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  1. Sometimes you buy these higher rated products, but when you need them to work, they just fizzle out…you hate to see it
  2. I saw that they have that idiot, GL2Greatness, posting on their board, making fun of us while trying to pose as a fan of UNT. It makes them losing even funnier to me…
  3. We never get any kind of decent attendance on the Saturday after Thanksgiving even if the weather is perfect. And we usually do overstate the attendance just as bad as SMU does, especially on these weekends. Im not sure why any G5 school plays on a Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving anyway. Build the season to the point where these games don’t get scheduled at all.
  4. It was better than that—UTSA was ranked 15th by the AP, not some BS Playoff poll meant only for power teams
  5. You think we are a self-respecting fan base? Where did you get that idea?
  6. Just let the man enjoy the fact he got the team 5 straight wins to get us to a bowl. Team could’ve easily quit and they didn’t. I don’t think he’s a great coach, but I recognize the fact that he deserves praise for this.
  7. Hey, SL deserves some praise here. They were 1-6, facing a situation where he was about to get fired. Instead, he led the team to a 5-0 finish and will get us to a bowl game again. I think he gets deserved complaints here…but this day is one to celebrate a strong achievement.
  8. I’d imagine the HoD Bowl is salivating at the idea of us being eligible to play there again…get at least 35k without even trying
  9. This is the season that I think of…basically, we beat MUTS and they never turned back
  10. This is so wonderful. UTSA getting their asses handed to them…
  11. He also defended Tony Benford to the death…
  12. Maybe STDs are the real key for UTSA losing
  13. I guess I haven't seen anything to suggest we have an opening for either of those spots yet...
  14. Versus the smell of dead bodies around downtown Dallas...
  15. Yes they will...with Memphis, Boise State, SDSU, or USF.
  16. I'm glad we can talk trash to them about their band...its what the top ranked programs are always able to do, year-in and year-out. I mean we don't just rebuild in the Green Brigade, we reload...
  17. What I can’t comprehend is how anyone can even think an SL team can beat UTSA or a bowl opponent (I.e. someone good)…the next time that happens will basically be the first time since we beat Army in his first season, before we lost to them again in the HoD Bowl later that season. I mean, we don’t just beat those good teams, we usually get walloped by multiple TDs. Maybe we change and beat an undefeated and ranked UTSA team that looks at is as their Super Bowl every year. But I don’t see how…
  18. It actually is about $3 million to SL and Bennett has another year on his deal.
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