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  1. Yeah,..... but who has the most safe space? According to Wikipedia the cities of Berkeley and Denton have near the exact same population (112,580 to 113,383),.... but Berkeley is only 1/5th the size in total square miles. #roomtobreath Rick
  2. Possibly.. SMU’s defense is faster than yours and they have a hell of a better offense. Rick
  3. Sure,...but it’s something we control. I guess I’m hoping, because Siggers is special. I mean, he’s a bigger version of Patrick Cobbs special. Rick
  4. Chill, it’s just my opinion. I can’t help it if you weren’t there. You do realize we forced TWO field goals in the first half, right? Those were our defense bowing their necks and making stops and getting excited, and in the second half our team conditioning paid off because the California boys started to wilt in the warm afternoon. (Look back through these pages and see the comments about people who got sunburned. One of our fan’s wife who lives in California got sick and had to leave due to the heat). We missed two easy TD’s. The reason I say easy was because of how the plays developed that I saw from our end zone point of view. Our recievers the second half on several plays toasted that vaunted, overrated secondary of theirs,...and Abilene Christian has a better offense,...which all together led me to feel we should have won. Rick
  5. Wow, that’s 2000’s Plumesque justification to be top 25 right there....LOL! Rick
  6. Agree but something is still amiss with the secondary. It has to be an alignment/responsibility mix up which is correctable.. No one is that bad to just simply IGNORE a guy running past you and allow him to convert a THIRD AND 24. Overall...UTSA are the ones that need to be the most concerned right now because the Mean Green appeared to have turned a bit of a corner in that second half. If we feed the beast that is Siggers & Torrey early we will destroy them.. Rick
  7. Agree. It was quite the opposite per my experience while there. Truly shocking. And as for road trips,..you won’t have a better opportunity to experience the greatest of college football than this week in Oxford MS. Football in the south is king. Rick
  8. I do...but my name isn’t Who. Rick
  9. That’s because anyone who was at the game knows North Texas should have won. Rick
  10. I hate to say it but SMU wins this matchup and I don’t think it would be close. Rick
  11. I agree with some of this but,...if there’s one thing I feel we can take away from this game is that some new players gained the confidence they looked like they were lacking the week before. We had several new players getting their first extended time. Woolworth was playing in his first game of the year. And let’s not forget we had 5 new assistants in their first road game with this team. Lots of positives to lean on. Rick
  12. It was great to meet y’all btw. Hope you got home safe. Rick
  13. This offense is rated based on last year’s offense. Last year’s offense no longer exists. Rick
  14. Not last week they weren’t..and that’s the point. You beat #14 and your left out says a lot. And now that they are there we’ll see for how long. We should have easily put up 31 on them without our top WR all day and last year’s back ups. Their D isn’t as good. I’m just saying. Rivk
  15. You know what the most shocking thing I saw/heard while in Berkeley? How many of their alumns wanted to talk politics. And sadly....their message was shocking to say the least. Great people, bless their hearts. Not what I expected AT ALL. Rick
  16. Their fans on campus are extremely nice too. A great place to visit. Rick
  17. Of course not. Give me 10-2 including a win over Cougar high? Hell yeah! Rick
  18. Hey....did y’all hear we lost to SMU? Rick
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