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  1. FAU, ODU, and UNC Charlotte are the biggest embarrassments to the conference. They should all be thrown out. I'd take Appalachian State over any of them any day.
  2. Great opportunity for him to showcase his talent. He really wasn't able to this year.
  3. I know... just got the initials wrong. Just to be clear, I was referring to the American Athletic Conference.
  4. The AAC and Mountain West are certainly the best G5 conferences. There is no question there. But you need to realize that there is a much bigger difference between the P5 and AAC/MWC, than there is between AAC/MWC and the rest of the G5. The AAC can call themselves "P6" all they want, but they aren't power anything. If this were to ever actually happen (and I pray it doesn't), it would be a five conference deal.
  5. Here's the one from last year. Not near as good though.
  6. The guy speaking is an idiot. G5 to 1-AA? absolutely not. There is a big difference between most G5's and the FCS. He doesn't even know the difference, Idaho went to FCS, not FBS.
  7. I've been very pleased with the changes the band has made this year. I remember when they used to not play the fight song when we scored, and played other things after touchdowns. Thank god they stopped that.
  8. There's no way SMU would agree to this. UTSA might, but I'm not sure we would.
  9. Maybe they should see if they can lure Dan McCarney to San Antonio.
  10. I fully expected us to get dismantled at Cal after the disaster I witnessed at SMU. I think CMJ is right in saying it was our best game, and I can't wait to see them at Apogee in 2022. Hopefully we'll have a shot to beat them then.
  11. Thought UAB was very respectful aswell. Hope it's nothing really bad.
  12. What a sad way for Mason's career at North Texas to end. He deserved better. Much better.
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