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  1. oldguystudent

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    Yes. You are 100% correct. F me for coming into this game under Todd Dodge and donating a few tens of thousands into futility. I'm the dumbshit here. You are completely correct.
  2. oldguystudent

    I would rather work..

  3. oldguystudent

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    I came into this game under Todd Dodge. I met you one time and we enjoyed craft beer together. This post is out of line.
  4. oldguystudent


    For the first time since I've lived in Texas, Lewisville is good and finished the season 8-2 and going to the playoffs.
  5. So long as there's no pegging involved, I'm good either way.
  6. My girlfriend is from Virginia Beach, so I'm gonna get some tonight out of this, which is nice.
  7. oldguystudent

    I would rather work..

    I've had an intern at work from UNT badgering me for my club tickets all year. He's going to get his wish this week.
  8. My other alma mater beat aTm in basketball in College Station last night. So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.
  9. He can raise them to $27,000. I don't care. Won't affect me one bit.
  10. I'm out. Gonna give my club seats for Thursday to an intern. I owe one more year on my stadium gift, but I'm done buying tickets for this shit. Nope. We finish this fucking season 0-3, lose to Nutsack, lose to McNeese St. in the Siberian Consolation You Tried Bowl. Bring back Todd Dodge. 15% the cost, same results.
  11. And there's the winning touchdown. Peace out. I'm done.
  12. My rest of my life just got freed up. Not paying what I do for this anymore.
  13. First and goal. Take it ODU. Put us out of our misery.
  14. Appropriate for Austin Westlake.
  15. So about that slow, methodical, scoring drive. Yeeeaahhhh.