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  1. Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor......????
  2. Construction on Buzzy’s golf starts in the next week or so according to JM
  3. The way a lot of the pro baseball contracts are written for kids straight out of HS, is part of their bonus included paying for 4 years of college when their baseball days are over. So I think most of these are free to the school, and free to the player.
  4. The problem with the scheduling of this is there is no way for true UNT sports fan to make the service in Frisco to pay tribute to a great man and UNT legend, and still make it to the basketball game in Denton. I would think “Coach” would want this scheduled to do both. Just sayin’
  5. Is t Aune from Argyle??? Does this have anything to do with the hire???
  6. Dude is in his mid/late sixties isn’t he? Not sure he has time to go else where.
  7. 27 TD passes 0 interceptions. I’ll take those stats from a freshman all day. And 16-0 record....
  8. 6’3” 220 lbs Frosh!!!! Why can’t we do that? Love me some Mason Fine. Imaging if he were 6’3” 220lbs.
  9. I am in. Posted it on FB. Let’s make this HUGE thanks KRAM for all you do
  10. You realize just about every SEC team gave up +40 points in a lot of games. LSU has no Defense, BAMA’s defense was way off. Aggies did OK, but couldn’t score. Leach might do rather well. He will get a lot of 4 and 5 star skill players for sure to light it up.
  11. There is a reason USC wanted him.
  12. Those numbers are kind of crazy. I run a sales team that travels all over the US, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and generates +$100M in revenue and our 2019 travel spend with be roughly $125K. We treat our customers very well when we take them out as well. Throw in executive travel which does not fall under me, our total spend would be $160K. This included a lot of Asia travel to factories.
  13. Every time we used a TE in. Drive, it seems we scored. Didn’t Pyrtle get some sort of All Conference recognition?
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