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  1. untjim1995

    New Bowl Tie In for CUSA

    Lower G5s gonna lower G5...
  2. untjim1995

    MIke Leach 2.0

    Now, but in the previous two years, we weren't anywhere close to them (or most of CUSA) talent-wise. And as you mentioned, we are still behind at the OL and RB positions. And I still think we get pushed around in the front 4 as the second halves come along...
  3. untjim1995

    What's FAU saying about us?

    Its amazing at just how different second halves have gone for us in close games this season versus last year. There's always a return to the mean, I guess. Last year, we always found a way to win late in the second half. This year, its either been just hang on for our life or completely blow it.
  4. untjim1995

    MIke Leach 2.0

    Our talent level RIGHT NOW is not better than La Tech or UAB or FAU. We might be getting better, but that is no different than the old Big 12 South with Tech being less talented than OU and UT back then, Hell, A&M always had better classes than Tech did, but Leach's genius always killed them. That's a reality.
  5. untjim1995

    MIke Leach 2.0

    You're reading me wrong. I think that's awesome for us. It was posted as a way to call out the idiots who think we should go undefeated or that they are not going to watch us play anymore because we lost to ODU last weekend. The Leach comparison is not a bad one, at all. He's a great coach--but Tech fans got spoiled into believing they should have more than they got under Leach. If we go with 7-9 wins again next year, that would be awesome to me--but there are obviously posters here that believe that my expectations should be higher. All I'm saying is that Mike Leach 2.0 isn't bad--but its going to have the characteristics I listed originally.
  6. untjim1995

    I would rather work..

  7. To back this up...ESPN would treat us like they do the MAC, where most of their conference games are in the middle of the week, in front of dozens of fans.
  8. untjim1995

    MIke Leach 2.0

    He would have done about the same, because his playbook was always stopped by physical defenses (La Tech and UAB now in CUSA) and his teams always lost games they shouldn't while winning games they weren't supposed to. I've seen SL coach now for 3 years--physical defenses mess with us in a big way. We can't stop teams with big time offenses (see our losses last year except for Iowa). We have won games at Army in 2016, at La Tech in 2017, and at Arky in 2018, but have lost at UTEP badly in 2016, got smoked in our bowl game by Troy in 2017, and just lost to a team that was 2-7 before this weekend. All I'm saying is that this was Texas tech for almost the entirety under Leach's guidance. SL is of that coaching tree and looks very similar, IMO.
  9. untjim1995

    MIke Leach 2.0

    I would, too, take it here. But apparently, after the loss this past weekend dropped us to 7-3, we have been bombarded with posts like we aren't deserving of a decent crowd or following our team to another town.
  10. untjim1995

    MIke Leach 2.0

    Thank you for posting this...
  11. untjim1995

    MIke Leach 2.0

    I have said all along that SL is Mike Leach 2.0. A guy who knows offense, very little interest in defense, wins games that nobody thinks you will, lose games nobody thinks you will. We have problems with physical defenses and problems when momentum changes. We all saw this with those Tech teams under the Pirate for years. Everyone who likes Leach thinks his 2008 season was the norm, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, his normal results got you anywhere from 7-9 wins, which always included 4 OOC patsies.
  12. untjim1995

    Metroplex D1 Teams

    When are the Rangers gonna get some pitching in here? and when will Jerry the owner Fire Jerry the GM? questions like these, as well as the DFW tournament are never going to get answered...but they do get asked a lot.
  13. untjim1995

    ESPN Loses Another 1.5 Million Subscribers

    You get it. These three conference have to do what the MAC and MWC have done, get more regionally aligned. The SBC, CUSA, and AAC are just fooling themselves with this current setup, especially the AAC.
  14. untjim1995

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    I guess I’ve never really thought of those two terms as rivals...
  15. untjim1995

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    I also didn't downvote you, but UTSA treats us as their Super Bowl every year. I think we finally win down there, but an effort like we saw against UTEP or Rice for three quarters will definitely get us beat. My fear is we get down by three scores and just can't make it all the way back up.