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  1. yes it’s irritating but it’s also understandable that people don’t want to go
  2. it makes us look like a high school/ D2 team to not have names.
  3. Cannot express how tired I am of this throwback crap. Yes it’s cool for a game or two but this is ridiculous. It is so embarrassing not to have names on the jerseys too. What happened to these???
  4. the majority of our fans are "Tshirt" fans or bandwagoners. Unfortunately we just don't have many diehards.
  5. Things have been in a downward spiral around here since this moment right here... and I'm afraid were about to reach rock bottom. It seems like Seth started losing control right here and its just gotten worse.
  6. Doesn’t matter to me as long as we can escape CUSA
  7. I’m still not sure how to gauge how good Mizzou really is. Yes they are an SEC team but they are an irrelevant SEC team these days kinda like Vanderbilt. Are the about as good as SMU? Or maybe a little better?
  8. Uh no. Apogee is a much nicer and more modern looking venue than boring Ford.
  9. some of y’all disappoint me every year
  10. Maybe because we’re 20 something point underdogs….
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