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  1. Pretty interesting interactive app. Scroll to the bottom for the rankings, click a school for detailed breakdown. Ballpark Figures
  2. I don't know how accurate these numbers are, but they were included in UH's 2016 Athletics Membership Guide that was mailed out to season ticket holders today. I was really surprised to see where we fit in the landscape of college football in Texas. Just gives some context of what we are up against related to investment in program and how much work we've left to do. Annual Fund Dollars; Number of Members: Texas - $35M; 12,555 Texas Tech - $30.3M; 11,064 Texas A&M - $30M; N/A Baylor - $12.7M; 4,800 TCU - $10.9M; 7,000 SMU - $5.3M; 3,541 Houston - $5.2M; 3,100 UTSA - $3.75M; 2,203 UTEP - $2.675M; N/A Rice - $2.3M; 1,572 Texas State - $1.35M; 1,600 UNT - $800K; 1,100
  3. Maybe. Probably. But adding Houston takes a direct shot at A&M. I think Houston makes a lot of sense for the ACC. Their academics are on par or better than many of their current members and provides a Texas foothold for a conference without one.
  4. Yes they really have. They started doing things right well before the hire, in truth, which is what allowed them to be in this position in the first place. It's been impressive.
  5. I'm only telling you what I actually read from several different news sources related to this specific situation.
  6. He would have to sit out for both football and baseball. Which is why he may not end up transferring at all. And if he does, he may go play baseball at a Juco or NAIA and enter the baseball draft in 2017.
  7. If I were him, I'd go to Rice. He isn't going to pro in football. Their baseball program speaks for itself. And he'd light up C-USA as a QB in that system. There's also a good chance it's not going to be on the list of restricted destinations (you can bet the entire SEC West will be.) Granted, I am fully aware it's difficult to go from playing in front of 100,000+ fans to playing in front of 203.
  8. Mack mailing in the last couple years of recruitment at Texas is as much to blame for the current predicament as the position coaches hired by the current head coach. The writing's on the wall. And it says "Tom Herman in 2017."
  9. I would guess their admin is basing it on more than the whims of a bunch of message board posters, but hey, who knows. It's reasonable to assume hanging out with UNC Charlotte and Old Dominion and the F_U's in Florida isn't ideal an ideal scenario for Rice brass. Same for the handful of directional regional U's that have been added along the way.
  10. I'd love to head west with UTEP and Rice. I think we'd be an easier sell if basketball hadn't gone to hell.
  11. I didn't say it would be more interesting locally. I said the conference overall is perceived to be a stronger conference. And I believe that to be the case in both football and basketball. Two separate thoughts on the same subject. So yeah, all other things equal, I'd go with the one that has the better national profile. But I'm sure everyone on this board has a better hold on things than the administrators at RICE... I think the more likely scenario is Rice is willing to do a little more traveling to not be in a conference with schools like Old Dominion and the Sun Belt expats.
  12. Exactly the same as the number of C-USA gamesI watched that didn't feature UNT: ZERO. Let's not kid ourselves into believing sports shows in Dallas would talk about C-USA if UNT weren't in the conference. Same for Rice in Houston. MWC is perceived to be a better conference than C-USA. That is why it makes sense for Rice.
  13. It damn well should be. What more does one need? We're invested in the program in a way we've never been before. With some 250k+ people with NT ties in the DFW area alone, It's time for us as a fan base to put up or shut up, hit that 30k mark in the new stadium.
  14. I was at the game, buddy. I know what it looked like. It was in fact the third game we've been to this season. We have season tickets. So no, I'm not in a hurry for him to leave. But the reality is, you can't do anything about UT or A&M (or another major P5 program) offering him $5M per. And if he keeps winning, that's exactly what's going to happen. Great pic. I have one too. Doesn't change the fact that the stadium was not in fact full and ticket sales were incredibly slow for the first-ever the AAC. You can read it in the local alt news paper: Let's also not act as if Herman didn't take the fan base to task earlier this season. So just sit back, STFU and enjoy the ride for as long as it may last and hope it leaves the program in a better place one he's gone.
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