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  1. The Fox Sports Go app has the game and you can stream the replay anytime but you first have to provide them with your cable subscription information in order to access. https://www.foxsportsgo.com/get-app
  2. The Fox Sports Go app has the game and you can stream the replay anytime but you first have to provide them with your cable subscription information in order to access. https://www.foxsportsgo.com/get-app
  3. Seth can make one move and completely change the narrative. Bring in Mason Fine as our new QB coach.
  4. Ooooof. Kickoff is scheduled right when my brother is getting married. Man this sucks. He'll understand...
  5. My money is on Kason Martin. He may not start the season as the starter but I can see him overtaking Bean & Aune by mid-season. It's worth noting he was the lone QB to not throw an interception last Saturday. He also threw a 60 yd TD and his performance earned praise from coach after the scrimmage. The fact that coach Littrell made a point to mention Kason alongside Bean & Aune to me says this is a real 3-man race for the spot. Apparently Kason has practiced well up to this point and continues to make a good argument for playing time.
  6. IMO, playing for money games at this point is a pipe dream. OU, TCU, and Baylor filled their openings on 9/12 with opponents who were already on the schedule. It was more of a reshuffle of dates and game location (TCU is now hosting SMU.) In this COVID climate and financial crunch, I can't see any P5 team willing to pay us money to play them. We're UNT and we don't have any leverage. If the shoe is on the other foot, are we willing to pay another FCS school to come play at Apogee on 9/12? I highly doubt it. My bet is 9/12 stays open on the schedule and we use it as a prep week for SMU.
  7. Tulsa is having a rough week... https://www.fox23.com/news/local/university-tulsa-football-practice-paused-after-eight-players-test-positive-covid-19/H3WPYFCJU5AZDPXGCDWMBWETSE/ Hot off the press: https://tulsaworld.com/sports/college/tu/watch-now-bill-haisten-as-derrick-gragg-departs-his-successor-must-accept-tu-s-uniqueness/article_6292f024-4f8b-50aa-80f5-3b6368e9c41d.html
  8. I disagree. We're slated to receive $1.25 MILLION dollars from TAMU. We're in a severe budget crunch due to Covid-19. 1.25 M would go a long way to help offset the current financial losses.
  9. There’s about to be an uprising in South Carolina... https://apple.news/AVV1BQMLfSjel3pVXCkrtoQ
  10. This is a sobering read: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/coronavirus-in-college-football-hospitalizations-deaths-projected-by-data-analysts-if-fbs-plays-in/amp/
  11. Pat Forde just dropped Part 2 of America, Realigned. Here's his take on the 12 team playoff: https://www.si.com/college/2020/06/30/college-football-playoff-realignment-bracket
  12. The loss to Rice last year continues to haunt us. Haha.
  13. https://www.bgdailynews.com/sports/wku/wku-athletics-faces-over-1-million-in-budget-cuts/article_503954f6-392c-5fba-8663-6b98eddea459.html Tough decisions are ahead. If WKU is already “cutting to the bone”, G5 schools will be lopping off entire body parts if there is no football this fall. Let’s be real, the potential for college football this fall is looking bleaker by the day. Heck, the reduction in ticket sales may already be a fatal blow to some programs. Out of financial necessity, some Universities will be forced to cut additional sports teams, putting them under the required 1
  14. Don’t shoot the messenger but Governor Abbott just threw cold water on the campfire yesterday. Attendance will be capped at 50% capacity if college football returns this fall. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/3180765001
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