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  1. UTSA had a very productive RB and we held him in check. They got their last TD on a deep Hail Mary type pass where our D-back was there. So that would have held them below 20. Think our D is for real
  2. I think GH is older than you may be assuming. Not sure these guys would remember a lot of GH playing days.
  3. That is a pretty nice showing for UNT all in all. If we could get that at all home games, I would be happy. if UNT gets into the Frisco Bowl, and we have that much attendance, 90% of the stadium will be wearing green of some shade or another.
  4. I went to the La Tech game and hung out at the Dawg House. I met the owner and some locals. It seems none of them were really happy with Skip. Not that they didn’t like him, but seemed to expect he was not long for Ruston. I think it was just time in both sides to move on. No love, but no hate either.
  5. He has a pile of money. Now he can just coach.
  6. Why not. I think the Heisman shine is gone. He could put up crazy numbers here and maybe bring back some notice. Plus, have some fun winning in CUSA as opposed to the competition he has been playing at.
  7. Would he entertain coming to UNT. We adjust the ye offense back to tee it Up. With his arm, running ability, and our running game. The Mean Green Offense could be unstoppable.
  8. UNT surprisingly brings a crowd for Bowl games. Check the crowds for the HoD bowl games. We would do well at Frisco
  9. Ranked pretty high in total stats. 1st year starter after 6 years away. Plus, the revolving door of O-line and skill players due to Covid. give credit where it is due
  10. Seth had Mason for 4 years. Had a tight QB competition last year. Aune won it with a pretty solid rating during the Covid year where there was a rotating door of players coming on and off the field. I would take Aune stats from last year, this year all day. Not sure why it hasn’t translated. this is the only real down year Seth has had at the QB position. Prove me wrong.
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