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  1. Yes...Conservative talk radio and one alternative tv cable show to the national group think tv shows......caused the previous administration to lie to a FISA Court in order to fabricate a scandal and spy on a private citizen running for elected office . Its been a while. So glad to see your still keeping a current pulse on things.🙄 Rick
  2. Thats bullshit, but whatever? Hopefully we get a return game next season. Rick
  3. The future of social change for women is definitely in the right hands. Rick
  4. In response to wether we’re tied or in the lead? Rick
  5. We’re either tied or are in 1st place in the West with 6 conference games remaining. Rick
  6. And that Marshall game is a final. Rick
  7. Marshall is two outs from taking the third game from La Tech. Hold on Mean Green. Rick
  8. We’re cruising at a perfect altitude in the 5th.... Rick
  9. Gained a game on La Tech today. Rick
  10. Ball Game! Mean Green wins the second game 4-3. Rick
  11. Mean Green up 4-2 in the 6th in game two. BTW...La Tech had to score 7 runs in the 6th to barely win their first game against Marshall. And they are down 6-2 to Marshall in the 5th of their second game. Rick
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