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  1. Lane offering Renfro could be a sign Briles will be the new OC for Ole Miss.
  2. He’s the new belle at the ball apparently.
  3. Posted 30 minutes ago. Looks like Seth is not ready to lose Renfro just yet.
  4. Judy's reality distortion field is 2nd only to the late Steve Jobs. With the sad fan turnout and paltry TV ratings, I bet G. Brint Ryan would love to have his Ryan sponsorship check back. Hate to say it but he got duped by Judy.
  5. Brett Vito made the same claims as Matthew Brune in his Dec 2nd article in the Denton Record Chronicle. https://dentonrc.com/sports/where-unt-goes-from-here-after-the-departure-of-reeder/article_a2c1049c-3acf-545d-a507-02d7c1cd29ff.html Vito on Seth & Harrell mutually parting ways: Vito on Seth's play calling:
  6. I'm a big fan of Mangino. Who can ever forget the '07 Jayhawks going 12-1 and winning the Orange Bowl. What I would give for UNT to have that kind of season. Bret Vito reported today that Mark was at the UAB game on Saturday night. I guess you could always say he was there to support Seth and his son, but I suspect there's more to the story.
  7. Dez Forrest is a dynamite running back built in small package (listed at 5 '7). He just wrapped up his Junior year at Weatherford HS and put up big numbers. He's a natural leader who plays with a chip on his shoulder and is vocal in and out of the huddle. I watched as he transferred in from Arlington and immediately the team rallied behind him. I had a close look at Dez all season because I've been filming Weatherford QB Ken Seals for the past two years. The Weatherford offense exploded this year with the addition of Forrest and the running game allowed Ken to thrive and put up record numbers. Dez is fast and elusive. There were so many times I would watch Dez break defender's ankles and take it 60+ yds to the house. He had a 9TD game to kickoff the season against Granbury and never looked back. If you scrub to the 1:14 mark in the video below, you'll see Dez catch a screen pass from Ken and take it 82 yds for the game-winning, go-ahead score. https://twitter.com/TheCRodriguez/status/1194068246854557696?s=20
  8. Matthew Brune is a current student at UNT and covers UNT games, HS football games for the DRC, and writes for https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/. He's around the team often and provides an inside look. I'm a regular listener of his Brune's Breakdown Podcast and it's definitely worth a listen for all UNT fans. Let's not trash UNT content creators because in reality we need more of them if we want to grow our student fan base and sell out Apogee.
  9. I see your point and I agree we should not reward 4-8 seasons. I also know companies are rewarded when their CEO convinces top talent to come work for them. When rockstar hires happen, they move the needle and the stock prices rises. Shareholders love when all-star, C-level talent is brought in because it generates buzz and excitement. This is where I would be willing to open my wallet, even after a 4-8 season. If Seth can convince Kendal Briles and Charlie Strong to join our ranks as OC & DC, I will show Wren Baker my approval & excitement by purchasing season tickets and increasing my annual donation. Give me Littrell, Briles, and Strong and you can take my money.
  10. Yes. This would be a heck of a haul for us. Two great recruiters and with name brand recognition in Texas. I just don't see Charlie Strong taking a DC role at UNT after holding down the HC job at UT. I don't think his ego would allow him to take the job but I would love to be proven wrong. Kendal Briles, having won back-to-back state championships for Stephenville HS in '98 & '99, is a legend in Stephenville. His ties to Kade's hometown made it possible to recruit Kade Renfro away from UNT; which resulted in the offer from FSU. How funny would it be if Briles ends up as the OC at UNT and Kade decides to re-commit in the coming weeks. Sure would be a sly way by Littrell to get his QB back.
  11. Back in September, my dumb ass didn’t check first and unknowingly purchased tickets right next to the Cal student section. 🤡 We had to listen to this god-awful, “ROOOOOOOLL ON YOOOOOU BEAAAAAARS!” student chant every time Cal made a first down. Worst of all, Rico Bussey went down 10 yds in front of us, just in earshot of him screaming in pain. Had we been allowed adult beverages in our section I would have drank, heavily. It was brutal but I made peace because we had only lost by 6 on the road vs a P5 school. When it was over my wife gave me a hug and asked if the loss, coupled with the SMU loss, and losing Rico ruined our season. Like a clown, I smiled and said NO WAY! Because we had Mason, and thankfully CUSA was a total dumpster fire. I confidently told her we were picked to win CUSA and it’s not how you start, but how you finish. 🤡 10 weeks later the season is mercifully over. Our last win was two days after Halloween. We finished 0-3 in our final 3 games and 0-6 on the road this year. We also allowed Rice to embarrass us and finish ahead in the standings as a final coup de grâce. 🤡 In one season I’ve given my wife more than enough material to bust my balls for an entire lifetime. If anyone is looking to join a circus, look no further because you have found your ringleader. Just know I’ll be right back here next season supporting our school. Go Mean Green.
  12. Correct. This ESPN push towards streaming is a directive from Disney. Disney wants make ESPN+ into the Netflix of live sports.
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