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  1. https://twitter.com/verbalcommits/status/1339070577961824258?s=21 Is this guy still coming?
  2. Better him than Simmons. He doesn’t play enough minutes to worry about his foul trouble.
  3. Big day for Mattress Mack. Maybe he’ll feel generous towards UNT again.
  4. I believe College Station. I listened to the Baylor 365 interview that someone posted and it sounded like he was in College Station.
  5. I still think we need to get some big time transfers to fill out our D line, but this is very promising.
  6. His mom might be our best recruiter/advertiser. My wife follows her on FB and showed me this post. Has 219 THOUSAND likes. Let’s hope we can win while Bryce is here so she can tell the world about it.
  7. Is there a visitor section? I’m waiting til the last minute to buy tickets, but would like to be close to other UNT fans when buying if possible.
  8. I obviously hope we keep him, but if not, I’m a fan of Coach Hodge moving up. He seems to be the brains behind the defense, players love him, and he has a lot of the Juco ties as well.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find a replay of the coaches shows? They used to be up on KNTU but the most recent thing I can find is from 2018.
  10. I’m ok with the hire. I just hope he’s got connections to a couple of Kansas JUCO D Lineman that can come in for next year.
  11. That is correct. He graduated in the spring (drove up to Dallas often to watch SMU workout while still attending UT) and was immediately eligible with two years to play. There are a few in the same boat that SMU picked up. With kids staying on campus and taking courses in the summer, it is more and more doable to finish their degree quickly, and then walk away with a Master's by the time they have exhausted their eligibility.
  12. He still could be a potential draft pick. Would love to have him back, but I’m sure he would consider declaring if he thinks he’ll get drafted.
  13. I don’t remember seeing Himalayas night, but know he got hurt against ACU and never made it back in that game.
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