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  1. Torrey fit the graham harrell offense. Easley and siggers fit this one. Time for the coaches to make it official.
  2. There is no question that Fine is struggling with the new offense. That first half last night was possibly the worst I’ve ever seen him play. The bigger question is what will we look like by the end of the season. I’m betting he starts to figure things out.
  3. Yeah, I can't believe I was trying to defend them....but I guess I always thought they were never really more than an also ran (except the Doak years) until I ran into those all-time attendance numbers. It shocked me. They probably still have old-timers around that were there to see those days. Even if they were cheating their guts out the whole way. If recent history tells you anything, they have never been alone in that pursuit.
  4. You guys do know that up until 1950 that dirty smu was perennially ranked in the top 3 in terms of total attendance---in the NATION? I can't seem to get google to work for me today, but here's a view that shows from 1948. At one point I had found a report that went back at least 20 years prior. Even after 1950 their attendance didn't totally plummet, but it didn't make the top 3 and really dropped off after the Cowboys started playing in the NFL. http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/stats/football_records/DI/2010/Attendance.pdf So the notion that they did nothing without UT is off base. I hate them even more than Georgio and trud1966 combined!...but the facts are that they were incredibly relevant over a pretty long period of time. It is why they still have some of those super heavy hitter donors bankrolling the program.
  5. Nailed it. The positive spin to last night is that we have fewer teams than we thought that might rise up and beat us. The way to get to Boise's level is with 10-11 win seasons, not 8-9. People seem to forget that they regularly (like every single season) had the weakest SOS in the country while they were on their big run and rise. They were in the WAC, with only Fresno putting up a fight most years. Our schedule is absolutely perfect for where we are at. We just need to go out and dominate it. That will bring in more interest and more donors, which leads to bigger budgets, better facilities and better recruiting. Jumping to the MWC or AAC now would land us squarely in the bottom half of the conference budget wise.
  6. If we didn't have to play both LaTech and SMiss on the road I'd feel better about this prediction. I just need to see this year's defense get on the field before I am comfortable with this team. When Garner and EJ went out of games last year we gave up points quick and in big bunches. When Kemon was also out we were swiss cheese. I'm less worried about the secondary, but our backup LBers were not ready. Hoping an off-season of first team reps has changed that.
  7. Kerr Hall as a Freshman. Apartment just off campus as a Soph. RA in Bruce Hall my junior, senior and 1st half of my victory lap. Apartment in Lewisville (closer to work) for the 2nd semester of said victory lap. Best experience by far was in Bruce Hall. I was similar to NM Green---token business guy in a wild and crazy environment.
  8. All three are going to be absolute shoot-outs with the offenses each team fields. Granted dirty schmoo has some work to do to get to where Dykes' teams usually are. I picked schmoo and Houston. If only to make a statement against the AAC and our fellow in-staters. Cal is a weird place to play a game and a loss that far out west could more easily be forgiven (so long as we don't pull the crap we did against Utah St and get blown out).
  9. Curious how the increased focus on the TE position will impact line play, as well. I haven't watched Reader's offense, so I don't really know. Does he split them out on every down, or use them to help chip or run block on occasion?
  10. When TCU was in the conference they outspent everyone else by a significant margin. We'll be coming in closer to the bottom. We'd need to upgrade our budget, staff and talent to replicate what TCU did in the MWC. Not saying we couldn't be competitive, but TCU DOMINATED that conference (at least on the football field) and used it to leap-frog out.
  11. I don't necessarily like this idea but from a budget comparison we are at least in the ballpark. The high end of the MWC spends $51m/year with most clustered around $48m. The bottom 2 are USU and San Jose at $34m/$30m respectively. We'd fit in right above those 2. The lowest spender in the AAC is at $48m. We'd really be bringing up the rear-end there with a $12m/year gap between us and the next lowest budget. I don't see USU being a fan draw in Denton, and really not CSU, Wyoming, New Mexico, etc either. The only two teams that might be a draw would be Boise and Air Force. The rest are just too far West. Also, an un-ranked Boise isn't drawing anymore interest or generating more fans at the gate than a UTEP or LaTech who always seem to bring plenty of their own fans. CUSA West is better for us from an ability to drive numbers at the gate, but the TV dollars might give the MWC the edge overall. From an on the field/court perspectvie, the basketball in the MWC is head and shoulders better than CUSA and the football is at least viewed as being better (whether or not it actually is is up for debate). We'd need to significantly upgrade in basketball or we'd be a doormat.
  12. "0 weight" 😕 They get at least 1 vote, right? Don't think your math works out. Also, I had forgotten that Wichita St was added to the conference. That had to be a move to appease UCONN. It'll be interesting to see if they add another basketball only school in UCONN's place. I'd probably put my money on that happening first. UCONN football was a drain on the conference. Why not drop them altogether and add another school like Wichita St (ie: VCU immediately comes to mind).
  13. For once, the timing of conference realignment might be perfect for UNT. ....if Fine and Littrell deliver the kind of season we're all hoping for. No pressure, guys! 🙂
  14. If these are the real deal, freshly battered and dipped, corn dogs from the state fair and similar to what we had at Fouts....this is the best news of the year. Even better than Seth not leaving for K-State.
  15. Like seeing mention of a New Year's Six bowl as a future goal. Our staff is moving the bar higher every year.
  16. But they play NMSU twice. They badly need a conference to help them fill-out a schedule without having to resort to such nonsense as playing the same team twice in one regular season. I'm sure all the press around this subject is generated by them as it seems pretty clear that few really want to be associated with them....at this point in time.
  17. Not to mention that he's posted a marketing mock-up of a new basketball arena.
  18. The longer we stay in a conference with LaTech the more that rivalry is going to develop, impo. They field a competitive football team year in and year out. Very few others at the G5 level can say the same. As long as we stay competitive we are going to continue to run up against them in the race to win the west division. UTSA would not even be considered were it not for their propensity to treat the game against us as a grudge match and the resulting hyper-tense, close games every year. As long as the games are close it is going to get harder and harder for us to deny this developing rivalry. It sure would be nice if they'd step it up, though. Get some dang facilities built, increase their academic prestige, or do something in the sports realm so they aren't so easy to under-value and dismiss. I totally agree with the point MrStrange made. Me not wanting to be associated with them is no different than how the smu'ers view us.
  19. He was my RA during my freshman year at Kerr. He was a good dude. And for what it's worth, I thought he improved the in-game band performance from what it was under his predecessor.
  20. I, for one, hope that UTEP is improved. They are more fun to host when their team isn't outright terrible. Most of the fans I've encountered at Apogee have been great and they can bring a lot when they aren't winless on the year. They are like the anti-nUTSAk.
  21. No. 1- Mac was fired before the game ever took place. 2- Lost about half of my tailgating crew after that debacle. They still haven't come back.
  22. We need a legit backup to Z Simmons. That's priority #1 for me. Priority #2 is someone who can replace Miller. We need a slasher who can make free throws. Tiko was supposed to be a gamer. I have that on the authority of a former coach with Mac's staff. No idea what's gone on there. He was the x factor missing from this team. A guy on the outside that could shoot over anyone. If he's done here I'd like to see another pure shooter added.
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