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  1. For comparative research purposes, I looked today. Vaunted AAC quarterback Ben Hicks has 476 passing yards...ON THE SEASON.
  2. On Chrome, it's ctrl-shift-N. Then copy and paste the title of the article into the search bar and click on the result. I have a harder time getting into these things on mobile even though phones have private browsing too. Mobile just doesn't seem to work as well.
  3. oldguystudent

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT -- 144,000 LIBs -- 666
  4. Paywall article. Go to private browsing to read it.
  5. oldguystudent

    DRC: UNT press conference takeaways

    His wiki page says he went to Nebraska and spent one season (1990) as a GA with North Texas.
  6. My bad. I tried to google, but I'm not very bright this afternoon.
  7. oldguystudent

    Funny Chad Morris Story

    Somebody posted the article on Sundayish, but it didn't make any sense to me until now. Thanks for the background and context.
  8. oldguystudent

    O/T when do I give a "Ray"??

    Whenever there's a "Best places to eat in Denton" thread, you use the Ray vote.
  9. Isn't Liberty the school that advertises free constitutional classes on the AM dial?
  10. oldguystudent

    Musers talking Mean Green at 8:15

    I didn't hear it. (Puts giant sock full of marbles in mouth) I said I didn't hear it.
  11. I doubt anybody will ever know what really went down. Don't really know, don't really care. Got AP and Coaches Poll votes. Beat Arkansas. And SMU. And words of cardinals not in St Louis or something like that.
  12. No way I'm making this one, but I did maybe enter that meangreencontest.com to win the trip to Old Dominion that they advertised at Apogee, though I kinda fear I've been scammed. The "prize" on that site was a trip to FAU last year, and the site today gives me a bad gateway. But who knows? Maybe I'll get to Virginia.
  13. Isn't there already a "North Texas" rule from the 5-7 team that won the Sun Belt and the NCAA (and probably ESPN) wanted nothing to do with lil ole UNT in a bowl game?
  14. oldguystudent

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Manager at work who's a pretty big Tech supporter tells me that Littrell is absolutely #1 on their wish list.
  15. oldguystudent

    Dave Campbell's Texas Football Live

    22:20 You're gonna like what you see: