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  1. If GH could get the same or more pay and living in Austin as opposed to L.A., would that not make a huge difference? His family is here in Texas.
  2. Hire GH and make his the Associate Head Coach I’m waiting. Find money to pay him like that. But just as important, hire a DC that can build a wall.
  3. This transfer portal is going to kill CFB as it is today. No stability at all.
  4. Congrats! I never knew you were a UNT Dancer. That is fantastic she is following your lead in that!!!
  5. You don’t, by any chance, follow TCU...do you??? this is a blip on what has been a pretty good trajectory the last couple of years. Why burn down the house?
  6. This year hasn’t gone exactly as we had hoped, but I am still proud and happy to support these players and coaches. This season will not cause me to speak ill of anybody associated with the program. I have been to more games than most, and will continue to do so. i send out a request for us all to keep supporting the team and make it to as many games as you can.
  7. 63-10 UNT Fine throws 5 TD’s, Siggers has 190 yards. Defense get 4 T/O’s
  8. What??? In Berkeley, we had the ball with 3 minutes left and a chance to win the game. Granted, we buried ourselves in the 1st quarter, but then whipped at GOOD Pac12 team that was top 25 until they lost their QB. I was at that game, and we played pretty good the last 3/4 of the game.
  9. Has anybody heard when they will be mailed out??
  10. Scholarship athletes get room and board, school and books paid. I also think they now get a little $$. Anybody saying they don’t have food or a place to stay is not being truthful. They can work during the summer and save cash for incidentals throughout the years. I knew a lot of kids that did that. They are getting plenty of resources and do not need more. Gor or those who say the school makes millions off what they do....probably right. But so does the ownership of the company I work for. We agreed on a price I would be willing to work to make them that money. In exchange, they would leverage that money to ensure I had a place to come to work. Simple stuff here
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