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  1. We aren't moving up because we aren't seen as bringing value to anyone above our current home. We aren't going to make the AAC or the networks look at SMU and say that the need to overlap that market by adding in UNT. Look at what they've done since UConn announced they were leaving to go back to the Big East. Nobody was added or even considered. Why? Because the AAC, like the Big XII, looked at the landscape and their network money and decided it wasn't worth it to add anyone. So UH gets stuck in the AAC, much like we are stuck in CUSA. The best path forward is to reorganize the SBCUSA. The way I look at it, the Western Teams should be: UTEP, UTSA, TX State, UNT, Rice, ULL, ULM, La Tech, Arky State, and USM. The East would be in 2 divisions: FAU, FIU, USA, Troy, UAB, Ga Southern, and Ga State in the South, while in the North would be Charlotte, Appy State, Coastal Carolina, ODU, Marshall, WKU, and MUTS.
  2. Until TV money stops dominating the makeup of conferences, we are stuck in CUSA. The networks don’t want market overlap. The days of Rice and UH being conference mates are over. In the short term, the easiest thing to fix is realignment of CUSA and the SBC. ODU, Appy State, Marshall, F_Us, and GSUs don’t need to be in a conference with anyone in Texas or Louisiana.
  3. Maybe the kid wants to play in front of bigger crowds? Or maybe he just doesn’t like McCasland? There are a lot of reasons these kids transfer and to be honest, the power teams set this up as there backup for not having to develop kids for 4 years anymore.
  4. I sure hope so. Those NFL-lite programs have no business playing us and we have no business playing FCS schools. I find it amazing that people here gladly accept the fact that our level of play is THE only level of any football that doesn't crown a champion. SO unfair to the players, coaches, and fans of all of these schools.
  5. To get to 5-7, that means beating Houston Baptist, UTEP, UTSA, Rice, and Charlotte, most likely. That seems to be the top end of what I would expect for 2020. Maybe we can steal a win over MUTS, as well, but I feel like we will probably lose 1 game out of the 6 I have listed. The other 6 teams are just better than us right now. Our QB is an unknown right now, our lines are nowhere near being good enough to play with the bigger and fast guys at A&M, SMU, UH, LT, USM, and UAB, and we are breaking in new coordinators again. I'll gladly take 5-7 or 4-8 this upcoming season. To me, this year will be about getting ready for a big season in 2021. If SL can do that in 2021, he can probably still be a hot commodity again for a job above us on the foodchain. If not, there's a very good chance that he will be done here.
  6. Those later years of the Dickster and Ramon Flanagan just running an offense to finish the game as fast as possible, while sitting in Fouts, were just brutally boring. Of course, in true UNT fashion, our next coach couldn’t stop a YMCA offense, and our next coach literally lost his mind to the point of losing the worst game in modern college football history. Almost makes Seth’s 4-8 season look ok by comparison....
  7. Does that involve fighting fans of your own in the stands when your offense sucks real hard??
  8. That name was I what I felt when Portland State came here...
  9. It might change education as we know it—it might be more cost friendly, lawsuit preventive, and just flat out easier to see schools providing online content for more of the educating than in class. If you are UNT, why take the risk of having a kid infect a huge class of Freshman English when you can have it all online. As class sizes get smaller as you proceed in your degree, maybe the in person class becomes more necessary, but I feel like this is all going to change the way companies look at facilities and offices and schools look at classes.
  10. Don’t get me wrong, your ideas would be the best path, but I’ll believe it when I see someone other than a Spare here.
  11. And then you have to buy a FCS/G5 to come here to replace said game versus Cal, so expect a return of Bethune-Cookman for $600k and we will end up making about $400k on the deal.
  12. What always killed me about the Benford hire in the first place was that even if he had been any good at all, it was an almost done deal that he would've gone back to his alma mater in Lubbock after that first season, since they were with an interim coach for that season. And nobody knew if he could coach because all he had been was a master recruiter. Absolutely no x's and o's or roster management experience, either. McCasland was the complete opposite--won the NJCAA Championship in Midland, then showed great potential in his first year at Arky State. IOW, Wren had a fairly good idea that GM would be the right fit here since we had seen him actually win as a head coach.
  13. There's a reason those P5's stack the deck on these schedules...they can easily find another G5/FCS team to follow their demands if we don't
  14. Power and money win again... Those with the dollars dictate the game in college football. Always has, always will. Ill say it again, but the body bag games need to be against the PAC, B1G, and ACC teams not in the South. If you want a P5 here, make it a series with a regional P5 that want to play a game in DFW.
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