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  1. FirefightnRick

    FAU (2/14/19)

    14 fouls called on us to 1 on FAU in the second half? Really? Rick
  2. FirefightnRick

    Mccasland Has To Make Better Use Of His Scholarships

    Agree. One thing I wonder would help is to stop passing up the chance to hit short range shots? I guess it’s because of the time I grew up in and attended school, but I’ve never seen a team pass up so many chances to hit a 6-8 footer as this team does? I watched the #1 scoring team in the country last night in Gonzaga and noticed that if they get the chance from that range they won’t hesitate to take it. I believe Coach Mc will get it figured out. It’s just a tough pill to swallow right now when we follow up blowing it in front of 8200 with a game like last night in front of 800.. Rick
  3. FirefightnRick

    FAU (2/14/19)

    Interesting how things go. We routed Marshall last Thursday by 27....three weeks after Marshall put 96 on FAU in a 12 point win. And now we can’t muster 48 points on FAU? Rick
  4. FirefightnRick

    Bill Connally has UNT FB ranked at #84

    Those teams have great defenses. App St finished with the 6th best defense overall. I agree two of the three should be ranked higher than us. Rick
  5. FirefightnRick

    Bill Connally has UNT FB ranked at #84

    Southern Miss finished the season with the 3rd best defense overall, holding teams to 278 yards per game. I haven’t checked but maybe they have a lot coming back? Rick
  6. FirefightnRick

    FAU (2/14/19)

    It’s looking that way. Unreal! Rick
  7. FirefightnRick

    New Recuiting Podcast Coming This Week

    Post of the day!!!!!! Rick
  8. FirefightnRick

    What to Expect from UNT offense in 2019

    Impressive record considering having a defense ranked 68th. Rick
  9. FirefightnRick

    What to Expect from UNT offense in 2019

    Question: Itshard to tell from the highlight videos, but did EWU utilize an up tempo offense? Seems like with any system that uses a lot of presnap motion that it is a lot of working parts to keep at that pace throughout an entire four quarters. At some point your own players on offense gotta get a breath. Rick
  10. FirefightnRick

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Agree. But really all you need to do is read and watch the blog with videos that LouFan linked to earlier to see exactly what we can expect. It’s all of the above and it’s going to be GREAT!!!! Rick
  11. Correct. And how do you know this? Because you’ve seen it before. You’ve seen other teams win with their back ups. Hell, Rice was only down 3 points going into the 4th against us with their 4th or 5th string QB and UTSA nearly beat us with their back up. Im hoping Reeder brings in a system that takes pressure off the QB so Mason doesn’t have to carry his team. But if he does go down the next in line can get the job done. Rick
  12. FirefightnRick

    #OLDDENTON Is Alive And Well!

    This was Monday’s paper. Our last loss was two days earlier. Our MOST previous game...was a win the day before on Sunday.. So’s not technically correct if going by the most previous game by North Texas. TWU lost its most previous game. But North Texas won its most previous game. And I understand that some of y’all dont get it, because some people just don’t get into women’s athletics or they skim over the news, or are new fans/alumns and haven’t paid attention as long as others of the history with this reporter. I get it and appreciate the feed back even if you think I’m off my rocker here with this. The fact Mean Green Softball goes...this was a big effing weekend. We outscored our opponents 40-17. And that win over A&M was a massive win for the program and for our university. A win like that doesn’t happen around here very often. To run rule an SEC program that’s ranked 20th in the nation 10-2 in their house last Saturday was a BIG DAMN DEAL worthy of front page news and to be splashed across the top on Sunday or Monday’s papers.. It wasn’t. And on Monday those readers interested In our local sports were instead led to believe we lost the tournament when we didn’t. Rick
  13. FirefightnRick

    #OLDDENTON Is Alive And Well!

    1. No one especially me had a problem with what was written in the body of the article. The teaser headline across the top of the front page was the deal breaker here. 2. No, that’s not what he wrote about the teaser headline. He wrote: “The teaser was written by a designer looking to tie both stories together. It might not have been the best choice, but it was accurate.” Nope...the two are no where on the same planet as being together nor are they accurate. My thought was if that is indeed what that line across the top of the front page of the sports section is called...a “teaser”,...then why in hell would anyone be teased or encouraged to read further? Shouldn’t something positive be there instead? Rick