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  1. Speaking of... Does anyone know where he is now? I figured he would have been picked up as an assistant somewhere. His Twitter hasn't been updated since he left Virginia Tech.
  2. I'll be there too. In a box where I can hang in the back and watch other games without being scrutinized for wishing that both teams could lose.
  3. Fuente is on the short-list of people to call and I 100% guarantee you that WB has him on his mind or has even reached out. Dude took the road that we have seen so many times before... had great success and took the first biggest job that seemingly approached him not realizing that coaching after Beamer would be sooo hard. Va Tech just got beat by ODU, again, and Beamer was a once in a lifetime coach for them. Combine that with the QB issues (not talent related) he had at VA Tech and you see what can happen when you accept a bad fit for a new job.
  4. I agree with this sentiment and that I should have called my bookie and placed a huge bet.
  5. I used to know multiple people in section 106 that no matter what the score was would leave after halftime because they literally only showed up to watch the band. Like they didn't even sit in the end zone or the cheap seats.
  6. Churros for the win! I wish that I knew about this before I met him at my local watering hole.
  7. 100% BS take. Go pull the numbers of rushing yards by QB opponents last year. Then let's talk.
  8. That was such a good game too. We were winning at the half and ready to shock the world.
  9. https://www.gomeangreen.com/forums/forum/14-mean-green-ticket-exchange/ SMU Fans need not apply.
  10. Curtis Luper still coaching the RBs at Mizzou btw.
  11. La Tech 3 Mizzou 0 :50 left in first quarter Bryant 16 FIU 6 Halftime UAB 21 Bama A&M 0 2 min left in first Mizzou is starting to batten down the hatches
  12. Bryant (5k person stadium) beating FIU 9-0 with 8 left in the half Alabama A&M vs. UAB coming up now Missouri vs. La Tech coming up as well
  13. 100% He is well liked in the AD and of course his family has connections with some of our largest donors. We all want the best for SL and had a few solid years under him but the QB debacle has made all the difference since Mason left.
  14. unfortunately the best version I can find of this classic... and at least hand it to him that he was willing to do it
  15. I wager you won't find a better local company to use than these guys https://www.panector.com/screen-printing
  16. Ummm.... https://usatodayhss.com/lists/texas-high-school-football-greatest-quarterbacks-drew-brees
  17. No this is great news. An indie station will draw far more listeners than the current format. I love jazz but I certainly don't think to go to 88.1 in order to listen to it. 91.7 gets a ton of listeners because they are the closest to a true indie station that DFW has. Like it literally has 10 times the number of listeners.
  18. Very Well! Ian.... would you like to go to a party in my pants?
  19. and vision.... his vision and situational awareness is outstanding!
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