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  1. Being a season ticket holder, I have never seen our court on TV. Getting to see it during the NIT....MAN, does it pop!! Great optics for the brand.
  2. We switch to the football thread and help the team put some good old Mean Green Whoop-Ass on whoever decides to show-up on the opposite sideline this Fall. oh, Way to go Coach Mac and the Mean Green Basketball team. It’s the Sweet 16 next year for sure!!!
  3. Wren and Neal needs to get the editor on the phone and rip them a new one on this. That is unprofessional as hell!!!
  4. Play small ball and let the 3’s rain
  5. We play some tough defense. Some of the best I have ever seen us play. They may shock them for a C-USA team
  6. They have some quality wins this year. A win against them would certainly legitimize us a team team to fear.
  7. They announced that Simmons made AC last night. Gave him a trophy and everything. I am confused.
  8. C-USA owns the tickets and sent them to me via Seatgeek. Nobody works the tkt office on Saturday.
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