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  1. Nope. 13. But thanks for quickly getting here to let us know anyways. Rick
  2. OU is 25-2. Their only losses are two close losses to #1 Florida St and #2/#3 UCLA. They have 4 wins over ranked teams, and 5 wins over teams receiving top 25 votes. They have 13 wins by run rule. They will dominate the Big 12. Rick
  3. This is like fighting a wildland fire with brooms. But Hope keeps battling but OU is an extremely aggressive team at the plate.. You gotta play the best to be the best. A good experience non the less. Rick
  4. Outside of posting something like..(There is a new DL, don’t have a name yet,....but it doesn’t appear there’s anyone in camp who can block him one on one).......this is the best thing you’ve typed all day. Rick
  5. And from a positive, non-misery-loves-company POV. Imagine that? Rick
  6. Agree. The sticky part is when it turns solely political and the warning signs are ignored.... Rick
  7. Exactly. Which is why I usually consider the source and instead prefer to read opinion from folks who know what the eff they’re talking about like gmg24 and others because they’ve either played or coached the game...or both. Rick
  8. And this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. No telling what kind of slush funding is going on in athletics. At least three individuals got busted in the adidas basketball scandal with some possible jail time behind it. The Hallmark Channel dropped Loughlin like a bad transmission. But it won’t be long before these narcissistic celebs bounce with some award ceremony praising their work, or their story repainted that they’re somehow the victim in all of this. Rick
  9. Won the opener in a run rule 10-1. and.... 4-1 in conference. Rick
  10. Our girls are kicking their ass 10-1 in the bottom of the 4th. Trautwein has only given up one hit thru 4. Rick
  11. That’s what us old nesters call “The Ronnie Morgan Syndrome”. Rick
  12. John Liddle is so unbelievable as a play-by-play announcer. I know most take it for granted but I don’t think it’s said near enough that we have possibly the greatest college pbp group overall in the nation. Rick
  13. No...there are many of us still here. And your exactly right. Dropping down would be a disaster. Thankfully that is never going to happen again. Rick
  14. No....history speaks for itself.. And no surprise to me that the highest ranked defense of the four......won it all. Rick
  15. Softball anyone? The team is 2-0 in conference and go for a sweep of Southern Miss today,...just in case your in need of a pickmeup. Rick
  16. The best part I took from that second game yesterday Scotty is that our freshman Tindall gave us 5 solid innings surrendering only 2 earned runs. And yes, the errors have gotta be addressed. We’ve committed too many. Rick
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