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  1. yup
  2. GreenBacker

    Easley still our leading rusher

    I still believe we are undefeated if Easley doesn't go down. I think he gets the 1st down on 3rd and short late in the LA Tech game, or at the very least gets enough for Seth to be confident enough to go for and get the 4th down instead of kicking the long/low field goal. Same thing for 3rd and 4th down on our drive coming out of the half at UAB. That's not considering any other benefits that he would certainly give us throughout the game. Just a handful of plays that go differently with him playing and we are undefeated.
  3. GreenBacker

    La. Tech Game day weather report

    Already stopped in South Denton. If this forecast holds up it’s still going to be perfect weather and should be clear long enough before the game to convince the casual fan of the same.
  4. GreenBacker

    Memphis vs Tulane

    Was hoping they were the team that might be able to beat UCF. That was supposed to be their toughest game left on the schedule.
  5. Weather has certainly turned in our favor. If this holds up, we should have a fantastic showing.
  6. Me +1. Hitting the road now.
  7. GreenBacker

    Ark tickets

    Should be 120 based on what I’ve seen before.
  8. GreenBacker

    New Turf Looks Great

    Anyone still getting this to work online? I've tried on my phone and computer and it says the content isn't available. Only think I can find on Stadium is highlights.
  9. GreenBacker

    Dave Campbell's

    Apologize if they've been posted somewhere I missed. Fine the top quarterback on their All Texas College Team: All Texas College Offense Guyton and Ejiya Important players 50-11 They have several other UNT previews if you are an insider as well.
  10. I sent him a nice email asking him to add UNT. He responded quickly with “I could not find a recruit that tweeted a UNT offer letter“. Any of you hip in the twitterverse willing to please email all of them to him?
  12. GreenBacker

    Tim Faison - Last Chance U

    Agree. The middle of the episode was basically a Kiffin/FAU promo video.
  13. GreenBacker

    C-USA West Media Day is at 2pm on ESPN3 Link to the interview. UNT is first.
  14. GreenBacker

    Breaking recruiting update 7/7

    This Biagi hire keeps looking better and better.
  15. GreenBacker

    Arkansas game seating

    I went to the Arkansans/ Florida game last year with a friend that works at U of A. We sat a few sections over from the visitors section, and even Florida looked like they did not travel well (as we sat by Florida fans) because of how puny the visitors section looked. The more in that section the better in terms of perception.