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  1. This is why I’ve been out on SL. Had the best QB in the history of North Texas and he did what with him?!
  2. Wren made awesome hires with Men’s basketball and softball. He was a great AD relative to what North Texas has had.
  3. Instrumental how? He was on vacation when the AAC announced the new teams. You guys can give him his credit fine but North Texas is a good job and can make you look good if you’re competent.
  4. My brother in Christ…get it together you’re scaring the children.
  5. Whatever. University of Texas-Stephen F. Austin or UT-Nacogdoches 🥴 Say what you will about North Texas but I’ve always been proud about the fact it’s it’s own institution and not another McDonald’s franchise university.
  6. It would be awesome to give Judy a nice send off as both teams leave the conference 🥴
  7. Because I’m bored. Going back to the 50s…if we go by 6 wins…then it would be a total of 21 times up from 12 total appearances. Still not great.
  8. Cost of doing business and going into the AAC North Texas needs to be prepared to pay whoever takes over after SL at least that if not more if they expect to be competitive.
  9. Pace yourself…you’re three months in and you’re already jaded. 😂😂😂
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