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  1. Thank you. These kids are friends with people that go to TCU, Texas Tech, UT etc….they want bragging rights, when you lose to name brand schools why would you keep coming to games. It’s not that hard to understand people.
  2. 31-7 season had a cupcake 11-0 run…you really put an 18-10 season on there?! Cmon. We play in a major media market only marque wins is what is going to get peoples attention. The NIT tournament win IS when people started to pay attention. This is a fan board everyone on here thinks we should be selling out games because we have 5 winning seasons, sell outs don’t happen that way because on the backside of 5 winning seasons we sucked for 10 years.you guys blame the students and blame the city of Denton because you want to be relevant in your lifetime but guess what it takes a final four appearance to create that kind of buzz so spare me.
  3. This team is 9-5 with loses to St. John’s, LSU, Boise State and Mississippi State…all schools with name brand recognition. If they had beaten those schools and still only get 4k a game then yeah I would be on your side.
  4. Is this a division 1 program or not? That’s a weak excuse.
  5. I’ve heard the same. Not looking to add another basketball only member. Hoping we can grab some MWC members one day. Or a JMU or APP State
  6. Little more ascetically pleasing
  7. Believe it or not there are some things money can’t buy and in SMU’s case it’s relevancy.
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