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  1. Great post, and it speaks volumes as to why we see a lack of building support amongst the students and alumni and just t-shirt fans in the Denton area that like college football. I think the positive we can draw from this is that when we do win consistently our fanbase grows. We just have to get better at our coaching hires. That is the biggest issue if you review the empirical data out there.
  2. Seth moves up to #15 nationally. https://coacheshotseat.com/ Interesting thing is FAU's coach Willie Taggart is #11. A loss either way could end up being a death blow?
  3. I agree with your point, but I sure wish they would throw Patty Cobbs a pass and force the new staff to adopt him. He is a graduate, former letterman and bleeds green.
  4. What does it take for Littrell to pull Aune? Does Aune have pictures?
  5. So it’s not OK for Coach Bennett to get in our QBs face and yell at him like that. That does nothing but hurt his confidence. Why is Bennett allowed to act like that?
  6. Absolutely, there is a ton of talent in Denton and the area surrounding it.
  7. @Wren why are we allowing this staff to recruit players? It makes no sense to me.
  8. 4. MEMPHIS (Differential: + 11.45) SM PR/ESPN FPI Average: 44.45 Effective YPP Power Rating: 55.9 Next game: 11.5-point favorite at home vs. North Texas on Saturday Steve's analysis: With Cincinnati, Houston, SMU and UCF garnering most of the attention in the American Athletic Conference, Memphis could sneak through the cracks. The Tigers have been somewhat forgotten in the early going, especially after a 49-23 loss to Mississippi State to start the season. However, they have rebounded nicely in the last two games, particularly defensively, and have posted Effective Stats befitting a much more respected team. In fact, their Effective YPP PR of 55.9 would be worse than just three current Big Ten teams’ Power Ratings. One thing to be wary of at this point is Memphis’ + 1.7 turnover differential. However, their time of possession rank is 125th in the country, so they could improve there. The jury is out still, but the Tigers could be an underrated favorite this week against a North Texas team that has lost its last three games ATS while allowing 133 points. read more: https://www.vsin.com/college-football-teams-better-or-worse-than-perception/
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