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  1. Maaaaan. Ain’t that the truth.
  2. Awesome comment and anyone that down votes you just means it’s their first day on the internet
  3. Agreed. As I recall there were plenty of people complaining about his late game collapses and inability to convert on 3rd and short. The one constant has always been SL…GH may have been the best coordinator under SL but he was far from perfect
  4. The schools don’t offer anything as far as NIL. It’s the brand that the athlete has or builds during their athletic career that gives them the monetary compensation. I don’t really understand what you’re trying to propose
  5. Are the players sending a message or did SL recruit the wrong players? 🤨
  6. When people complain about the attendance and lack of Alumns at games. This is why. Complete embarrassment.
  7. A rational conversation we can have. But when I see our players get manhandled and trucked…or run into the end zone untouched while our defenders look like they’re stuck in mud?…..that’s why I say these things
  8. We look like sh*t. We do not have D-1 talent. Good night and god bless 😅
  9. I stand by this statement. Our players are undersized and get hurt against higher level competition. Freak injuries happen, that is part of the game but c’mon people, North Texas has had a lot of injuries in the SL tenure!
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