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  1. Just so you know who your dealing with. Rick
  2. FirefightnRick

    The Von Erichs are returning to Texas - SMU Game

    If you got the Iron were done! 50,000 saw that match at Cowboy Stadium. And boy....I sure miss that beautiful voice. Rick
  3. FirefightnRick

    DRC: Pro wrestling coming to Apogee

    Oh I'm sure. Just as there are some who it doesn't bother or think it is terrible to never brush their teeth. Rick
  4. FirefightnRick

    A Picture of the Endzone

    Love it. Rick
  5. FirefightnRick

    DRC: Pro wrestling coming to Apogee

    Again,....just in case you fell to earth, read this story and suddenly the question of the venue's attendance history jumped out at you like Sasquatch on a lonely, dark road.. Rick
  6. FirefightnRick

    The Von Erichs are returning to Texas - SMU Game

    Freaking awesome promotion by our AD. Rick
  7. FirefightnRick

    8.11.18 -- 1st Scrimmage Update Podcast

    Thank you fellas. I appreciate you taking the time to give us some insight. Rick
  8. I've never said they were, yet they sure outshined the Times on this subject. Rick
  9. I've simply been pointing out the double standard...such as the issue with Candace Owens, which was a very interesting experiment. Ill tell you this, why not save all the typing and come have a beer with me in a couple of weeks and we can continue if you want? I'm easy to find and the first beer is on me. Rick
  10. I've never said they did not have the right to ban someone who is not following the rules. I think I've been quite objective. You just don't like me pointing out the hypocritical part of their decision. Rick
  11. Emmit, Joey, Rudy and I will see what we can do? Rick
  12. Nope, just pointing out how the hypocritical left thinks and you have helped me immensely. Rick