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  1. I've mentioned this before, but we really have to think about the AC expansion. Building so close to the stadium will forever lock us into a horseshoe design, and unable to finish the full bowl. That also means no seats in a theoretical upper tier above the endzone too. Basically it better look outstanding to give up all of that future real estate.
  2. Also I mentioned in the last game thread that Bell needed to play like his old self and I'm glad he did and shut me up. That's the Bell we want to see.
  3. They clearly let up in the 2nd half, no sense in going 100% only to get tired or even worse injured. For what? A few more points? Coach didn't care about the fewest points allowed stat, he wanted to rotate guys in and keep people fresh for the big upcoming game. He made the smart choice.
  4. I'd be excited if this is the direction the program goes. If SL pulls out the next two wins, I'm sure he stays.
  5. Jones, Bell, and especially Wright need to step it up. Bell was a monster last year, so I hope this was just a bad game. We get those 3 going and this team can do great things.
  6. Flashbacks of Villanova there at the end. It's like they couldn't miss 😟
  7. That's a nice crowd if true. I know it was homecoming, but for our record that's a solid crowd.
  8. One thing I always thought about the Athletic Center expansion was it will forever lock us into a horse shoe design. That part of the stadium will never be filled in.
  9. Maybe initially, but good recruiters know how to build relationships. I'll say it like this, I'd rather have a fantastic recruiter with no Texas experience, than a guy who just happens to have been around Texas for a long time.
  10. "Texas ties" is the most overused phrase on this board when it comes to coaching. A great recruiter will be successful in any part of the country.
  11. I have no doubt that CUSA will collect every dollar owed to them, dissolve means the conference would not exist in any way, shape, or form. Look at the WAC, while it's no longer an FBS conference it is still around. The only way I can see CUSA dissolving is if every team finds a new home and leaves the conference, and CUSA cannot get a single other team to join. Reports say Marshall and ODU would be joining the SBC leaving UTEP, FIU, LA Tech, MTSU, and WKU. If WKU and MTSU do something like join the MAC then maybe I can see the conference disbanding. But for the 3 remaining teams that's 33 million in payouts, so it gives them an incentive to hang around and at least collect a check before they move on.
  12. The departing schools lose their votes on all conference matters as soon as they announce they are departing so it is not possible for them to vote to lower the exit fee. The only way we do not pay an exit fee is if the conference dissolves.
  13. I'm interested what the plans are for getting the budget up to 50-60 million range. We need to be able to compete and big $$$ are a big part of it.
  14. Yup, IIRC the exit fee is 3 million? We likely forfeit our conference revenue for this year and next, then pay the difference before our time is up.
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