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  1. Wow...is it that hard to google a logo? Can’t wait to see him in this offense!
  2. Well...they beat Pitt last year but in 2016 they beat Nevada and Houston. They lost to #2 ranked Texas A&M 2-1 in double overtime that year as well. So he can occasionally pull one out...but it’s always the same story come NCAA tournament time 😞
  3. Most important game in the history of western civilization. Prove me wrong 🧐😅
  4. They beat up on a bunch of bad teams and get handled easily by anyone else. Have no clue how this team is going to play in conference. The conference tournament is in Denton this year, so there’s that.
  5. Disappointing two weeks no doubt about that but conference play hasn’t started. The season is not a wash, far from it. North Texas should win against UTSA and hopefully use that momentum to play their best game against UH.
  6. 23-17 or 30-0 a loss is a loss. Just like the Iowa game a couple years back. This was one long wasted opportunity. GMG
  7. I’ve never been a fan of this particular ranking system as they don’t really verify some of these school’s claims. Oklahoma for instance was inflating their alumni donations for years, its weighted at 5% in their ranking system. Other schools flat out lie about SAT scores. I think schools know it’s the most recognized college ranking publication, so they bend the rules to be included. That being said, I think North Texas has done it the right way and this ranking is legit.
  8. It’s always a good time and well attended. I saw the Arkansas game there last year.
  9. Some good news just to change it up. https://dentonrc.com/education/higher_education/university_of_north_texas/unt-makes-u-s-news-and-world-report-national-rankings/article_d6756f0d-e381-5f6c-a251-bc5fe9497cc8.html
  10. Surprised he didn’t make the practice squad at least. I think Guyton is done, did he catch on with another team?
  11. It was up to 14 last I checked. Hoping North Texas puts up a fight....ugh moral victories 😒
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