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  1. Those two CUSA teams also just beat us into the ground. We couldn’t stop them at all.
  2. We could have had a sellout and SMU would have still murdered us. Actually, so would have USM and Charlotte. All these teams just beat the hell out of our lines. And SMU is just flat out great compared to anyone else we have played or will play.
  3. So about 45 years ago?? Maybe we can use this for motivation...
  4. We should win. They aren’t good. Neither are we, but we are still better than them. Team played well on the road last weekend, so maybe that will help them again in EL Paso, with less distractions. But if Vito picks us to win, it’s probably a sure loss. Add in SL’s dismal record after a bye week and it could be a bloodbath out there, Juarez-style.
  5. I know it’s Year 5, but you’d all do yourself a big favor and really look at this as SL’s 2nd year without GH. He will get one more season to show if he can get an extension or get fired. His pay and tenure say 5th year coach, but this team is nowhere near being what it was 2-3 years ago, from the QB and coordinators, to the defense. SL knows 2021 is it. He’s trying to get all the chips ready for that push. What will be really interesting to see is how the players react to this. Because it is very normal for players to realize their coach is gone and just let up after that.
  6. Marshall is damn good. Their two wins over Appy State and La Tech are very good.
  7. The easy part of the schedule starts to show with three Texas CUSA West teams. Our year was always going to be about staying ahead of these three and it still remains possible. UTEP, UTSA, and Rice are just as bad as we are. I had us at 4-5 wins and we have 2. The other two or three I predicted were to come from this group. I see no reason for us to not at least get to 4.
  8. Liberty looks like an Eastern version of BYU in football if things continue to go in the right direction for them. They won’t need a conference for football with all the ACC, AAC, SBCUSA, and MAC teams they will play.
  9. Freeze is light years better than anyone we have had coach here since Fry or Corky. Its no surprise to me to see them doing well and I’m almost certain they will be super tough to beat next year in Denton.
  10. Agreed on what your saying, but that mistake WB made is one gigantic and costly mistake if SL has to be fired before he has a year left on his contract.
  11. I wouldn’t fire WB now, but I would make it clear that if we have to fire SL with more than a year buyout, he will also lose his job. An AD has to lead the entire department, but the biggest piece of that pie is from profit and paying out 2+ years of a bad contract is fireable.
  12. 2021 will be SL’s last chance. He is either still coaching here because we win 7 games or more or he will get bought out. It’s just that simple. Everyone knows it. If I were recruiting against us, I’d be pounding that into every recruit’s heads. Your coach isn’t long for that job, so UNT may not be what you think it is for your college career. I’d imagine the decommits will start piling up as the next few months progress forward.
  13. I think every coach here gives us this feeling, where it starts falling and then hits a real bottom. Obviously, Mac had Portland State, but his real fall began against La Tech here in 2014. Dickey had the Tulsa 54-2 loss that signaled where we were headed but finally bottomed out against SBC spares killing us in 2006. Dodge’s loss at Rice, where Rice could’ve scored 100 EASILY. Obviously, same with Dickey, when you couldn’t beat SBC spares by 2010. Now, SL’s loss against La Tech in 2018 feels like a real falling point that he won’t recover from. But the real low point will be next year if he g
  14. From what I’ve seen, we ain’t losing anyone that would be keeping us from being a winner in these current seniors...
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