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  1. God I don't know if I can take any more of these hot sports takes 😂😂😂
  2. That's exactly what he meant. If Seth only wins another game this year and gets fired that certainly isn't a knee-jerk reaction like the one he was referring to earlier in the year when we were all clamoring for his immediate firing.
  3. That was a stupid hire in the first place. He also never should have taken that job. He could have continued at Utah State, his alma mater, indefinitely and they probably would be ranked under his reign. Wells didn't check any of the boxes that a large Texas school would typically go after.
  4. It wasn't them bragging about their endowment. They were bragging about their athletic budget... Which when you break it down is largely driven by a very high student fee. Highest in the conference and it's not even close. In 2020 North Texas acquired 13 million in student fees. In the same year ODU Athletics acquired 32 million in student fees. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances/232982
  5. I couldn't name one North Texas fan that is excited about leaving a conference that doesn't involve you guys.
  6. But in all seriousness... I wouldn't be surprised if it was someone associated with the program that knew which players would be off campus.
  7. Why the sudden change of heart though? I thought they were pretty high on mickens?
  8. I literally said that to Harry this week
  9. Am I not allowed to voice an opinion on how much undeserved bashing our beat-writer gets? It is tiring and unwarranted. Just because it is his job doesn't mean that unwarranted feedback from the rear seats needs to be issued on a constant basis.
  10. Dude literally has to make a prediction piece on what he thinks the outcome of the game is... ON TOP of addressing all the BS this program has gone through this week. Quit riding his jock and telling him how to do his award-winning job at covering UNT. JFC.
  11. Please let this be the next Birdville Bomber!
  12. Due to the link he had attached to his post we have suspended him until the end of the month. Post seems legit but the spammy link he had is not.
  13. Okay so that leads to the next question... who coached them up? Or did he randomly stumble into a great situation?
  14. Exactly... and if Wren was bamboozled by this KSU scenario to cash-whip SL into staying then we have bigger issues.
  15. Sumlin is intriguing but I have to ask the obvious question.... How much of his success was Manziel and Keenum?
  16. And now Pirtle is down. Who in the hell is our strength and conditioning coach?
  17. The same guy who said if we didn't spell out North Texas on the side of our helmets that no one would know who we were?
  18. Some bastard out there certainly has it... I know I don't
  19. For those of you that are in Dallas... Sandwich Hag should be your go-to for bahn mi. The last time I tried Pickled Carrot I thought it was fantastic but Sandwich Hag is next level.
  20. East Side and the food trucks on a day like this.
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