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  1. I don’t want him, but I believe this is the way we should handle it with Seth. “Mutually agree” to treat him with respect and let him finish the season. We don’t really have an assistant that would be a great fit to take over if he’s just out the door mid season. But announcing now gives us a head start to finding the best available that we’ll have to wait to hire until the season is over anyway.
  2. He did the radio postgame interview. They let him off pretty quick. Nothing you couldn’t predict him saying.
  3. Yes. No accusations here. So sorry for creating any more drama. Just saw this for the first time today after reading about Simpson. Seeing all of the signatures on change.org I assumed I was just living under a rock and most of you better connected than me would already know what was going on. Already “reported” the thread and happy to remove it if that’s even a thing.
  4. https://www.change.org/p/barbara-burns-we-said-no-to-vincent-p?fbclid=IwAR1jl6pQ8PYWX0KCeNuWc_8h5DejzLF3Nrx0AUOYai3qGcKhGyikV4q96GM
  5. If we beat Marshall this week, lost to Liberty, but then win out and go on to win a bowl game, then he stays and I could get behind it. That would mean so many of the young players were really developing and showing a lot of promise moving forward. Given the amount of money it would take to buy him and a 2nd guaranteed year for Phil, I can’t imagine Wren getting rid of him with that kind of momentum to finish the season. Now…I don’t think there is any way this actually happens, but if so, I would support him staying.
  6. I'll take the old man. I'm good with either QB, but if he's the guy I hope he turns out to be a great leader for the team.
  7. https://twitter.com/verbalcommits/status/1339070577961824258?s=21 Is this guy still coming?
  8. Better him than Simmons. He doesn’t play enough minutes to worry about his foul trouble.
  9. Big day for Mattress Mack. Maybe he’ll feel generous towards UNT again.
  10. I believe College Station. I listened to the Baylor 365 interview that someone posted and it sounded like he was in College Station.
  11. I still think we need to get some big time transfers to fill out our D line, but this is very promising.
  12. His mom might be our best recruiter/advertiser. My wife follows her on FB and showed me this post. Has 219 THOUSAND likes. Let’s hope we can win while Bryce is here so she can tell the world about it.
  13. Is there a visitor section? I’m waiting til the last minute to buy tickets, but would like to be close to other UNT fans when buying if possible.
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