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  1. Right now we spend at the top of the conference we’re in. So success is competing for conference championships and winning them. Next year, or whenever we join AAC, we’re going to be middle of the pack in spend and our expectations should adjust accordingly.
  2. I guess I could be wrong, but the first home game every single year proves that our freshman show up ready for football. Half the time we promptly get embarrassed (esp the last 3 years) and they slowly start falling off. I don't think there is anything wrong with our orientation or Eagle Camps, etc. The problem is the team has a losing record by the end of September nearly every single year. It, also, can't be great staring over at the half-empty alumni side. The last time we had a winning record at the end of Sept was 2018. We were 4-0 riding into the Sept 29 game against LaTech and set an all time attendance record.
  3. Whatever the record, I think he stays if he wins the conference. Regardless of bowl game performance. Just like last year after the UTSA upset and 5 game win streak it was going to be nearly impossible to fire him. Winning the conference definitely keeps his job (and honestly it should). So for me, no axe is dropping as long as we're in the hunt for the championship. What'll be sickening is if we win the conference (or make it to the title game and lose)...then follow that up with another blowout bowl loss. Wren will have a tough decision on his hands and we will have already missed the early signing period.
  4. Thrown to the wolves?! LOL. I guess Mason Fine and Scott Hall got thrown to the wolves, as well? Those guys had similar practice time experience, but from the first step they took onto the field in their first ever game (both in game 1 of their true freshman seasons) you KNEW they had something. Gunnel and Ruder have both looked off, for whatever reason. Could Ruder be better today than he was a year ago? Sure. Could Gunnel be better than 2-3 weeks ago? Sure. What I said is from what I saw of them both on the field---which is a tiny fraction of the amount of time that the actual paid coaches have seen of them. Having said that, if Aune throws another pick 6 to start the next game he very well could be benched and everyone here will get their wish. He will have deserved that benching. I just don't think we're going to get much from any of the guys backing him up. Hope we don't have to find out, and if we do that I'm wrong.
  5. My opinion, based solely on what I've seen in games this year and last, is that you have to ride with Aune. This team will get to .500 with him driving the bus. With the others we may not win another game. I know the knee-jerk reaction is that the backup has to be better or kill the season and play for the future, but I'd rather see us get to a respectable record. I have no doubt that we're going to see a coaching change after this season. The stat that shows our number of winning seasons, or under .500 seasons since coming back from D1-AA is embarrassing enough. Get the program to where .500 is the floor. At the very least Seth has done that. We actually look and act like a D1 program now. Next we need to take the step to compete for championships.
  6. I’m still looking forward to Oct 15. LaTech at home is usually always a good game and weather should be awesome by then. Outside of that I’m with you. Also, this is something you would never hear McCasland saying. Difference in perspective and expectations is clearly evident.
  7. I assume it must be difficult planning for this when you have just one home game a year that draws this must interest. For us it’s the smu game and we most definitely botched that one this year, too. Logistics issues everywhere you turned.
  8. I guess I predate you. Unt90 was a beating, but at least he wasn’t wrong.
  9. At the end of the day it's up to him. He's absolutely been one of the best college football coaches during the past 2 decades. The question is what is his motivation. Does he still want to spend the time and energy on football and not other things? Everything on the interwebs and news makes it sounds like he's done with the 24x7 grind and is only involved part-time at Texas. If he's all-in, you'd be crazy not to consider him. If he's not, you'd be crazy to.
  10. Winning cures all problems. USC administration went right back to the Leach tree with Lincoln Riley.
  11. My guess is that this is more of an issue out in rural areas where cell and or high speed broadband may not be as reliable or available. Still a lot of folks cutting the cord don’t switch to streaming platforms, but just go exclusively over the air. That’s where radio coverage helps, but it is still always only going to be limited by the range of the specific radio station we partner with. I much prefer to use the varsity app. It’s even better this year than the confusing mess that is TuneIn. So anyone complaining here should give that a try if you have access to internet.
  12. This exact same thing happened last year the day of the UAB game. Paciolan needs to lose some business.
  13. Same problem here. Last weekend parking. This weekend digital tickets. SMH
  14. This. I appreciate that they sent an apology. To those asking if we feel different if we win…I know you’re not new, so you KNOW we have watched an absolute metric ton of not bad, but HORRIBLE football over the last 20-30 years. When I’m sitting here telling you the gameday product was bad, you have to know it was terrible. I show up rain or shine and have for over 20 years. Again, I’m appreciative of the apology. Now get it fixed.
  15. While Harrell was here just about every QB that got game action for us looked capable of winning games. Since he left I would argue that none of them have. Aune and Bean have had their moments, but there is something that has been missing. Even Fine looked downright human his senior year.
  16. This. Also, don't forget that both Graham Harrell and Sean McVay were coach's kids. They've inherited those coaching genes and clearly learned a lot from growing up around coaches.
  17. Honestly I don't expect Littrell back next year after Saturday night. I do think we still get to 8+ wins this year, mostly by virtue of a weak schedule. He's just not shown that he can compete with winning teams. If he beats UAB and UTSA this year, maybe that changes. For those calling for Aune's head, I'd love to be there with you. He clearly doesn't have it. However, there is no conspiracy here by the coaches. They are going to play the best players. They want to win more than you do. They are not sitting Gunnel or Earle/Head for any other reason than they have not demonstrated that they are better at running our offense than Aune. After seeing Gunnel for a whole 4th quarter, against backups, it was pretty clear that Aune was pretty far ahead of him. Maybe he gets better with more practice, but the coaches want and need to win now.
  18. They eventually started routing the blue line over to the fields North of the softball stadium. The police and parking folks routing the traffic did tell us that they oversold the blue lot. Really glad I prepaid for that. Not.
  19. Forget the coaching, first thing Wren needs to do is issue an apology to every blue lot parking pass holder. We’re probably not on the big donor list but we’re the diehards that sit through a lot of bad football. Last night was inexcusable. Sad part is that last night means we won’t have another crowd over 20k all year, so really don’t know that anything has to change. It’s another kick to the nads and I’m freaking sick and tired of everything being so half assed around here.
  20. The thing is, once you got in that line there was no way to peel off. You were just stuck. Parked in line. I asked an attendant if something had gone wrong, equipment issues,etc. They told me to get there earlier. Awesome response. Thanks.
  21. Above all it was a terrible play call as evidenced by the 3 on 1 that Robert’s found himself in. But yes, that pick was more on Aune. Robert’s wasn’t going to score because there were 3 smu players between him and the end zone, but that ball by Aune was lobbed up high. Robert’s had to slow down and reach for that ball, which is why smu defenders were able to get up under him and cause the bobble. Throw that with zip, chest high or lower, and further toward the sideline and he doesn’t have to slow up, shields the ball with his body, and worst case drops it or gets cut at the knees for no gain. To be fair, it’s probably not something he has to get right in practice as slow as our DBs are.
  22. You better be tough as nails to be a receiver on this team. Every ball is late or under thrown (not to mention all the throws into double and triple coverage WTF), allowing any separation to be closed down and meaning you’re always fighting for the ball or catching in traffic. Absolutely zero opportunities for YAC. Our QBs are almost as bad as the last days of DannyMac. It’s sad.
  23. With the early signing period firing a coach mid season is much more difficult. You essentially need to fire and then rehire before December? I don’t know how you do that realistically. You lose a recruiting class no matter what you do.
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