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  1. The NCAA is waiting for congress to act. If the NCAA imposes these restrictions and get sued by student athletes, the entire NCAA student-athlete model could fold in court. NCAA clearly doesn’t want that. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/35857163/house-hold-hearing-nil-rights-new-ncaa-president?platform=amp
  2. The smell of cow shit in the morning is what does it for me.
  3. Done. I’m always down for a good cause!
  4. Dear Mr. SteaminWillieBeamin & fellow Hub Club friends, Hello. My name is Chris and it’s a real pleasure to meet you. Can we be friends? With love, Your Best Friend, C Rod
  5. We’re down 22-2 and are 1/18 from the field. I don’t know what to say other than this is so North Texas.
  6. Grant on the baseline interview during commercial break, “We’re melting right now”.
  7. CSU games are broadcast on TV and also on ESPN radio in Denver so yes, CSU opens up the Denver market for new viewership and recruiting. Sad to say but I’d argue CSU is a bigger draw in the Denver market than UNT is in DFW market.
  8. Exactly. I think this is Aresco's plan if/when SMU leaves and reduces the number of teams to 13. Step 1: Get back to 14 teams with Army. The historic Army vs Navy rivalry game becomes a yearly three hour, nationally televised endorsement for the American Athletic Conference. Step 2: Add Air Force & CSU. We know Aresco flirted with both schools and they considered a move from the MWC. IMO they make the most sense when adding a 15th & 16th team to the conference because of their brand-awareness, TV markets, and the additional rivalries. Army vs Navy Army vs Air Force Navy vs Air Force Air Force vs CSU
  9. Seeing how the Big10, PAC, & ACC alliance folded like a cheap lawn chair, I don’t see the point of an alliance unless it has real legal consequences. I think the better move is to lure Air Force and CSU to the American.
  10. I agree with you on your assessment of the NCAA and the need for a better solution for oversight and governance. However when you say “run out players they do not want”, what actually happens is the new head coach meets face-to-face with the player and has a brutally honest conversation. The player is informed they will be demoted to third string so the new transfers/recruits get playing and practice time. The player is then left with an adult decision to make. Stay, keep the scholarship and graduate, but never see the field. Or transfer out to a school that does want them, on scholarship, and maximize their remaining player eligibility. It’s not pretty but a coach is not breaking any rules by telling a player they won’t see the field on their team. In fact it’s their job to set the depth chart. This is what happened to my friend’s son who currently plays in the SEC. Both were initially shocked by the brutal honesty but also appreciated it after the sting wore off. They know where they stand and can adjust accordingly.
  11. Hot off the USA Today press: Deion Sanders drastically overhauls Colorado’s football roster in just eight weeks. The Old Guard is punching the air right now.
  12. Don’t get it twisted, Neon Deion is the one shocking the system. https://sports.yahoo.com/deion-sanders-continues-loading-up-on-talent-at-colorado-adding-5-star-cornerback-cormani-mcclain-011911109.html
  13. I could see the "Winstar Wing" becoming a thing. Promo: Sit in the wing section during a home game and get two free drinks at Winstar after each win.
  14. Our godawful UNT commercial just played on ESPN national TV. I’m so embarrassed we put that out there. CRINGE.
  15. What about Ryan, LLC? $2.5 Billion company valuation in May 2022 with $630 Million in revenue in 2020. If I were UNT alumnus G. Brint Ryan, I'd be pulling Ryan's sponsorship from the CUSA championship game and putting the dollars into the naming rights for Apogee immediately. The association with the sinking ship that is CUSA is not a good look and the AAC/ESPN TV coverage next year will put more eyeballs on our stadium than ever.
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