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  1. Cougar Queen just went into the fetal position
  2. To when they were the Baby Blue Waves??
  3. Why is Tulane wearing baby blue uniforms?
  4. If this is the final, or something close to it, the best finish we can expect is 5-7. UTSA sucks. Not as bad as Rice or UTEP, but they are absolute garbage. We should win this thing by a couple of TDs. Cal would shut them out and SMU would score 60+ on them.
  5. Don’t care...we look down at y’all. And probably will for a long time.
  6. I agree with you but it’s more a hierarchy of fans looking down at the other fans that look up at them as rivals...see us vs SMU and UTSA vs us...
  7. The thing with UTSA is that they arrived into CUSA declaring us as their rival. They got into CUSA because of their TV market, nothing else. We couldn’t get into CUSA until SMU left, while UTSA just starts a program and gets to waltz right in without anyone blocking them or looking down on them. We have had to fight for every single scrap we have ever gotten—then some big market team comes available and they got elevated to our same level, then poor salt all over those wounds by making us their Super Bowl every year and start beating us in recruiting. So they are a rival even if they are the new kid on the block and now that we have fought back, it appears the new kid is folding like a cheap tent.
  8. Hey, you never answered us when I asked you out when all these lawsuits were supposed to happen to fight the Power Conference control of FBS...you remember when you said that a few weeks ago, right?
  9. This. Heres your Texas CFB hierarchy of looking down at rivals: UT>A&M>Tech>Baylor>TCU>SMU>UNT>UTSA>Texas State Nobody cares at all about UH, Rice, or UTEP
  10. This morning on the Ticket, Craig Miller brought up the point that FBS will eventually be the Power School because the Group of Five schools will never be allowed a spot in the playoff because the programs are always looked down upon by the powers of CFB. He’s spot on here. Ill say it again, but the G5 level of play is the only level of football that doesn’t get to play for a national championship and gleefully takes the crumbs as the whores for the P5. Their media only covers us as filler content and won’t make these conferences expand to include anyone. Whether you like it or not, the future for G5’s will be our own playoff system in the years ahead. I still believe the timing for this is when the Big 12 folds when it’s GOR expires in 2025 and their leftovers go back to being G5 and we only have 4 power conferences.
  11. Y’all act like this is some legitimate poll...is meant to get laughs and clicks.
  12. These P5 media outlets don’t give two $hits about G5’s. This is only surprising to those not clued in about what these networks want and do for their conferences.
  13. This game will be closer than we want it to be into the 3rd quarter, but we will pull away. Something like 41-27. Our defense will keep them in the game, but we will get the W and Frank Wilson will go on the hot seat for losing to us for the third straight year...
  14. Football is the perfect TV sport and now that college football is so spread-centric, games last 4 hours. That’s not counting traffic, tailgating, and paying for food and drinks at the game. When teams play other teams that nobody cares about, the lack of attendance really shows up even more. Ask our P5 buddies how much they hate being gouged for bought opponents from the FCS and the G5’s and you’ll see very quickly how much this disdain is now keeping many season ticket holders at home for games they don’t want to watch in person.
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