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  1. I doubt a season even happens in the fall. Maybe the spring, but who knows... But if there is a season and we play 12 games, us being around 4th or 5th I’m CUSA West seems very reasonable. Thank God for the UT-spares in our division.
  2. Old Denton doesn’t like UNT sports, especially football. All they see are expenses that could be used for other areas they really like...
  3. Those first 5 listed above are just way tougher than the next 7, combined. And UTSA, while looking at us as their Super Bowl, is just terrible. They are probably only better than UTEP and HBU on our schedule.
  4. In the RV days, he’d have called Navy and gotten us that game up there and paid off Houston Baptist, then Navy would never return and we’d get Rhode Island or New Hampshire to come to Apogee.
  5. UTEP, on occasion, can bring the El Paso market. UTSA should be able to deliver some of the San Antonio market, just because they have no other competition in the city. That's always been our problem--we share DFW with two private schools that have always been higher up the totem pole because they spent money on their programs AND got to play teams that the media and fans in DFW care about in their own stadiums. The only other school in America who is remotely close to us in this obstacle is San Jose State, who struggles against Cal and Stanford for media coverage, but is still in a better conference than we are because the MWC wanted the Bay Area for exposure.
  6. Its almost as if Forde doesn't even understand how college sports works--of course, he did go to Mizzou, so that would make a lot of sense that he doesn't get it...
  7. They were really bad against FAU in their bowl, but I also believe FAU played like they were on fire and SMU acted like they didn't even care. I kinda get that last part, playing against a team that sounds like an airport at their stadium in front of a few hundred fans, although that does like a typical SMU home game, too... When SMU has a good passing game, they have usually left us in the dust. When their QB play has been less than stellar, we have kicked their ass. They have a great QB right now in Buechele and we still don't have the defensive personnel to compete with that passing attack. Add in the fact that our team usually looks like they have forgotten everything they know about playing football and look super tight when we play SMU, it doesn't add up to a positive vibe to me. The bigger physical teams we will play this season--if there is one--like UH, USM, LT, and UAB, they will continue to have a field day with our lines. My guess is that we beat the teams we are definitely more talented than, which are the two UT-stepchildren and Houston Baptist (ugh), and then we get one or two against MUTS, Rice, and Charlotte. 5 wins is my expectation, so if we finish below that, it should make SL's seat extremely hot for 2021. If we win 6 or more, he will probably get another extension here. If we win 9 or more, he will probably be gone at the first offer he gets.
  8. His facilities were just as good as anyone in the original SBC.
  9. This. If you are going to schedule a FCS game, play someone who will help you with attendance. SFA and SHSU are the only two that will do that, since they will bring people and our own fans will know alumni and students at those schools. Bethune-Cookman, Lamar, Incarnate Word, Houston Baptist, Nicholls State, Portland State, etc...they are lose/lose propositions every time.
  10. Seems reasonable. I think most people will see this schedule and find 4-5 wins on it if we stay healthy and can find a QB to lead the offense. 2021 is the year to watch for. It’ll be SL’s season to move on or move forward.
  11. What is stupid about trying to save on travel expenses and increase attendance by having closer opponents than the current SBCUSA setup throws down right now?
  12. This is one of two FCS teams that are worth playing—along with SHSU. Both will bring people to the game and both are teams that our fans know of. Other than these two, I just don’t see how any FCS opponent is worth our time. We pay to get them here, they usually bring nobody, our fans don’t care about them usually, and you either beat them and learn nothing about your team or they beat you and you lose everything.
  13. The thing with La Tech is that they have two things we don’t have—a history of winning and they sit in a hotbed of talent in their state where they have little opposition. Tulane is hard to get into, ULL and ULM are clearly below them, and their winning has made LA HS coaches and parents look at them seriously. This is where the money part doesn’t bridge the gap between us and LT. We beat them on facilities, location, and academics, but they beat us at coaching, talent, and size. Their physicality has been the difference the last two years between us and them, same with UAB.
  14. My guess is we get 3 or 4 from that group and beat HBU for a 4-5 win season. Next year, in 2021, that will be SL’s make it or break it year. If he wins less than 6, I think he’ll be gone. if he wins 6-8 games in 2021, I think he’ll get an extension here. And if he wins 9 or more, he probably will get hired away.
  15. You got 4 of them right. SMU will roll us. When they have a good passing game, they smoke us. When they haven’t, we smoke them...
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