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  1. No. 1- Mac was fired before the game ever took place. 2- Lost about half of my tailgating crew after that debacle. They still haven't come back.
  2. We need a legit backup to Z Simmons. That's priority #1 for me. Priority #2 is someone who can replace Miller. We need a slasher who can make free throws. Tiko was supposed to be a gamer. I have that on the authority of a former coach with Mac's staff. No idea what's gone on there. He was the x factor missing from this team. A guy on the outside that could shoot over anyone. If he's done here I'd like to see another pure shooter added.
  3. I would claim that Smart needs to be benched....but then as BillySee keeps pointing out we have NOBODY else stepping up or talented enough to replace him with. The last 3:30 of last night's game was incredibly frustrating. We had one guy on the floor who was making shots (Gibson) and he didn't take a shot in that closing stretch. Instead we got to watch Smart, Duffy and Draper jack up missed three after missed three. Smart is ICE cold, AND he forces so many shots on bad looks. At least when Duffy and Draper are missing they are missing on open looks and it's the right basketball decision. Smart looks completely lost out there.
  4. Has Gibson taken a shot since the big run? WTH.
  5. What changed? LaTech and UAB are very well coached. Arkansas is/was not. Also, I felt like our solid second half against them was due largley to their entire team realizing what an awful mess their QB position was. We saw that first hand back in 2014. It's one thing to know you have to help out your QB. Its entirely different when you have Josh Greer/Andrew McNulty completely tanking and seemingly playing for the other team. It demoralizes the entire team. Arkansas' QB unit was every bit as bad as ours was in 2014.
  6. I know and understand that. Some are acting like it is a certainty that he leaves after next year, though. Maybe Sexton will be looking to cash-in and he'll be more aggressively selling him...but that's not the same as saying he's definitely gone. I think that if he didn't leave for Kansas St this year, what kind of job would he take? Lots of people on our board were downplaying that job during the heat of the moment, but that's a pretty dang good job.
  7. Why are some assuming next year is Seth's last in Denton? Is it all based on Fine graduating? I think next year could very well be a step back due to all the attrition on defense and a tougher OOC schedule (smu 2019 > smu 2018 & Cal >> Ark).
  8. Ok so which games on the schedule conflict with your trivia shows going forward? Can you find a fill-in??
  9. I just assumed that the NFL was trying to more closely emulate FIFA/World Cup soccer watching that Saints debacle. /s I can't ever remember an NFL game that felt so rigged....but I've sure seen some international soccer games that were. The larger problem with the NFL is that is it so over officiated now with all of the super precise language in the rule-book that the games have an ever increasing probability of the officiating deciding the outcome of games. There was a stretch of game during the middle of the 4th quarter of the AFC championship where they went to video review 3 different times for 5 minutes (real-world time delays) each, then the refs blew a roughing the passer call on Brady that gave the Pats a first down they otherwise wouldn't have had . The typical league response to the missed PI in the Saints game will be to add replays on some penalties (missed or called). I really hope not, though. I'm just sick of watching refs and replays at this point. Yesterday was outright off-putting. The league had a better product 20 years ago in regard to games being decided on the field and not by whistles. Now get off my lawn.
  10. OU had a Todd Dodge level bad defense this year.... And the secondary was putrid. I am confused.
  11. And both McVea and Nagy cut their teeth in the NFL... @MeanGreenTexan nailed it. This is looking more and more like the Dodge hire here. It's going to end badly.
  12. Copycat move that looks ultra desperate on the surface. Who is going to run the defense? Has that been finalized or announced?
  13. This is what super agents like Sexton are paid to do. Create a market. Drive up interest and potential $$.
  14. Did he get any 2H minutes against LaTech? I don't remember it, if so. We need more of this guy.
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