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  1. What is interesting to me, and something @Harry can be proud of as well is that two of our posters here on gmg designed two of them. greengrenade2 (passed away 4 years ago) designed the Flyin’ Worm in the early 70’s for Coach Fry,...and @drex created the battle flag in ‘86 for a speaking event for Dr. Hurley. Rick
  2. For throwbacks the 60’s interlocked NT is popular.. But not as popular as the 70’s era “Flyn’ Worm”. For current logos,...the logo that is a derivative of the “Flyin’ Worm” is the “Son Of Worm”...or as we like to call it The SOW, and is the standard mark for the Mean Green.. And the flag design that is very popular and was voted on and chosen by our fan base is the “North Texas Battle Flag”. Rick
  3. BTW...I have SL with 8 wins, 16 losses over FBS programs with winning records. He’s 0-3 this year so far. Rick
  4. Ok. I did. But teams that finished 6-7 I counted as a losing program despite the fact that they finished 6-6 and lost their bowl game. Many FBS,..especially a G5 will usually have losses to P5 teams. Doesn’t mean they are bad programs, and many .500 teams are in that category. So I consider a win over a 6-6 FBS program a positive. But if they finished 6-7 I didn’t count that as a win over a winning FBS program. Rick
  5. I posted he’s 3-1 vs winning FBS programs. I count the wins over records that are tied as a win over a winning FBS program since they are a decent team and aren’t technically a losing program, and without them the sample size would be extremely small. Rick
  6. Tyson Helton wKY: 3-1 vs winning FBS program in this his first season as a head coach. Rick
  7. For starters... Bill Clark UAB: 13-8 vs winning FBS programs in his three 1/2 seasons 2014, 2017-2019. Rick
  8. He was 4-14 vs winning teams during his three seasons at La Tech from 2010-2012. Like @meanrob suggested at, its extremely difficult to be able to claim as a G5 coach a winning record vs winning FBS programs. In fact I t may be be one of the most incredible accomplishments any football coach can ever claim? You have to be consistently good for one. But in looking over all these programs a second thing you must be is lucky because a G5 doesn’t have very many winning teams even on their schedule each year. Like I said earlier,....Dykes doesn’t get a win over a winning program at this point today because we North Texas (a 9-4 team last year)...suddenly can’t get out of our own way. So you gotta be good and be consistently good and lucky at the same time. Rick
  9. Agree. However, no thanks to us Dykes is sitting at 5-6 thru 1 1/2 season’s vs winning programs. Rick
  10. Just a few coaches off the top of my head I looked up. Eliah Drinkwitz, App State: 3-0 so far in 2019. Scott Satterfield, App State: 14-10 between 2014-2018 Scott Frost, UCF: 8-6 from 2016-2017. Bryan Harsin, Boise St: 31-13 from 2014-present. Jeff Tedford, Fresno St: 11-8 from 2017-present. Rocky Long, San Diego St: 21-28 from 2011-present. (not a winning record but better than most over a span of 8 1/2 seasons). Rick
  11. Appalachian State gives the Sunbelt the exact same number of teams in the Top 25 as the ACC..1. https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/football/fbs/associated-press Rick
  12. I was at Malone that night. We lost 17-19. But this current state doesn’t remind me of that one because back then we still at least had a decent defense that despite playing three Big 12 opponents and an 8-3 South Florida team was showing signs of improvement. That year we held TCU to 19 points. Then we held an 11-2 Oklahoma team coming off a 13-0 National Championship to 37 points in Norman. By the time conference got here it was Men vs boys for us as we held our conference mates to less than 18 points per game. I’ve seen nothing by our current defense that remotely resembles the ‘01 defense. Rick
  13. Yup,....and do you remember Skladany’s Honorable Mention All Conference DB who finished 4th in tackles that season? I’ll give you a hint. His first name starts with Kenny and his second name starts with Buyers. Finished that year with 78 tackles. 3 interceptions, 2 sacks and in my opinion was the best open-field tackler we’ve had in 15 years. Had 55 tackles in 2014 befor getting hurt and missed the 2015 season. BUT WHAT DID THIS STAFF DO WITH HIM IN 2016? Made him a wide reciever, trading a defensive veteran averaging 66 tackles a year for a meager 32 catches and a little over 300 yards. Rick
  14. That’s a direct quote from my Lt about his two state championship teams he played on under Art Briles at The Ville. He says everyone thinks of the great flashy high flying offenses and all the great QB’s that came from the Briles era back then, but said it was the defenses that were the key for their success. Said in practice “those so called GREAT offenses couldn’t move the ball on us because no one could out run us because we had all the wheels on our side”. Says “Defense isn’t the flashy part of football. No one celebrates a forced punt like they do a 20 yard touchdown, but if there’s no forced punt by the defense there’s no 20 yard touchdown by the offense”. Briles was a QB for cooger high and he understood what a faster defense does to an offense. He took the same approach at Baylor. Patterson has always taken this approach at TCU. Stoops was the same way at OU. Corky Nelson did this at NT. Dickey did this at NT. McCarney did this at NT. And I suspect until we do the same again our struggles will continue. Rick
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