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  1. By the way, in no particular order, and maybe with some omissions, this is what we call our tailgate. Anderson, Verus, Baker, Lovelace, dobson, mcnatt, smith, vanderlaan, robinson, allred, riley, geezles, letterwinners, villareal, taco casa, helal, first united bank, green eagle, aleO tort response, b&O towing...... Oh wait, more than 17 names......
  2. I think I will take a break from the long day of instigating tailgate and go meet this Tony guy, If I haven't already met him.
  3. Both made the top 125 in fedex cup points and qualified for the playoffs next week. Also retain their tour cards for next year.
  4. i was there. i remember Dustin Hill telling me before the game "We are starting a true freshman at running back today, the starter couldn't get permission to leave the state from his probation officer." Don't know if that was true or not.
  5. W.b. started the fall of 2016. If memory serves.
  6. But we are having success on the field, so nobody is looking at who the donor base is. Thank you Ben for making my point.
  7. You do realize that the same people that got "swindled" by the previous athletic director are the same people that are donating now. To my knowledge there has not been one new large donor cultivated. Just the same ones continuing to step up.
  8. Ill hand it to you, you are correct. I would much rather have all that money back that helped build those facilities. I would much rather have our womens soccer team playing on intramural fields over by Peterbilt. I would much rather have our golf team scrounging around trying to find a place to practice, instead of at a state of the art facility like Maridoe. And lastly, I wish they wouldn't have torn Fouts down, because they could sell Apogee to someone and give me my money back with interest and I could go back to watching football with a track between the field and the bleachers with horrible sight lines. But you have convinced me. I got swindled. I'm going to call Ernie K. and convince him he was swindled as soon I hit send. That way we can make sure we never get swindled again by helping our University along. I would love to meet you some day, to see what intelligence really looks like, to see someone who didn't get swindled by donating money to the university that educated his family and that his family loves....
  9. tom brady goes down, patriots not so good. talalufalafaia alabama loses 2 games.....prescott out, cowboys suck, It is a given that the quarterback position is sooooo important. Protect him.... protect him protect him. we gonna be..........................................FINE
  10. bert frito = troooolllllooollloooollloooolllloooo its all a joke
  11. breaking my silence to say...... after skim reading this article.... Oh fffffing yeah.... #itsallajoke
  12. and right in the middle bottom row is one Ernest William Kuehne IV. We should call him quad just to aggravate Ernie.....
  13. you are an idiot and #itsallajoke. You can come back with whatever you want but I don't care. -1 me and just rant on, I read the first line and then said to myself "oh Mike Jackson" and quit that is all
  14. Andrew V. son of Judge V. Good news, I have voted for your father many times.
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