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  1. How would getting in for next year make sense? What if your entire team is different and has a terrible season? You get in in from what a team last year did that isn't around anymore? Why play the season if your already qualified? This makes things too messy.
  2. I hope some of you got to see that before it got deleted. 😂
  3. If they are trying to be transparent why not tell us how much they raise? We need to know what impact our contributions are doing, not just throwing money into a void.
  4. It's filler content. Networks need content to fill out their schedules, especially ESPN+ which can show many games at once. I never once said there in no value, tonnage is a thing in media. What I am saying is we are low value, and would be even lower if we make another drop in perception. So now I ask you what is the value of your games when you get paid 10x less than other conferences? And that's us who have the best media deal out of the G5s, the MAC, CUSA, and SBC could be looking at something like 60x lower.
  5. I don't have to guess. Here are the games and here are the ratings: https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/ Week 7. UNT vs Temple, 37k viewers. The big names are getting 3/4/7 Million viewers. Our 37k viewers are are a drop in the ocean. Week 12 we did 618k vs SMU on ESPN2. We'd have to triple those numbers to make people notice us. You may get tired of them, but the general public does not. There's a reason the same few teams are featured on national TV every week, and if people were tired of them they wouldn't be. There's no way we would have any kind of network interest with decent money if we broke away from the power schools.
  6. Do you guys listen to yourselves at all? If we had so much TV value why aren't we getting it now? But somehow if we left the system with the most valuable teams we would get more money? It doesn't have any kind of sense.
  7. I too like his frankness and would rather have that then generic coach speak. However the kind of coach I think we need is one the acknowledges those realities, but his goal and messaging is, "We want to win championships, we want to get into the CFP, and we need to build the team to do it." If that's not who you are, move aside and let someone else takeover who is.
  8. It's not the sound of the coach I'd want leading my team, I'll say that much.
  9. The AAC took us on as a building project. We aren't there, but over the years they were hoping to turn us into a successful program with more media money and exposure.That's the plan for all of the CUSA schools they added. Let's take a look at your scenario of 40 teams in the top. The Big10 is already at 18 and the SEC is at 16. Let's say The SEC takes UNC, FSU, Clemson, and Virginia. The Big10 takes Notre Dame and Stanford. that still leaves: NCSU, Duke, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Miami, Va Tech, Boston College, Pitt,Syracuse, Louisville, Cal, SMU Baylor, BYU, UCF, Cincy, Houston, Iowa St., Kansas, Kansas St., Oklahoma St., TCU, Texas Tech, WVU, Arizona, Arizona St. Colorado, Utah. Why would these conferences not just join together and form a super conference? They could also pluck the desirable teams left in G5, and the schools always talked about are SDSU, Tulane, Memphis, USF. Sometimes you hear about UNLV, or UTSA/Rice, but not UNT. So how would we fit into that structure?
  10. What he's saying is why would those teams want to be associated with us? The hypothetical TCUs, Houstons, Cincys, Syracuses, etc would band together and form their own division, one that wouldn't include UNT. Why would those schools suddenly want to be associated with us? Would you want to be in a league with Angelo State and Tarleton? That's the same drop Baylor and Tech would view us as. I agree with what he says, they would grab whatever the best of what's left over and we would be on the outside looking in.
  11. Curious if he is coming to play the 4 or 5? Hopefully the 4.
  12. Come gather 'round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown And accept it that soon You'll be drenched to the bone If your time to you is worth savin' And you better start swimmin' Or you'll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin'
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