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  1. MeanGreen_MBA

    Week 4 CUSA Team Stats

    Hmmmm. I like it
  2. MeanGreen_MBA

    Worst part of the weather?

    So Mason throws for +250 and 2 TD’s, no INT’s and he has an off game....I will take that. The run game steps up for a ton of yards....I will take that. The D fives up a total of 7 pts...I’ll take that. All against a team at their house who has given really good teams a fit, and who blew out ODU who just took down the #13 team in the nation....I’ll take that. PLUS, it was raining in a city we have never played in.....HOW WAS ANY OF THIS A REASON TO BE NAVATIVE?? I for one, am thrilled we can “OVERCOME” such horrible play and still win!!
  3. MeanGreen_MBA

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Let’s make Seth our Gary Patterson
  4. Me plus 3. Leave Frisco at 9am Friday morning!!!
  5. How would this have turned out???
  6. MeanGreen_MBA

    UAB lost to Costal Carolina?

    Cost me an $1,100 payoff on a pick 5 bet in Vegas. That was my gimme game. Won the other 4 game that we’re iffy.
  7. MeanGreen_MBA

    Official Incarnate Word Game Score Prediction Thread

    We pitch a shutout. Defense has something to prove this week. 48-0
  8. MeanGreen_MBA

    Scrimmage tomorrow?

    It was should have seen it!!!!
  9. MeanGreen_MBA

    DMN thinks SL is Tech’s #1 choice to replace KK

    $1.8M keeps SL for another 3 years. Then we see where to go after that. If we are a constant 8-10 win team, let’s break the bank to keep our “Bobby Bowden”. Fl St was not so much when he got there.
  10. MeanGreen_MBA

    Where is the Coach's Caravan ?

    I am so going!!!
  11. MeanGreen_MBA

    Mean Green Ditches Ticketmaster, Moves to Paciolan

    I just wish our AD would start early ning his paycheck!!!! Doh.....he is!!! #WREN
  12. MeanGreen_MBA

    Wilson Signs 3 Year Deal With 49ers

  13. MeanGreen_MBA

    USA Today top 25

    No doubt. Kiffen is the real deal. They still have the running back that’s should get H-consideration. They size up with the big guys. FAU is for real