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  1. It just looks more like an NFL style end zone. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/look-the-nfl-forgot-to-paint-hashmarks-on-part-of-the-field-at-the-super-bowl/ Looks fine to me.
  2. Has anyone on the board gone back and broken down those two FAU games? I couldn't stomach going back through them back when I had them on DVR, but the thing I remember most was just how quickly they played, both between plays and getting the ball out. When they threw the ball it seemed like the QB had it out of his hands inside of 3 seconds, if not less, every time. Hard for a dline to disrupt much in that amount of time.
  3. TIgreen01

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    Morris has pretty well owned us. Now he's got even better athletes than he had at dirty schmoo. I dismiss the whole rebuilding angle as it relates to us. Maybe in week 1 they'll struggle with the new systems, but by week 3 they should be settling in much better. Also, if their staff really believes it's a rebuilding year, they'll be looking harder at those sure wins that they'll need to keep their record from looking just completely dreadful. We're one of those sure wins they'll have circled.
  4. From that same article: "Applewhite is entering his second year of a five-year, $7.5M deal. If Applewhite were to leave before the contract expires, he would owe Houston the full amount left on his deal PLUS the buyout costs for any assistant coaches not retiained by the next coach. For example, if Applewhite came to KU after this season, he would owe Houston $4.5M, plus any assistant buyouts." That's the kind of buyouts I'd like to see us negotiating soon. They more or less get to dictate that their program isn't completely gutted by a coach moving on.
  5. TIgreen01

    A Picture of the Endzone

    If we win on it, I'm sure I'll grow to love it. Winning is what matters. Take the grey uniforms. They looked awesome until dirty schmoo beat our @sses in them. I can't stand Boise's blue turf, but I bet those folks up there love it with all the winning that they do on it.
  6. TIgreen01

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    Is this real? Or an elaborate hoax?
  7. At the end of the day they were all at fault. Baylor absolutely has/had a culture problem. I haven't been around the school in a while, but what he's saying about the school's policies discouraging reporting of incidents is absolutely true. That said, it's not a secret. There have been stories of a double standard going around down there for decades. One that I know was from the early aughts. A member of the women's basketball team was kicked off the team and out of school after she became pregnant out of wedlock. The very same year they had a fluff piece running in the men's basketball program touting how great a Dad one of the players was---to his kid he had out of wedlock that year. This kind of stuff was a joke and these stories were numerous. Someone should have done something sooner. Briles, specifically, was absolutely in a position where, if he wanted to, he could have helped bring about that change. Instead, he followed the status quo and now points fingers at everyone else.
  8. TIgreen01

    G-5 AP 2018 Pre-season rankings

  9. TIgreen01

    G-5 AP 2018 Pre-season rankings

    They have one of the easiest (at least according to preseason rankings) schedules in the country. With lots of experience coming back. https://philsteele.com/2018/03/21/toughest-opponent-records-for-2018/ In fact, those 3 Sun Belt teams that are ranked at the top of this thread are all facing bottom 10 schedules. Check out UAB. Another reason they are getting so much love.
  10. TIgreen01

    E-Brake on the Ticket

    If it's Harry, he's disguising his voice. Just based on listening to years of podcasts it sure doesn't sound like the same guy.
  11. TIgreen01

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    Those guys were critical to the team last year, no question. I think the hope is not just on their specific replacements, because I don't think a Trevor Moore is replaceable. He's maybe the best kicker we'll ever see in Denton. To me, the hope is on other areas of the team maturing and becoming strengths and the staff building around them, instead. We were completely built around Wilson in 2016, and really mostly still last year. You saw it emerging last year, but we've got more playmakers emerging on that side of the ball and I expect we'll be less focused on having a RB setup the passing game than we have been. The offense is going to be good. The big question to me is on defense. We're not ever beating an FAU with what we fielded last year. I don't care how good the offense is.
  12. TIgreen01

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    This. As my group left the Cotton Bowl on January 1, 2014, I literally told my buddies that we should retire from UNT football fandom right there...or at least hibernate for a couple of seasons until things had a chance to pick back up. After the previous 10 seasons, I was just whipped by the constant rebuilding in Denton and knew we were in for more. Of course, they talked me out of it and you better believe I let them have it during that terrible stretch. As a lifelong UNT fan, I can dang sure spot a really bad team or major rebuild coming....and we're not there now.
  13. TIgreen01

    Dickey to A & M

    Has there ever been another FBS level coach get on TV and claim that he had the hardest job in America? There were a couple years there where it seemed that he went out of his way to bad mouth the program every time he got in front of a camera. I can't remember a single other coach, at any school, behaving this way. There were times I loved DD, and times I could not stand him. So I think it makes sense that opinions on him are so wildly different from person to person.
  14. I thought the story was that they fired him before the game and word spread to the locker room. So all coaches and players found out the day of the game...
  15. Guyton has to be able to get downfield to make an MVP type impact. For that to happen we need the RB core to step up. So I picked Smith.