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  1. Respect. A Notre Dame education is top notch and I can understand that commitment.
  2. Exactly what it was. Go back and watch the UT game... solid play by the D until they realized there is no way this offense can put together a scoring drive. We ranked #89 in Total Defense that year which easily could have been top 50 had we had an offense that wasn't just a three and out. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaa/sp/overalldef/2014 This one says we were #17 https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/2014/team/22 This one #43 http://www.cfbstats.com/2014/leader/national/team/defense/split01/category10/sort01.html Let us put to rest any bullshit about the North Texas Defense in 2014 being an issue.
  3. Sure. Saturday should be good enough to show him everything he needs to see.
  4. Don't be petty basketball is going to be dead for quite a while. Football's going back on top.
  5. When was that? Or maybe how much did you pay for that?
  6. Don't count on him stepping foot on campus ever again. Dude is very full of himself.
  7. I think this is it for UNT. Offense is pathetic. I just don't see us beating them three times in one year. JJ Murray averages four points with 28 minutes a game. He wouldn't even be a star at a junior college.
  8. From where I was sitting the upstairs was also filled
  9. Special guest Mario Vito in the house
  10. typically with a splash of Sprite but sometimes just a bit of ice. Belvedere is certainly smoother than Western Son and doesn't burn as much.
  11. I have switched from Tito's to Western Son ever since the bowl game... Way cheaper and no noticeable difference. I drink Belvedere when I want to take it up a notch.
  12. It is on local television too. And Stadium certainly does not suck
  13. You guys are crazy. That crowd looks fantastic on TV and is very loud
  14. UTEP just lost to Marshall... at home. I like our chances.
  15. He is a weird dude but I've got mad respect for what he's trying to do with that school and the child daycare for his employees.
  16. Very solid win and second half performance. Are these greens not the best uniforms that North Texas has ever worn?
  17. His sister is married to Sonny Dykes... which means she is very tight with SL and his wife.
  18. Man you might be the most negative person I've ever interacted with
  19. Man UTSA is going to seriously degrade the value of the American Conference (in basketball at least)
  20. Look... Emmitt is all grown up now but the young bucks need to see that once upon a time... he kept it real.
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