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  1. Hey,...it’s ok. You don’t need to explain a thing. 🥜🗜👀 Rick
  2. Oh,...is she letting you go? Rick
  3. ACU always brought a decent crowd to Fouts back in the 80’s. Rick
  4. ....at Texas. 😘😘😘 Rick
  5. I was pulling out from across the street after morning Cannon training behind The Lace and didn’t have my glasses on due to being so sweaty, and after thinking about what I saw I may have been mistaken. Sorry. Rick
  6. They have the R up, now working on the G,...which has to go around an air conditioner sticking out of the wall. That should be interesting. Rick
  7. Here we go,...starting this shit again!🙄 Rick
  8. He got blown up by an LB and gave up a terrible sack of Mullins late in the game. That’s a rare miscue by him since he’s always been an excellent blocker. Also, not to change the subject but Nick Mullins looks a hell of a lot better at QB to me than Jimmy Garappolo. Rick
  9. Give me Punter Alvin Kenworthy...cause you can’t spell punt without UNT. https://meangreensports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4062 Rick
  10. I like the positive message for sure. Rick
  11. I lost track in the road games,...but in the La Tech game we stopped running the ball midway through the 2nd quarter till the final 5 minutes of the game. That,...combined with the freak 7 points we gave em just before half time on the bobbled punt return ATTEMPT 😡 at our 3. That can’t happen, and hopefully it never will again. Rick
  12. Roundtrip airfare from DFW to SFO, leaving Friday and returning Sunday have dropped,...as low as $177,...and as best I can tell average around $226, flying American, Frontier, Delta and United. Rick
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