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  1. If the guy is shooting for a P5 job then he'd NEED to do a good job HERE. Right? Am I crazy? I don't care what the motivation is for a person as long as they do a good job.
  2. Arkansas St and Boise St sure weren't hurt by being a revolving door for up and coming coaches during the past decade. Both of those schools had multiple years (in a row) where they had HEAD coaches poached by P5s. It's definitely a roller coaster ride for your emotions if you allow yourself to get attached to one coach, but this kind of stuff is NOT bad for our program. A few years ago UNT was viewed as a coaching graveyard. Now we have a guy here who has built up his reputation by helping us win. So the narrative evolved to 'Seth has won at a place that has historically not'. The obvious next evolution is for him to move on and for UNT to hire that next up and comer who also wins here. At that point the perception changes to either UNT has made two good hires in a row and/or it maybe isn't as hard to win there as we thought....
  3. If I’m reading your post correctly, you first said that KU doesn’t recruit well. Then you followed that up saying that despite that terrible recruiting many of those players went on to play in the NFL. The point you’re trying to make is that he coached them up, and that may be true individually, but more likely is that he’s a good recruiter first and foremost. Nobody that makes it in the NFL is lacking for natural talent.
  4. 2017 Kansas results. That's year 3 in the system. Someone mentioned this isn't close to Cosh b/c Cosh had given up 41 to a terrible UNT team. You might want to look, again. Pick any year he was DC at KU and you're going to see similar results and scorelines. I'm not going to say that he'll definitely fail here. He did have decent success at WKU and I do remember that first McCarney team. We'll certainly force more turnovers under Bowen than we did this last season. Littrell is from the Leach tree, which is a tree that believes it just needs a couple more possessions per game than opponents to win. The priority on defense is on getting turnovers and only needing a few stops a game. Bowen is probably a good fit for that. Those hoping for more than that, and for a more dominant defense take the field are going to be underwhelmed by this hire. Again, this probably fits the philosophy Litrrell is going for. It just ain't for me. I'll be there in the stands, regardless.
  5. I like it. Two problems, though: 1 - LaTech in the same conference as ULL and, especially, ULM. They've been on record saying they will never sign up for this 2 - USM, Troy and UAB all still recruit Florida and Georgia pretty heavily. They'd get no access in this alignment and would have to shift west to Texas. My guess is that they wouldn't be on board with doing that without incentives.
  6. Not at all. They are a well run program and I look forward to playing them. I just don’t understand a school spending tens of millions to participate in this sport when their own students and alumni clearly don’t support it. I get having poor attendance at the G5 level. It’s tough. When you are hosting a conference championship game, though?! It should be a question the FAU administration is asking itself...or has been. This isn’t new. At some point, though, attendance like this, in our most visible game of the year, is an embarrassment to all of us and WE have to collectively protect our brand. Something should be done.
  7. We should kick FAU out. Period. That attendance is unacceptable. For any game. For a conference championship it should cost you your membership. Take action Presidents.
  8. Agree with dang near everything already said. This year’s pregame and halftime performances were a huge leap forward. I do miss the 3rd down prompts from the past 3-4 years. Overall, this was a great year for the GB.
  9. It’s unreal to see the drop off behind Fine. Are we developing QBs or just got really freaking lucky?
  10. Offense still looks rough and confused at times. We are still missing that go to scorer, so it’s going to have to be a team effort. But our defense and especially offensive rebounding look to have really improved. This team is going to be a tough out all year if they stay healthy.
  11. There are not enough up-votes to up-vote this post enough. + Infinity
  12. Anybody who believed the preseason press on this team set themselves up for disappointment. We lost too many key cogs from last year’s defense and we’re filling their spots (in most cases) with first year guys. It shows. So many missed assignments out there today, and every game. Our back 8 is just lost and playing with ZERO confidence. The Benford year was different. We had unbelievable talent on that team, at least relative to what we usually see here at UNT. I went into it thinking that Benford wasn’t going to be as good as JJ, but didn’t expect him to be Trilli. Then, as you said, we refused to fix it for FIVE years. That’s all it took for me. Expectations lowered. We simply didn’t have enough donors to do anything about that mess...at least donors interested in basketball. We are spending big in football now. That comes with big expectations from the folks donating that much money. I don’t expect it’ll take long to see some changes.
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