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  1. We know three of them are healthy. Odds are the rest are too, especially considering that they ALL are in the lowest risk group, even more so than most of us reading this board. That’s my opinion and what I’m hoping for. This is good news. Now let’s play ball. Rick
  2. I sat beside Dr. Bill Mercer and across the aisle from coach Gales and his wife on that flight to Salt Lake.for the game. One of the best times I’ve ever had as a Mean Green student & fan. Coach Gales was a sweet man. He represented our program with class and was always willing to answer any question. He and his brother dedicated their lives leading young men towards success. He will be missed. Prayers for his family. Rick
  3. But they (protestors) are not the reason behind the need for the military/national guard to be requested. Yeah,...explain that to this woman.
  4. By how much? We don’t know. But here’s a visual: After some grinding and sanding on my car, notice the dust particles (around 5 micrometers) on the inside of this N-95? 1 Micron = 1,000 Nanometers. Covid-19 = 120 Nanometers. My face inside the mask was probably just as dirty as the outside of the mask but at least it stoped SOME of the dust from being breathed in. Either way it’s not worth walking around in one thinking it’ll stop something a thousand times smaller,..especially if your outside in the heat and wind and not in a high risk group fo
  5. Hard to have an honest discussion with people who Are going to compare this.... to this..... Rick
  6. There’s not much else you can say when so many allow the dishonest news to frame the narratives instead of thinking for themselves.
  7. More great insight from the EXPERTS. https://www.theweek.com/speedreads-amp/917924/dr-fauci-feels-cautiously-optimistic-amid-search-coronavirus-vaccine So IF....there’s ever a vaccine created it may not even protect you for 6 months? Given this, if true, along with the fact that a third of the population refuses to get inoculated just points to the foolishness of worrying about it anymore. Rick
  8. Remember when this guy was a household name in college? https://utahstateaggies.com/news/2020/4/23/Jordan_Love_NFL.aspx Rick
  9. QB James Morgan, who led FIU’s historic upset of Miami, heads to Jets in NFL Draft Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/conference-usa/florida-international-university/article242030606.html#storylink=cpy
  10. I’m thinking the so called Experts could use more common sense. Like the Experts who scared the hell out of everyone with the 2 1/2 million predicted dead and got nearly every prediction wrong since then? Experts that said “there’s no clear evidence of human to human transmission of Covid-19”? Experts who told us we needed to shut schools down despite the near zero risk to kids? Experts that screamed we don’t have enough ppe & ventilators...never mind, we’re good? Experts that said the antibodies don’t protect against reinfection, then said they do? Expert
  11. Good find @Harry I gotta admit it’s hard to hate La Tech sometimes. Rick
  12. I think it’s hilarious how you can’t argue without the virtue moralizing and name calling. You’ve been doing it since you first showed up with anyone you disagree with. Why your allowed to get away with it here is beyond me, ....but sticks & stones. And facilities is what this thread is about....as in outdoor football stadiums in the freaking wind & heat...., not in laboratory settings with intentionally created results. So in looking at your non-outdoor football stadium settings of FACTS.....I’ll pick just one. Let me pick.......this one. ”Airborne or Droplet Prec
  13. That’ll work too. Just before they signed off they said possibly Saturday but that the best weather outlook for launch would be Sunday. So that’s why I said maybe Sunday. Rick
  14. We couldn’t have been more proud of you. You had the Okie fans in the stands shitting their britches for 59:53. Rick
  15. “Experts believe,” “Covid-19 spreads mainly” ”Within about 6 feet” These are all guidelines, not proof.. And despite all the guidelines for 3 plus months the spread continued, not showing to slow down until warmer weather and herd immunity set in. Rick
  16. I would, but I‘d hope that my prediction was more accurate and not based on best guesses. Rick
  17. The original guy’s ....”Average pneumonia deaths in Florida from 2013-2018 for the same time period are 918”.... is wildly inaccurate considering Florida averages around 275 Pneumonia deaths per week during flu season. If you look four flu seasons back and compare the averages they should have around 5,000 Pneumonia deaths by now? The further this goes the more I’m convinced we’ll never know the correct numbers simply because Cause Of Death can be so tricky to decide. Rick
  18. “Danish PM 'falsely claimed health agencies backed lockdown” https://www.thelocal.dk/20200522/danish-pm-falsely-claimed-health-agencies-backed-lockdown/amp “Norway 'could have controlled infection without lockdown': health chief” https://www.thelocal.no/20200522/norway-could-have-controlled-infection-without-lockdown-health-chief/amp?__twitter_impression=true
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