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  1. I’ll call for us to be at least .500 this year. I think we obviously win game 1. Then we’ll take one of the UAB/LaTech games. We probably lose the schmoo, Mizzou and Liberty games. But then I agree with Brett, the schedule gets easier from there and we finish the season on a win streak. Not going to pick individual games, because I still see us being inconsistent, but put me down for 6-6 or 7-5. Also, I don’t care how badly UTSA whooped us last year. That’s a win this year. Littrell has proven he can get to .500 with just a serviceable defense. Bennett isn’t going to deliver a wo
  2. I’m on board elevating basketball. I say that on the day I renewed football season tickets.
  3. My father-in-law played for SFA back then and he says the same things. Both the Snake pit and Super pit were considered awesome and daunting places to have to go play and great to watch a game in. I don’t get all the push to build a new arena. It’s got to be all about luxury suites but I hate the new basketball venues built around suites first. They lose the intensity. The super pit, even half full is still a tremendous game watching experience.
  4. It’s been a few years now, but I had it on good authority that Mac was looking to move up fast. He was taking his assistants with him, too. See the ASU move. What I don’t know is if money was his thing or P5/blue blood bball school. Either way, if money could be a factor it’ll be across the board. We have to bump up pay for everyone of his assistants, not just him. Now, before everyone gets butt hurt, isn’t this what we said we wanted? We want hungry coaches on the rise, not decline. We just need to keep finding those guys and bringing them here and we’ll be fine. Not another Benf
  5. All that ball movement definitely tires out the defensive perimeter. Asking those guys to trade threes with no rest is tough. Lack of a bench and not enough touches and scoring from Zach are what did us in during that big first half run. We went up against a better team who had a great shooting night and we never found the formula to stop it. Tip the cap.
  6. Schmoo and Mizzou, yes. That said, Buechele is finally gone so QB is an unknown for schmoo next year - no matter the accolades that their transfers have coming in. They’ll have to prove themselves the same way Ruder will have to do here. Don’t know enough about Liberty other than just their record last year. No CUSA school is far and away better than us. I’ll dispute that all day.
  7. Even though we’ve never done it, had the tournament been held last year I was fully expecting at least one, if not more wins. That was the strongest team we’ve had since at least the 90s and proved they could play with top 15 teams. Dang COVID. Our seniors are gutting it up this year, but the team lacks depth. I agree with others who are saying this game is going to come down to guard play. We will hold our own in the post unless Purdue either starts hitting from outside or are able to draw fouls on Zach/Bell. If we keep both of things from happening we might just pull out an upset
  8. That KC play calling was killing me, though. Your oline is a shambles, so throw down field on every down and make them hold blocks longer?!
  9. Many are talking like it was only Harrell who left. We were turning over half of our staff every year. We lost Koonz the same offseason we lost Harrell. Did UNC experience the same amount of turnover? Seth will be fine on offense. It took a couple of seasons to adjust, and I think we’re going to see a more consistent group next season. An improved defense will take pressure off of those guys, and the experience they got this year with so many underclassmen playing will start to pay off.
  10. The Ukwachaku kid is the kid from Boise, if I’m not mistaken. The one accused of abuse while there, then kicked out (or conveniently helped to leave). If the Gush bio is correct, and I’m reading it right, he was defensive recruiting coordinator while at Baylor. That is of particular concern here because Ukwachaku was not an unknown commodity and Baylor brought him in anyway. They chose to take a very big risk in bringing that kid in and that recruitment was what arguably brought more scrutiny around the program, that ultimately exploded into the scandal we all know. If Gush was the guy dr
  11. Not sure what to think. Part of me wonders if this call was pretty much made by the UTEP game. That, as many have said, was about the quickest of hooks ever executed. That said, why wait this long to announce that you’re transferring? For a sophomore he definitely showed flashes. Between Bean and Aune I preferred Aune early, but by the end of the season leaned more toward Bean. Neither are Mason Fine, but then not many are. Thought he could’ve had a good career here and wish him well ... ...unless he follows Tre-tor Siggers to dirty schmoo.
  12. Definitely encouraged after listening to that. I just hope people give it some time. We should see improvement toward the end of the season, but he’s not coming in and completely turning us into a dominant defense overnight. My wife being a Baylor grad meant that I watched most of their games. He’s only looking to get a couple of stops a game...just enough to allow our offense to squeak out wins. Half of this board is gonna hate it. Hopefully the wins that follow will calm them down.
  13. Even if that was the case, does nobody take that as a challenge these days? He was out performing all but Darden by the end of the season. Shorter has not been able to stay healthy. I don’t understand this one at all. Has to be something we’re not hearing about and I’m very interested to see where he lands.
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