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  1. flyonthewall

    Column: Major changes coming for North Texas?

    breaking my silence to say...... after skim reading this article.... Oh fffffing yeah.... #itsallajoke
  2. and right in the middle bottom row is one Ernest William Kuehne IV. We should call him quad just to aggravate Ernie.....
  3. flyonthewall

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    you are an idiot and #itsallajoke. You can come back with whatever you want but I don't care. -1 me and just rant on, I read the first line and then said to myself "oh Mike Jackson" and quit that is all
  4. flyonthewall

    Seth Littrell is the man!

    Andrew V. son of Judge V. Good news, I have voted for your father many times.
  5. flyonthewall

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    Here is my take. Every year we are successful, no matter who the coach is, other coaches are going to get fired. And because we are in CUSA, and we pay 1.5 mil. or 1.8 mil, or 900k, there are going to be other jobs that pay more. So as long as we are winning it doesn't matter if it's Seth Litrell, or Joe fffing blow, at the end of the season this will be our plight. Some years it will go like this and blow over, other years we are all going to get our feelings hurt. It's what we all wanted. We had a great year. But reality is we are 9-3. We are 1-2 against teams with a winning record, and we lost to Old Dominion that turned around and lost to a 2-11 Rice team. (see what i did here, I legit blew holes in a 9-3 season, how quickly things turn) This was our year people. Can we learn from this and do better next year? Maybe, but we got a down Arkansas team and spit the bit in three games. Next year Cal on the road? Can we win that? Will our conference schedule be any easier? I don't think so. Next year will test the merit of this whole thing. In the meantime I am going to freaking New Mexico and supporting my favorite team in the whole world... See ya there bitches!!!!
  6. flyonthewall

    good news

    Which is kinda why I am making a joke about actually writing an actual real life newspaper article about the fact that someone is flying home from a work related convention to then actually come to work to the next day.
  7. flyonthewall

    good news

    but it is good news no. I meen the guy is coming home from the convention, in an airplane, and coming in to the office tomorrow. It is confirmed by a source in the something, so it must be true.
  8. flyonthewall

    good news

    according to todays drc. Frito has checked with UNT officials and Littrell is flying back from New York and coming to the office tomorrow. I hope this groundbreaking reporting helps alleviate any stress that anyone has concerning anything going forward. Frito has once again scooped this and solved the case.
  9. vintage bert frito. minimum wage and still overpaid
  10. this is finally an hso by Bert Frito. Ill go out on a limb and say the good guys win also, by a margin of between 1 and 47 points.
  11. flyonthewall

    Getting Ready to Ball

    Benjamins paid to see the beat down.......priceless af!!!!!
  12. flyonthewall

    Getting Ready to Ball

    Squadron is all wheels down and in en route to stadium
  13. flyonthewall

    Getting Ready to Ball

    is four large enough to call a squadron? baa baa black sheep. we're coming.....
  14. Marty Biagi. and his only title listed is special teams coordinator