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  1. If it had been Cincinnati vs. Michigan or even Cinci vs. Georgia the viewership would have been up. People are just tired of the SEC domination and seeing the same few teams in the playoff every year.
  2. How about the Cotton Bowl Stadium Bowl, then the Cotton Bowl can kind of have it's game back😈
  3. You can think it, but you don’t say it- and you damn sure don’t put it on the internet for the world to see. What a dumb@ss.
  4. Yessss!!! By far my favorite combo. So glad it’s back after a several season long hiatus.
  5. Was at the Union Store this morning and saw several shirts/jackets that were navy blue in color. Please tell me we’re not doing this crap again🤢
  6. I don’t trust coaches named Todd👀
  7. SMU loses and North Texas wins… as far as I’m concerned it’s been a pretty good day.
  8. most undisciplined team I have EVER seen. Absolutely no excuse for this.
  9. The graphic when the game came back on to start the 2nd said “Rice” and then “Owls” below. Ours said “North Texas” and then “team nickname” below. What the actual hell Espn??
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