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  1. Thanks again Matt. I had a great time. It was very cool of the team to come over and thank us. Rick
  2. Thank y’all for the kind words. You know I’ve always felt like one of the most blessed people on earth for being able to share life with three different families. My family at home, my fire family at work and my Mean Green family. Emergency workers need their families to de stress and take their thoughts of the shift somewhere else, and this family, my Mean Green family has certainly done that for me. Whether we are fighting over our opinions on subjects of the moment, or loving each other in celebrating Mean Green successes…it’s all been a family to me and helped me focus on happier times. My last shift yesterday was an overwhelming day of emotion, reflection and joy seeing family and friends and coworkers one last time at the station. I greatly appreciate hearing from so many of you, and was especially proud seeing @SilverEagle repping the Mean Green at my station, as well as his Mean Green alumn son Jeff, or as he’s known now on the FWFD, Chief Covert. I hope to make more games now, hopefully more road games, though my wife’s Honey-Do list has now grown longer than a @PlummMeanGreen post on national “Stadium Day”. So I’ll see how it goes. So till the next tailgate,….It’s All Good And All Green. Rick
  3. And where were their fans? I didn’t see 10 people in blue and red. Really makes you wonder, other than just for no other reason than the exorbitant level of cash they have flowing to their athletes why any any of them would want to play for that program? To be ranked 32nd and can’t get anyone to travel 35 miles to see their team play, and a really good team at that? That’s really something else. Still, it was a solid, never give up fighting win by this team that was All Good And All Green! Rick
  4. Tony Worrell, Chris Davis or Kenneth Lyons. Rick
  5. You know we may not be winning on the field right now but we damn sure win on game day, tailgating wise. I was thinking about it yesterday as I enjoyed some of the best food and drink with the best group of people you will ever encounter at Tony and Vic’s, and Scotty’s tailgates, and the day had me reflecting on how unbelievably fortunate we were to have the vast Mean Green Athletic estate to enjoy one of the most beautiful days of the year. Easily accessible lots, vast, wide open spaces and beautiful green belts in every direction that gives us access to tailgate under massive oak and pecan trees. It’s just beautiful to me. Many of you and myself have traveled the country attending these events over the years. In fact I was in Minneapolis the weekend the Gophers played Michigan back on the first weekend of October this season. As I drove around the tailgates at The Bank I actually felt sorry for their fans because it looked horrible and reminded me of what it would be like setting up a picnic in a WalMart parking lot in the center of a city landscape. What we are privileged with is truly a football game day Nirvana imo. Thank you again to Scott, Tony and Vic and everyone who invited SilverEagle and I to your tailgates. Y’all absolutely knocked it out of the park. Can’t wait to do it again. Rick
  6. Happy Birthday Jack! I hope you have great day! Rick
  7. Yes, and Memorial Stadium honors their 179 who died in WWII. And here is the unveiling of a statue honoring Maj. Gen. Rudder and the naming of Rudder Way. https://youtu.be/Z1mwUoOXLE4 Rick
  8. I don’t know, it may just be me? But imo any school that has recently invested funding to renovate their stadium, which they have sold out nearly every game recently, every fall attempts to surpass its sister school by building this big of a bonfire every year, and who went out and acquired its own 3-inch M1902 Field Gun with matching caisson…. probably brings a good crowd to Denton and will be looking to steal our lunch money. This isn’t my grandmother’s Tarleton State University anymore. Maybe Phil and Jeff would like to join the rest of us in the 21st century? I hear it has a great, new groove. Rick
  9. Team errors were my concern as well and part of why we finished third. In 6 crucial losses to WKY, UAB and Charlotte we committed 9 errors. Rick
  10. Folks, DFD Station #3 on McCormick Street near campus has been referred to as “THE NUT HOUSE” and has had a squirrel on their T shirts and logos since I was in high school 38 years ago,…..long before the University of Texas created the Albino Squirrel Society, and way before some of our uneducated leadership of the past chose to start copying them with their own ASS association. The squirrel in that sticker on the truck is white simply because the background of the sticker is white and it’s cheaper to have the fewest colors when ordering graphic logos. If you haven’t seen the truck yet you should go by and see it. Coolest thing I’ve see since the Model A got restored. Rick
  11. I don’t recall the City of Denton ever making such a single vibrant commitment to support North Texas more than this. And hats off to Ryan Peck and all involved for nailing the color spot on. Absolutely bad ass! Rick
  12. Very sad to hear of Rick’s passing. We had some great times over the years. He was one of the kindest-hearted dudes you’d ever meet and he loved the Mean Green. I am going to miss him very much. Prayers for him and family. Rick
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