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  1. I was with you up until the last part when you just went full SMU. How do you figure that those schools are below SMU?! Good luck to you.
  2. Having Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Colorado go to the BIG12 makes sense geographically and culturally. The PAC12 is screwed because no schools in their footprint can match up academically with Stanford and Cal so they either swallow their pride and let in a San Diego State, Fresno State, or Boise State or they have to accept maybe a complete merger with another conference?
  3. I would love to see the Rutgers and the Vanderbilts of the world get taken down a peg.
  4. I wouldn’t take a victory lap just yet. No one knows how this is going to shape things. But I still say we should have gone to the MWC. If Memphis and SMU bolt for the new BIG 12 I’m going to be very disappointed.
  5. It extends to even members of the school. When I was in Army ROTC at North Texas they would give us so much trouble for trying to use anything North Texas related on our shirts or in our building. Merchandise has long been frustrating and disappointing.
  6. No one is going to like hearing this but we need more money and more donors. Simple but historically hard to do.
  7. Obviously the best coach we have…but let’s not get crazy here.
  8. Further reinforces hiring a great coach. If you can play doesn’t matter where you go to school. If you hit the transfer portal it’s for a reason.
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