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  1. The loss against Louisiana Tech in 2018 was a turning point. We have been in a downward spiral since.
  2. I think this game could have looked really different if Aune had started.
  3. There's alot of guys on this board that have been through year after year of one and two win seasons at that crap hole we called Fouts Field and they still gave their money and showed up. Calling it quits after one disappointing loss is really shity and it shows how much some of yall actually are actually invested in North Texas and its success.
  4. They know that nobody outside of Dallas cares about SMU so they cater to their audience.
  5. We can pull a UCF and declare ourselves the National Champions. Who cares what anybody else thinks.
  6. I seriously don't understand yall that throw a fit over one disappointing season. He gave us three straight bowl years, two nine win seasons, and our first conference championship appearance in 15 years. We hadn't seen success like that in a long time. Yes he had a down year in 2019, but as long as we are bowl eligible in 2020 we have nothing to complain about.
  7. I wonder if HBU will bring their band. If they do, it would be really classy of them to play the school song like we did for Lamar a few years back.
  8. From what I can tell, unless you have Club or Suite tickets parking was not included in your package this year. Bowl ticket holders have to add them in or either park at Fouts. I may be wrong but thats how I understood it.
  9. Since there was no spring game or ticket pickup event, does anybody know if there will be a garage sale this year? I think I probably know the answer but I am wondering.
  10. Well it's going to be difficult to white out the stands with 7,000 in attendance. I will be wearing white however.
  11. Do we know if they have names? I only ask cause the green throwbacks do not.
  12. History tells us we're about to suck. I'm trying to stay optimistic, but I am a little concerned about this year and the next.
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