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  1. gee the back says speidel on every piece of the band. wonder if this is a clue?
  2. You can't be serious. I mean in theory...... But have you ever actually bought tickets from our ticket people? I should say two years ago?..... Seems to be functioning much better now. According to a source this particular time piece was given in 1975-76....So that could narrow it down even more.
  3. This was found at 2021 bowl game and turned in to alumni association. Any one claim it?
  4. is this clickbait? How bout we keep the backcourt exactly like it is, and add two mean big guys to compliment bell, and simmons? while bringing brett reed back? Love me some Tyler Perry, but just not sure he will be available next year.
  5. we will build on this. it was a great run, but we have unfinished business. Thank you to everyone for the love along the way. We know what we have to do to improve. we can all do better. im fffing exhausted. ready to get back home. No regrets, no regrets.....ball dont lie
  6. Let me address and put to bed the dj. Jj. Question. Dj has a fine career going in commercial real estate. Jj has a fine career going as an engineer. They are not in game shape. They dont play basketball anymore. Quit wondering. Its not happening. The only reason they ever hit the roster last year was to fake that we actually could field a team. Having said, their influence and passion is why we are here. The walk to the arena is hitting a little different tonight.... God bless north texas and go mean green!!!!
  7. My guys....were waiting for midnight pizza, and it will taste sooooo good.
  8. Flights booked. All on same flight to philly. That beesh will be rocking!!! also we have played 16 quarters of basketball. That’s roughly 144 minutes with elan ending…..we have been behind 6 :24 of that. Relentless defense….
  9. Lou ann bradley, attends every home football, basketball, soccer, softball, in other words she doesnt miss, and we were in the lobby of the hotel this morning and she just walks in..... Also, bryce jackson, basketball alum and member of @bleedgreentbt front office staff.
  10. You know its game day when lou ann walks in the lobby of the hotel out of the blue!!!!!
  11. I have not ventured from the arena floor at either venue. I will find out tomorrow.
  12. The imfamous voertmans shirt has appeared
  13. Jones is not here. same situation as for us with duff and williams. something about that class....lol
  14. One last note then on to the task at hand, getting these guys to Louisville. Ever since the happenings of March, and where a certain coach ended up taking a job, DJ, JJ and I talked about how we wanted the Lubbock regional. Well we walked into a certain building and took the cheese, right out from under the noses of all those tech people who were just sure that their #1 seed Air Raiders would skate through this region. On the bright side for the Texas Tech people, they got to see close up the warrior "toughest team wins" mentality from Kai, T. Bell, Big Z and James Reece. Coach Mac will do just fine there.
  15. This is not the shirt we talked about. Bottom line voertmans dropped the ball. We have had so much going on merch was at the bottom of the list to check on. They are trying to get them out by this weekend
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