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  1. Outside of affluence and lavish facilities at SLC & Westlake he is 37-85. Cameron(8-12), Newman Smith(8-12), Fossil Ridge(7-12) Marble Falls(8-12) NT 6-37 BTW, Since opening in 1970 Westlake has only experienced 4 losing seasons across 8 coaching staffs. Even Benford could probably manage a SUITable win or two there. Rick
  2. Hell of a job y’all did for the Mean Green Nation today, Dave. Thank you very much! Rick
  3. We could use it if all we’re ever going to get is 50-75 fans show up for a game 36 miles from campus, coming off the greatest season in history. Pathetic! Rick
  4. I certainly think it was. It was much more fun ruining someone’s perfect season, AND beating a RANKED team for only the third time in school history. I truly enjoyed watching the nUTSAck faithful roll in doing their utee——-essay chant. Then watching them leave, one by one as they tried to differentiate between the tears and raindrops to wipe away. What a great day indeed! IT’S ALL GOOD AND ALL GREEN! Rick
  5. The Mean Green held utAlmost to their 3rd fewest points in a game in program history and I LOVED every damn minute of it. https://utamavs.com/news/2021/11/18/mens-basketball-uta-falls-at-unt-thursday-night.aspx Rick
  6. They have a solid shot at running the table this season. I hope they beat UTEP on national tv tonight, go 9-0 and make our conference respectable and proud! Rick
  7. Thank you for the info @Harry and JD. Lots of exciting things on the horizon for the Mean Green Nation for sure. We will instantly be one of the top programs in men’s basketball, women’s soccer & cross country and softball. We belong in a good conference with stable, solid leadership. I agree with Brett that the commissioners were helpless at the last minute, but I can’t recall anything positive Judy McCloud ever did over the years that gave the conference the chance to raise interest and revenue. It won’t bother me in the least to see her go down with the ship, though I really feel for the programs that are getting left behind and some of the really great folks we have met from there over the years. It’s All Good And All Green! Rick
  8. We know three of them are healthy. Odds are the rest are too, especially considering that they ALL are in the lowest risk group, even more so than most of us reading this board. That’s my opinion and what I’m hoping for. This is good news. Now let’s play ball. Rick
  9. I sat beside Dr. Bill Mercer and across the aisle from coach Gales and his wife on that flight to Salt Lake.for the game. One of the best times I’ve ever had as a Mean Green student & fan. Coach Gales was a sweet man. He represented our program with class and was always willing to answer any question. He and his brother dedicated their lives leading young men towards success. He will be missed. Prayers for his family. Rick
  10. But they (protestors) are not the reason behind the need for the military/national guard to be requested. Yeah,...explain that to this woman.
  11. By how much? We don’t know. But here’s a visual: After some grinding and sanding on my car, notice the dust particles (around 5 micrometers) on the inside of this N-95? 1 Micron = 1,000 Nanometers. Covid-19 = 120 Nanometers. My face inside the mask was probably just as dirty as the outside of the mask but at least it stoped SOME of the dust from being breathed in. Either way it’s not worth walking around in one thinking it’ll stop something a thousand times smaller,..especially if your outside in the heat and wind and not in a high risk group for Covid 19. Rick
  12. Hard to have an honest discussion with people who Are going to compare this.... to this..... Rick
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