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  1. flyonthewall

    Tristan Thompson

    It is 100 percent him.
  2. adriel?.......this you?
  3. flyonthewall

    Two New Regents Appointed and One Reappointed

    Carlos is awesome. Wears red pants for one week in May every year. Advocate for a lot of meaningful causes. He worked with the wife for 5 years, he comes to all football and most of basketball games. He is for sure going to be a cheerleader for athletics, and truly bleeds green through and through. Trading him for Silva.....this is a good day.
  4. flyonthewall

    Top Jerseys: Look Who's #17.

    it brings a chuckle that the number 17 just keeps coming up to torment some of you clowns. #thegiftthatkeepsongiving #itsallajoke
  5. flyonthewall

    DRC: Five reasons for pessimism heading into 2018

    You lecturing me? or Vito, because.......just sayin... When your job is to write articles, and that is all you do, spell correctly.
  6. flyonthewall

    DRC: Five reasons for pessimism heading into 2018

    Award winning journalist bert Frito can't spell a neighboring state. It's called proof reading bert, you should try it sometime. Starting the clock on how long it takes troll bert Frito to read this and make the correction
  7. you mean frito...... classic bert frito
  8. flyonthewall

    Tony is back

    Bartolo Veneto? Could be....
  9. Update, Munoz 2nd, Ortiz 10th going in to final day. They keep this up for the rest of the year we will have two on the big show next year!!
  10. That's what you really think? I pay for privilege? All this.....never mind that my mother graduated with two degrees from here, my wife two, me, my brother in law two degrees, my sister in law two degrees, Road shows our own dime to pitch the stadium to other donors, paid catering at my own house to pitch donors the stadium, yeah, I'm only paying to play, for access....there is no love for the university here... Keep it up.
  11. Apparently it was clickbait for a tax accountant that has so much time on his hands he is playing golf at Bandon dunes every day
  12. munoz in first on tour, ortiz in middle of the pack. Write a story story writer @brettvito that is all
  13. flyonthewall

    lean green

    Ward you old fart, stop arguing with them, they can type faster than a stormy daniels ass spanking on a future leader of the free world.
  14. And to your point, we helped build an athletic center, a stadium, on and on, helped pay for student athletes to get an education they otherwise couldn't afford......all while an administration scoffed at the fact that it was getting done. I would have preferred that you said "Thank you " but hey, you continue with your tired old narrative.
  15. Has grown back. 100 fold......especially in the last 18 months. Make fun all you want.