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  1. Liberty a 12 seed beat Miss St. a 5 seed yesterday. North Texas has yet to win a tournament game. Sigh
  2. Who is throwing this money around exactly? Is it the same people that don’t show up to the games or make an ill conceived deck that no one goes too? Once again someone says SMU has money and influence, if they did SMU would have more people in the stands for football games and would recruit better players to make the tournament.
  3. Damn...ODU got blasted into space by Purdue. Shot 27% from the field, it was never really close.
  4. If only there was a sport that was played through spring and summer that we could all talk about after basketball season was over.... I wonder if such a sport exists? 🤔
  5. Honest question, what are McLeod’s achievements across all sports in Conference USA? I understand she might not have a good hand to play and we are stuck in our current position, so I take that into account.
  6. Looking at just media rights, their current deal pays 1.1 million per school, which dwarfs North Texas’ current allotment. Facilities? Colorado St. just opened a 200 million dollar on campus stadium. Their players are drafted into the NFL and NBA....Derek Carr, Josh Allen, Paul George, Kwahi Leonard just to name a few. In almost every quantifiable category the MWC is better and would be better for North Texas.
  7. I like Mitchell...I’m really hoping she continues to be successful.
  8. First postseason win for the ladies. GMG
  9. I’m all for joining the MWC, and what you said about time zone differences and newspaper coverage and whatever other weak excuses for not wanting to join just does not outweigh the benefits. Yes they have to travel but the quality of the conference and bowl tie ins are vastly superior.
  10. Eye roll all you want but the answer is pretty simple
  11. This conference as it stands continues to not get any sort of credibility with the powers that be. I think this conference is much better at basketball, men’s and women’s, than anything else. Yet here we sit with another one bid. Don’t know what the deal is.
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