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  1. Have you watched UNT Football at all over the last, oh, say 40 years? Because everything you posted about is basically the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what we do here. There is one excuse that cannot be defeated here and it’s monstrous: Apathy. We care about one game a year, against SMU. After that, the crowds are about 10-20k depending on how we are doing and who we are playing. There are almost 40k college students at UNT, 300k living alumni in DFW, and millions surrounding us…and that gets us about 15k on a Saturday in the fall against a CUSA team. As far as SL goes, We have no money for buying out his contract and his staff and then hiring someone else.. We aren’t paying off $1.3 million extra dollars to get rid of the darling of the biggest donors the athletic department. That is not how it’s done here. Never has been, never will. And, yes, pro sports of every type kills us for attention and ticket buyers. In November, a DFW resident can go watch the Cowboys, Mavs, Stars. TCU, SMU, or UNT. Now ask yourself which team I listed above gets mentioned last on almost every newscast? And beating UTSA didn’t save SL’s job…beating UTEP saved his job. And beating FIU and UTSA were the whipped cream and cherry on the sundae.
  2. Well, in the college basketball world, all schools and conferences normally get a chance to be invited. Mid major polls do a good job of getting some Cinderella type teams identified for potential at-large berths or for helping the RPI of the power guys who played them at home during the OOC regular season. Football is different in so many ways because the playoff is basically the same 6-8 teams competing for a championship. Getting a non-power team into the playoff happened this year, but it was a named program going to a power league. I wouldn’t hold my breath on another one getting in anytime soon. But the G5 does get a scrap, a BCS bowl game, which does pay well and gives your school some solid advertising. Having a G5 poll would require lazy college sports media members to actually acknowledge these teams during October/November. Schools like TCU, Boise State, UCF, UH, and Cincy have used these bowl games to build brand names. Western Michigan, Northern Illinois, and Hawaii did not. But a poll covering this would again give attention to programs that don’t get any.
  3. True--but that's where this is headed.
  4. You know, not that long ago, I said this was gonna happen--that we would start seeing a G5 Top25 poll, just as a means of continuing the divide between the power leagues and the rest of us. This is the best thing that can happen--make this schism occur ASAP. Let our programs get a REAL chance at being a national champion--the players, coaches, and fans of these institutions deserve to have that opportunity every year. We are the ONLY level of football, from pee wee to the NFL, that doesn't crown a champion at the end of its season, all because of money.
  5. It’s amazing how much better scheduling has gotten under Wren Baker. RV’s lazy ass didn’t even try in OOC scheduling to get us anyone worth watching beyond SMU and Army. Hell, in two separate years, we had one OOC game in Apogee and it was a FCS game, which included the worst loss in modern college football history to Portland State by 59 points. Wren recognized there was an easy way to fix this and did so…he’s an amazing breath of fresh air compared to anyone we have ever had in the AD position.
  6. This is where I am…show something. Otherwise, it just looks like you’re butthurt about not being able to play at your old school anymore.
  7. 6-6 would be peak North Texas...not enough to determine if he's going to stay or go, so we have to wait until the bowl game, which will somehow end up being the one G5 bowl game that is like January 9th or some $hit, then we get blown out, but the Lovelace's threaten to pull away millions of dollars unless their guy gets another chance, so we decide to roll the dice and keep him for his last year, with no extension, leading to a class that makes Hardin Simmons look great, and we get rewarded by seeing him Dodgeball the first half of the year with a 1-6 start, which of course leads to Mike Canales coming back as an interim to lock the gate and have his relatives pound the board saying he's the right man for the job.
  8. Nor would anyone with a brain…
  9. There are only 5? Seriously, though, this schedule makes up for a lot of this. If you can’t win 7 games against this group, you truly should get fired. North Texas Football hasn’t played a schedule this easy since we moved up to FBS in 1995. Look up the OOC schedules alone and you’ll see what I mean. Somewhere, Darrell Dickey must be wondering how he got to be the coach here while we had to play at Fouts, in the fledging SBC, with an OOC that had multiple P5 opponents every year. He played OOC games versus Texas, OU, LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, A&M, Tech, Baylor, TCU, Arizona, Arizona State, and Colorado, most of who were at their peaks. That we had anything left for SBC play was amazing. And now we watch SL get to play in a great stadium, in a league that is just as bad as the old SBC, and we play @Memphis and @UNLV while playing SMU and a FCS spare at home.
  10. Yeah, Mike Brey isn’t exactly hurting for athletes at Notre Dame to find NIL $$$.
  11. money, business degrees, and playing time are appealing to CFB players, especially those from the state.
  12. SMU has cash…in other news, we need oxygen to breathe. Look, if $$$ is the only thing that matters, SMU should be fine. They ought to sue the NCAA for billions of dollars for killing their program for reasons that are now deemed legal. As for us, we have no cash. We couldn’t buy out a coach who has not shown anything without Graham Harrell, so we saved an extra $1.3 million. It is what it is. The NIL pool and the portal are not friends to a program with no money, not enough fans, and a losing legacy.
  13. There are just about 40 schools that play at the FBS level that win at these two revenue sports. Why not let them go and be their own level of play because of their revenue, history, and fanbases are gigantic compared to the rest of us? Look, I get the Big East schools being a major level of hoops, as they have programs that can compete in hoops every year. So, when the Big XII falls apart, let the P4 and the Big East move on to their own levels and playoffs and give the rest of us a legitimate chance to win it all in the two biggest sports. Hint, hint: this will happen.
  14. Didn't UTSA lose a ton of starters from last year?
  15. Since 1967, the NCAA Mens Champions: UCLA--9 Duke and UNC--5 Kentucky, UConn-4 Kansas, Indiana, Louisville, Villanova--3 Florida, NC State, Michigan State,--2 Marquette, Georgetown, Michigan, UNLV, Arkansas, Arizona, Maryland, Syracuse, Virginia, and Baylor 12 teams have combined for 45 of the last 55 titles.
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