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  1. untjim1995

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    That happened in 1987
  2. Well, the I-Bowl bent over to get to FSU, so they let them dictate who they got to play. That CUSA allowed FAU to play a bow game at home against a MAC team after winning the league was the biggest joke of all. If CUSA had any balls, they would have told the I-Bowl that we aren’t letting our 6th best team play FSU while our two division champions are stuck playing a MAC and SBC team.
  3. The worst proof we have of the hoops that P5s will take to avoid playing a decent G5 in a lower bowl happened to us last year when 6-6 FSU fell to the Independence Bowl and used their influence to get USM as their bowl opponent over us. Sure, the I-Bowl committee trusted USM to bring people to the game, but they also let FSU dictate the opponent that would most help them no matter how things went. Lose to USM, well they are known as giant killers anyway. But win, and that looks better to recruits and fans than beating UNT, since we had been so bad for so long.
  4. untjim1995

    #1 play in CUSA last season

    There would have been a flag thrown declaring holding somewhere if that was UT and not UTSA
  5. untjim1995

    Tulsa AD+Coaches accept pay reductions

    I just find it amazing that the AAC finds any value at all in having Tulsa, Tulane, and SMU in their conference. They provide nothing that bigger public schools could provide in the revenue sports. If I were consulting their league’s big members, UH, Cincy, UConn, USF, UCF, Memphis, and ECU to really consider whether it would make more sense for them to align with public universities more like them. In CUSA alone, they could get big public schools in larger markets like us, MT, F_U, UTSA, UTEP, Charlotte, UAB, and Old Dominion. It’ll never happen, but those little privates don’t bring much in return.
  6. untjim1995

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    I'll say: 1.) SMU--its who the fanbase cares the most about, while getting the most DFW coverage we ever get each season 2.) La Tech--have to prove that they aren't still above us as a program, that we have surpassed them in CUSA West 3.)FAU--only team that truly looks as if they are heads and tails better than everyone else in CUSA play 4.)Arky--old SWC P5 giant with a new coach in a money game--this would get some major attention from lots of folks with a win 5.) UAB--this will be the game that I believe will determine who wins CUSA West--they have a great coach and lots of talent 6.)USM--Still a good solid G5 name, need to keep them down in CUSA West (A lesser version of La Tech right now) 7.)UTSA--in state rival that absolutely hates us, will play like its their Super Bowl (again), but they are sorta rebuilding again 8.) ODU--trap game, will be tougher than most imagine 9.) Rice--need to keep the bad CUSA West Texas team down, although they get kids often because of their academic pedigree 10.) UTEP-- need to keep bad CUSA West Texas team down, although they don't get many kids because of remote location 11.) Liberty--beat Baylor last year, but still a very low-level G5 team 12.) Incarnate Word--obvious
  7. Oh I agree on all of this...but the venue, DKR vs the Cotton Bowl, is a no-brainer. DKR is superior in almost every way to the Cotton Bowl, save for history. But Dallas doesn't care about college football unless it involves one of the regional P5 giants. Austin may not either, but they do love college football down there.
  8. untjim1995

    Uniform Colors

    This looks like the Baylor highlighter uniforms they roll out in basketball. Atrocious...and you never want to be compared to Baylor in any way.
  9. untjim1995

    Story on cost of attendance stipend

    If the NCAA had any guts at all, it would make the COA methodology be known and based upon the revenues generated from said athletics program. In other words, if your school wants to cook the books and show no revenue from the program, then there is no COA to be paid, while if you are a semi-pro team like most of these P5 giants, then you have to share the revenue generated with the athletes at an NCAA mandated percentage. IOW, it'll never happen. But this is why the P5s are always ahead. They have all the network money, all the big bowl money, all the free media, and all the t-shirt fandom. I will be a very happy guy when those guys finally pull away. I don't care if its from the NCAA or just a new created level--just go ahead and get it over with. The rest of us would finally be able to give our kids a chance to earn a national championship ring for football and actually keep real amateurism in the sport.
  10. It only seems lost on their idiotic fan base, the absolute dumbest in America...
  11. untjim1995

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

    Tulsa was the biggest loser in that argument—Fine could easily start there. He’s great, but he wouldn’t get the chances at OU or OSU because of their QB depth. But tulsa doesn’t have that...thank God that SL could see that his QBs he inherited weren’t going to be anywhere near what he needed for his scheme and had ties to Oklahoma HS Coaches to get Fine to come down here.
  12. untjim1995

    G-5 AP 2018 Pre-season rankings

    I’m really surprised this hasn’t happened yet. Somebody in the media will try and make this stick after UCF claimed a national championship last year as an undefeated team that the Power Leagues wouldn’t allow to come anywhere close to their playoff.
  13. I just hate seeing headlines with Bryce English and “break” in them...keep it healed and he can be awesome.