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  1. Sounds like KU to the B1G is gaining lots of traction...never know, but if so, and if ISU is gone, too, with them, the Texas leftovers are about to be effed
  2. If this is your make-it or break it year, being ranked 118th out of 130 doesn’t bode well for getting to return…
  3. The Pac 12 could do a lot worse than inviting Tech, TCU, OSU, UH, KSU, and ISU to go west
  4. I think you meant Kevin Galbreath…the only NO Bowl that Jamario played in, Southern Miss destroyed us, 31-3, and just killed him as we ran him into a wall all night. Jamario was never the same after that game. USM back then, looked like UH when we played them a couple of years ago in Denton—their front seven dwarfed our front line and their DLine might as well have played fullback all night against us.
  5. If the PAC 12 wouldn’t ever take BYU, Baylor has no shot with the California Iibs. No chance.
  6. The only Big 12 team I feel for is TCU--they busted their ass to build up an incredible program after the SWC imploded. Whether it was the WAC, CUSA before it became the AAC (for the most part), the MWC (with BYU, Utah, and a year with Boise State), and then the Big XII. That program pioneered their own path and it made them a ton of money--that Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin got them an application jump of like 70%. They did what we should have done the moment they left the MWC--called their commissioner and told them we would gladly take their place. We saw how they did it and ignored it. I don't know what the future holds for the Frogs--its probably gonna see a gigantic drop in revenue again. But they sure as hell have earned the right to be believed in for landing on their feet and making lemonade out of these sour lemons.
  7. Arky State, Texas State, ULL, and Troy are regional opponents I'd be glad to play in OOC games. I do wonder if SMU will keep playing us after 2025 or if they are moving on from us...it really would not surprise me if they do abandon us. Still think BYU would be the best OOC team we could ever schedule for a game in Denton, but they seem to appear on everyone else's schedule but ours. But I like the teams we have set up home-and-home series with for the next several years.
  8. And Hartzell leaves that meeting, gets assistant to send said state senator from TCU a card, writing in "thank you for your time today and enjoy the MWC again..."
  9. It would make a ton of sense to the Lower G5’s for sure—the AAC and Big XII leftovers will never agree to this. They view themselves as national programs and want national exposure.
  10. DKR recognized that playing NTSU back then was a big win all the way around, because we were good, we were close, and we brought lots of fans. I wish we had kept that mindset. But we didn’t want that and it just killed the program. Today, especially with the upcoming schism that has been known to come from 10 years ago, our ceiling is now much lower than we wanted it to be on here at GMG.com, but it’s definitely a Ceiling we earned.
  11. Going from $37 million a year to $7 million a year will not be fun…but it will be fun to watch and it is so very due for that pissant school.
  12. It was more in line that the biggest idiot on the board thinks it’s a bad idea to play Texas State in San Marcos…that tells me it’s a great idea
  13. I’ll be the first to say I’d love to play a P5 any day here in Denton. But if we can’t, then this is a fine opponent that is much better than FCS spares of South Alabama, who will bring tens of people and nobody from DFW cares a thing about them.
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