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  1. Wow great find! Now I have a lot of questions 🧐....they look very very similar. I believe the Sow first started being used in 2005. Never heard the story of how It came to be
  2. Does anyone think Hedlund gets his first NCAA tournament win next year?
  3. I guess it just comes down to the individual. Even some well known athletes at other schools are hanging it up (Megan Kleist for example).
  4. I wish they would tweak the SOW on the left to make it look, I don’t know, it just looks off. The original flying worm logo with this shade of green I would like them to bring back. They’ve done it in the past but the color scheme was off.
  5. I think this thread has run its course 😂
  6. contract doesn’t become fully guaranteed until they make the team there @UNTLifer First-round picks get all four years of base salary fully guaranteed, second-round picks get the first two years of base salary that way, while others only get the first year fully guaranteed. Meanwhile, undrafted players aren't required to get fully guaranteed money in their deals.
  7. Have to agree, absolutely. At the very least it was unprofessional. If memory serves me correctly there were rumors of him going to Arizona at the peak of his run at North Texas. Since this stunt I don’t believe he’s even sniffed a HC job?
  8. Wow....a recruit using an “offer” from North Texas for clout. 😅.....welp off to the cowboy college never to be heard from again.
  9. Ugh...the infamous DD blackout game.
  10. An ambassador to the NFL? Wow...that would make us look incredibly b**ch made. 😐. I’m sorry there is no bias, these contracts are not going to be finalized unless they make the team so what are you talking about getting them for cheap? You can get drafted in the 5th round doesn’t mean you’re going to make the team and sign contract. 🤨
  11. The fact that we are in an area that is seeing an urban boom helps North Texas. More people means more entertainment dollars that they’re going to want to spend. I can’t understate how critical these next years are for North Texas athletics, not just football. The university continues to rise in the ranks, the athletic department needs to rise with it.
  12. Ugh..that was a complete punking if I ever saw one. 😕
  13. The whole state of Wyoming supports UW, they’re a strong brand and the campus and area are amazing. Interested to see how North Texas is going to handle the elevation when they play there. My hope is that the MWC drops San Jose State but seeing as they’re the only G5 school in the Bay Area, it probably isn’t going to happen.
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