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  1. The alumni association bought 325 tkts for this event, sold all those and had a lot of walk-up sales. It was a great alumni turn-out. Keegan was a super ambassador for the school. Great publicity.
  2. Before the mode delete this, I wanted to get the word out that Keegan Brewer with throw the 1pitch tonight at the Collin County alumni game at the Rough Riders. Come on out to see the Legend. Keegan is now a Frisco Fire Fighter.
  3. Get the name Fine and UNT on the map. Maybe the NFL will take notice of Mason with some buzz and some votes.
  4. Marshall tailgating is pretty good. The whole city supports the school...just like “Denton” does... really, Marshall rocks the tailgating.
  5. BAM. #3 smallest on the list with the QB from Central Florida. Could he play QB, or would the try and move him to flanker like Edelman
  6. I have driven by this a couple of times. It actually looks pretty cool. I can see the benefit. You still get the elements of the weather....cold, hot, windy....but not the wet or ice. Helps for game conditions. Would be cool as an addition to an IPF, plus the band could use it to practice on as well. 3 practice fields, 1 open, 1 covered, 1 IPF. That is hitting the Big Time.
  7. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/05/14/ranking-all-the-fbs-starting-quarterbacks-in-texas?ref=article_preview_title the article coming from Dave Campbell has got to give a huge boost to Masons story.
  8. That was a great 80 yard run pulling away from all defenders. He is not Kyler Murray fast, but he is fast. You are right, he looks to throw first, run last. What game was it where he trucked the safety after a 10 yard run to get the first??
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