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  1. Dang....and to think...all this guy got for the big end of 52-13 was a new title and a gift certificate to Le Nonne’s? https://utahstateaggies.com/coaches.aspx?rc=335&path=football Rick
  2. Hokie Pokey State just eliminated Florida State and advances to the CWS. They have a damn good team. Rick
  3. Just goes to show that people still believe in second chances, as they should. Rick
  4. It’s Waco, one of the most effed up places on earth. Home to David Koresh and the Mount Carmel compound where 86 people died. Home to one of the most corrupt universities wrought with scandal and death. Home to a scandalous police department that sat on rape cases from said university. And speaking of their corrupt law enforcement...Waco is home to the bizarre Twin Peaks shootout in 2015.... Home to the roughest, sorriest part of I-35 south of Hillsboro. When traveling I refuse to stop for gas or food there. Waco is a place to avoid. Rick
  5. Pulling for James Madison, the last of the non Power 5 school’s left. Interestingly they came up thru the loser bracket and made the final, which had to be played on Monday due to weather in Ann Arbor against Michigan,...and beat Michigan in a doubleheader to advance to the Super Regionals vs UCLA. Rick
  6. I thought y’all had to knit your own back then? Rick
  7. I guess this is better than nothing. And negatives for the rubes who quoted the penis wrinkle. Rick
  8. Horrible if anyone intentionally ignored crimes. But in my opinion not as egregious as the New York Times willingly printing Nazi propaganda for Goebbel’s Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment_and_Propaganda the 7 or so years leading up to the start of the war,..ironically while the paper was Jewish owned. Nor was it as egregious that Japan and it’s Mitsubishi powered empire saw few of its war criminals brought to justice for their crimes. Rick
  9. ULL gets eliminated, as does Arizona State, North Carolina, V Tech and A&M. Rick
  10. Florida State is a run-producing Machine. Extremely aggressive at the plate. Going into today 15 of their 21 hits in the tournament have been for extra bases. They jumped on South Carolina early but SC is hanging with them 3-5 in the 4th. Rick
  11. La Lech loses 3-1 and are eliminated. Great season for those girls. Rick
  12. Texas Tech takes a 2-1 lead on an error in the top of the 7th. Rick
  13. Lady Techsters beat Monmouth 1-0, and have Texas Tech tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 6th now. Galloway in the ring for the Lady Techsters. Rick
  14. Figured since it’s playing out on several tv sports channels I’d start a thread for this tournament for discussion. I don’t see anyone beating Oklahoma but you never know. Our conference rep La Tech has one loss but has a very solid chance to get a win today vs Monmouth. There are 32 conferences represented by their champions and 32 at large entries. The SEC led with the most teams represented with 13 in but I think its bs that teams like A&M with a 29-27 record get in just because they pump a gillian dollars in for softball. There are four conferences that have no post season tournament, thus do not have a Co-Champion. West Coast Big West Mountain West Pac 12 First round is a double elimination. Second round is a best of three. The final 8 teams standing go to the World Series in Ok City. Rick
  15. Good pickup. BTW..La Tech lost to Texas Tech in a close one 3-0. Plays Monmouth tomorrow. Sam Houston defeats Texas 2-1. Rick
  16. Katie Clark has been nursing a wrist injury most of the season as well. DeLong’s Austin Peay team made it to the second round last year, so he’s definitely familiar with that tournament. But if they turned it down because of higher standards then I applauded them even more. Looking forward to next fall. Rick
  17. Yeah well.... North Texas 2 La Tech 1.. Rick
  18. Only the delusional fan that ignored the most important thing there is for winning conference championships.: DEFENSE! Sure, we couldn’t score, and yes, we lost. But after I watched Booger & co put Chris Simms on his ass all day and posted a second half shutout I thought,...”Damn...we have a championship-caliber defense, we could win some hardware”. And that’s exactly what happened. Rick
  19. Canyon is still in the playoffs and plays Dumas in the 3rd round tomorrow. Thru 4 games in the playoffs they have outscored their oppononents 60-5.😳😳😳 Duncanville was eliminated 2 games to 1 by Waxahachie in round 1. Andress was eliminated by Hanks in the 1st round. Horn was eliminated in the first round by Belton. Claremore made a run in the regional playoffs, though I can’t tell by their system how deep that is. Their softball season is played in the fall. Pottsborro didn’t make the playoffs as best I can tell? But one of our Mean Green players’ parents told me a while back that they’ve seen Deaton play and claims “she’s one of the best third basemen I have ever seen”. So we’ll see. Rick
  20. Just looking over some statistical differences from last year to this, and I noticed a couple of areas of interest that jumped out at me, This doesn’t include today’s games. The team raised its batting average from .272 to .280. Katie Clark raised her batting average from .375 to .412 Our on base % increased from .343 to .389 Our Opponents On Base % dropped from .340 to .309 We increased our rbi production by 48. And the biggest thing I noticed...we increased our run total by 58. Rick
  21. Agree. He at least brought in two,... Goodrich from GT and Kenzie Young from Butler CC. Rick
  22. Story of our tournament. Tying run 60 feet away and can’t do it. That was a good season and a great start for Coach DeLong. Rick
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