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  1. You can get to see us rekindle old rivalry games at Apogee in OOC play with Northwestern State and Liberty...
  2. Has anything you have known about UNT Football surprised you at where we are? Because it isn't to me. And, as a fan and alum, part of the 2% who cares about this place and its football team, my expectations are that we don't have anymore seasons with 3 or less wins. Otherwise, I don't see anything changing. About once or twice a decade, we can get to 9 wins. And I enjoy them immensely, as I know how rare they are here. Since I started following us in 1990, I have seen exactly 4 seasons where we have won 9 games , 1 season where we won 8 games, and 2 seasons where we won 7 games. In the same sp
  3. If you'll just write the check for a few million right now, I'm sure that can happen...
  4. I did some more research and went back to my birth year of 1972. There are 20 teams who have won AP titles in my 48 years on this Earth. 41 of those of those titles have been won by 12 teams (Bama, ND, OU, Miami, Ohio State, USC, Nebraska, Clemson, FSU, Florida, LSU, and Penn State.) Of the other 8 titles in that time, Texas, Auburn, Tennessee, Michigan, and Pitt have won titles before I was born. That means that exactly three outliers have won a title in my lifetime: BYU, Colorado, and Georgia. If you include BYU, they are 66 that qualify as Power Schools. If you look back over just the
  5. Its the toughest part of the media being in the blue bloods' pocket. ESPN is the worst, but CBS, Fox, and NBC aren't any different. They invest in these big conferences, but the reality is that people are getting bored with the same 15 teams being allowed to play in a manufactured playoff every year, and now, its about 5 teams every year, between Clemson, Bama, OU, tOSU, and ND.
  6. Next year will be very interesting. Anything can happen, obviously, but SL has 3 years from now left on his contract. So, if he wins 7+ games in 2021, he probably gets an extension of a couple of years. I seriously doubt this happens with the current talent on the team and until we see an extremely different defensive product on the field, which SL has shown zero interest in, much like most Leach disciples. If he wins less than 4 games, I can't see us retaining him for another season beyond that, even if it cost the university $2.6 million to buy his contract out and who know what for the rema
  7. They are now. Them, Appy State, Troy, Louisiana, Arkansas State, and Georgia Southern have all made the SBC better than anything that CUSA has done the past 5 years. It’s not even close, either.
  8. Just did some research and found that we have 12 schools who have won CFB titles since 1998. This is the 24th year since the BCS was introduced. It did exactly what it was meant to do. Keep the blue bloods at the top. Basically, it’s Bama, Clemson, LSU, tOSU, Auburn, Florida State, Florida, Miami, Texas, USC, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. This sport could so easily get fixed for more interest and they just won’t do it.
  9. For CUSA to gain traction to get above the SBC or the MAC, they need their best brand names to perform. That’s Marshall in the East and Southern Miss/La Tech in the West to show up and win their divisions. Sorry, but UAB is looked at as a commuter school that Alabama tried to dump but couldn’t. They don’t move the needle in football. Nor does anyone else, sadly. Just like with F_Us and the UT-satellite schools, most of these schools are looked down on because of their names and lack of history and support...and yes, that includes us rather obviously.
  10. Where is “Don’t care what NFL-lite program wins another championship”?
  11. Banowsky also got sold on adding Charlotte and Old Dominion at the same time as us, UTSA, La Tech, and FIU. The reason? Because ECU’s AD told him they needed regional rivalries or they would leave...which they did about a week after we added those teams. Again, UTEP, UNT, and UTSA should never be playing in a conference setup with Old Dominion, Charlotte, or F_U.
  12. Yep—it sucks. But these Denton kids have only grown up hearing how much the local citizenry loathes UNT Football’s existence. I think that many of these kids would do well to turn things around here at UNT. Play close to home In front of families and friends. That’s where having a Denton HS coach on staff would be huge...
  13. Everyone hated Herman down there. He was the opposite of Charlie Strong, who many liked, but the job was just too big for him. Herman could do ok, but his bitchassedness is off the charts. Dude is a very strange guy. Too thin-skinned for that job, for sure.
  14. That article is so perfect, it might as well have come straight from here. The conference has been cobbled together with “market”, but has not marketable names for media coverage. Add in a needless sprawl across time zones and it costs a lot to travel to places nobody cares bout locally.
  15. So what was the reason for this game being played in Chicago instead of Denton?
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