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  1. Every major city. Rick
  2. FirefightnRick

    8.11.18 -- 1st Scrimmage Update Podcast

    Thank you fellas. I appreciate you taking the time to give us some insight. Rick
  3. I've never said they were, yet they sure outshined the Times on this subject. Rick
  4. I've simply been pointing out the double standard...such as the issue with Candace Owens, which was a very interesting experiment. Ill tell you this, why not save all the typing and come have a beer with me in a couple of weeks and we can continue if you want? I'm easy to find and the first beer is on me. Rick
  5. I've never said they did not have the right to ban someone who is not following the rules. I think I've been quite objective. You just don't like me pointing out the hypocritical part of their decision. Rick
  6. Emmit, Joey, Rudy and I will see what we can do? Rick
  7. Nope, just pointing out how the hypocritical left thinks and you have helped me immensely. Rick
  8. Which is a double standard. So at least we are back on topic...and we know where you stand. Rick
  9. I said top 10, not just improvement. 34 points a game is improvement. I want to see top 10 rankings in some of the defensive categories like what he built at lowly ULM. If he can do it there...he can do it here...and it's gonna be amazing when he does. Rick
  10. Those are just a couple of screenshots from a discussion on "It's Going Down" on Antifa's page. If it's been removed but not banned then that again proves my point. And just so we're clear where you stand? Because someone failed to derail or stop a train, or because the other side was at a violent rally, or someone posts about killing, harming or doing away with white people and cops...makes it Ok in your eyes for them to discuss/plan/brag about it on Facebook? Thats what you stand for? Rick
  11. First off, that's YOURE opinion of Brietbart, and your entitled to it. No one has yet to disprove what Brietbart pointed out in the article I linked to is false. So what's wrong with it? Nothing other than you don't like to read the truth I guess? Brietbart is simply another source albeit a conservative one and one of the few sources conservatives have left. The New York Times has a long history of standing on the wrong side of issues including assisting the German Nazi propaganda machine in selling its ideas...despite being owned by a Jewish family at the time.. And now it hires a proud and admitted racist, which Brietbart could never get away with. Second of have COMPLETELY missed getting this back on topic. I never defended Alex Jones. I simply brought up the issue of the double standard then offered up proof. Regardless if you read and support that trash or not...if Infowars is to be banned...others do to. So in essence, you admitting that the racist NYT editorialist also needs to be removed your saying you agree with me. Rick
  12. FirefightnRick

    Downtown Dallas Presence

    Apparently had a texasU ad on there earlier? Rick
  13. Think your leaving Denton today with a road win? "You Got Another Thing Comin'!" Rick