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  1. I kind of agree on Mother's, everyone in my group however sees it as a must have. And yes, Felix's is good and Camellia Grill is a great spot.
  2. Port Of Call for Burgers Acme for Chargrilled Oysters. Parkway for Poboys. Central Grocery for Muffalettas. Mothers During this time of year a lot of the restaurants do reveillon dinners. My wife and I go to New Orleans around Christmas every year and have tried a few of them, all of them have been great, galatoire's is probably out favorite . Here's a link where you can see all the menus and prices (gotta scroll down to the bottom) If you are traveling with family, a fun thing to do is go see the Christmas lights at City Park. And I think someone already said it, but if you have a car, use the casino to park, it's an easy walk if staying in the quarter. Looking forward to seeing all the Mean Green faithful in New Orleans.
  3. Looks like we lost a Mean Green friendly location here in Austin, Silo on 7th is now closed. Anybody know what happened?
  4. mattmartin817

    Get fired up!!

  5. mattmartin817

    Austin Mean Green Fans

    North Austin. I'll definitely try to make it out for a few.
  6. mattmartin817

    Texas Rangers 2016

    Prince Fielder is set to announce retirement. Sad news.
  7. mattmartin817

    Texas Rangers 2016

    It just needs to be said, I totally called the Moreland walk off last night. Not saying I'm a baseball clairvoyant, but I'm totally a baseball clairvoyant. Going for the sweep today with Harrell on the mound. Go Rangers.
  8. mattmartin817

    Texas Rangers 2016

    It would be really really really awesome if we could get Chris Sale. A lot of the stories I've read have said that it would take Gallo (I'm fine with that) and Profar. I don't know that I'm good with shipping Profar out, especially since he can play every position in the infield, and now that Prince is out he will get more ABs. I'd like to see them perhaps talk to Tampa Bay about Matt Moore or Odorizzi. Tampa wants a power corner infielder, we have Gallo. Build a package around him and get another starter in here (preferably one with a few years of control). It's been tough to watch the last month or so, but I think the Rangers will be just fine.
  9. mattmartin817

    Texas Rangers 2016

    JD is going to have to build a bullpen before the trade deadline. He got some nice pieces last season, he can do it again this year...right? RIGHT?
  10. mattmartin817

    Texas Rangers 2016

    Complete meltdown in the 9th. That one was hard to watch, but at the same time probably a little fortunate to have even had a 7-3 lead at that point.. Nick Martinez had 5 walks, of his 84 pitches only 38 of those were thrown for strikes. He was upside down on his strikes and balls and we still managed to have a 7-3 lead going into the 9th (Martinez responsible for only 2 runs and Ramos for one). JD will definitely be looking to add to the bullpen this summer, which is our absolute biggest need.
  11. mattmartin817

    Endzone Structure: What Do You Call It?

    It's the tail feather section.
  12. mattmartin817

    Well This Sucks!

    This is the correct answer. They also weren't really going to cover anybody that wasn't in the top 100 (that wasn't local). At least that's what I was told when I asked the writers at the Statesman...where I work.
  13. The Revenant is completely overrated. It should be called "Winter Landscape With a Grunting Leonardo Dicaprio and a Menacing Tom Hardy (Which Is Tom Hardy In Pretty Much Every Movie He Is In)" because that's pretty much all it was. I'm usually not one of those people that says the book is better, but in this case the book is waaaaaaay better than the movie. The movie basically used the characters, bear attack, and the revenge aspect of the story and left out the rest of the book out, and there was a lot of great stuff that could have been used. I expected way more out of the movie. Highly recommend the book, pass on the movie.