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  1. Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic https://medium.com/@ra.hobday/coronavirus-and-the-sun-a-lesson-from-the-1918-influenza-pandemic-509151dc8065 Rick
  2. Our nation’s innovative response to a crisis always amazes me How LSU researchers, hospital leaders created a new coronavirus test lab in a week https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/coronavirus/article_f24e3944-6fb3-11ea-84db-5fd8c3e55db7.html
  3. Thought I would see my first case of Chinese flu yesterday but it turned out to be a stomach issue. Nothing much else going on. As many people who are staying home from work I’m surprised how many people are on the road driving in to work. Rick
  4. That’s not what the article is claiming. Key word=“may” “may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate ofapproximately 0.1%)” Of course it is the New England Journal of Medicine. What do those idiots over there know, right? Rick
  5. Prior to this past most recent February Texas had over 50 schools during this 19-20 school year close due to Flu. One small 2A district north of where I live was one of them. That’s what flu does every flu season. The great news about this strain is it doesn’t seem to greatly affect children or the very young and healthy considering there’s only been one death world wide(a 14 year old in China) of a child under 15. Rick
  6. More good news in the New England Journal of Medicine. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMe2002387
  7. I apologize,, I didn’t intend that to come across as me having more perspective. Your comment just made me laugh after earlier having seen Nadler’s post. And great memory on the Tortilla game although I didn’t actually get escorted out. PD asked me to go to the tunnel in the stands so they could hear. They came down to ask what was going on in regards to a fight with a security guard starting shit with people in the stands and there was so much commotion we couldn’t hear each other so we moved the conversation to the tunnel and that caused a damn near riot because everyone thought I was getting the boot. It did freak my son out a little though. Then afterwards, if that wasn’t enough, after I left to go back to my seat and PD left to walked around to the outside to go to the field to go talk to the security guard...I walk up just in time at my seat to see Ramon Flanagan trying to get his hands around @SilverEagle ‘s neck and see my section of seats fighting him and the coaches in a melee. It was a freaking mess! God I can’t believe we all lived through that era? Only at North Texas. But it just proves we have the very best, most passionate fan base in the land. Rick
  8. The $4 Billion was for non-profit museums that raise their own money through private donations for other people’s leisure and entertainment. Asking you and I for $4 Billion dollars for leisure and entertainment is beyond bizarre at this time and is what should make your blood boil. Rick
  9. In my minimal effort to sweep the political garbage away from the virus discussion to here,.... Perspective. Rick
  10. Hopefully officials in the U.S. come to the decision that that extreme is not necessary here in the majority of the country. Rick.
  11. As did Hayden Fry and that worked out pretty well for us. Rick
  12. Worked another 24 hour shift among millions yesterday. Everyone seemed to be moving about, going to work and doing their thing. Some good news on the research & findings towards a cure and prevention of covid19. The FDA and CDC hope to have a vaccine within a few weeks or less. Research using a combination of Chloroquine and Azythromiacin is showing promise in speeding up recovery and possibly a preventative? An interesting read on one of the clinical trials on that https://www.covidtrial.io We may be able to obtain tests readily enough that we’ll be able to test ourselves at home as early as next week? That would be incredible if the suppliers can pull that off? We’re gonna get through this. Rick
  13. I wish you’d quit bitching about Trump. You did your best in the basketball threads too to bitch. The man has tried to close our borders for over three years and got nothing but negative criticisms. Then he was ahead of everyone state side in shutting down travel to China,..again, nothing but negative criticism. The guy has plenty of room for criticism but protecting American interests from the flu ain’t one of them. If you want to bitch about Trump please start a separate thread on it. Rick
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