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  1. In the years from 1995 to about 2000, we had 5 conference games against Big West teams. While some were actual games in Denton or Irving as part of a series deal, we played some brutal OOC schedules in that timeframe.
  2. Yes, and we did that so we could get the big paydays of being whored out to help fund athletics instead of institutionally funding it. We went from 1-2 money games a year to playing 5+ for years.
  3. This. Playing against other G5 programs isn’t what I-aa was at all. We were playing podunk schools when the SWC and the Big Eight were at their peaks. Those two conferences had 17 members. It’s already unloaded three dead weights and two others (Baylor and TCU) will most assuredly find themselves dropped, as well as others not names Texas, OU, or KU.
  4. Sarcasm, correct?? Just making sure my sarcasm meter isn’t broken.
  5. This looks like SL is playing the long game with this hire. Get these two here to learn the system in 2020, which is looking more and more like a year to focus on pure rebuilding. SL knows he has 3 years left on his contract after 2020, so he will go all in for 2021. That will be his last chance at the P5 dream. My guess is that if we have a losing record in 2021, we will cut bait, so that is his year to either get that P5 gig or another extension here or just be another UNT coach to leave here as fired, like everyone has since 1981.
  6. I agree completely. LSU just had 7 people announce they are leaving early for the NFL. This isn’t even counting seniors that will get drafted from their team. We haven’t had anyone drafted in years. That alone should sort of tell you the difference in the playing field not being even, which doesn’t even touch base on the TV/conference money this NFL life programs get.
  7. Where exactly do you see 9 wins coming from in 2020? I am praying we can get to 5...
  8. Another reason why these P5s aren’t anywhere near being equal to us in the G5. FBS division is absolutely ridiculous to include both groups.
  9. The fact they listed us as a C- shows just how little the national media thinks of our program. We were picked to win CUSA West at a minimum and finished 4-8. To not qualify that as a F is to think nothing of what we should be expected to do as a program.
  10. How bad does Art Briles’ reputation have to be to help your school feel better about hiring Bobby Petrino? Hey guys, Charles Manson is a candidate...but we feel like Henry Lee Lucas would be a better fit.
  11. Saying that he beat our ass doesn’t make him a better QB than King is.
  12. Could be to help with getting TRS years for his pension in retirement....but not much else I can think of, other than coaching with colleagues he knows and recruiting places he knows well.
  13. On a different note, my observations from last night game were just how much talent they had on the field. The NFL lite programs are just minor leagues at this point. LSU and NDSU won national championships again. And nobody in the G5 were able to qualify for that title—again...so glad we get their P5 crumbs and that Memphis got the right to get beat by Penn State in the Cotton Bowl!! Awesomeness!!
  14. Couqar King will be around soon to tell us that Clayton Tune is waaayyyyy better than King
  15. I have a very similar situation with a family of five. Then, when I hear reports of about 2000 people at the game, I get even more frustrated. What’s the harm in having a family of five get in for $50 or less when the place isn’t 20% full?
  16. I’m not even sure why bowls even have eligibility requirements anymore...all they want is eyeballs for TV and butts in seats. Why not just let the bowls invite who they want at this point, even if they are 5-7? It’s not like 6-6 is much better or different...
  17. Dude, it’s a message board...in the big picture, getting this upset about something this little isn’t worth it. All you’re doing is making yourself look irrational.
  18. I think we can be a good job, but as you said, currently, the overall view of the college football world is that this place can’t be a sustained winner because it’s never really happened. In a weird way, I feel like SL probably would do better at another school, as his wandering eye finally caught up to him this past season. Since the KState job was his and then it wasn’t, we have been terrible. It makes me wonder if he can really turn it around here. And it does make me wonder if we will look back on this all and see that our program probably would’ve been better off had he left and we had to hire someone else to keep the train rolling. I hope I’m wrong but I really fear a scenario where we just look back at those two 9-win teams in the same way we look back at the three Dickey years where we had winning seasons—they were great, but really aberrations to the norm of his overall tenure.
  19. Yep--for every level of football, but one...
  20. Who did SL learn under again?
  21. Fritz has been a winner wherever he has been.
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