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  1. untjim1995


    The FAU flashbacks from last season still make me believe that they are still going to be really tough to beat in CUSA play. I hope they fall in their face just because of Joey Freshwater, but their talent and speed are still abundant.
  2. untjim1995

    Power 6

    ESPN has a deal with the AAC and they did the same thing during the SMU and TCU game...
  3. untjim1995

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    You’re dealing with homers here that haven’t seen any kind of success until now that matters on a national level. UNC was a top ten team when he left to come here. They bring in boatloads of money. It’s in another hotbed of talent. My guess is they would be a place that would grab Seth’s attention. Texas Tech probably gets him a large raise here, knowing he’s got another year of Mason in Denton to help his cause.
  4. Playing at Liberty, to me, should help with attention. Their place will be packed and riled up and we can get away from distractions here. I think it’ll be closer than our other games, but I don’t know by hoW much—I can see a 10-20 point win that we get when we pull away or comeback in the second half. Its the game the following week here that has me more concerned. La Tech has a history of playing us very well here in Denton...
  5. untjim1995

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    My guess is that he will stay here with Mason for his senior year. But if the right job comes available to his liking (see PJ Fleck moving to Minnesota from western michigan) I can easily see him taking the money while the iron is hot—but it would have to be a better job than Texas Tech, I’d guess. People mention UNC and that one will intrigue him, I’d bet. I’d be surprised if he turned that kind of offer down...
  6. I’m calling BS on this one from Lincoln Riley. Sure, they’d have brought him to OU—as a walkon or to be a slot receiver. No way they thought he had the height to play there. To be honest, our QB situation was THE WORST in FBS and Seth had to get a QB here that could adapt to his playbook, so he went after the best kid he knew of in Oklahoma that he could get to come here. It’s been miraculous for us...
  7. untjim1995

    Trap Game

    Just imagine, in your glorious Mean Green dreams, that we did go undefeated...then think about the idiots at UTSA who absolutely hate us or the smug ass SMU fans who look down on us at every chance. That thought just makes me smile!!
  8. untjim1995

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I think that the best possible scenario for us is that the Big XII does fall apart, which is highly probable at this point, followed by a realization that G5s need to get regionally set in conferences that make it easy for fans to travel. The MAC and the MWC both have this. Its time for the rest of us to figure it out too. UNT, TCU, SMU, Baylor, UTSA, Texas State, and UTEP in the West UH, Rice, La Tech, Tulane, Tulsa, Arkansas State, and Louisiana. in the East.
  9. untjim1995

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT--41 Liberty--27
  10. untjim1995

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Best part is realizing less than three years ago, we lost at home by 59 points to a team we paid to come to Denton for Homecoming and now justmade a cool million while demolishing Arkansas on the road!!
  11. untjim1995

    9/15 Other Games Megathread

    Worst fans I’ve ever been around...damn near sub human...
  12. untjim1995

    DMN - Pathetic

    SWC lives!!!//dfw media
  13. untjim1995

    Fun with P5 History

    Well, you have to remember that for Craig Helwig and Rick Villareal, those games were huge successes--that is several millions of dollars that paid the bills around here for the last 25 years. I'm still of the belief that this game with Arkansas is a setup for disappointment--upsets usually happen against these schools when they aren't expecting it. Here, that's all anyone is talking about. Morris knows what worked against us the last two years under SL. He will have a much more talented roster than he ever had at SMU and now he gets to motivate them after a loss at Colorado State and their entire team and fanbase hearing that we are going to come up there and beat them. I don't see how they won't be more motivated and prepared than they have on their first two games. All that said, if we are to win this game, we have a great chance to do what he late, great Richard Durrett used to say--at UNT they are going to have to beat the P5 giant AND win their conference to get the traction they need to move upward in the eyes of the media and fanbase. A win in Fayetteville will do wonders for this with alumni, students, and other fans who don't care about the people we usually play outside of the few teams they have heard of and watched regularly on TV. And this games gives SL his chance to show everyone why he's one of the hottest names in the industry right now. The doors that will be open for him if we even just keep this close are almost limitless. He'll get attention from every AD that isn't happy at every single P5 program in America if this happens.
  14. Well, maybe we will he conference mates by then!!
  15. Haha---and here I was thinking that it was the Number One Thing I Should Know About Arkansas...