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  1. The stance is you see what the guy who wins against his peer competition does when we step up who our peers are. The bet is that he’s able to continue to win. In order to do that he’d presumably have to pull in better talent. That would get us a step closer to the talent level of the teams we’re playing in the tournament and increases our odds of winning. In summary, you stick with Hedlund.
  2. Eastern Michigan?! Sheesh. Hope not. Guess we could prolly win, though.
  3. Twitter as a way to communicate at a corporate level is great. On an individual level I will never get it. This tweet didn’t even make sense. Was he responding to someone else? Without context it reads like a stupid, racist tweet. Maybe still does with context added. I have no clue, other than to tell this guy to stop tweeting. Especially stop tweeting at 2am.
  4. NIL opportunities are going to have a higher ceiling in big markets. Our pro leagues all have rules to help spread talent out, otherwise they all gravitate to New York, LA, Miami. No such rules exist, or are likely to ever exist in college football. I think this move signals acknowledgment of this new reality more than anything else. That, and yes, he’s going to win more in the Pac12 vs SEC west.
  5. Defense, special teams and a dominating running game. Also, coulda swore I saw Patrick Cobbs back out there today, only he was wearing #3.
  6. I admit it…I was wrong. This might be my favorite Mean Green team ever. To go from those embarrassing home losses against UAB and Marshall to today…it’s just a great job by everyone involved. Maybe the best coaching job, over the course of a season, that we’re all ever going to see. The players showed grit and tenacity, and an ability to learn and correct mistakes. They never quit. I’ve never been prouder to be Mean Green!
  7. My wife, kids, and her entire family are going to Waco to see Baylor. I was supposed to go with them. That was until we won 4 straight and nutsack got a miracle to beat uab. I’ll be at Apogee tomorrow, and sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future. Make it worthwhile Mean Green!
  8. UAB held them to 52 rushing yards…which includes Harris scrambling. They let him get loose a couple times in critical moments, otherwise they would’ve completely dominated their run game and won. I think we will have the same plan and hope we can contain the QB better…similar to what we did against Liberty and Willis. UTSA’s defense is average. Their offense is outstanding. We need to control the clock and play disciplined football.
  9. Bring on the rain. The sloppier, the better.
  10. This is all true. What is also true is that if we beat a top 20, undefeated nutsack next week Wren cannot fire SL. It’s simply an untenable position to take.
  11. Of our opponents this year, only Smu and nutsack are currently in that top 50. Liberty is outside it at 51. UAB and Marshall are only top 70 and they obliterated us. All this does is make the argument for a real playoff. You can only play the games on your schedule. Rankings are dumb. Their only purpose is to drive ticket sales and eyeballs to televised games. If the roles were reversed we’d be losing our minds for not getting a chance to prove how good we are in a real playoff. Where nutsack is ranked now they have no shot at a NY6 bowl, even.
  12. Fordham to Richmond to Bowling Green is a similar career arc to Carthel if we were to bring him in from SFA. Not saying he's my favorite, but to excuse a current FCS coach who is a proven winner and program builder would be a mistake, impo.
  13. Frank Beamer's last 4 years at VaTech (29-23; 3 7-6 years with an 8-5 in the middle) 56% Fuente's 6 years (43-31) 58% Fuente was a slight uptick from Beamer. However, prior to those last 4 years, Beamer had 8 straight 10+ win seasons and 13 10+ win seasons in a 17 year span). It seems VaTech has 10+ win expectations. Fuente delivered that in year 1, treaded water for next 3, then pretty dramatically fell off the last 2 years after Bud Foster retired. Really don't need to read a long winded article to see why Fuente was fired. It's about Wins and Losses. Period. Littrell delivered 2 9 win seasons with a mediocre/bad defense. We were completely off the tracks as of Oct 15, 2021, and that was after 2 really disappointing years. The fact is that if North Texas had the same level of expectations as VaTech, Littrell would be in the same unemployment line as Fuente...but we don't and shouldn't at this point. I don't get all the fuss over Fuente. He's fine. Not great. Not markedly better than Littrell from what I can tell. Especially not if bringing him in means PB leaves in the offseason.
  14. I think you're both right to an extent. I'd love to see another year of Bennett, but not another year of this offense or of Seth not bringing in an adequate QB coach/developer. In a perfect world, Seth would find that magic bean of a QB coach who didn't also have to be OC, call the plays himself and he'd somehow keep Bloesch from leaving after this year (you have to think he's gone after getting stripped of playcalling duties as OC, but who knows). He's swung and missed repeatedly on QB coach/OC after Harrell. In my dream/perfect world we'd hire Fuente as OC next season. Win big with a Phil Bennett defense that is humming and an offense that can, again, complete a downfield throw with regularity. Then Seth gets another P5 call-up after the season, takes it and we promote Fuente to HC.
  15. Are we really counting on Shorter? He cannot stay healthy. If he somehow plays most of next season that’s gravy, but we need to recruit another stud transfer, impo.
  16. Gotta give credit, we came out of halftime and mostly dominated that second half. The turnover on downs gave them life that we had just about choked out of them. Littrell is gonna get another year and it’s because of Phil Bennett and his defense. Honestly, I can’t wait to see this defense in year 2. It’s getting better and better.
  17. Well he is…for at least a year. Dude needs to cool off.
  18. Was at the OSU Kansas game last week. Bean played into the third quarter until he was benched. His offense didn’t earn a SINGLE FIRST DOWN. I went in rooting for him. Left feeling really sorry. He is on a terrible team, but he was bad. Much worse than we saw him at UNT
  19. Yep, that crowd was legit. It’s criminal that they are stuck in CUSA.
  20. If UAB or Marshall are on the schedule next week, you think we get a more competitive effort than we did a few weeks ago? I’d love to believe it, but I’m gonna stay in the wait and see camp. UTEP and UTSA will tell us all we need to know.
  21. I don’t know their roster all that well, but how many in the 2deep are kids he brought in vs Frank Wilson? At least the most important player on the field is Wilson’s (the QB, duh). I still get it. We’d literally kill to have a season start 8-0. Apogee would be standing room only every week. I’m surprised he agreed to that buyout. I was expecting him to leave for P5 this year.
  22. Once CUSA started talking about pulling up even more FCS schools, with SHSU at the top of that list, I was all for its implosion. Texas has too many FBS teams as-is. I guess at this point LaTech and UTEP have to be looking to go independent, right? Maybe FIU drops down. They have to have the worst supported (by attendance) athletics program in the country…why keep pushing a square peg…?
  23. The same thing that happened to us in 2018 is about to happen to them. Traylor getting courted by Tech mid season is going to drag them down.
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