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  1. Which is why the semi-pro leagues need their own level of play and the rest of us can have a chance at a national championship...
  2. Sadly, about 75% of UNT students and alumni feel this way. So many UT, OU, A&M, Tech, OSU, LSU, and Arkansas t-shirt fans in denton. But it’s probably the same in Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, and El Paso, too...
  3. Their new enemy is reality of making a poor hire and watching their program lose its enthusiasm. UTSA blew a golden opportunity with all those built in advantages from their market to their stadium being big enough to bring P5 schools down there. Now, they are just another UT system school, who at least still has their Super Bowl opponent on the schedule every year in CUSA West.
  4. So does this mean that the NCAA Tournament will now be streaming on Facebook?
  5. This is where the 1-AA debacle for 12 years just killed us. We would have such a higher rate of giving today from the graduates of the 80s and early 90s that are at points in their lives where they start making good money. Instead, we literally nuked two decades of fans because of this. Things have improved greatly here, but the reality is that our lack of support for athletics here for so long insured we will always be stuck in a non-power status. It’s just so sad that athletics got treated that poorly for so long by the BOR and administration, the faculty, student body, and local citizenry.
  6. I agree—USM, like La Tech and UAB last year, will have a physical defense. Those type of teams have given us fits during the SL tenure. We will have tough road games at both LT and USM. I suspect that the CUSA West winner comes from whoever can split between the three of us and then avoids an upset against the rest of the league.
  7. I agree on that 100%. I still believe the Power Teams will break away completely one day from the rest of us, but it’ll take time. The current setup gives the G5’s and FCS crumbs. They’ll stop playing FCS and G5’s more than once for bought home games, then eventually pull away for good. And I’ll be thrilled by that—it amazes me that the G5’s allow their programs to never get a chance to be a national champion like every other level of college football.
  8. That’s all true— but has no bearing on this argument that the two Upper G5 leagues are better than SBCUSA.
  9. I love this...so perfectly drawn up. Kudos, GrayEagle. This would make so much sense.
  10. Bwahahaha!!! You were serious?? Bwahahahaha....Two leagues of G5’s have never produced the Automatic spot for bread crumbs that the P5s give out...Hint: both leagues are in this thread. The MWC and AAC will always be higher than the SBCUSA, no matter what you think.
  11. The only thing I am anti-UNT about is that they gave you a degree, supposedly. Thanks for devaluing our degrees... Keep up the great job at the dentist office, Ben. Don’t inhale too much of the gas you blow...
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