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  1. So there are 6 power conferences in basketball because of their TV contracts....Big East + the Power 5. They get huge budgets and lots of exposure that the rest don’t get. Now, the AAC, A-10, WCC, and the MWC all get decent secondary network coverage and more money, which then leads to the one bid leagues like ours. The NCAA Tournament gives everyone a chance, unlike football, but there are still Power conferences that get more exposure and a lot more $$$ from the networks.
  2. The 2021 schedule is just brutal for where we are right now. Besides the Northwestern State game, the other three OOC games are against teams just way above our talent level right now--and two of those are on the road, not that SMU will feel like a true road game. I see it like this: NW State--win @SMU--loss UAB--loss @LT--loss @Mizzou--loss Marshall--tossup Liberty--loss @Rice--win @USM--loss UTEP--win @FIU--tossup UTSA--loss I'm on record for us to be a 4 win team again. We just don't have the horses on defense yet,
  3. I do think it would be wise to recognize that McCasland is a great coach, but he’s gonna need this upcoming year to just be a developmental one. Our next best shot at winning CUSA in any form probably won’t be until 2023. But he’s gonna be our coach and I believe in him to make this work here again...
  4. McCasland should be here for another couple of years. The jobs around here that he would leave for are all filled currently. Beard at UT, Adams at Tech, Dixon at TCU, Sampson at UH, Moser at OU, Boynton at OSU, and Mussleman at Arky. Maybe Jank at SMU could be an opening sooner than later, but the regional schools seem full at the current moment for a couple of years. With McCasland’s parents being near here, it seems pretty solid to assume he will be here for at least two more seasons.
  5. I'd assume Tech will hire from within or go hard for ACU's coach now...what a weird decision by Beard. Leaves a program he built up from nowhere and gets more support than UT gets for hoops. I just don't know if this works out for Beard like he thinks it might...
  6. I’m calling it now—so the opposite will probably happen—but Beard stays at Texas Tech and Texas ends up hiring Royal Ivey, former player and popular with the teams that Barnes had that were very good. And OU will hire the ORU coach who was an assistant under Drew at Baylor. And that should cover us for a while around here. GMac is here at least for another year and builds us into a very good squad by year’s end.
  7. Now, lets play some of those games in Denton....
  8. That place is just toxic right now. Too many influences and too high of expectations. Their media buddies over inflate their recruits and then their coaches have nothing by prima-Donna’s to coach. That stupid LHN doesn’t help them either.
  9. My guess is Beard will stay at Tech. It’s a better job right now. And he gets paid a ton. Plus, he doesn’t have to deal with the BS of having to deal with the Longhorn Network showing his practices and having him do an interview after each practice. I think their next coach will be Royal Ivey, the Nets assistant coach who used to Play at UT. I just think that will be there play—hire a young black head coach for these woke times. If Beard leaves, though, I think Tech will hire Joe Goolding from ACU, since he is a close friend of Beard and wouldn’t be far from Lubbock at all. It’s
  10. I could see Tech going after Beard's buddy at ACU very easily if he left Lubbock.
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/oklahoma-coaching-candidates-grant-mccasland-paul-mills-or-mark-turgeon-could-be-fits-to-replace-lon-kruger/amp/
  12. Gonzaga made their name in 1999, when they were a 10 seed and barely lost an Elite Eight game to eventual national champion, UConn. Their coach, Dan Monson, got hired away by Minnesota, where he did nothing. Gonzaga promoted his top assistant, a guy no one heard of by the name of Mark Few. The continuity the program stuck with grew into the behemoth they are today, basically the much cleaner version of UNLV from the 80s/90s. I do think Gonzaga benefits greatly from being a small private school that has no football to pull resources from and sits in a decent sized. Similarly, we are s
  13. Just announced...I’m sure McCasland will be considered
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