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  1. From what I can understand they’re building an athletics center and the “covered” practice facility will be part of that? 44 million seems awfully steep for just a “covered” facility, I wonder if it will have 4 walls 😂
  2. I recently listed to the underdog dynasty podcast preview of SMU’s schedule. So pretentious and dismissive about North Texas. https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2019/6/14/18679509/underdog-pawdcast-smu-mustangs-football-preview-phil-mayer-pony-stampede-sonny-dykes-shane-buechele
  3. Same....I’m shocked...utterly shocked....that NT Daily didn’t cover this instead of running articles about how the athletic department is running up “debt” 🤨
  4. No...he has a point, I know the fan base is drooling right now but he comes to North Texas with a torn ACL and concussion problems. Still a great transfer with lots of upside but to say he doesn’t have some risk? 🤨
  5. Oof my man, the world does not need more people shutting themselves indoors away from the real world. Those traits may apply to people who play video games, I play them too! But in the world of competitive gaming you are all in, how many hours a day are these guys playing to get any good? It should be a club sport...scholarship money should be set aside for other things. With all do respect, I feel this money could be better spent.
  6. I remember last years FAU game someone launched a Coors Lite man can at the FAU bench. Not cool because it would have hurt someone...but the point is that idiot fans can strike anywhere. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. Major upgrade from the last batch of replica jerseys
  8. Had an official visit with Auburn before he made his decision. Four star recruit coming out of high school.
  9. I thought we were suppose to ignore trolls on the site.
  10. All I’m saying is that e-sports is not going to leap frog traditional sports any time soon. If you are one of those people that points out the video game industry as this wide open market with lots of growth potential, you are wrong. It’s been taken over by pay to win titles and platforms so chill. It’s a niche market at best and I would argue does not deserve SCHOLARSHIP MONEY at North Texas.
  11. Probably to make it harder to lose another NFL franchise 😅
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