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  1. Miners are looking pretty good tonight
  2. Does GH has the skins yet to ge a D1 HC?? he could be out coach Bro.
  3. This can’t be the same guy who played against us last Saturday. According to experts o. This board, UNT played against unworthy D2 QB who we should have intercepted 6 times and kept him to -300 yds rushing. Go back and look it up.
  4. No, from my seat up in the Hub Club. everybody keeps complaining about his stats. If only he had better stats we could win more. His stats are not great, but they are not terrible. 2 INT’s but only 1 is on him. He has missed at least 6 wide open receivers at 20 yards or more down field that I have seen myself…maybe more. the fact is, he is In the top 20 in stats…this was meant for those who complain about his stats.
  5. Aune throws 2 more TD’s. Running game adds 3, maybe 4 more
  6. We have them right where we want them. #GMG
  7. If we had a top 20 rated QB who was up in the top 5 for TD throws….things would be much better….. Ih wait…AA rated 17th yardage wise among all QB’s and tied for 3rd most TD throws in CFB. How is that possible???
  8. Body had 14 rushes for 45 yards. Hardly an abusive stat against the defense. A lot of those yards were running for his life from our defense. A decent mobile QB will get yards…but this was not an issue.
  9. Nutsack to win. Makes us look better when we win it all
  10. Packed and ready to go tailgate. Leaving soo
  11. 41-17 UNT SMU secondary gets burned for 2 long TD’s early, then the running game eats them alive.
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