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  1. FirefightnRick

    Helmets that change color

    Do they have earrings and a purse to match? Geez! Rick
  2. FirefightnRick

    MGN: NT at UAB Preview

    I don’t know. We were beating La Tech like a drum and that game was headed for a major blowout till we decided to start shooting ourselves to death with the decision to shut down the ground game and with fumble ninjas. I still don’t think Tech is all that good. And UAB’s defensive stats are built on some weak ass offenses. I just think if we play mistake free we win convincingly. Rick
  3. FirefightnRick

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Gotta get there first. Rick
  4. FirefightnRick

    The UAB defense gains national attention

    Yup,....if your decent...that’s what happens when you’ve faced a 95th average scoring offense over a 6 week period. Rick
  5. FirefightnRick

    DRC: 5 things UNT fans should know about UAB

    They are and list under FBS Independant. But for whatever reason the site doesn’t currently list their stats. So I looked at their scoring average, which is 31 points per game, and that would currently be at around 59th alongside Mississippi St. Rick
  6. FirefightnRick

    DRC: 5 things UNT fans should know about UAB

    Not really. They are ranked 5th nationally in scoring defense and is only giving up 14.2 yards a game. But in ranking the offenses they’ve faced,....if you rank lowly Savanah St who is 1-5 a ranking of 129th...UAB’s defense has only faced a 95th average offense. Do the same for NT, who’s scoring defense is not far off of UAB’s at 19th,...and you’ll see that the Mean Green defense has faced a 66th average offense with a much tougher schedule. BTW..Savanah St has the second worst offense in all of FCS at averaging just over 11 points per game. Incarnate Word has the 32nd best offense in all of FCS. Liberty’s offense would rank at around 59th in FBS. Rick
  7. FirefightnRick

    Seth Littrell Post Southern Miss Comments

    Nah,....the empty stadium didn’t bother him.🙄. Rick
  8. FirefightnRick

    Just for the record

    Too bad you didn’t get to see our loss there in a fridges blizzard in 1994 when a Mitch Maher Pass was intercepted by a one-armed DB that sealed our exit from the playoffs. Hell of a game to have seen. Rick
  9. FirefightnRick

    Just for the record

    Your right, it was better to hear about their crowds on radio when we played there and watched their games and/or highlights on TV. Actually sounded and looked like more than 20,000. Rick
  10. FirefightnRick


    UAB is #58 in “Run Defense”. North Texas is #7 Rick
  11. FirefightnRick


    Question: What is 39? Answer: The number of “Yards Per Game Allowed” that separates #6 UAB from #19 Southern Miss. Rick
  12. I guess your right. WB needs to understand that there’s just too many excuses to counter and he needs to better understand what level of wussification he’s dealing with. Rick