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  1. FirefightnRick

    Mason Plus Seth Equaled Accelerated Winning mean the same Colorado State team that started celebrating their last second touchdown win over Utah State....until it was reviewed and showed the WR had a toe on the sideline prior to the catch earlier this year? This team didn’t just squeek by Arkansas like that same Colorado State team did...., they kicked the living shit out of them. That same North Texas Defense that looked like a sieve yesterday... didn’t give up a second first down to SMU till the 4th quarter. But suddenly when they get embarrassed on national TV the excuse is that those same players just aren’t talented enough on paper or by some rating service. This team has problems for sure but none more damn obvious than the annual pattern of second half collapses.. And I just can’t see how that pattern has anything to do with talent? Rick
  2. I’m sure there’s been one...but I can’t think of any football championship that was ever won without a solid defense and run game. Can you? Rick
  3. FirefightnRick

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    Let’s win the conference we’re bitching about first before we decide we’re too good for it. Rick
  4. First I hope everyone made it home from Albuquerque safe and sound. UNM is easily one of the easiest drive-to destinations you could ever ask for. Cheap gas and hotel stay made it that much better. Including stops for food and gas we got back home in 9 1/2 hours. The New Mexico Bowl is a nice event. The city of Albuquerque and the University Of New Mexico greatly supports it. The UNM fans love having this game in their stadium, ....and it’s a damn nice stadium btw. (The dumbass that ranked it as one of the worst stadiums doesn’t have a $&@#ing clue what he’s talking about). The UNM fans were out tailgating early yesterday morning, some brought in RV’’s and big smoker pits. Their fans picked a team and sat on that team’s side of the stadium and cheered for them. There were a lot of corporate and local businesses present all throughout with lots of give-away stuff. The local radio and TV stations covered it really well also. The UNT Alumni Association, AD and University put on another great blowout for us all and we had a good turnout. Good food, good drinks and great fans. Overall this is easily the best bowl North Texas has participated in from my perspective. It’s GREATLY supported in all facets by the city that hosts it and they go out of their way to show their appreciation for both schools and their fans. Rick
  5. FirefightnRick

    Mason Plus Seth Equaled Accelerated Winning

    If it’s a talent issue then how is it that we drilled SMU and Arkansas this season? SMU Beat us last year and made a bowl game. This year after we drilled them they got coached up and beat 7-6 Tulane, 8-4 Houston, beat Navy for the first time in 20 years and lost to 10-2 Cincinnati by 6. And regardless of how poor they played this year Arkansas was 7-6 in 2016. Some of that team and it’s SEC recruits, as well as their 2017 SEC recruits are still on this year’s team. Sorry but I’m not buying yet another late season embarrassment on our lack of talent. Rick
  6. FirefightnRick

    After sleeping on it

    The other team ALWAYS looks like ....”THE BETTER TEAM” when your ill prepared and thinking you can just show up. Rick
  7. FirefightnRick

    Well this is about right.

    Did you see in in person? If not then trust gets much worse. Rick
  8. FirefightnRick

    Our players were not game day ready!

    The altitude didn’t crush us on the third play of the game. Rick
  9. FirefightnRick

    Our players were not game day ready!

    Love wasn’t asked to carry the load. He had backs to hand off to mixed in, wheel routes, screens etc. We rarely got a hand on him because we had to cover their back. USU actually uses their backs and tight ends. Rick
  10. We had no plan to run the ball from the very beginning of the game, which is what I was referencing when I posted this. But even late....snapping it and falling down three times before punting it away would have been better than what occurred.. Rick
  11. That looked to me to be a smart group of EXTREMELY UNDER PAID people on the other sidelines today. If people missed the first part of this game at home they missed seeing what looked to be a fired up, MOST EXCITED TO PLAY USU team vs a slow, unprepared, mistake-riddled....unexcited NT team team. Rick
  12. Yeah...would have been more fun than asking QB’s who have rarely played to keep throwing it to the wrong jerseys. Might have kept it under half a hundred at least? Rick
  13. FirefightnRick

    Our players were not game day ready!

    No...apparently they’ve never seen a wheel route, corner blitzes, snapped in the shot gun......etc. Rick
  14. FirefightnRick


    Our entire side of the stadium was talking about it. Got out classed by three assistant coaches, a JUCO assistant brought in this week and a bunch of grad assistants. Rick