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  1. Are you certain Ruder has the stronger arm, or just based on what we’ve seen in scrimmages? I had been told Earle could throw it about 10 yards farther than anyone else in the room.
  2. Still would like to see Earle and not sure why he’s not in the discussion. He supposedly was running right behind Aune up until the scrimmage according to the 247 guy and then they quickly slid Gunnell in. Haven’t been impressed with Gunnell. Do we know how hard he works/studies? Just thought there would be more development since HS with the ratings he had. Ruder didn’t impress last year and he really hasn’t seen any real live experience since playing against easy HS’s in Kansas. Earle completed a high percentage as recent as last year (yes I know at ACU, but his percentage was still high even against SMU). To my understanding, he’s the fastest QB in the room and has the strongest arm. High percentage with speed, and the strongest arm is something I’d like to see.
  3. Where the “Kason Martin” chanter that got kicked out last year? Could use some “Stone Earle” chants right now.
  4. Came here to talk about this. Couldn't take my eyes off of it once I saw it. They were running it all night. I tried to take a picture but it came out blurry. Literally every screen was wrong. Showed Aune having 7 tackles, so I just assumed that they were mixing up the numbers, but then they showed Torrey as our leading rusher over and over, and then Novil, and Murphy, and the wrong percentages, etc. It was impressively bad.
  5. Earle was supposedly running behind Aune until Gunnell jumped him in reps at the first scrimmage according to the 247 guy in a podcast with Brune. Earle had a much higher completion percentage against SMU last year with an awful O-line and D2 receivers. I’d love to see him get some time.
  6. The line moved after it becomes official that Aune is the starter.
  7. Walking on the pedestrian bridge in Chattanooga, TN this summer while wearing my UNT hat and a young man stopped me and asked if I had seen the fake fair catch. I told him I was at the game and he said he was a punt returner in HS at the time and used to practice it all the time after that game.
  8. 0-0 going into the 6th. Our defense has played fantastic keeping us in it.
  9. Heard the announcers say Oklahoma State would have to lose twice.
  10. Friday afternoon. I’m seeing 1:30 but not 100% that is Central Time . It’s 7:30 Bristol time.
  11. I was tracking the game on twitter and was confused as well, so went back later to figure it out.
  12. Both have been playing really well in Bristol. Miller just had a huge game to get them to the semi-finals. Their playoff uses aggregate scoring, so they had to win by more than 12 in this game to advance. http://www.bbl.org.uk/flyers-progress-in-post-season-classic/
  13. Well deserved. https://meangreensports.com/news/2022/4/26/mens-basketball-hodge-named-tabc-assistant-coach-of-the-year.aspx
  14. All scrubs/subs. Students that normally play are gone in Ireland right now.
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