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  1. Full refund or donate to MGSF. Should send notice out later today or tomorrow.
  2. Has anybody received anything regarding ticket refunds for the tournament?
  3. I am all in for this tournament. what is the head count for who will be there?
  4. After the last game, Cal must have realized this is not a sure win. We had the ball with 3 minutes left and a chance to take a win at their stadium. They were a top 25 team at that time. I think they are afraid of old UNT
  5. How about approaching the Cherokee Nation. They have $$& they could call it: Mason Fine Field at Cherokee Nation Stadium
  6. Adjust....I like it. Something we have not been able to do for a long time. Thanks GM
  7. Finish the season in the Top 50. That would be fantastic!!!
  8. No, you should buy the tickets from the UNT ticket office so they/we get the credit and monetary benefit for it. You buy from the Star, there is no accounting of which school bought in, and the commission per tickets does not go directly to UNT.
  9. I just called the UNT ticket office to buy my tickets. UNT is only selling GA tickets. The ticket agent knew absolutely nothing about the tickets, or even where the tournament was being played. She did not know if they were mailing the tickets, available for pick-up, or will be at will call. I made the transaction. why does UNT ticket office not train their reps to know about the events they are selling???? It was a painful transaction, but I expect to see each and everyone of you there.
  10. Go to Denton to watch it.
  11. Niedermeyer.....DEAD!!!! this is how we win in 2020 win like a Mongral!!! 9+ wins....mark it Aune will be All Conference
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