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  1. Don’t know why people downvote your or roll their eyes. Wish people would man up and just say what is on their mind.
  2. Kason Martin is not the answer. He’s done with football, he’s going to marry his volleyball fiancé and move in with this life. Bean can’t throw, his first instinct is to run because he’s scared of getting hit, Aune has horrible fundamentals, turnover prone, and nearing 30.
  3. Seth i has no idea how to put a staff together. He’s a good coordinator (maybe?) but has no clue how to bring in a hood coaching staff.
  4. You know what? If you can’t make crazy comments on this forum, then where are we suppose to do it?! I say keep them coming down votes be damned. *Also going independent is effin stupid 😂
  5. When was the last time North Texas played TCU in MBB?
  6. Don’t know what eye roll is for. I find it hilarious that a site full of 40 year olds use an emoji for 15 year olds but hey hide behind it. Liberty tried to pay their way into the Sun Belt a couple years ago, Sun Belt said no. Sometimes it is about things other than wins and losses
  7. Livery will never join a conference because you can question their academics and ethics. They boast 110,000 student population, only 15,000 actually live on campus. Plus there is that stuff with Falwell and his wife plus all the anti LGBT+ plus, either perceived or in reality. They’re not getting an invite anytime soon.
  8. It’s on his social media not like he’s trying to hide it.
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