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  1. We've just had a rough couple of decades. GMG.
  2. Last time we hired a highschool coach it didn't exactly work out... I hope this time It does.
  3. One of my favorite moments of his time here. dWckkkTN2Dsa7edJ.mp4
  4. No different than any regular season games played at Ford.
  5. Final- FAU 52, SMU 28. Thanks FAU. Dosen't make up for us not bowling, but it is close.
  6. The American is definitely the best G5, but its still far from being a power conference. I hope FAU kicks their tails tomorrow. SMU needs a good whipping every once and a while.
  7. There were probably more Louisiana Tech fans than there were SMU fans.
  8. Hiring a coach from a team that's been awful for years? Sounds like a solid plan!✅
  9. Here is a little tribute video that the Athletics Department put out as a tribute to Hayden Fry. I thought it was very well done. Here is the video for those interested-
  10. Every headline I read says "former Iowa Hawkeyes coach..." Not a single article I saw mentioned North Texas in it. That sucks. But either way, he was a legend here and will be missed.
  11. I'd like to have at least one helmet in the rotation that actually says "North Texas" on each side, but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. Maybe a matte green helmet with silver lettering?
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