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  1. Do we play today? If so, I think we will win
  2. When yall get to that gym. Check out all of the noble prize winners, rhodes scholars etc. that Rice has produced. Thats most of the banners hanging in there. Kind of a "we smarter than most" level set.
  3. and the food will be better than the one earlier in the year....... We are also going to cook for the womens game on 2-18.
  4. Here we go. Huge tailgate going on outside. Easy to pack a place when you got 800 seats..... Fyi, this Is what a sellout looks like....lol
  5. Here we go. Huge tailgate going on outside. Easy to pack a place when you got 800 seats.....
  6. the sign stays up until 7/31. that the agreement
  7. excellent Idea, lets change the name again, just for fun. And while we are at it, lets change the look of the eagle, the particular shade of pantone green that we are using now, and to hell with it, lets use a different shade of black. Changing names every 5 to 8 years seems to be working for schools like Texas, Texas a&m and OU. Hell I wouldn't even recognize their logos any more if I saw them. And.....with all due respect Mr. GrayEagle, this rant has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with the history of bring someone in that gives 2 rat farts about any tradition that there is here, and just change things up because they think it is a good idea. Meanwhile, I'm wearing a black pullover to the basketball game tonight because that's what I can find that looks nice.
  8. well we have 8 tickets. they are all being used tonight. Nevermind that of the 8, 6 are mooching like Kramer in Jerry's fridge, but I don't care. IT'S FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US.......and I got a problem with some of you people, especially if you are an owl.
  9. LOL, did you see SMwho, Dallas babtist, UTA, etc. that is where these big corporations put us. We get in cracker barrel by being more successful in athletics..... See you tonight Joe in our Mean Green gear.
  10. My take on this game is this. Win or lose, we will be a prepared team. It's not too much to ask. The problem with football the last several years is that if we were playing a team with equal or maybe a little more talent (or maybe a lot more talent), I don't think anyone had any confidence that scheming and planning would overcome these things. No adjustments would be made that put our guys in a better spot to be successful. The glorious thing about this basketball team is that we compete with teams that are more talented. I never show up thinking that we don't have a chance to win. Having said that, tonight is going to be fun. I fully expect the game to go down to the last shot, and I am fully confident that we will win.
  11. I'm reasonably sure it was Hayden fry, and when rick got here he got it going again.
  12. This. Guys come in that don't care anything about tradition. "hey I got an idea, lets change the name of the Mean Green Club to MGSF" I disliked it then and I dislike it now. Instead of building on something, lets change the name, confuse people, and then not grow which is/was the intended consequence, and do so without asking any of your customers/stakeholders what they think. It is my hope that in 2023 people will start examining the fundraising arm of the athletic department and apply some metrics and goals, then hold people accountable. stadium naming rights........somebody other than lovelace/mcnatt....lets start here.
  13. Bush league. I'll be glad when we leave this cartoon character school and go to that new conference......beep beep.... Oh, wait.......
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