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  1. I’d imagine it will eventually get demoted to something that resembles true college football as we knew it. Scholarships only, maybe a stipend, but playing in purely regional games to bolster attendance since TV wont pay much for the non-power teams.
  2. I’ve never seen us ranked in football, much less ranked 2nd like Tech did. I’ve never seen us advance beyond the 2nd round of the ncaa tournament, much less lose a title in overtime like Tech did. They are FAR better than we could’ve ever dreamed of since we gave up in 1982.
  3. It's their media. Just like it's their politicians and legislatures. You can't do anything about it. They have the fans, the eyeballs, the power, and the money. If they're squeezing out the Texas Tech's and Oklahoma State's of the CFB world, there are a lot of folks who never had a chance to survive. It is what it is.
  4. Those were the days of the Chico pre-game test to show your understanding of the offense, the bus driver mentality of Dan McCarney, and the roster of QBs that belonged nowhere near an FBS roster.
  5. You said that you didn’t want the G5s to run away from P4’s. I can promise you the ones running away from the other one is not the scenario you listed above. Yes, schedules will get played or paid out (more likely) between G5s and P4s over the next few years, but UNT isnt running away from playing Tech, for example, but just watch Tech run from playing here in a few years or playing us ever again in the 2030s and beyond. We’d love to play them more often, but they will only play us when they need wins and butts in seats in Lubbock, which UNT will help bring from our fans and their fans who have friends and families that are connected to UNT.
  6. G5s aren't running from P4s. That's like me saying I'm running from Gisele Bundchen. The P4s are trying to find a place in the Power 2, which leaves us in the dust. G5s would LOVE to keep things as they are, just to have the P4 teams play them still and help pay the bills. Also, the crumbs that this level gets by allowing our best team to play a Power team in a playoff that is damn near stacked against them, the ADs and coaches at this level were fine with it as it could get them eyeballs from those power institutions. Then the portal business became law. And it has just bombed the rosters of G5s, as the resources aren't there to keep any kind of talent, nor do the G5 schools have the appeal that the Power schools have with these players that grew up dreaming of playing in Norman, Austin, College Station, Fayetteville, Baton Rouge, etc.
  7. Missouri State is not a bad pickup at all, but the fact that something called Jacksonville State and Kennesaw State are in your conference as FBS is making the point that Sonny Dykes makes. They are not the same as even UAB or Southern Miss, much less Alabama or Ole Miss.
  8. I quit it all after 2022. It just sickened me to watch everyone with any talent just transfer away to the highest bidder. High school football has more staying power and name recognition than G5 football. And that won't change until/unless the portal rules get changes, which won't happen. Greed killed college football for me. I just can't stand watching it anymore.
  9. So, if we are looked at that way by those guys, which is weird since the AAC doesn't look at us that way, but if they do and can create a level of play that is above G5, but not included in the Power Structure of these 40 behemoth programs, how many teams do they let in? In your view, Boston College, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Northwestern, Purdue. SMU, UCF, Cincy, UH, Mississippi State, Vandy, TCU, Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas State, and Cal are gonna just play in their own setup? They have to have more teams. Even if you added 10 more demoted power schools, you'd find that they would need more programs. Well, that would mean teams from the top two G5 leagues, the MWC and the AAC, as well as anyone else that could compete. If you are right and we would be relegated to a Sam Houston, SFA, and ULM level, then football at UNT needs to be discontinued. The drain is too much at that point. You wouldn't have bodybag games to pay for the rest of the athletic department anymore. But I just don't see us falling that low. UTEP or La Tech? Yeah, maybe so. But not us or UTSA.
  10. Ok, that's ridiculous. We aren't keeping a football program if we are going down to a level that is playing SFA and ACU as conference mates. But playing in a setup where the current lower tier Power teams get relegated would actually benefit us greatly.
  11. Whatever visions they all have aren't gonna matter to any of the Big 30-40 teams or their networks. And whatever the history was for everyone but the huge powers in the CFB world flat out won't matter. Teams like BYU and Pitt are very likely to get relegated down, as will many others higher up the foodchain. The days of Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Northwestern, Purdue, West Virginia, Rutgers, Iowa State, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Boston College, and Cal, as more examples, of being power teams are ending sooner rather than later. Teams like Tech, OSU, and Kansas State are all on the line of either being included or getting excluded down the road. I figure there are 40 power teams when its all said and done for football. Probably about 60 teams for basketball. And that'll be it.
  12. All of this should happen, ASAP. The mistake you make about comparing 1-aa to G5s today is not true. We gave up in 1982 while the SWC and Big Eight were giants in the CFB world. Between 1981-1995, The SWC/Big Eight had Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State, SMU, Texas, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Houston have teams that would finish in the Top Ten. Meanwhile, in Denton, we were playing conference games against something called Northeast Louisiana, Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, McNeese State, and Nicholls State. Literally, whatever little support we had got nuked. Now today, playing schools in the same level of play like SMU, TCU, Baylor, Tulane, Tulsa, Houston, Rice, UTSA, UTEP, and Texas State would bring a lot more eyeballs to North Texas than anything we have ever seen in Denton. And then adding in the idea that we can legitimately play for a title in football, you'll get more interest tan UNT has ever had. If you ever think we should be playing Texas, A&M, OU, etc...in equal standing, you'll be sorely disappointing. Its just not gonna happen. EVER.
  13. The problem is that boosters will always pay to get players and the Supreme Court made that legal. This will never go away. I truly believe that universities will own their team and play in leagues that features paid players, players that don’t even go to school. They’re employees. Texas could sign Vince Young to be their QB for 7 years to keep him. Same with the Aggies with Manziel. You get the idea. They’ll have coaches and GMs and be able to trade players, sign players to extensions, and develop players in minor league setups. The rest of us are the ones that have the chance to actually play amateur college sports. Players are students who play for scholarships and stipends, all of which is governed by a NCAA type entity. And I believe that there will be a market for this level of play. I believe that watching traditional college sports will get eyeballs. Even if the Power 40 play their own semi-pro league.
  14. How many people in that photo even care that we have a football team?
  15. I've said forever that the Cowboys aren't keeping someone from going to a North Texas game. Now, I do believe that Texas, A&M, Tech, OU, OSU, and Arky are reasons people won't go to our games, but that has so much more to do with the fact that we nuked our fanbase with the 1-aa debacle, which gave those schools tons of t-shirt fans with UNT credit hours and diplomas, as well as the fact that those schools play people that fans want to watch. But I blame the fact that the university's history is to have a football team, but making it cool to not support it. That mindset has prevailed in every facet of the UNT Family and community.
  16. Sources: New college athlete compensation model may cost power schools $300M each over 10 years - Yahoo Sports
  17. You're correct in that this really has nothing to do with us, as our town, our alumni, our students, and our faculty/administration don't give a crap about our teams in any decent percentage. But Tech does have a lot of advantages of having an entire region of a very wealthy state that has lots of oil money out west. And the biggest advantage to all of that might just be that West Texans like sports, particularly Tech sports. And they have legit school spirit amongst the folks that I listed above that either loathe our teams' existence or just flat out don't care.
  18. They do have a lot of advantages in that an entire region of the state is theirs.
  19. The next option is not what you want…to continue as a nomad that gets paid for OOC body bag games or play in a conference that gets no chance to ever win a title. Playing teams like the Power Teams in the B1G, SEC, most of the Big 12 and some of the ACC is not in the best interests of any G5 school anymore. The money is too much for them to ever let us fight fair.
  20. NCAA Finances: Revenue & Expenses by School - USA TODAY The reshaping of the entire system needs to be done ASAP. Let the NFL-lite and NBA-lite programs run their own teams. Hell, own them if they want. Pay players, trade them, sign them to long-term deals, etc. Let them be pros. The rest of us need to play traditional college sports. Scholarships + stipends. Let them be college kids. Give G5 schools a chance to be a national champion. You'll get a lot of us olds back with this plan. And olds have time and money.
  21. NIL is just a way to make paying players easier and legal. I really don't have too much of a problem with it, except that the stupid portal exists to allow Power schools to buy players from colleges. At North Texas, we will never be able to have guys stay around if they are any good. They know they can play at one of their dream schools AND get paid. With just NIL in place, a G5 setup could still exist. But the portal just kills any chance of having a program sustain itself. And its why I just don't support the sport anymore. Last year, I left it all behind. I watched about 4 games all season, of which 3 were the CFB playoff games because I was at someone's house and they were on. And I haven't felt bad, either. I have my weekends back, all while I enjoy time for other stuff with the family and friends. Those $$$ and hours I spent on CFB now go to other activities that have, quite frankly, provided way more enjoyment.
  22. Oh, listen, I cannot believe yall haven't sued the NCAA of billions of dollars. For back pay for killing your program. Yall just laid the groundwork for how painful a Death Penalty is to a program, so fine upstanding programs like Baylor, who saw players rape and kill people, as well as Penn State. who looked the other way at pedophilia in their own facilities by coaches, never got a deserved death penalty. But I will also say that nobody else had a payroll that involved the governor of a state to keep this all under wraps. Yall made it an artform...
  23. But that's the problem. We don't have those alumni that care about anything up here. Athletics or music or arts. Denton is a weird town for sure. I think we have like the third lowest alumni giving in the conference. But you cannot make people care about something that they don't want to care about. The entire city of Denton, the faculty and administration at UNT, the alumni, and the majority of the student body here have either been completely apathetic to sports or they actively loathe its existence. Its how a school with 40k in enrollment, 250k in living alumni, and being surrounded by millions of people in DFW can draw an average of about 15k in attendance for football. So yeah, that's not nearly as simple as you want to make it out to be. Its the opposite of you guys, where you have very small numbers for everything except cash on hand. And y'all have a media that still acts sympathetic to your Death Penalty and will carry your water for you. We don't have anything like this. Hell, most DFW media barely cares that we exist, too.
  24. Oh, I don't think they will be a power. But these schools will have some stupid setup that means avoiding being in a conference with teams that they consider beneath them.
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