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  1. I don’t know why people keep thinking he’s going to turn this thing around. Even when he had the talent he showed he couldn’t capitalize.
  2. I have no faith left in SL.
  3. Crazy how the greatest QB in North Texas history wouldn’t have done a bit of difference. what are we doing?!
  4. For what a couple of months? 503 total yards for North Texas and only 28 points. I remember when people on the forum said this would be a great recruiting pitch, what we didn’t know or we would be giving up 600+ on the reg 😂
  5. What’s even sader is that people are bringing up DD. That was almost 20 years ago. We have to reach that far back?! I’m beyond pissed and beyond disappointed.
  6. What I think is hilarious is that people think SL was actually going to K-State and not just having his agent pump out stories for a higher raise
  7. I said the F word but the forum wouldn’t let me post it. We gave up two back to back 65 yard runs or whatever. How do we not expect more
  8. This is a disgrace. Our best players opt out because they could give a crap. North Texas adds to multiple highlight reals....but hey I guess we needed the money. In Wren We Trust Let it Fly
  9. Sure, I guess synchronized branding isn’t a thing at North Texas. In the end I want what everyone else wants, a reason for people to care and that comes with winning. All successful programs are associated with one symbol and if the university says we are going to use the SOW then stick to it. If we want the acronym to be UNT then stick to it. Consistency is key, but again North Texas has always lacked in that department.
  10. They’ve had North Texas State Football on the Instagram all year. What he’s saying is people actually think that’s the name of the university and this doesn’t help with branding just further confuses people.
  11. That was one of the highlights of my entire time at the ol UN of T 🥺
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