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  1. Those calling for Ruder…umm, did you miss last season? He has absolutely no feel for touch passes or ability to lead receivers. Deep throws require both. He was just not ready for FBS. Is it possible he improves? Sure, but we’d have been hearing about it by now. I’m not holding my breath. Great kid and leader, and still rooting for him, but I don’t think you see us bringing in so many transfers if the coaches were seeing progression with him or anyone else on the roster.
  2. It’s paramount to have expectations and goals. It’s also good to know when you have a good one and enjoy the good times. He might be the best DC to coach at UNT, which is saying something. We’ve had a rough patch since Skladany retired, though. It’s ok to have fun, no?
  3. Man this guy is great. We are lucky he’s here.
  4. I’m suggesting we, along with 100+ current FBS members, are relegated to a non-playoff or somesuch division. There will only be 30 or fewer schools playing football in the top division.
  5. The difference, of course, is that the entire country can unite behind our athletes. Fans are not left behind. With this changing college landscape many of us are going to be left without a team to root for…at least at the “highest” level.
  6. Why would that be better? We’re currently grouped with ALL of the above schools. Taking out the top 30-40% revenue schools separates us from those schools in all sports, not just football. We’ve already demonstrated that we can compete in several sports. It’s really only the football power structure that keeps championships there out of the reach of the majority of schools competing in FBS.
  7. I don’t get all the questions about fit. If his dream school is Baylor as we all assume. There are more similarities between SMU and Baylor than Baylor and UNT.
  8. They don't have any fans. Problem solved.
  9. Who says Hodge stays? If Mac is getting a huge bump, I'd expect Hodge and the rest of the staff would too. It's always been a package deal, from my understanding. His staff is his team. SMU, at least in name, still has 'Methodist' in their name. Whether or not you or I think they have embarrassed/disgraced their represented church, Grant is a Christian and that could absolutely be a draw for him. That said, uprooting from Argyle to Dallas may not be AS far as moving across the country---it is STILL uprooting your kids from their schools and friends. Is he living in Argyle and driving to downtown Dallas every single day and working the long coaching hours along with that? I expect that his better half will have something to say. End of the day, SMU is a lateral move with potentially better pay if we can't/won't step up to meet it. Hopefully this is a leverage play and we play ball. He and his staff have earned a raise.
  10. I'm still just shocked that they have actual fans...or people pretending to be. Looking at their game attendance would lead you to believe otherwise.
  11. Yep. You get the feeling it wasn’t what was drawn up in several other games, but it’s what we got. Grant has quite the coaching job this offseason.
  12. I’ll drop the niceties and criticize. That last play of regulation was disappointing. It’s one thing if we hadn’t closed out so many games already with last second threes by Perry. Virginia knew that was coming and we should’ve tried something else. Period.
  13. I was screaming for him to shoot, while my wife (non-UNT) kept saying he’s making good passes and distributing…doing a good job. She was right. He was passive, but TxSt was double and triple teaming him. Their game plan was very obviously fixated on not letting him shoot and making others score. It just about worked.
  14. God bless you, Adler. Keep fighting the good fight. Grey is hideous. Black only on blackout games, max of once per season per sport…and never during bowl games or tournaments.
  15. This. I read Bennett’s comments as still smarting a bit from them quitting on him and leaving. He’s not starting them if he thinks they shouldn’t be on the field. He’s a coach. His mentality is to help players get better, play better together. These guys either didn’t like the tough coaching, or like GrayEagle says simply got recruited away by P5 cheating…or a combination of both.
  16. Love it. Trieb is best DE we’ve had? Some of this feels like piss and vinegar, but coming from Bennett…he’s got the experience and track record for it to mean something. I can’t wait to see the defense next year.
  17. Best take so far. Also, we could very well win the NIT. CUSA gets no credit, but the top 4 can play.
  18. McCasland’s dream school is Baylor. Even at #1 they almost never fill their arena and averaged 7700 in 2019…the last year before covid. UNT was averaging 4500 playing in the suck belt back with JJ. We are a fairly liberal school, and covid response has been more severe with liberals. I think attendance will pick up once fear of covid dies down. We’re already starting to show signs that it is. All that to say, I don’t think attendance will be what lures Mac away.
  19. Isn’t getting a new arena all about the luxury suites? ADs all want them if they don’t have them. When you look at our average attendance it’s hard to argue that chopping the top third off the super pit and replacing with box suites would be a bad investment. Would anyone here oppose that? Where the trouble starts is when you start saying all new arena and leaving the super pit behind. Forget cost, people here still love that place. Myself included.
  20. It boggles my mind that tcu got over 8k to a basketball game this past week. I was pretty ready to blame Covid for our attendance woes…and it still is the biggest reason for the lack of decent crowds…but how did tcu, with its traditionally meh basketball history entice 8k in the middle of this latest surge?! We have to step it up…and I agree, our ticket sales and promotions department gets an F this year. When Wren first arrived in Denton we went all out for football and basketball. Why are we doing so little today? If I’m guessing I’d have to assume that this is an area where we’ve cut back the budget the most to deal with the revenue losses from Covid the last two years.
  21. That Buffalo loss stings, and Wichita St keeps losing…barely above .500. Drake is doing well, but that is really our only quality win outside the conference. A close loss to Miami is still a loss. Our OOC schedule looks like a really solid mix of high major and traditional mid-major powers. Unfortunately the mid-majors are almost all in a down year compared to their history. So we’re going to need to win out, imo.
  22. This new system really, really sucks. Having to constantly recruit your own roster to fend off other schools just feels like a completely broken system.
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