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  1. Not sure what to think. Part of me wonders if this call was pretty much made by the UTEP game. That, as many have said, was about the quickest of hooks ever executed. That said, why wait this long to announce that you’re transferring? For a sophomore he definitely showed flashes. Between Bean and Aune I preferred Aune early, but by the end of the season leaned more toward Bean. Neither are Mason Fine, but then not many are. Thought he could’ve had a good career here and wish him well ... ...unless he follows Tre-tor Siggers to dirty schmoo.
  2. Definitely encouraged after listening to that. I just hope people give it some time. We should see improvement toward the end of the season, but he’s not coming in and completely turning us into a dominant defense overnight. My wife being a Baylor grad meant that I watched most of their games. He’s only looking to get a couple of stops a game...just enough to allow our offense to squeak out wins. Half of this board is gonna hate it. Hopefully the wins that follow will calm them down.
  3. Even if that was the case, does nobody take that as a challenge these days? He was out performing all but Darden by the end of the season. Shorter has not been able to stay healthy. I don’t understand this one at all. Has to be something we’re not hearing about and I’m very interested to see where he lands.
  4. We don’t care. May he get the worst case of hot hole diarrhea ever the night before our game against them next year.
  5. Losing Siggers sucks. I don’t care where he was on the depth chart. He was just plain fun to watch. He was physical and punishing. The total opposite of the 7on7 namby pamby no big hitting football that is the trend. God bless him for that and good luck to him.
  6. I don’t know anything about the situation there, but Marshall was the lone bright spot for our conference -at least for a time- this season.
  7. Very confusing move. I was, admittedly, not a fan of Herman-all that kissing players crap was just so fakey-but firing him to hire a has been who could go nuclear just seems like a risk not worth taking for a program with that much money and resources.
  8. Hell no to Sumlin. Someone brought up Kiffin. He didn’t go from USC to FAU. He had to take a step back and go be an assistant for a couple years first. At Ala-freaking-Bama! If Sumlin does that, then and only then should he be considered. At this point, hiring a winless coach who has been in a complete free fall ever since Kliff Kingsbury left his side would be the most North Texas hire of all time. But we did just hire Bowen away from Kansas after touting that we were increasing the budget for an upgrade at DC. So...
  9. Defense is definitely in the Todge universe. Two straight years of unbelievably bad, undisciplined football. Whatever happened to Selfless, Tough, Disciplined. We are none of those things today.
  10. I watched most of this game. Guyton got a lot of snaps and targets with both of San Diego’s top two receivers banged up. He had an ok game. Couple of drops make him a somewhat inconsistent option. Aikman talked up his speed, but he’s got to make those tough catches or he’s going right back to third or fourth on the depth chart once the top guys are healthy. Still, it was cool to see him out there playing this much.
  11. He wrapped up on every tackle from that highlight video. God bless him.
  12. In a season that has seen: - Trailing 34-7 @ halftime at home to Smu, enroute to a 30pt blowout loss - Trailing 42-10 after 3qtrs to Utsa, enroute to a 32pt blowout loss - Trailing 28-7 early 3rd qtr to Charlotte, enroute to a 28pt blowout loss The losses to USM and LaTech at least look closer, but both were still double digit losses. When we lose, we lose BIG. We aren’t competitive in most of our games. COVID or not, if you’re not concerned I’d love to hear your logic as to why.
  13. The reason is Todd Dodge and Tony Benford. We weren’t paying Dodge much, but were continually floated the rumor we couldn’t afford to get out of that deal. We kept him around for 4 LONG years when it was obvious in year 1 that he was out of his depth. Same thing with Benford. Two games into his tenure it was OBVIOUS that we made a bad hire. He was kept for all 5 years of his contract because, again, we are told, we can’t afford to get out of the deal. Maybe the reasons given and rumors were false. Maybe we could have afforded to get out of the deals and there were other reasons we k
  14. If schmoo fires him where does the line start to hire him? We need to be first in line.
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