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  1. Tobe is living his best life right now. Great to see him on SNL with Timberlake. Also loved this performance video with Ochocinco. It's almost racked up 29M views. Do ya thang Tobe!
  2. If that’s what you read, then you read my response wrong.
  3. I never said they did. You’re inferring something I did not say. What I did say was that TCU chose Seals with two years of eligibility left and that I hope we made the right decision. I’ll be rooting for both next year.
  4. And we went with Morris because Rogers left. So what’s your point? A year removed from the National Championship game, TCU wasn’t short on options to replace Morris. Sonny & Briles could have gone with numerous other QBs in the portal but chose Seals above the others.
  5. TCU chose Ken Seals with two years of eligibility left. I hope we made the right choice. I’ll be rooting for both Chandler and Ken next year.
  6. https://247sports.com/college/tcu/article/tcu-horned-frogs-ken-seals-offer-223959414/
  7. I share your doubt. We better lock down a quality dual-threat QB from the portal otherwise this is a clear misstep. Ken Seals can sling it, he’s a natural leader, and would be a valuable asset and bring big game experience to our squad. Dude had Swiss cheese for an OL at Vandy and still managed to put up solid numbers vs SEC teams. Big stadiums and bright lights don’t phase him.
  8. We offered Braylon Braxton from Tulsa. Our staff is clearly focused on a dual-threat QB.
  9. Crickets… Washington State flew out and met with Ken at his home. Ken’s going to take a visit in the coming days.
  10. UNT offered QB Dexter Williams yesterday. UTSA offered him the day before. Something to keep an eye on.
  11. So strange. Never got past a text message. Radio silence since and no phone call leads me to believe UNT isn’t interested. 😕 But guess who is… UTSA. 🤢I heard from Ken’s father this morning that UTSA coach called yesterday and is very interested. UTSA currently has an offer out to a different portal QB and if he doesn’t take the offer, they want Ken.
  12. Seals is interested. UNT reached out to Ken on Tuesday after Rogers hit the portal. Ken text back after class but it’s been radio silence since. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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