due diligence. I'd take a look at the App. State AD, Doug Gillin. He's been there for 8 years and knows how to build a program up, his base salary is $470k.
  5. I've been saying it since we announced our move to the AAC. The expanded playoff is a real chance for G5s to make a name for themselves. I'd guess that in a decade there will be "mid-major" type teams like in basketball, Gonzaga/Villanova types that are respected outside of the traditional powers. UNT needs to strive to be one of those teams.
  6. The bolded part is something I would really like to see.
  7. I'm sure they will try to accommodate them by having a Pac12 team be in it when possible, but with the expanding playoff I just don't see how it would be possible to keep the old traditions. Maybe if they cut out the G5 entirely and basically moved us down to Div II, you could have an 8 team playoff and their 5 champions can keep their traditional bowl tie ins. I think we have to look at it as a new era and the things that worked before don't anymore. I think we all would pick the expanded playoff over what we've had, even if we are sad to see those traditions go away.
  8. I didn't know Bernardo Rodriquez was 5'10. It makes that 1 handed grab even more impressive.
  9. I can only hope that it is tired legs from 3 games back to back. I had hoped our increased rotation would keep people fresh.
  10. I feel like they weren't going inside because they played tough defense and because Abu was not doing well in the matchup. His hook shot and inside pivot game look nothing like last year. I don't know if the passing was a plan to open lanes up, but it wasn't throwing their defense off at all.
  11. I've been saying it for a while, Ousmane has not been himself. He was a giant hole in our game today. FTs are so critical, we need to shoot better from the line. That alone would have kept us in the game. Too many mental mistakes and just unaware of what to do when having the ball. Most of all I feel for Rubin, he just can't catch a break. I really hope it's nothing serious.
  12. Link has been working all game for me. Again adblock and popup blocker guys, it will keep those popups from coming up.
  13. Need to clean things up in the 2nd half.l Too many dumb mistakes and missing easy shots. What was the T for? I didn't see Scott do anything and they never showed a replay. Perry fouling a 3 is so out of character, just like his FTs. We just need to play within ourselves and we can grind this one out.
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