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  1. Salsa_Verde

    Tier 1

    It’s not incomplete they just didn’t care to mention UT-Almost. Now back to the stable Maverick.
  2. Salsa_Verde

    Future Schedule. Baylor & Tulane

    At least on Baylor fan remembers the Baylor Beatdown of 2003 😅
  3. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    In the past, whatever attendance North Texas could muster at the Super Pit was achieved despite the administration. I’m with you, in that now, success is magnified because those in charge are competent and will take advantage.
  4. As the fan base gets more and more removed from the cheating of the late 70’s and 80’s this influence will wain more and more I think.
  5. Fair enough but the fact remains they have not been a good program since. Which when you’re a college basketball blue is weird.
  6. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    I believe he had 4 fouls...and we were in the bonus so I assume he wanted people who can make free throws?
  7. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    The ref made the right call at the end of the game. Flip side of that, if they would have called a bs could there and Rice would have won based on that I would have been pretty pissed
  8. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    The highs...the lows....what a game! 😅
  9. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    Rice coach going absolutely nuts
  10. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    Never in doubt 😅
  11. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    North Texas up by one 26.7 seconds left to go
  12. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    There you go DJ!
  13. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    Just like last year...this team has trouble making free throws
  14. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    Have to make free throws
  15. Salsa_Verde

    Rice (1/19/19)

    Sigh. Waiting for this team to wake up