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  1. I am happy to have the opportunity to go to UNT football games and support my team. Can’t wait till the next game. you will see me in my seats for the SM game for sure. In the mean time, BEAT HOUSTON!!
  2. But we do not get credit for the ticket sales.
  3. Didn’t Texas State run for a ton of yards against SMU?
  4. UNT takes the opening kick-off back for a TD UNT leads 7-0
  5. Navy football stadium is off base in town.
  6. I was/am a Sailor, and we are pretty much immune to just about anything.
  7. King ran well, but was not impressed with his throwing skills. UAB did not look all that good against a mediocre Miami team.
  8. It’s on the ACC Network. 388 with Spectrum.
  9. We did throw more down field than we have in the past.
  10. Must be more to the story. Hate to hear that.
  11. This season has been nothing but confusion so far. I did hear that a lot of the team was caught up in protests and such. I do t care which side of the fence they are on, but at this point, focus should be on playing football. If he let them off the reservation for that....maybe....but right now is not the time to fire someone because of a 1st game loss.
  12. Finally, a man of reason. The sky is not falling. HBU does this to everybody. We kept them between the 20’s for the most part. They got 2 late TD’s in the 4th after we were up +40 points.
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