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  1. Ah yes, UTSA...the only team to ever make us their mortal enemy. This is their Super Bowl, so it’ll be closer than it should, as it almost always has been since they moved up to CUSA with us. But their coach is a freaking idiot when it comes to x’s and o’s, so we will win still by a couple of TDs. We will pull away late, but our defense will keep them in this game for three quarters, Im afraid. But I still see us winning 38-24...
  2. Cal’s Defense would stop SMU. SMU looked great against us because they were highly motivated by last year’s debacle and we play so scared every time we show up in Ford Field, as if the fans’s Hatred for SMU just freaks the team out. I’d take Cal by a TD...
  3. I have to nominate this post as the Least Rational Post in the history of gmg.com. Go 10-2, hypothetically at North Texas and be disappointed so much that you tell others that they should be too. I’m fairly certain we have never had a 10 win season in football in modern times, if not ever. If you think losing to Cal and SMU makes us look bad, you are going to freak the eff out and have a stroke when we lose to anyone else on the schedule besides UH, which we will do. Fine is special and his skill position players are solid, but the OL is average and the Defense cannot stop decent QBs—these were known issues coming into the year, which is why I had us going 8-4. Unless the wheels just fall apart around here, SL will lead us to a winning season and will be coaching somewhere else after this season. Don’t be disappointed in that, be thankful we have had this run to experience after Portland State massacred us at home by 59 points in a 1-win season. Be thankful to not be getting crushed at halftime by SBCUSA teams at halftime or suffering excruciating losses because of poor head coaching like we did under Dodge. Be thankful to not listen to your coach bad mouth the university and the fans almost any chance he could while only having 3 winning seasons in 9 years but still being honored by having a practice field named after him, while the one coach we have had in 50 years who accomplished great things here, Hayden Fry, is barely honored. That’s how you look at all of this.
  4. Or MTSU...we will get to at least 6 wins because this league is terrible. I am expecting 7-5 as the floor, only because of the easy 4 you talked about. Losing to ANY of them takes all of this 6 wins or more off the table, but I do believe we will win two others somewhere.
  5. 44-30, Cal. We have given up 31 at home to FCS ACU and 49 to G5 SMU in an almost neutral site game. Cal is pretty good and they aren't gonna have any trouble scoring on this unit. Our game to get better and feel better is the following weekend when we play UTSA here.
  6. In other news, Brett, while you are way out on that giant limb of us losing to a P5 on the road with no defense--we also need oxygen to breathe...
  7. Most positive part of that game was it ended and we had no injuries.
  8. It didn’t help Fine that SMU’s defense got to come after him as their lead kept building up. Our defense did no favors for Fine.
  9. Lifer, I like your posting style, but man, you make some serious gmg.com enemies very easily.
  10. How far we have come from only promoting our school as a “Top Value University”...
  11. It was very reminiscent of something Mike Leach did while at Tech in games where they got way behind early and he knew his defense couldn’t make a stop against a better team than what he had. Saw him do that many times in the first halves of games, and when it failed, the games got ugly very fast. That’s the bad part of focusing so much on offense...
  12. He is considered one of the hottest young coaching prospects in college football. The P5s hire those coaches often from the G5’s, without jimmy Sexton as the agent. SL ‘s last season here will be when he finishes with his next winning season here. People across CFB think he’s a miracle worker for what he has accomplished here. And based on historical records, that point is dead-on...
  13. Who was beaten by Phil Bennett, who won only this game his last season in Dallas.
  14. Chances are pretty good that we will not see a Portland State loss again in your lifetime...that one was special, not to be tossed aside lightly. You won’t see another FBS team lose to a FCS team at home, on their Homecoming, by 59 points, leading to a coach being fired immediately after the game.
  15. This. Other than La Tech, nobody else in CUSA West is just more talented than us, both in personnel and coaching combined. The entire league is just bad, and we get to play four of the worst of them in Charlotte, UTSA, UTEP, and Rice. UAB, USM, and MUTS are better than those other 4 teams, so its very probable we can be a very early SBC-esque 7-5, with our only OOC win being a FCS school and then pounding the weaklings of the FBS into a potential division championship.
  16. Last year's recruiting class was the first one since Dickey's great recruiting class in 2000ish that had TX HS recruits choosing us over legitimate G5 programs and being ranked fairly high in CUSA. It will pay off dividends later, but only if we have both a solid QB and a solid HFC. Otherwise, we will look like some combo of Dodge's teams (good QBs with no head coach) or Mac's teams (worst collection of QBs once DT left)...
  17. I can't argue any of this. My fear was 1-3 in OOC, but I thought we'd still beat SMU. I expected losses this season to Cal, UH, La Tech, and one of the following (@USM, MUTS, or UAB), for an 8-4 record. Now, I'm feeling as if 7-5 would be more realistic, since Charlotte, UTSA, Rice, and UTEP are just atrocious.
  18. SL has performed a great rebound from where things were before he got here, but Sonny Dykes is a very accomplished and solid coach. We all hate SMU, but they are in a better league, so they get to play better competition to get the attention of transfers. Add in the fact that SMU's talent was pretty low from last year, so the transfers know they can also play right away for a good coach. Dykes and his staff saw some things on film and used that preparation with the added motivation of last year's ass-kicking in Denton to just crush us from the start. SL will be most likely be done here at UNT at the end of this season, unless we finish around .500. Too many people across college football think he's a miracle worker for what he has done here--which is pretty accurate, based on our history, whether you look at the previous 5 years, since moving up to FBS again in 1995, or going all the way back to when Fry left. But one thing that we don't ever talk about much around here is just how much Mike Leach's influence was on SL. Leach, while at Tech, had awesome offenses and the defense was just asked to get a few stops per game. Recruiting for defense was always second to any and all offensive talent.
  19. I think my biggest issue with them will always be that they led the other private schools in the SWC to band together to ,make sure we wouldn't be the next UH in the SWC and truly leave them behind in DFW if we had any SWC success, which obviously would've occurred with Hayden Fry at the helm. But to me, the worst thing they ever did to us was when CUSA had an opening and we were in the SBC in the mid 00's, they publicly threw their support behind freaking Podunk La Tech instead of helping a local school move up. Keep in mind, UH and Rice were both in CUSA at the time, so it wasn't network driven like it realignment would soon become in 2010. That was so sorry to me. That was when it was very clear that they would never allow us into a conference with them if at all possible. Of course, in pure UNT luck, now that we are good, we are in a time where TV markets are the only things that matter to conferences and networks, so SMU being in Dallas makes East Coast folks think that's enough to cover the Metroplex for their conferences. That fallacy still exists today and cant end soon enough for us.
  20. There’s no doubt that being a fan at SMU from the 80’s would be the worst “payoff” ever. You literally bought players or supported a program that did in the SWC with a team that was ranked very highly with it’s paid players. You then deservedly got the Death Penalty for 2 years, came back with a roster that looked like a 1-aa squad for the next 5 years, then got left behind by the Big XII. Then, to pour salt all over your self-induced wounds, TCU flies by you and does all it can to never be in a conference with you again, all while having several top 10 finishes. Yes, you kept UH as an instate conference mate. But your stuck at our level of play now. We never got one tenth of one percent of the conference setup SMU has had, and we basically died from that blackballing. Everything we have now has been earned on our own, while everything SMU has was bought and paid for from its SWC existence. Welcome to the other side of the tracks, SMU...you deserve every lost fan, media, and $$$ you have earned since 1986. Suck on that...
  21. SMU is such a symbol of all that is wrong with college sports. Blatantly cheat, while leeching off of bigger schools to get attendance and bowl money, and using your location to fool idiot network and conference leaders from the East Coast into believing you deliver the Dallas market to some far-flung conference because they know your name from SWC glory days of cheating that caused the Death penalty to be dropped on you. I can’t wait for the day that these spares must realize they will NEVER be anything close to what TCU has become and come to grips with even keeping a program that draws hundreds of their own for home games while fully depending on local state schools to bring thousands of fans to Ford Stadium.
  22. IMHO, the SBC is a better league than ours at the top, for sure. And 2019 conference rankings agree on this. UTEP, Rice, and UTSA are three of the worst FBS teams this season
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