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  1. Actually, both games had BOTH Bean and Aune taking snaps. Aune had 125 passing yards in one quarter of work on Saturday and our running game was working well even before Bean came in. Yards weren’t the issue. Aune just kept turning it over. That said, Bean was far and away more effective in both of those two games.
  2. This...Because a +1 just won’t do. Bean was not shaky last night. He was confident and looked like a leader. Hope it’s a sign he’s turned the corner. Interested in next week's game for the first time in a while.
  3. I don’t get that Littrell has checked out. He has made some bad hires who are showing to not belong on this level. But he’s quick and decisive and has shown that he can make tough decisions on coaches who have become friends/close. I question what kind of network he has and is tapped into anymore. He started out here by hitting home runs on several up and coming assistants. He kept it up for the first few years as he had to replace guys who got poached. That well appears to have dried up as he went back to some of those guys who were either already here or had been at bigger schools,
  4. We’re the worst team by a mile because our defense is possibly the worst coached unit in all of sports. The mind blowing part is that we’re going to set season records that show up on the worst in a century stat sheet FOR THE FOURTH TIME IN BARELY OVER A DECADE!!! I’m so sick of watching UNT field teams that don’t care about defense. Can we redirect the football staff’s budget over to McCasland?
  5. I don’t know how anyone who watched our last two games picks this team to win another game all year. Worst defense in the country by a mile.
  6. The bus driver is all we need argument pops up here when we don’t have the right guy. Not saying Aune can’t be decent to solid, but it’s not a good sign, historically speaking, that we’re having the discussion. For my 25 years of watching this program we don’t have many winning seasons. In my experience we have NEVER had a winning season when our QB wasn’t one of those IT guys. Hall and Fine are the two that stood out most, but Andrew Smith and Derek Thompson both had times where they showed IT factor. They were all leaders and inspired their teammates with their play an
  7. It just reminds me of what happened to Dickey. We may pay near the top of the G5 now, but we’re always going to have to deal with our best assistant coaches getting poached after good years. A coaching staff doesn’t come down to just one coach anymore than a team to just one player. Littrell had a great staff when he arrived in 2016, then made it even better despite heavy losses after 2017. I think he’s whiffed more than he’s gotten right the past two off seasons. That’s all this is to me. Same thing happened to Mack Brown at Texas. He has to identify and hire the right coac
  8. I guess you haven’t seen any clips from Saturday, then?
  9. Lol on #9. I mean, based on Saturday, I too, think we look like an FCS team.
  10. No, sir. Stop it. Skladany coached top 10 defenses at, at least, three different schools. Not knocking our players under him, but he did it everywhere he went. He was a great coach. Carry on...
  11. How many threads do we need on here calling for a buyout before we reach this bar you’ve set? For the record, I’m with you...and I think most on here are. We’ve seen teams like this here from 2007-2008 and 2015. We’re probably the worst team in the country. You can pick out any number of problems but it started unraveling back in November 2018. Last year was a disaster after Littrell left, but didn’t. Then he fires both coordinators over the offseason and overpays to hire the demoted ex-DC from Kansas. Kansas’ DC!!! We’ve seen this before when Mac hired Cosh. I don’t care how g
  12. This. 700 yards given up. Schmoo did to us what we did to HBU. This is Dodge 2.0. Pitiful excuse for a defense out there last night. This is a 1 or 2 win team. Inexcusable for the money we are spending on this staff....especially in these times when scrutiny around budgets is only going to intensify.
  13. I think we need to get out to a big early lead. Sadly, I’m thinking that only happens if we limit Siggers touches and get Torrey and Addaway involved early. He just didn’t look like he had any burst last week. I think we stay loyal, and start slow... schmoo - 34 UNT - 17
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