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  1. Exhibit A is Mason Fine. Some unknown, under recruited kid is always going to be out there. I’ll always root for that type of a person over one who is given every opportunity but still finds a way to not be grateful or willing to work for it. That article is spot on, too. Tired of all the entitlement driven attitudes that we see everywhere.
  2. The halls aren’t going to look like that everywhere. Where I’m at only 44% opted for face to face (in school) this fall. The numbers for Frisco schools were made public, and they are all over the map...but most schools would be less than 50% capacity. I have my doubts that we’re going to be allowed to do anything other than virtual school this fall, though.
  3. Seems to me, from reading just the articles linked, that both groups have a few bad apples involved. Kick em both off campus. Your free speech is protected, but your right to use the UNT name is not. If these kids want to spread hate, threaten violence and act like idiots, go create a group outside of the UNT (ie student funded) umbrella.
  4. Give me: DL Secondary RB. If we have an elite DL and secondary, I’m thinking we can get by with average LBer play. Also, I liked Litrell’s offense better when we had Jeff Wilson running, catching and blocking in it.
  5. Best home game atmospheres I’ve been a part of: #1- 2018 LaTech. The NORTH - TEXAS chant on third down, followed by the sack...incredible. #2- 2003 Baylor. Booger fumble return for TD shook the stadium #3- 2002 NMSU. Conference championship, close game, another Booger fumble recovery late in that one while band played in the middle of the home side stands. Was the largest home crowd I’d seen to that point for a conference game. #4- 2013 Rice. The Stand
  6. I think he has earned it. Last year was a disaster. The decision to so completely revamp the offense backfired. The hope is that he was planning ahead and designing an offense around a personnel strategy that will pay off down the road. We wasted a danged Heisman campaign, though. How many times are we gonna see something like that in the future at UNT? Not only that, but we’re now talking about the “expected blowout loss to smu” like it’s a foregone conclusion?! It’s just an unbelievable fall from where we were in 2018. However, many of the things that got DD are rearing their heads, again. Staff poached like crazy the past few years. He did well to replace the losses early on, and time will tell if he’s managed to do it this year...but on paper this staff is not as good as those first two or three. Even with a budget near the top of G5, we still have to deal with poaching every single year.
  7. Agree that something like this makes sense for non-revenue sports. Also, agree that if we are really prioritizing travel costs then it makes little sense to limit to just two conferences. Where do you draw the line, though? We have the following FBS schools in Texas alone: North Texas, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech, UTEP, Baylor, UT-Austin, Texas St, UTSA, Texas A&M, Rice, Houston How desperate are each of these schools to cut costs? Probably to varying degrees. It seems highly unlikely that the P5 schools would ever consider this. I’m curious, though, if football and basketball should be treated fundamentally differently. Could a school have more than one conference affiliation? One for football and basketball, and another for non-revenue sports? If that is a possibility, then realignment options become more interesting. As it stands today, nothing resembling a true regionally focused realignment will occur. It will continue to be food chain based...
  8. If it’s >95F outside and masks are required I’ll be watching/listening from home. Bring on the downvotes.
  9. This is my favorite billboard I see around town...
  10. Who is responsible for connecting UNT and the Dallas Cowboys? That has put our name and logo in more public forums than anything I remember seeing...at least in the DFW area.
  11. I don’t remember our games at UTA being all that well attended. Memory is fuzzy, so please correct me. I, personally, never made the drive down and I don’t remember seeing a ton of green in their stands on tv. I care less about playing the local schools in basketball than I do in football. Football recruiting tends to be more competitive against each other as the sheer volume of players you’re bringing in means that most are coming from the area. We don’t appear to be laser focused on signing only DFW area players under Mac.
  12. This seems to have turned into a debate more about which position could have the biggest impact in a broad sense. The question, originally posed, was which stud player would you want to fit into THIS YEAR'S team. That's either a dominant DT or a Left Tackle or a shutdown corner. We need all three.
  13. Shooting from pregame carried over into the game. I sat there watching LaTech practice threes. Seemingly their entire team didn’t miss for several minutes on end. Meanwhile on the other end we were clanging bricks, esp Gibson. Sometimes it carries over into the game and sometimes it doesn’t. Yesterday, LaTech was just feeling it from the first minute they stepped onto the court and we weren’t. My only complaint is that I would’ve liked us to recognize that and do more to work the ball around and inside. We are a fantastic free throw shooting team. We need to leverage it in games like this one where the other team is killing it from outside. Slow the game down and try to get them out of rhythm while playing to one of your strengths.
  14. This. Download the TuneIn app on your phone/tablet and search North Texas Basketball and North Texas Football. Make them favorites and you won't have to channel hunt on a radio dial ever again and you can get them anywhere you have cell/wifi coverage. Our channels don't require a premium subscription to TuneIn while many other sports teams do. I understand that some folks don't like streaming audio/video, but your kids and grandkids almost ONLY use this stuff. It makes sense for us to be positioned here to take advantage. Obviously it would be great to be able to take more advantage of traditional cable TV, but ESPN+ for basketball is dead simple. Once you pick your favorite teams it alerts you to upcoming broadcasts and sorts them to the top in app...so you never have to hunt or search for live games. It certainly doesn't bring in the big money, but the execution and ease of use is really second to none.
  15. One thing the MWC (or AAC) membership gets you is access to a rung up on the recruiting trail. I think the CUSA jump, even with half of the SBC brought in, had a chance to do that for us. But then Texas added 2 more FBS schools those same years, with UTSA immediately jumping into our conference. I think their inclusion absolutely watered down our jump up and thinned out the recruiting pool even more than it already is. If MWC is really an option, I'd want to know who else is coming with us. If it is just UNT, then we have a chance to separate ourselves a bit from other state schools stuck in the SBC or CUSA.
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