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  1. For possibly the first time in 140 years the members of my fire station, which are mostly under the age of 35, chose to cancel our subscription outright to the FW Star Telegram over its repulsive content, not so we can simply read it online. Rick
  2. Maybe it’s just the past games in the streak making me think this then. Tristan and Josh were our clutch guys, Josh either led or was close to leading the nation one of those years.. But this year it seems like no matter who goes to the line they hit their FT’s. Last night we shot over 91% as a team. Rick
  3. Great win. Some of you may have another team in mind, but since I’ve been following in ‘87 I can’t recall a better free throw shooting team than this one? Rick
  4. That’s quite a respectful honor for a second year coach. Congrats Coach DeLing and team. https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/1/23/mean-green-softball-chosen-as-preseason-c-usa-favorite.aspx Rick
  5. So.....SMU and Big 12 member TCU feel more threatened by 4-8 North Texas than by 10-3 SDSU, 5-8 Army, 11-2 Air Force and (SMU conference mates) 11-2 Navy & 7-6 Tulane? That’s some pretty impressive power the Mean Green is slinging around these days. I’d say we have arrived.😆🤷🏻‍♂️😆 Rick
  6. The final play if you haven’t seen it. Rick
  7. Hung in there with a LB breathing down his throat and tied it up with a deep ball. Rick
  8. He was planted like a tree the past two seasons. There’s no telling how many shoulder separations he’s had to fight through. I’m sure it has affected his arm strength and accuracy? Rick
  9. I’m hoping we run the ball to set up the pass. Rick
  10. Agree. I’ve been to Death Valley 5 times now and only made it to our own tailgate once due to their unique hospitality. Rick
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