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  1. At some point more people are going to realize how true this is......Within any organization, there are strengths and weaknesses.....and there are many positives with the current state of the athletic department......BUT.........
  2. Wow big time.....even the practice balls are brand spankin new
  3. Actually, the local little dribblers coach in fact actually retired this year. His actual name is Mike Mcleskey. He got tired of the grind of hauling @100 4,5, and 6year olds around to area gyms. He actually "misplaced" a couple last year and the parents were getting a little agitated.... so.....there is some truth to this....
  4. I feel like I was just listening to my wife from another room, she is telling me things I need to do, and I am just saying, "Yes" and "ok" and "I got it" on every sentence pause having no idea what she is telling me... Then I just get in my truck and go to a bar, with her thinking that I went off to run and errand...only to consume 2 or 3 servings of brown water, returning home satisfied that I did my job......
  5. mac could stand up on a stool and a howard punch would go over his head.....
  6. not so fast......we are back to 39 this morning. Have to win today of course to have any chance of at large. The cut off last year was 42 I think.... La tech-101 UAB- 50
  7. Again we just built an indoor practice facility. Half on the back of two families the other half with a student fee. Without a major naming rights deal, a new Arena just will not happen with the current donor pool. We "they" need to mine new donors.
  8. To your point. A lot of this depends on what donors will buy in to as a need. At this point everyone sitting on that front row at the super pit are heavily invested in other projects. As i have stated many times, if donor x "pledges" or "donates" 1 million, just as an exemple the payout of that commitment could work many ways, but in the case of north texas it is usually five years. This is why it is so important for us to mine new donors right now. Current large donors are somewhat tapped.
  9. Mccasland did a horrible job. In fact, he shouldn't even have been considered. There also is no reason any other schools should even consider interviewing him. It would be a waste of their time. He just cant coach....
  10. Its on. A new sponsor for this event came on yesterday. In addition to help from wing stop and western son, the bartonville store has donated 100 percent kobe beef hot dogs. See you tomorrow....
  11. Allright.....ill bite on this topic. Because it was discussed this morning. Let's just say for argument sake, we need to raise 100 million across the board, for upgrading facilities nil etal..... Throw out lovelace, kuehne, McNatt, and a few others, because they are potentially still paying off other commitments they made for other facilities here. Now assume that people are willing to donate 5% of their net worth....you would need to find an individual or group of individuals with 2 billion dollars in net worth to raise 100 million. How many of you would write a check right now for 5 percent of whatever your savings is? And do we have 2 billion of net worth sitting around undiscovered? What if the number is 2.5%? Now we have to mine 4 billion in net worth? Now, let's just say you ask people to donate from their current income, and out of that 10 percent of annual income is reasonable. You would need 10000 people making 100000 a year to donate 10000 a piece to raise 100,000,000 Have fun in your fundraising career.
  12. https://t.co/iOYtfsxFWA Link for free tickets free food free bloody marys......all free
  13. As in free tickets? There is a link somewhere....edit. stand by for link
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