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  1. Hate to break it to ya but there’s a lot of people not renewing their season tickets this year and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the ticket office. Rick
  2. We’re ready. We just need points scored. Rick FullSizeRender.mov
  3. ….from the NCAA REGIONALS and will play the Okie State Cow Patties in the Regional Finals tomorrow. The Mean Green are now ranked no worse than 32nd in the nation. BTW,…I would have posted this in the Softball forum,…but unlike our #1 sport Men’s Basketball, our now #1.2 sport Softball doesn’t have one ….yet. Rick
  4. ….known as the attic of my house I found this gem from the Helwig era. Spawned from the final straw witnessing our men’s basketball team come out in puke-looking shiny blue satin warm ups. I know @greenjoe will remember. UTA player to several North Texas players before tip off: “You fools look like the Solid Gold Dancers!” Rick
  5. Couldn’t agree more and wondering the same thing. WKY played two more games than we did. Maybe the committee forgot what they were watching and voting on? No idea? But Nunn couldn’t even make it out of the first inning yesterday with a single out for Christ sakes? This team started one Senior, two Juniors(including Peters), 5 Sophomores and two Freshmen. What they accomplished this season, AFTER losing Trautwine, then losing two other pitchers and having only two arms most of the season is incredible to me. Now a very young team gets to taste the next level with a coach that knows what he’s doing and sits on the opportunity to build a major force in this sport. I’ve always felt that due to our location we could become the next LaLa. Is it possible we are well on our way? it’s All Good And All Green(well, black uni’s for softball, but whatever works for now). Rick
  6. GM is the basketball coach, not the director of communications for men’s basketball. I imagine most coaches can’t currently discuss the players they are recruiting. Maybe direct your questions about communications Here. Otherwise you could ask him yourself this summer at one of the coaches events. He’s extremely nice & approachable. In the mean time at this point, considering he’s reversed one of the worst, most embarrassing programs in history to become its greatest in such a short time I could give two shits what he thinks, says or does. He’s earned national respect of 99% of everyone else in college basketball that he actually knows what he’s doing. That’s more than good enough for me. Rick
  7. This is why I believe it’s possible that smu fans could literally lick themselves to death. Rick
  8. No, SMU would like to find a guy that could win them a CBI game or even a CBI Championship like North Texas (‘18), and maybe even do it without cheating. But for now they’ll have to remain settled for that quarter final win over Northern Iowa in the 2010 CIT. Since ‘88 smu has exactly the same number of legal NIT wins as North Texas….1. Since 1988 SMU has been to the NCAA 3 times, ‘88, ‘93 , ‘17….minus cheating (‘15). ………….North Texas has been there 4 times, ‘88, ‘07, ‘10, ‘21. SMU hasn’t won an NCAA tournament game since 1988. ………North Texas has,……2021. Your opinion wreaks of horse$hit! Rick
  9. Jank wouldn’t cheat, which he told the Smu brain trust during his interview prior to leaving Illinois State in ‘12. In fact, he didn’t even want the job but agreed to the interview out of respect to coach Larry Brown. He had taken the Cards to five straight post conference MoValley tournament championship games and felt they were on the cusp of a trip to the dance and was very happy there. But the smu money bags in the room had been told by LB that Jank was his first choice for assistant head coach and they refused to take no for an answer, throwing around assistant coach money numbers that was..”quite frankly embarrassing”. They money whipped Jank with life changing numbers a man with a family couldn’t say no to. In fact, they not only expected for Brown to eventually lead them to sanctions, they used that point to sweeten the deal with Jank ensuring that his contract would include an immediate salary takeover clause naming Jank head coach at Brown’s current salary should those events occur. And it did. And he was pressured every year to move closer and closer to skirting the rules and Jank refused. And in this last year of his contract he was notified that if he didn’t make the NCAA Tournament he would not be renewed after this season. This is why, among several other reasons Mac won’t be taking the smu job. He may leave, but he won’t be pressured into risk blowing a lifetime spent building a quality, healthy reputation to cheat. Rick
  10. BTW….A huge applause and thank you to Dave Anderson @flyonthewall and the NT Alumni Association for the great pregame party. Y’all knocked it out of the park! Rick
  11. Agree, Boston. This was one of the funnest days I’ve ever had at the Super Pit in my 35 years attending games there. Mac has cut down nets in four of his five years here now. Isn’t it amazing what can happen when your coach DEMANDS that your team plays tough, suffocating DEFENSE? See you in Frisco! Rick
  12. The great RIck Spears, possibly one of our most talented Alumn around. He should be in the NT Athletic Hall of Fame for his vision when he invented the “Flyin’ Worm”, which he first drew on a restaurant napkin while having lunch with coach Fry. Rick hated the term “Flyn’ Worm” btw but he understood how perfect that unique nickname fit a unique design. He loved North Texas and the Mean Green with all his heart and would do anything for any of us. He was a great man. I sure miss him. Rick
  13. Thank you. Been busy getting my Dirty Blonde back on the road, kicking kids out of the house and surviving to see retirement. Rick
  14. The entire time Mac was talking to us, all I could think of was what a damn shame it is he’s not making Littrell money. He probably could care less but from a greenblood’s perspective I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m very proud of the students and young alumni who took the time to make this trip. It’s an easy drive and Ruston is a sweet, quiet little place to visit and the La Tech people are fierce but fun. SEE YOU AT THE PIT! Rick
  15. Our promotions need help. La Tech had 4,000 in attendance yesterday. They had 4100 for UAB. During halftime yesterday they had a student shoot for cash but instead of one random shot he had to hit three shots. A free throw, a three pointer and a mid court shot and do it in 45 seconds or a minute.? He hit the FT and three pointer on his first two tries. Then spent the remainder of his time shooting half courts, which he never hit but got extremely close every time. But everyone in the place was on their feet cheering cause he kept getting multiple opportunities, not just ONE shot. Also, at La Tech and pretty much everywhere else outside of Denton, when they hit a big shot that brings people to their feet forcing us to call a timeout, they crank the music for the ENTIRE time out and the crowd loves it. Not hush everyone for some stupid announcement about a discount at Beth Maries….or put people to sleep by asking a fan a trivia question. They raise the roof and keep their crowd involved. It’s little things like that that keep people more engaged is what we could use more of. Rick
  16. Outside of affluence and lavish facilities at SLC & Westlake he is 37-85. Cameron(8-12), Newman Smith(8-12), Fossil Ridge(7-12) Marble Falls(8-12) NT 6-37 BTW, Since opening in 1970 Westlake has only experienced 4 losing seasons across 8 coaching staffs. Even Benford could probably manage a SUITable win or two there. Rick
  17. Hell of a job y’all did for the Mean Green Nation today, Dave. Thank you very much! Rick
  18. We could use it if all we’re ever going to get is 50-75 fans show up for a game 36 miles from campus, coming off the greatest season in history. Pathetic! Rick
  19. I certainly think it was. It was much more fun ruining someone’s perfect season, AND beating a RANKED team for only the third time in school history. I truly enjoyed watching the nUTSAck faithful roll in doing their utee——-essay chant. Then watching them leave, one by one as they tried to differentiate between the tears and raindrops to wipe away. What a great day indeed! IT’S ALL GOOD AND ALL GREEN! Rick
  20. The Mean Green held utAlmost to their 3rd fewest points in a game in program history and I LOVED every damn minute of it. https://utamavs.com/news/2021/11/18/mens-basketball-uta-falls-at-unt-thursday-night.aspx Rick
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