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  1. More like two more years then cause UAB only losses 6 of their 22 starters. 3 on O, 3 on D. Rick
  2. Just enough to win 4 of these.... Rick
  3. Maybe it’s my “Old-Schoo” mindset but l would think a kid would be willing to do whatever is asked and play in whatever system he’s recruited to for a chance to............1) Play,.....and 2) win? I mean, regardless of where they are coming from UAB and Rice seem to get them to buy in,..and Rice is doing it with one hand tied behind their back on the academic front. Rick
  4. Are those two asterisks denoting a winning record against losing programs? Rick
  5. Right, Old-School guys like this 42 year old dude..... ....or this 51 year old dude. I mean......pfffft...what do these old phuckers know? Rick
  6. Laugh your ass off all you want. It should sound about like what the 25 Rice fans were doing as we left through the gates back to our cars. Our past two eras of offense first philosophies have earned us an average of 6th place and a slap on the back. Our past two defense-first philosophies earned us 4 conference championships, 5 bowls and 2 bowl wins. And outside of losing Bussey for the season in week 3 who else did we not have by the Charlotte game that made this any more of an injury-plagued season than any other team had at that point of the year? Rick
  7. Only at North Texas would fans be so foolishly intoxicated with shiny things........and an average finnish of 6th place. Rick
  8. Good game by the Mean Green. Great hustle outrebounding a taller team of that caliber. Just couldn’t overcome the officiating. The Super Pit can be such a fun experience when there’s a decent crowd. Keep the hustle and defense up and we might do something in conference? Rick
  9. You mean it worked out great the last TWO TIMES we had it. Rick
  10. Yeah,...meaning we need more of a defense first approach, not an offense first approach. Rick
  11. We could bring in Bud Foster and it would do no good if we don’t change our overall philosophy. Rick
  12. That is if he actually got a good enough snap so he could keep his eyes up long enough to see the rush coming? I never understood how we go all season without getting the bad snaps issue corrected? Rick
  13. When you have the 5th best defense in the nation you don’t need much. Bill Clark understands that a top defense combined with a solid ground game offense built on the backs of well coached up linemen,...three of which only had 3 FBS offers combined among them is the key to a second straight run at the championship. Rick
  14. Yeah I stated I missed the rest of the list link above. I’m sure a better offer list helps but it doesn’t overcome the developement by their coaches. At some point the O line staff here has to develope a young player for the future. Rick
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