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  1. Baylor is a much better gig than Texas I would think. Why would she do that?
  2. I don’t hold too high of hopes that the next round (if there is any) of realignment will benefit North Texas. Forgive me if I sound like a broken record but the AAC will not take us and my hope of joining the Mountain West is probably a pipe dream. North Texas is stuck in CUSA for the foreseeable future
  3. Absolutely. They want to keep us down at every turn. Playing North Texas in basketball would only cement the perception even more that this is a legitimate rivalry. I’m not going to split hairs on whether or not they’re “scared” to play is but I will agree with you that they and I’ll add TCU will do whatever it takes to keep their pieces of the pie. One has Ft. Worth the other Dallas.
  4. Hey I bleed green just like everyone else but let’s not go down this road, it’ll be embarrassing.
  5. you’re talking about football and I’m talking about basketball, so staying with basketball no they don’t care, they don’t have a reason to care and fans being pissed about scheduling a perceived lower tier school does not make an AD or a school scared to schedule us. They have the “brand” and “prestige” and they’re not going to use that clout to help this basketball program until we win so much they can’t ignore us.
  6. With TCU and SMU they would have more to lose (prestige) and the angry fans that think playing North Texas is beneath them, is probably more of a headache than the ADs want to deal with. Double that anger if North Texas wins and the AD of those schools looks like an idiot for scheduling it. They’re not scared they just don’t give a f**k.
  7. I heard on a podcast that Tilman Fertita was bleeding money right now. Owner of the Rockets and the only UH supporter Cougar fans mention when they talk about having mountains of cash.
  8. Yeah I didn’t understand that part either. As far as I know I pay tuition and all the fees attached to it by a certain date....sooooo I don’t know where the short fall on student fees is coming from?
  9. Seems they’ve been caught juicing the numbers. UTA’s nursing program somehow is ranked top 3 in the state or so...goes to show these rankings can be bought or fudged. 🤨
  10. Last I heard they wanted to use the land for administrative space in order to free up space at the core of the campus for more classrooms and parking. There simply is no more room unless you want them to start buying up people’s houses like TWU is forced to do.
  11. Bean better be packing on some weight! I have concerns about his durability as a runner. I hope Aune (pronounced Aune) steps into the starting position.
  12. Welp...Nevermind that didn’t last long. NASCAR?????
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