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  1. Salsa_Verde

    CUSA Volleyball Tournament

    Correction they play tomorrow at 11 am in the morning. GMG
  2. Salsa_Verde

    G5 Playoff

    College Football Playoff in name only, it’s really just an invitational 4 team tournament. They pick the 4 “best” teams that will maximize profit and viewership.
  3. Salsa_Verde

    CUSA Volleyball Tournament

    North Texas wins 3 sets to 1 against FAU. They will play Rice tomorrow afternoon on the second round of the tournament. Rice is the #1 seed.
  4. Salsa_Verde

    CUSA Volleyball Tournament

    Currently leading FAU 2-1 in the CUSA Volleyball Tournament, going into the 4th set. It’s on ESPN+ for those that are interested, volleyball team is riding a 7 game winning streak I believe. Could be peaking at the right time. GMG
  5. Salsa_Verde


    Those untimely fumbles though 😞.......but he had a great great night! I lost my voice in that 93 yard touchdown run. ✊🏽
  6. Nothing new...DMN and Ft. Worth Telegram have always looked down on North Texas.
  7. Salsa_Verde

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    If we get a good matchup in a regional bowl I would expect a good turnout. A matchup against a MAC or Sunbelt team in a destination bowl?...don’t expect people to travel for that one.
  8. Salsa_Verde

    Ball State vs Western Michigan. Nobody There

    I mean honestly...who plays football on a Tuesday?! It seemed like a good game too.
  9. Salsa_Verde

    New Bowl Tie In for CUSA

    .....Here you go peasants. 😕 .......Also is CCU, Coastal Carolina? Sigh
  10. Salsa_Verde

    Hawaii (11/11/18)

    Hawaii coach said North Texas is punking them. Have to appreciate the honesty 😅
  11. I’m at a loss for words. You can only do this so many times before the players start losing trust in the coaching staff.
  12. Every opportunity to win this game and still let them have it.
  13. How is that catch being reviewed but the Rico Bussey catch by the sideline was not?
  14. Someone anyone step up and make a play. GMG
  15. Time and time again we get stuffed on 3 and 1 or 4 and 1