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  1. Sad that we don’t draw any better than Tarleton State.
  2. We should have hired Darrell Dickey in December when we had the chance. He would have been a PERFECT fit in Denton for his second stint here. Guess who did hire him? Georgia. Yes, the team that is now ranked #1 in the country. Obviously the folks in charge in Athens hold him in a higher regard that most of the people on this site. We should have welcomed him back to Denton when we had the chance. But instead we hired a coach that is going to be right up there with Dodge in terms of Suckage.
  3. Absolutely not. We need to be done being the place where coaches past their prime come to die.
  4. None of those programs have the facilities or have made the financial commitments to athletics that North Texas has.
  5. Have had this one planned for several weeks and even after briefly considering canceling, I’ll be there in green with 2 others. Anyone know if the band will be making the trip to Ruston?
  6. I love those light blue FIU uniforms. Such a pretty color.
  7. True but also realize that much of that crowd was wearing maroon.
  8. If the university had gradually over the years put money into improvements and upgrades, I think Fouts could still be our home. But by the time Fouts was closed in 2010 it was largely unchanged from how it was when it opened in 1952. The university let it get outdated and dilapidated. That was a big part of the reason why the only option was to totally start from scratch and build an entire new stadium.
  9. The answer to this question is usually yes. Regardless of the topic.
  10. I’ll be at La Tech, Tulane, & SMU. Hope we bring a decent travel crowd for all of those at least. Would be great if the band went too.
  11. Get your eyes checked. Both of those screens have looked like crap for several years now.
  12. We’ve been saying that for the last 30 years at this point. That consistent winning business has never been something we were very good at. Hoping that Morris can change that.
  13. . I’m sure there is room in the budget to pay for a some shirts and a few stickers. Besides having these young and desirable players seen wearing green- even if they don’t end up in Denton, is not a bad thing.
  14. Any idea as to when the AAC football schedule will be released? I remember C-USA putting theirs out sometime in late January.
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