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  1. I know the first rule of the “Fight Club” movie starring Brad Pitt was you were never to talk about Fight Club. But when it comes to #F19HTCLUB, the official social media moniker for North Texas Football’s 2019 signing class, I feel compelled to break the rule. Not only is this class off to great start with fourteen 3-star ranked commitments in just early July, but potentially looking like it could be one of the best in program history. Perhaps it could even be in the running for one of the top G5 classes in the country. This is new territory for a North Texas program who has
  2. Lesa Benton Roe’s mother discouraged her from going to college. No one in the Benton family — not even Lesa’s older brother and sister — had made it past high school. And her mother, a switchboard operator in Gainesville, Fla., feared that her youngest couldn’t cut it, even though Lesa was a straight-A student. “She was trying to brace me for failure,” Roe says. “But I had an internal drive to be something more.” Fortunately, Roe listened to her father, a groundskeeper for the Veterans Administration who had always regretted not having a college degree and expected her
  3. The Dallas Cowboys may have no bigger fans than Mean Green nation. With every home game, with every win, the premier football franchise and its magical season bring more support and attention to the team’s exclusive new higher education partner — the University of North Texas. “Obviously we are all rooting for the Cowboys to go all the way this year,” said Neal Smatresk, president of UNT. Earlier this year, UNT officials signed a contract to pay $1.725 million over the next year and a half, and as much as $7.5 million over the next eight years, to be a “proud partner of the Dall
  4. http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/football/article41992233.html Read the part about "I never take credit" then go read the Hattiesburg Hustler's online bio/resume on gomeangreen.com Ya, whatever you freaking con artist. Read this article again, folks. Look how it says Littrell was purely a Smatresk and Villarreal hire. Hold BOTH men accountable when the inevitable occurs.
  5. http://www.star-telegram.com/opinion/editorials/article69313582.html You see, the captain doesn't change the oil, but the military recognizes he is responsible for those that do. That's why he was relieved of command. But if the current BOR or Presdent of UNT had been his boss, he would have been given 14 more years to "prove himself."
  6. Since it's going to be tough getting more than 500 warm bodies in the pit for games next year, and since Rick Villarreal couldn't promote the 1988 dream team, I thought we could offer our own promotional ideas. I'll go first: Tony Benford Unused Suit Night - there will be a drawing at halftime to give away one of the unused suits Benford bought to each conference tournament in which he coached. I mean, he doesn't need them, right? This will also have the side benefit of increased concession sales for those showing up to hopefully win the suit. The other advantage is, by my count, Benford
  7. With UNT students having the student fee increased while UNT fails at every major athletic sport, how long until the students demand not to pay for athletics anymore? A bad football season this year and I think you see a student led campaign to discontinue the athletics fee. I may be mistaken, but I think since it was voted in place by students, it can be voted out. Maybe @UNTflyer can shed some light. That will kill UNT athletics, and will be the legacy of Neal Smatresk and Rick Villarreal. Watch and see.
  8. http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2016/03/benford-confirms-his-return.html/ Posted in the basketball forum, but this huge chunk of abdicating responsibility by RV and silent endorsement by Neal Smatresk, who at this point is just another in the long line of presidents at UNT who is all talk, deserves to be posted on the most active forum. This is all about protecting RV, a coward who can't even announce this to the press. Enablers like @flyonthewall care more about Rick Villarreal staying employed than they do about UNT athletics. Never more evident than with this idiotic retainmemt.
  9. Rick Villarreal said there would be accountability if Benford failed this season. That message was echoed by his shills on this board, most notoriously by @flyonthewall. I guess we now know what both their words mean. Absolutely zero. We also know that protecting RV is job one for Ernie, Fly and the like. It isn't about providing a chance to be competitive for student athletes, it's about protecting a man they consider a close, personal friend. Have fun losing, North Texas. Then again, it is what you do.
  10. I am posting my 2016 Club Seats for sale. The cost is simply my cost for this year. $1350 for two seats and a blue lot parking space, a pre-game meal in the club level, and your choice of sitting inside or outside to watch the game. Try out club seats without the terrible investment/commitment of expense and long term "stadium donation," which is really a seat license. This is on a year to year basis. I can choose not to sell them next year and you can choose not to buy them. Like I said, no long term commitment. If you are considering buying club seats, this is your chance t
  11. Neal Smatresk, president of the University of North Texas, hit two pedestrians with his Toyota Highlander on the night of Thursday, Dec. 10, according to a police report obtained by the Denton Record-Chronicle. The Denton Fire Department took both pedestrians to Denton Regional Medical Center. Police allowed Smatresk to leave the scene in his vehicle. Neither he nor the pedestrians were charged with a traffic violation. The accident happened as Smatresk was leaving a shopping center at 1776 Teasley Lane at 9:19 p.m., according to the report. He was alone in the car. The intersection is two blo
  12. UNT president Neal Smatresk described the school’s search for a new football coach as a vital task on Tuesday, when he vowed to make the resources available to ensure the right coach takes over the program. “Our new coach will be the most highly compensated individual at the university,” Smatresk said. “When you expend a high level of money you want a high level of production. You want athletics to develop a sense of community at the university and produce revenue.” read more: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2015/11/coach-search-notes-smatresks-take.html/
  13. After Saturday, I am considering asking for additional donations. Several have brought up billboards in Denton as a better and longer duration for the money option. Id like thoughts on this. Banner or billboards? The amount of posts indicating support will determine what happens.
  14. For those with Twitter accounts, spread the word via Twitter about the banner flying tomorrow. Hit up local media. Link the go fund me account. That is all.
  15. After 18 hours, we sit at $1300. $600 to go. Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/qd6qjzk8#
  16. I think we need some levity today. I previously said that RV could ********* and keep his job, so I guess I'm gonna have to raise the bar. We all know CJK5H at SMU. And never suffered conciquences. I think if RV murdered 5 co-eds, he MIGHT be fired. Thoughts? #RVK5CE?
  17. One of those people confirmed what was reported earlier today. UNT has moved on from the committee concept. UNT athletic director Rick Villarreal will lead the search. University president Neal Smatresk said today that he has a deep interest in how the search progresses and will also be involved. Villarreal indicated early on that Smatresk would be involved, so there is no real change there. read more: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2015/10/coach-search-tidbits-recruiting-note.html/
  18. I told you mofos that scheduling FCS opponents terrified me because of the possibility of a loss and how crippling that would be to UNT? Remember when you told me not to worry because RV would never schedule an FBS capable of beating us? Remember when I said he is RV, don't over/underestimate him? And then we suffered the worst loss in college football history to an FCS RV scheduled. Those were good times, weren't they?
  19. I find it VERY interesting that there was just about zero opposition to the banner until it was funded.I think a lot of people thought that no one cared. Guess what. You were wrong. And that's simply a fact. Nothing more. I kind of chuckle at posters who normally don't post who are now all over the board trying to stop this from happening. Commitments have been made to people who want this to happen. That isn't taken lightly. My question is: where the hell were you when we suffered the worst loss in college football history?
  20. A conference foe. An equal. And they are favored like they are a P5. Yet the guy that put us here is going to pick the new coach. If this happens, it's the last straw for me. I'm sure no one cares at UNT, because they don't care if the football team loses 12 games a year, anyway. But that will do it. How a man can fail so long and keep a paycheck is just simply unbelievable. It's like it's a union job.
  21. So, we have an anonymous hiring committee with RV also a member? If the whispers are true, this is a disaster in the making. The whispers also say RV will have no roll in the hire. How perfect for a man that takes accountability for nothing. Disaster. Only at UNT would such a dysfunctional situation be allowed to occur. Wonder why others laugh at us? Look no further than this. Our own non-giving alums are laughing and shaking their heads, I'm sure. Whats clear is that no one at this university is interested in fixing any of the problems with athletics. Will be be in the bottom 10 for the ne
  22. PM me if you are interested in contributing and if you can help me set up a go fund me thing for contributions. I'll take the lead here. Harry, lock this if you will, but the arrogance of saying "I'll leave when I want to" warrants this thread.
  23. Why not? He damn sure couldn't do worse. He would find a way to fill up the stadium, much like he found a way to fill the recent alumni section when the AD had failed miserably to do the same. Marketing would improve the day he walked through the door. Coaching hires? Can't do worse. Scheduling football games? Improvement from day one. Because he would increase attendance, he wouldn't need to whore out the football team on a consistent basis. His negotiating skills are already much better than RV's at a much younger age. <kidding... But only kinda...>
  24. Thanks, RV: http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/page/bottom10101315/made-rivalries-monday-meet-bottom-10 We will be here at least until Holloween, quite possibly even "winning" the mythical title. Thats right, it's 2007 all over again 8 F'n years later. #FireRV
  25. I'm in for $100, more if needed, if anyone wants to start one of those internet account things. Any interest?
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