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  1. MeanGreen_MBA

    Ekeler Out at UNC

    Wasn’t he co-DC when he was here??
  2. MeanGreen_MBA

    Ekeler Out at UNC

    Bring him back
  3. MeanGreen_MBA

    New Head Coaches Hired

    2 years
  4. MeanGreen_MBA

    Kendal Briles Tx State Top Target

    My bad then. I did not check my facts. I was told he is our Last Chance U
  5. MeanGreen_MBA

    New Head Coaches Hired

    You mean like first time HC LR??
  6. MeanGreen_MBA

    Kendal Briles Tx State Top Target

    You realize we have a last chance U guy tearing it up in our backfield. No issues that I have heard of
  7. MeanGreen_MBA

    Kendal Briles Tx State Top Target

    2-3 years tops just getting some HC chops under his belt. Good get for TXST.
  8. MeanGreen_MBA

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    That helps keep Seth here. Now let’s get somebody else in Lubbock.
  9. MeanGreen_MBA

    9 Wins and disappointing

    For all those who are complaining about 9-3 we are 4 plays from being undefeated 1. Blocked field goal to win vs La tech 2. Fumble on the 3 yd line for go ahead TD vs UAB 3-4 fake field goal/missed tackle vs ODU I am thrilled at this season next year we will dominate we have most of our team back we did this with mostly underclassmen
  10. MeanGreen_MBA

    Has this ever happened?

    Things are looking Green all over!!!
  11. MeanGreen_MBA

    Roll call for nUTSAck

    Sara and I are here. Staying at Embassy’s suite River walk. Heading to Freetail Brewery before going to tailgate
  12. MeanGreen_MBA

    Littrell ties McCarney in wins

    In 16 fewer games.
  13. MeanGreen_MBA


    True, I was there and left at half time to go watch another game. Up 28-0, what could go wrong??? Sorry.
  14. MeanGreen_MBA

    UTSA Week

    Would that be cool or what. Flashback Aug 2018. You are told we would/could be 9-3 going to a bowl, but not conf champs. Do you take that with a Hell Ya or what??
  15. MeanGreen_MBA

    4th and goal

    That was on Rico. All he had to do was get in the CB’s way or bump him and Mason walks in.