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  1. You guys basically kept RV insulated for years from ever getting fired by the BOR or administration. Trust me, any competent AD makes up for you 17 if they had the chance, basically like they do now. Go fall on your sword somewhere else.
  2. No doubt this is a member of the UNT 17 that got swindled by RV...
  3. Yeah, RV couldn’t even get the FCS scheduling part right. F’ing Portland State, Rhode Island, Bethune-Cookman, Lamar, Houston Baptist, Incarnate Word, etc...all Dumb opponents for us to play. There are exactly 3 FCS schools to schedule to get people to show up in Denton—SFA, Sam Houston, or Grambling. He avoided all of them
  4. Ahhh, the RV FCS Scheduling Tactic is now being employed down there at UT-KFC.
  5. What will be interesting is to see how the P5s fix this for their advantage. Right now, they need the G5’s and FCS for guaranteed home games and wins. But that cost is climbing and the games aren’t treated real well with the strength of schedule component. If I was to guess, the way they will start this up for the future will be to expand the playoff system to 8 teams. Then, they will make multiple losses less painful for making the playoff. What then happens is that everyone plays 9 or 10 conference games. That gives these conferences with their own networks better matchups to showcase.
  6. The P5s laugh at you...just like the rest of us
  7. This is serious progress. I commend the league for finding an actual network on a TV that football fans know of and can show the best games of the week to showcase the conference and tell recruits that actual NFL front offices and scouts will have even better coverage of their games than Facebook or something call beIN.
  8. I don’t think they will either, but to put huge penalties on them and not take them back like they did for Penn State, who does have gigantic coverage and fan interest that Baylor never will have.
  9. Baylor isn’t out of the woods just yet on this. The NCAA has them ready to pounce if they can ever get all the Pepper Hamilton report in their hands. I still maintain that Baylor, just like SMU in 1985, is the perfect piñata for the NCAA to beat down on. They don’t matter at all, won’t ever go to another conference, and they have nobody who gives one shit about them to help them in the media or in the NCAA.
  10. Well, the 2015 season under McCarney was in CUSA and we were without a doubt the worst FBS team that year. If UTSA isn’t down to their 6th string QB against us in Denton, we go 0-12 Rice and UTEP are in that territory for sure now.
  11. This. If WB leaves, we have our AD already here and ready to step in. What we really need to have in place is someone to be ready to step in when SL leaves for greener pastures. Whether that is someone here or another coach that is at the top of a wish list, that's what we need to have ready.
  12. You just never know with these P5 monied programs. Their TV money alone can help them buyout contracts if their coach/AD feels like it. I've watched this happen many times. Heck, a few years ago, NIU signed a deal with Nebraska to play a 5 game series, with 4 games in Lncoln and 1 in Chicago (not NIU's home stadium). Nebraska bought it out, but kept the 4 games at home against NIU because they had the $$$ and NIU couldn't afford to lose it.
  13. I really hope that Tech doesn't buy out their game here, as I've always wondered if that game will actually get played here in Denton...
  14. It’s not like UTSA or UTEP can even fight UT on this anyway, plus they can’t afford to turn it down, either. I’d much rather us play teams like Iowa, Arkansas, or Wisconsin than our old plan of playing every Southern Power at their place for $$$.
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