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  1. …Tarrant County Courthouse in downtown Fort Worth tonight! Sometimes, we just gotta do what we gotta do. Go Mean Green! Rick
  2. If I live to 100 I’ll never forget the smell that wafted across the bar room when we pulled it out of the microwave. Rick
  3. You do remember who prepared the last one, right? Rick
  4. No, I was in the southeast corner of the south endzone chasing embers from Boomer(we used to pack it with newspapers to increase the concussion) when the melee encircled me. “I thought I was gonna die…or worse!” Rick
  5. Found this in my all my junk as well. The fun thing about this Mean Green win over smu in ‘06 was that SMU defensive end Lucky DeLay went on to coach my son at Weatherford, helping the Roos return to the playoffs for the first time in 11 seasons, and at the start of each season I got to remind him who won in ‘06. Rick
  6. I was there. Two years after throwing for 400 yards against Texas, Davis ran for 201 against smu. That was one of the interesting aspects of Corky’s offenses. Rick
  7. I will miss Brett Tulloss as well as Carlos Leal(standing two to the left of Brett here), who we lost back in ‘18. Those two knew more sports trivia than anyone I ever knew. I once told them while we were all at a bar if they didn’t shut up talking so much nerdy sports trivia we were never gonna get laid. I had to post this pic from the Daily I remembered having which had them both at a game at Fouts. When Brett started covering local HS football teams for the DRC I would go with him to spot and do stats. One time we nearly froze half to death in a blizzard in an open press box at Mineral Well’s old Miller Stadium during a playoff game. Most learned that if you spent enough time with Brett some kind of crap was bound to happen to you sooner or later and with me it always did.. One of the stories I can publicly share…He once got the PA gig at Fouts for a first round 3A playoff game between SL Carroll & Frisco and he asked me to spot & do stats for him. And of course, from the very start SLC started drilling the hell out of Frisco and Brett was having to constantly say The Dragons did this….The Dragons did that. Everything was Dragons! Dragons! Dragons!, and Brett was starting to feel bad for Frisco and their fans, and he was chomping at the bit to finally get to say something positive for them. Finally, at one point Frisco put a drive together and advanced the ball to about the SLC 25 yard line…and Brett announced it as…”And the Racoons Are Scratching At The Back Screen Door!”…. and I looked at him like WTF???? Suddenly the door to the press box swung open and a little old lady with a cane, who had to be in her late 70’s to 80’s stumbled in and started chewing Brett’s ass out something fierce for “Being so one sided and so damn negative to Frisco High!”,…and as she yelled at him she leaned over Brett like she was gonna start beating the shit out of him. Brett was so shocked, he kept shrinking in that chair thinking she was gonna smack him, and he stumbled and fumbled through what had to be 20 apologies trying to explain himself and she was having none of it.. I nearly hurt myself trying to hold back the laughter and not instigate it further. Anyhow, lots of good times I’ll never forget. RIP GreenBat. Rick
  8. This is great news. I hope we expand into DFW pretty soon. Rick
  9. Destroying it, one swim meet at a time. Rick
  10. I’m surprised they only set their minimum wage at $36k per player considering they are paying their running back over $200k just for this season alone. Might as well go ahead and cancel classes and exchange the cash for a diploma and call it the NFL-B league. Rick
  11. I wished I could honestly say I’ll enjoy watching SMU and schools like them burn their athletic departments to hell as they slush fund their way through making a complete mockery of division 1 college athletics. But then I’m reminded what will become of North Texas as it attempts to keep up. https://sportsnaut.com/texas-running-back-bijan-robinson-lamborghini-nil/ https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211214006082/en/SMU-Donors-and-Businesses-Commit-to-Multi-Million-Dollar-NIL-Program-for-Football https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/stroud-drives-off-in-200k-mercedes-as-part-of-nil-deal.392444/page-2 https://sportshandle.com/jackson-state-barstool-college-footballs-nil/ Rick
  12. Thank you Dave. Everyone back home had a blast watching y’all compete. Y’all made us very proud and am looking forward to this event next summer. Rick
  13. Hope you get to feeling better and to see you at the games Mr. Herold. Rick
  14. Maybe I missed it, but when did SL replace Fat Jimmy Sexton with JT Hammons? Rick
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