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  1. as I was telling the wife last night.........The weather was nasty. I know it didn't rain heavily throughout the game but there was certainly drizzle most of the time. I remember a game way back when our fourth team walk on running back from Sanger went off for like 150 plus in the rain. The weather was for sure a factor in this game. Ask the Rice deep snapper....Those missed field goals looked like the ball skipped back to the holder. In short, with weather like that, you have to be happy to walk out with win, regardless of the uglyness.
  2. Josh Green. A scout, and player personnel director
  3. I feel like I just got internet yelled at for passing information along.....lol. I for one am going to enjoy sitting on the couch at my brother in laws watching the mean green March down Madison avenue.
  4. Both squads are in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. They all left out this morning. Have to be there for practice
  5. totally agree. Its dang near a completely new line up. Especially with rubin and t.p. not playing
  6. Is this a troll? they have beat two terrible teams and lost to Toledo? I know compared to us they look better, but like us, we really can only say they have a great coach, and they will also be prepared once conference play starts.
  7. pitino still coaching there? He should probably be fired......
  8. I just woke up from a nap. What time does the game start?
  9. I hate that I am weighing in on this, but my favorite part of that game was the play where they both committed a personal foul on the same play. It was a situation where it didn't affect much but damn it was funny.....
  10. Have you seen the administration building? If we are going to take this all the way down to the "cob".... you might ask. Why did nUTSAck copy our administration buildings colors to use as their school colors?......
  11. you and me both my friend......"you had three months to prepare for the smu game......three months......"
  12. While I would agree that the "shiny" has worn off with Wren Baker, I will address each one of your points.... 1. Apogee is not falling apart, the bones are beautiful. However, the "technology" that was state of the art when it was built needs a serious upgrade. Just like the fact that I am fighting buying a new computer because it works for me even though "Windows whatever number i have" is not supported. We need new computers "etal" at apogee. 2. Fundraising non existent. This is an area that needs work for sure. Not only in just work, but accurately conveying to donor base what we need money for and aligning everyone to work for that goal. 3. game day presentation, see above 4. Falling behind in NIL. THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!!!! and also I assure you, we are no longer "behind" in NIL, and I would argue in 2 months we have jumped ahead of many in our new conference. Just because light the tower doesn't boast or go public with what they are doing doesn't mean its not happening. Sidenote, and this is my opinion, in cases of schools like us, NIL does tend to cannabalize money that could of gone to other things, but it needed to be addressed now. 5. Coddling Seth.....this is laughable. Lovelace would fire his grandmother if she wasn't performing. I have been to every facility in CUSA, and every facility of ours peers moving with us to AAC. I spent 1 full week in Wichita in July moving in and out of their practice facility and arena. Our stuff may not be brand new, but we are not behind in facilities in the AAC. We have a beautiful stadium, we have a beautiful IPF, we have a new track and soccer facility, our womens softball stadium is very well maintained. The only discussion may be the pit, but it is way better than most arenas in CUSA, and certainly is on par in the aac. Wren has moved the needle in many directions. He like anyone, has weaknesses. Shoot, I just rambled with no point...
  13. We beat an airport people. So far we have beaten u take m points. Southern Texas school and an airport. When we beat a technician school, we will be 3-0 in a conference then going to play...beep beep, a roadrunner.....at that point, who knows. Extra game in soon to be not apogee, with no replacement name for that.... but hey.....I saved that extra parking pass from 7 years ago, so there's that.
  14. Seriously...for real though, I thought it was named after an airport
  15. is southern nazarene off of seth's schedule now? I was counting that down.....
  16. I will forgive seth if he beats southern Nazareth......oh......wait...
  17. I am sorry my young padawan, but Coach Litrell has nothing to bad mouth this place about. He has been given everything he needs to succeed. 1. Huge salary 2. upgraded budget for assistant coaches 3. Indoor practice facility 4. 17 +/- uniform and helmet combinations to choose from..... I can go on, but change my mind...
  18. Good lord. It seems like it's almost midnight and the second half hasn't started
  19. so, obviously. we (my wife and i) are invested in the light the tower collective. My advice is don't change what you donate to MGSF. If you have any additional money that you can donate, consider splitting it between MGSF and the collective. The big loser in this at all universities, not just us, in the short term are any attempts to improve facilities. We have a fabulous football stadium, and decent arena for basketball compared to our future peers in the aac. So we can put this off if we need to. You have to eat an elephant one bite at a time. Especially here. We talk all the time about how the same cows are getting milked over and over again at North Texas. This collective is starting with a great base, but we are going to find some new blood to take it to the next level. So... A. don't change any commitments to MGSF B. If you can donate, give to the collective. Even if it is 100 a year for 3 years....... C. It is in good hands with successful people running the show. Go Mean Green!!!!
  20. So they told us that the guy they subcontracted to do the merch waits until he gets a big batch to run anything. My wife called him and told him we were g.m. of the team and they sent here one of the several things she ordered so she could have it for the tournament in Wichita. We are considering putting up our own merch store on line and giving a local person the business. We will be putting up a website. I have reserved "purchased" several domain names that we are considering. Most likely it will be "bleedgreedtbt.com" but we have "bleedgreenbasketball.com" and "bleedgreenhoops.com" also. When we get it up and running we will let everyone know.
  21. actually......its 17.........lol.iykyk
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