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  1. untjim1995

    Future Schedule. Baylor & Tulane

    RV would have scheduled Mary Hardin Baylor for home and then blamed Tulane for making us schedule Portland State for the second time on Homecoming in 2028...
  2. I'm not sure we will see this anytime soon. The reality of a scheme built on the spread offense will always make that emphasis on the OL a difficult path, not to mention that OL and DL are really the hardest areas to recruit these days from a competitive standpoint. Defensive line is harder to really know--it could, but the reality is that our focus on that side of the ball has been more at LB and the defensive backfield.
  3. untjim1995

    And the rich get richer

    I wonder what NFL free agents will be available for the Cowboys this offseason, too...they have the exact same interest to me as what P5 NFL-lite programs are doing in their offseason, too.
  4. untjim1995

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    This will be a tough schedule. Much tougher than our last two, for sure. OOC games will be interesting. I think we have one sure win against ACU, but the other three are tissues to me. I’d take 2-2 right now from that group, to be honest. I have no idea what CUSA play looks like next year, but I suspect we will get 5-6 wins from that mix of teams. 8-4 will be my hope and prediction.
  5. untjim1995

    Conference Basketball Arenas

    When we beat Texas Tech in OT here a few years , the Super Pit was very loud. These old places always have great acoustics when there are actually crowds there to make noise...
  6. untjim1995

    Utah State Ranked #21...

    That USU Bowl game looks bad because Mason got hurt early. We probably still lose, and its probably a convincing loss, but it isn't 52-13, either...
  7. untjim1995


    Ruhle has a great reputation across all of football. But I don't think the Jets hire him--I think he will be at Baylor next year. SL will be here for one more year, finish with Mason Fine, and go on to much greener ($$$) P5 pastures. As for SL not winning anything big here yet, you have to remember that to the rest of the college football world, all they know about North Texas in the previous 10 years to him being here was that we hired a high school coach and then hired a retread coach that led to the worst loss in modern college football history. Almost universally, folks in college football circles felt this job was a coach killer, since it hadn't produced a coach jumping upward since Jerry Moore left for Tech in 1981. When they see that Seth Littrell has turned a team that went 1-11 in the season before he got there, with the worst collection of QBs in the country, and having suffered thru that awful loss at home to PSU, not to mention that the overall record for that 10 years before was a whopping 36-97 that covered 4 different head coaches (Dickey, Dodge, Mac, and Chico). SL's gone to three bowl games in three years, won a division championship, beat Arkansas in a moneybag game with the best punt return of all time, and has gone 23-17. That will get lots of attention of ADs and fans across the country with that kind of change at a place like this.
  8. untjim1995

    Nat’l Champ Boycott!

    I agree completely--just to reiterate, that's not my idea, I was just responding to the poster who felt that G5s should argue against Title IX for our level ONLY.
  9. untjim1995

    Nat’l Champ Boycott!

    You tell me how liberal universities are going to fight against Title IX in today’s cultural climate, all for the benefit of their football programs, but not have the Power Teams get that same benefit...that doesn’t even remotely sound possible.
  10. untjim1995

    Nat’l Champ Boycott!

    The TV revenues might drop, but they aren't high now. However, you realign to get conferences and divisions closer, so you lower travel costs and increase fan attendance. Look, we are just whores right now at this level. We get money from bodybag games, while our teams don't get equal consideration at all with the Power League brethren (see UCF and Boise State over the years). Our ADs and Presidents are ok with it because its just easy. But what the big boys don't have is a real playoff system. SO, you can either still let the top G5 program play the P5 team in a BCS bowl game or let them try to play for a national championship in the G5 playoff system that could easily be 8 teams to be played over three weeks in December. We get our bodybag games, we get a playoff system to actually reward our kids, coaches, and fans with a national championship, and we get all of the attention that no Power League team gets since they are not playing until late December/early January. Or we can dream that some legislative play will be made to make us equal with the Texas Tech's of the world...here's a hint--it ain't happening.
  11. untjim1995

    Random Out Of Conference Scheduling

    Making a P5 giant who plays in front of 90k regularly have to travel to a stadium with 30k as its full capacity isn’t going to happen voluntarily.
  12. Nice troll job here, BV... Nothing surprising here, folks. Big boys make big bucks and are worth more than the rest of the lower FBS. Shocker...what sucks about this kind of article is that it just gives the remaining anti-UNT athletic people around Denton some stupid talking point to justify their hatred.
  13. untjim1995

    NT vs NDSU Bring Them Down

    At Iowa State, when the Big 12 formed, he got the two-time national champion in Nebraska, the team that had just finished ranked 5th in Colorado, the team that had just finished ranked 7th in Kansas State, and amazingly, a 10th ranked KU squad to be in his division to play. That didn’t count the Big 12 South teams that would get much better very soon after the league formed. What he did there against that gauntlet was still very impressive, even if the records don’t show it as much. Mac was a guy who literally let Denton and UNT’s reputation in the TX HS ranks with coaches, players, and recruits turn him from this uber positive guy everywhere he went into a guy who became defeated and bitter. When the PSU loss happened, he had completely lost it—which is why he hasn’t coached again.
  14. untjim1995

    Nat’l Champ Boycott!

    To take this a step forward, what if we don’t get in the SWC, but we stayed a Division 1-A school. At worst, we are at least one rung up the ladder. We probably end up in the old WAC before the SWC broke up. From there, my guess is we would have joined the original CUSA with all those former MVC teams. But that I-aa move down for 12 freaking years was your killer for ever being a Power school. At this point, the best we can and should aspire to be is the top of the G5, like UCF and Boise State have been.
  15. untjim1995

    Nat’l Champ Boycott!

    The P5 giants of the world have all of the power--they own the media, legislatures, conferences, sponsors, and fans. The foolish part of calling all of us FBS perpetuates an image of equality. Its not even close to being true. Those of us in the G5s don't have anywhere near those resources. North Texas, whom we all love, has only had one crowd over 30k ever attend a game in Denton. Texas and A&M get 90k or more almost every game they play. IOW, its never going to be level or equal because it can't be. Same for UH, SMU, UTSA, Rice, Texas State, and everyone else in this state. What needs to happen is that those Power Giants need to just fully separate. Right now, even within the P5s, there is significant differences in revenue between programs. In 2016-2017, in the Big 12, Texas had $215m in revenue (first in the country). OU had $155m (7th in the country). WVU had $110m (27th in the country). KU had $95m (36th in the country). OSU had $91m (40th in the country). Tech had 89m (43rd in the country). K-State had 86m (45th in the country) . Iowa State had $82.6 million (50th in the country). That's astronomically different from the top to the bottom. Now compare ISU's revenue to the highest revenue producer in the G5s, the AFA, which was 55th in public institutions and produced $59.6m in revenue. UH was next at $57.1m, followed by UCF at $56.3m, SDSU at $52.4m, and USF at $50m. The top revenue producing team in CUSA was Old Dominion--at $46.2m. Charlotte, FAU, MTSU, and FIU follow until you get to us at #94, where we produced $32m. BTW, the 124th thru 126th rated schools for revenues in that time frame were all from the CUSA West, UAB at $24.8m, LT at $24.7m, and USM at $24m. Its ok to recognize that the term FBS is not built on equality--in any way or form. The top G5 program producing under $60m, while the lowest P5 (Washington State) had over $64m doesn't seem to broad, but it doesn't take long for that budget difference and fanbase difference to make you see that the P5s have cultivated followings for decades. I still believe it is PATENTLY UNFAIR to the players at our level of play to be the only ones in any level that don't get to compete for a national championship, all because the ADs and Presidents at G5 institutions depend on the big money from these OOC bodybag games, which are also PATENTLY UNFAIR. Money and media have created this huge division--and its not going to change ever on this. And if you don't think a playoff for the G5s that would have involved UCF, Fresno State, Army, Boise State, Utah State, Cincy, App State, and UAB playing each other in December wouldn't have created more attention that the spare bowls we in the G5 all played in (except for UCF), I don't know what to say. It would add in some also excitement for our level of play at this time of the year, all while the P5s are sitting down and not playing.