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  1. Yes, but as much as I would like for that to be a possibility that has a 1 in a million chance of happening. If the Pac had to dip into the G5s there would be a myriad of other schools that would get a look before we do. In this scenario I would see it go: -The 6 schools apply to the Big12. Either all get in or a couple get left out. - The Big12 isn't interested, and they invite 4-6 from the G5. The Pac name still holds some weight so I don't see any MWC/G5 team able to resist if invited.
  2. Pretty comprehensive breakdown both on what Pac schools are tempting to the B1G and some G5 replacements. People talk about Boise St. a lot but you can see why some say they will never get a sniff from the Pac.
  3. For years many have groaned about UNT's left leaning student body. So UNT to the Pac? What irony that would be. 😂
  4. It may not be the end all, but I'm sure it's a consideration. Exit fees. Both paying them and receiving what OU/Texas owe.
  5. A thing to keep in mind when we are comparing conference strengths/hierarchy. I was surprised at how low the ACC was, maybe it's an anomaly, since they had two low ranked teams in WF and Pitt. I was also surprised that the Big12 doubled the Pac12's viewers.
  6. Possible for sure. I'm just saying so far ND has been the only school they have been willing to bend and make exceptions for.
  7. The big hitch is ND has a contract that if they join a conference it would be the ACC through 2036. Now that can be changed, but you can bet it's going to be an astronomical price. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/notre-dame-join-big-ten-future-irish/zteje9akz0h2iwgkwlgeuehd#:~:text=Notre Dame joins the Big,of best non-conference games.
  8. If there is one school who can resist it's ND. They have been such a strong independent for so long it's practically part of their culture. The only way they join is if playoff access is cut off, and so far they have always accommodated them.
  9. I guess it's official now, and so far only UCLA and USC.
  10. Wife is a duel UNT/UCLA alum, (with UNT being the school we root for of course, we just watch UCLA to see how they do) we watched most of their basketball games last year and we were surprised at the low turn out for what is considered their main sport. This is UCLA ranked #7 vs #3 Arizona If you look for highlights of this game the crowd is pretty dull for two top teams playing each other.
  11. Which I do find odd. Everyone knows that the Pac and the B1G are basically tied at the hip, so to have one stab the other in the back came out of nowhere. If for some reason they announced that this was more of a merger with the majority of Pac teams joining, I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe UCLA and USC are just the tip of the iceberg.
  12. UCLA's is just as bad, they have a long history of student apathy. They do the same and count season ticket holders, the actual people in the stands looks way less. https://247sports.com/college/ucla/Article/UCLA-Football-Analysis-of-UCLA-Footballs-Attendance-Under-Chip-Kelly-178886080/
  13. Stanford is the #6 school in the country, Cal is the #2 public school. Even though you may be talking about football performance their prestige carries a lot of weight.
  14. You're reaching. Everyone who advocated joining the MW was speaking of joining that conference as it stands, and them losing teams would obviously change how people felt about joining. Most of us also felt with SMU in the AAC they wouldn't want to add another team in the same metro, we saw our chances of joining as slim. None of us were privy that 6 teams would be added, we all assumed it would be 3 to replace what they lost. Did we pick the best scenario? At the time yes, we made a great choice to join the AAC. But if todays news turns out to be true, it's not out of the realm of possibility that we ended up making the wrong choice.
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