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  1. is southern nazarene off of seth's schedule now? I was counting that down.....
  2. I am sorry my young padawan, but Coach Litrell has nothing to bad mouth this place about. He has been given everything he needs to succeed. 1. Huge salary 2. upgraded budget for assistant coaches 3. Indoor practice facility 4. 17 +/- uniform and helmet combinations to choose from..... I can go on, but change my mind...
  3. Good lord. It seems like it's almost midnight and the second half hasn't started
  4. so, obviously. we (my wife and i) are invested in the light the tower collective. My advice is don't change what you donate to MGSF. If you have any additional money that you can donate, consider splitting it between MGSF and the collective. The big loser in this at all universities, not just us, in the short term are any attempts to improve facilities. We have a fabulous football stadium, and decent arena for basketball compared to our future peers in the aac. So we can put this off if we need to. You have to eat an elephant one bite at a time. Especially here. We talk all the time about how the same cows are getting milked over and over again at North Texas. This collective is starting with a great base, but we are going to find some new blood to take it to the next level. So... A. don't change any commitments to MGSF B. If you can donate, give to the collective. Even if it is 100 a year for 3 years....... C. It is in good hands with successful people running the show. Go Mean Green!!!!
  5. So they told us that the guy they subcontracted to do the merch waits until he gets a big batch to run anything. My wife called him and told him we were g.m. of the team and they sent here one of the several things she ordered so she could have it for the tournament in Wichita. We are considering putting up our own merch store on line and giving a local person the business. We will be putting up a website. I have reserved "purchased" several domain names that we are considering. Most likely it will be "bleedgreedtbt.com" but we have "bleedgreenbasketball.com" and "bleedgreenhoops.com" also. When we get it up and running we will let everyone know.
  6. actually......its 17.........lol.iykyk
  7. What is "indie"? Asking for a friend......
  8. So now that its over, and there is time for reflection, a few thoughts. Our coaches, Andre Shaw and Clay Wilson prepared our team better than any other team in the tourny. From film sessions, game planning, and practice this was a professionally run organization. Hats off to them. We had a game plan put in to stop Conner Frankamp. If not for the foul right at the end, he would have had 6 points. Aftershocks were a good and experienced team, and we took them to the mat. We got down 10 late and the guys never quit. We were one dang possession away from advancing to the "elite 8" in this tournament. Players. Obviously just putting the team together was the hardest part of this tournament. Up until a certain date you can add up to 10 players on a roster. After 10 players you have to pay tbt $1000.00 to add a player. We added 4 players this way. 3 out of the 4 that we added late were very important to any success that we had. One decided on his own that he did not want to make the trip. Now that we have a reputation of how we treat players, and that we can put a team together that has a chance to win, we think this will be easier next year. #1. We are going to put a team in this tournament next year #2. We expect to be a 2 or 3 seed #3. No one is going to out prepare us going forward Lastly, I have to say that for me personally, dealing with these elite athletes was one of the best sports experiences of my life. The character and professionalism of the guys that made the trip to Wichita was incredible. Google Jordan Stevens and look at his "ballislife" videos and you will see just how lucky we were to land him on this team. This all because the reputation of J.J. Murray and D.J. "drapejuice" Draper, our coaching staff at North Texas, and of course the reason we got in in the first place North Texas Mean Green basketball. Every player on our roster was an elite athlete. In closing, I hope you had as much fun watching this as I did being a part of this. The goal is for us to win this tournament next year, and with this year as our foundation, it is 100% achievable. For now, its football season, see you in the blue lot just a few weeks!
  9. Woolridge by all accounts is sitting on his couch in Mansfield texas. His reps in practice were invaluable to this team. It Is sad he isn't here.
  10. We have a plan.....let's just say that. And yes aftershocks are a very good team
  11. Morning practice. The guys all feel great!!!
  12. It was so electric. And when the purple players knew it was over and it got chippy....i am having so much fun helping these guys
  13. I feel like we are making some noise. Anybody that watched, was it this much fun on t.v.?
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