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  1. The Ap-inspired facade is a very cool touch. Rick
  2. Possibly because they finished with the third best overal defense in the nation? https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/team/22 Note who was at #9? Rick
  3. That’s what I was hoping for when I first read the other day that Dr. Smatresk was placed on the executive board. Rick
  4. Recruiting is such a strange thing. I love the commits we’re getting. But after watching the highlights of some of our recruits I can’t help but scratch my head at how it is that such a game-smart and physically gifted player like Haltom’s Micheal Black, who led his team to a 13-1 record at the 6A level... gets no D1 offers and ends up having to commit to Permian Basin? Crazy! Rick
  5. So far, next to kettle corn my favorite food at The Ap has surprisingly been the barbecue sandwiches. Decent price and a decent flavored sandwich. Rick
  6. As I and others have posted before,...Judy needs to go. But after reading that I’m starting to think that as a conference maybe we deserve what we have? In the very least we know Marshall see’s the problem as well. Rick
  7. He asked for a down side and I gave him 5. Every industry has some kind of value to it or it wouldn’t exist. I simply don’t believe this one has much value to North Texas to justify the expense, and again...it’s unhealthy as well. Rick
  8. https://www.herald-dispatch.com/sports/marshall_sports/chuck-landon-coaches-have-no-voice-in-c-usa/article_70af2083-c3d8-5792-844c-c4ad6670e5c1.html Rick
  9. Great range with a solid heads up read on where the ball is going. Rick
  10. Ok I’ll give you five. 1. Video gaming can be addictive and becomes excessive. That excessiveness promotes an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. 2. Not all, but many promote graphic violence and minimizes everything related to that violence. 3. It’s excessiveness can lead to arthritic or carpel tunnel type conditions much like over exertion with key padding, typing..etc 4. It’s excessiveness detracts kids from their more important responsibilities.....like school work and chores. 5. And last but not least...iT’S NOT SPORTS. Rick
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