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  1. He is staying until he doesn't. This is true I doesn't happen till it does It doesn't hit you till it lays you flat
  2. In another spectrum, said Johnny Jones plays at 5 on espnu for all the marbles too!!! And little Johnny is a senior guard. This is going to be a great basketball day!!!!
  3. bout to spit some flow on kimmel tonight
  4. Why does it matter to you guys what Littrell makes. If he were making 750k a year he would still be underperforming right now based on any metrics. The good news on top of the bad performance is we now have an administration that will foot the bill for the best and brightest, rather than being the low cost provider. We can now be the employer of choice on our level, with facilities and coaching salaries. There is a cost to doing business, and we are no longer the poorest at our level.
  5. 57 seconds I will never get back.....(I listened 3 times to see if I missed an important point)
  6. I am only counting 12 names listed. Please count it for me again, but i have done it several times. FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS #ITSALLAJOKE
  7. What do you want them to say? I expect something like this.... You have the opportunity to either a. ask for a full refund b. apply the total to future ticket purchases c. apply the total to donations to the mean green scholarship fund (formally known as mean green club)... Go Eagles! reprise......ITS ALL A JOKE...... This all started when UNT90 came to that last home game with Kuehne. I mean publicly profess your going to TCU games and your reward is center court floor at the biggest game in the PIT in like forever???? Side note...No one has seen Kuehne or 90 since......
  8. And when they do grant an extra year. There will be some outstanding seniors who have graduated.......
  9. Update, @unt90 wore a green shirt. And these are two good basketball teams
  10. No sir, I saw him at a football game. He's been sneaking around
  11. It is showtime. I have it on good authority that @unt90 has been invited to the game by ernie. Does this mean a TCU shirt will be on our front row?
  12. We are "tailgating" on the square... Where is everybody????
  13. I agree with UNT86. Its what the mens team can do to people now. We have a deep bench on the mens side and can keep fresh legs on the court at all times. Roosevelt Smart is 7 or 8th best coming of the bench? That is a deep bench when you can run him in there. She is a good game day coach, in the end we lost last night because we got tired in the end.
  14. That's ok utsa, score your average. We will just hang 20 more. And it's on to the next one!
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