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  1. Does a program that has won 38% of its games over the last 6 head coaches and usually lets them go only when it’s affordable SOUND like we have money?? Your Southlake life and SMU love is blinding you.
  2. In Mason’s senior year, without Graham Harrell around, and with an OL that wasn’t terribly good, we won 4 games. Mason had moxie if he had time. When he didn’t, after many years of hits on his frame, it just started to fall apart. And from that point, we have watched the entire program dissolve into sparedom.
  3. Its funny--the other day, I was at this new broker's office. I told him I won a lot of money betting on the SMU-Maryland game. Broker looked at me and said, "Bro, I went to SMU...I've been paying players for awhile now, but now I can't get Coach Dykes to call me back anymore." I told him that Dykes was gone to TCU and you can pay the players legally now. He then jumped up, screamed out loud, and ran to a safe, exclaiming "I can finally get this embezzled money out to my alma mater like they deserve and the Pony Express will ride again...I can't wait to call Craig and tell him to get some hookers and blow tonight!!" Then he got arrested for white collar crime and is now in jail...with his buddy Craig, who had been a fugitive wanted on murder from years and years ago. I tell you, the authoirties were really happy with me...they said he wasn't a real nice guy, though. I just left him a tip to call Ben Abbott.
  4. To me, big cities, playing time, and NIL really help SMU and UNLV more than it does us. We need coaches who can develop players into something constantly. We aren’t ever gonna have the NIL oops that some of these AAC or MWC schools can offer, for multiple reasons. What we need is someone who can see the running back in East Texas and can turn him into a DE or a 1-2* lineman from DFW that can be developed into a better version in college. That’s hard, no doubt, but Gary Patterson did it at the G5 level so well that he got a small private school to be invited to the Power Conference setup. IOW, we need that kind of coach badly. What we cannot do again is make a hire that is overwhelmed by the complications that Denton/UNT present. Because that is what seems to be the MO and all it does is lead to the same issues we have seen over the last 30+ years.
  5. Man, we are terrible against anyone with FBS talent. And if it’s on the road, forget it…we turtle hard in these games against anyone with talent, much less an AAC team that isn’t far from being in the Cotton Bowl a few years ago. Y’all are light years better than UNLV, a team that won 2 games last years. We lost to them by 31 points. I’m being generous by suggesting y’all only beat us by 30, as I think y’all will play it conservative in the second half and will let us score some garbage points. Aune is our QB and our defense is a sieve…we will only get wins the rest of the season against spares from the worst conference in FBS. Very pathetically, it’s still possible that we could beat enough of them to have our head coach keep his job and get an extension. It’s that bad here…if Memphis can’t beat us in Memphis by something similar to what UNLV did, y’all are gonna get to squeal like Ned Beatty in conference play.
  6. Does Bill Clark want to coach again? Is he healthy enough to try again?
  7. One thing that Gunnell’s dad might be is a helicopter dad…and coaches hate those dads. And often times, you’ll see this in college basketball a lot, they friction with these dads will lead to transfers. That Gunnell has transferred twice already after going to Arizona speaks volumes, to me, about his dad, especially since he’s quoted so often. That ain’t common stuff…
  8. Skip Holtz would be a nice hire, no doubt. He's been a solid coach for a long time. The thing with La Tech is that their football program is their primary window to the school--they have used it to promote their school for 50 years. It's what they depend on for getting students, getting donations, and getting fans. They skimp on a lot, but their talent level in LA is huge, too. They don't accept losing for long in Ruston, similar to the way that Marshall and USM run their football programs or how the basketball program is run at WKU. Losing is not an option--USM fired a football coach after one year of a 5-year deal because he went 0-12 in 2013. It's obviously not how we look at sports and winning--we kept Todd Dodge, Tony Benford, and now, Seth Littrell, for an extra year to save money. We either don't have the money or we won't spend the money. Either way, winning ain't important here...and if you do accomplish anything of a decent amount, you're getting a big extension and not getting fired until you are affordable to let go.
  9. Well, it will be highly sought after because it pays well and it one of 130 head football jobs at the FBS level...my question has nothing to do with finding great candidates--you're exactly right, there will be plenty. It has everything to do with knowing we win about 4 games a year on average here, no matter who is the coach, no matter who is the AD, no matter where we play, no matter what conference we are in, and no matter who our leadership is at the President/Chancellor level. The culture here is rotten--and it has been for decades. Nothing changes that until you string along winning seasons of more than 2 in a row while playing teams people have heard of and care about. Somebody will convince themselves they will be different than Matt Simon, Darrell Dickey, Todd Dodge, Dan McCarney, and Seth Littrell have felt since 1994, all of whom have combined to give us a .382 winning percentage. Until proven differently, the status quo is that we average 4 wins a season, with some great seasons getting us 9 wins, and awful seasons getting us 2 or less.
  10. The players need the lesson in real life…it’ll make them tougher and better in anything they do later. Whats best for the entire program is for SL to go. He’s been shown to be nothing without Mason Fine and Graham Harrell together…absolutely nothing. I don’t know if we will be able to hire anyone who can do any better than he’s done here, but I do know his time is up.
  11. My God, imagine anyone seeing this schedule and thinking 3 wins is the best we could do. With these great CUSA recruiting classes, too. What a colossal failure…at a bare minimum, we should have 5 wins against these spares.
  12. These people aren't exactly running on a real solid track record for getting much bang for their bucks here, but they do give, so I guess we have to be thankful for them. They just have a lot of sway with Wren, just as they did with RV.
  13. We didn't have the funds--or wouldn't spend them--on buying out SL, either.
  14. I cannot believe that a team cannot have a winning record against this spare schedule, but then again, UNT is special like that…You deserve to be fired for losing 5 games or more to this schedule.
  15. This. Our program disappoints people today because we get crushed by SMU and lose at UNLV by a lot. Back then, in 2015, we won a game because UTSA was down to their 6th string QB and we scored a late TD at home to get a miraculous victory, which also happened to be our only one. We suffered the worst loss in modern college football history, 66-7 by FCS Portland State on Homecoming, leading to the coach being fired as he ran off the field. We were legitimately the worst FBS program in the country. Today, we aren't even close to being good. We suck again...but the day SL took over here, we were sucking hard from the bottom of a full sewer.
  16. Isn't every message board like that?
  17. Interesting idea...we gotta do something A few years back, we had the lowest recruiting costs in FBS...I'm assuming that has to do with the budget constraints here, but also the idea that players near here are the focus for our recruiting.
  18. The Mean and Green board had a very funny post about this place being a division of Lovelace and Sons...
  19. It'd be nice if the media would do that...but since we have one professional writer and a college reporter to follow us, those hard questions aren't coming. Poor Brett Vito would end up parking at TWU if he asks a hard question--there's nobody else there to ask any questions, as DFW doesn't even care.
  20. I remember thinking this when we hired Matt Simon...and Darrell Dickey...and Todd Dodge...and Dan McCarney...and Seth Littrell...130 wins, 1 tie, and 209 losses later, .382 winning percentage over 28+ seasons, I'm fairly certain that I know what to expect.
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