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  1. I sent him a nice email asking him to add UNT. He responded quickly with “I could not find a recruit that tweeted a UNT offer letter“. Any of you hip in the twitterverse willing to please email all of them to him?
  3. GreenBacker

    Tim Faison - Last Chance U

    Agree. The middle of the episode was basically a Kiffin/FAU promo video.
  4. GreenBacker

    C-USA West Media Day is at 2pm on ESPN3 Link to the interview. UNT is first.
  5. GreenBacker

    Breaking recruiting update 7/7

    This Biagi hire keeps looking better and better.
  6. GreenBacker

    Arkansas game seating

    I went to the Arkansans/ Florida game last year with a friend that works at U of A. We sat a few sections over from the visitors section, and even Florida looked like they did not travel well (as we sat by Florida fans) because of how puny the visitors section looked. The more in that section the better in terms of perception.
  7. GreenBacker

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    The turf got a mention on the ticket this morning. They talked about the benefit to the players and how we were the only one in the state that had it. Also mentioned the other big-name schools across the country who are using it.
  8. GreenBacker 2018 March Madness Thread

    Unbelievable comeback for Nevada! Down 22 with a little over 10 minutes remaining. Happy for Johnny.
  9. GreenBacker

    DRC: First day of spring practice news, notes

    Still no English in practices?
  10. GreenBacker

    Marshall 2/17/2018

    These games are awfully tough to swallow, but I still feel like Mac is getting the most out of these players. I was pretty excited about his hire, but didn’t think that we would be able to be in games with the top few teams in the league this year. Was hopeful for year two, but not this year. We are still improving, and haven’t given up despite these tough losses. I’m hopeful we can make some noise in the tournament, and then be incredibly competitive year two.
  11. GreenBacker

    UT's Warren Transferring

    My thinking is mainly because of our poor percentage of conversions on 3rd/4th and short.
  12. GreenBacker

    UAB (2/8/18)

    Draper is getting hot. Has hit some huge threes with UAB trying to close.
  13. GreenBacker

    Tech Needs an OC
  14. GreenBacker

    Combs @ LSU

    Appears his career is over as the ankle just can’t seem to heal. Really wish he had stayed here, but doesn’t look like he would have been healthy enough to contribute.