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  1. Yes. I believe it’s that simple. When USC gets back to where it was you’ll see a huge jump in viewership I believe.
  2. Completely disagree that the portal and NIL are turning people away. What does a casual fan (which drives viewership) care about who is transferring and who is getting an NIL deal? SEC spends money on coaching, the other conferences do not and it’s shows on the field.
  3. It sounds like whatever department is in charge of it is fat and happy and doesn’t get held accountable. 🤨
  4. I think they’re more concerned about fixing their shady nursing school standards and admissions process. https://www.forbes.com/sites/dereknewton/2020/03/24/why-the-resignation-of-this-particular-college-president-matters/ “That, among other things, is what leaders at UT-Arlington have been accused of – working with a for-profit company to weaken admissions standards for online programs, goosing up their enrollments and corporate profits.”
  5. SL needs to find a QB?…..well he had the greatest QB in the history of North Texas and what did he do with him? I’ll walk myself out.
  6. Alienate? I guess? I just don’t like using the DD days as a measure of big time success. Why? Because people will point to it as an example of how even when the program winning people don’t seem to care. My argument is this program has not seen big time success since the days of HF and when it does see that level of success, that’s when we will see North Texas at its true potential.
  7. When I see us wearing the vintage uniforms as everyday uniforms because they sold the old feather jerseys…I find that hard to believe. You believe what you want to believe but this program is not flush with cash and it doesn’t take an insider to know that.
  8. No one that is going to change your mind so this conversation is pointless.
  9. Oh god you’re one of those people. I seriously think a lot of people on this board look at the DD “winning” years with green tinted glasses. That was not winning big so please I beg you to stop using that as an example.
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