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  1. I hope so. Anything to erase memories of that horrible La Tech loss.
  2. Well I hope ol Francois gets used to playing in front of 10 people and the mascot.
  3. Quick question...how big can Apogee get without having to tear it down and build a new stadium? Yes this is very speculative but hey it’s the offseason 😎
  4. He’ll be eligible to play immediately and could play for two years. College free agency 😂
  5. I agree. It’s been said by many different people that it will never happen again. Just too much money in college football for the NCAA to do that. The NCAA is about making money.
  6. I think it’s going to come down to OU vs Florida or Florida St. I’m pulling for La Tech to make some noise and would really be disappointed if they got bounced by Monmouth. Lastly...I loved seeing Texas get embarrassed at home against Sam Houston St.
  7. People are saying Tikhonenko is transferring?
  8. If you want to go ahead and talk about the Dodge years in the Sun Belt then go ahead. I’m talking about CUSA and the present. Don’t know what the point of your comment was my friend.
  9. Rice is hurting the conference by being this bad. UTEP has some name recognition and it hurts CUSA as well. I feel like UT-sorta almost is going to flame out but still doesn’t have national brand appeal.
  10. That’s too bad. Looks like Marshall and Middle Tennessee are going from CUSA...and with UTA, and SFA rounding out the Texas teams going. I wonder what the decision process was for not accepting the invitation.
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