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  1. I saw that he was going to take a teaching position at UNT in biology. I kind of like that for him.
  2. We have been right in every one of those loses….top teams in the conference. We win those games with a full roster. We belong in this conference.
  3. Let’s put the nail in their coffin
  4. Mine still plays it. Your X is broken
  5. Morris and Morris the M&M connection ” Green M&M “
  6. My wife is a Bama alumni, and goes to all the UNT games is the connection if he wins it all in 3 years, he is set
  7. 3 Nations Brewery is owned by a UNT alumni. He provided(sponsors) our tailgating in the Black Lot. I bet we could get them to brew a UNT beer
  8. Is this odd? Who else has signed a punter and a kicker with the same last name? Is UNT the ONLY school to ever have a kicker and punter that share a last name? got to take the news where and when we can. promote the hell out of this!!
  9. Wouldn't hurt to ask Arch if he would like to be a 4 year star at UNT. Throw up some crazy numbers, and move on with his own statue here at UNT. he might like green.
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