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  1. If he is truly offered the job then yes I don't see how he would turn it down. It's perfectly fine to do that...he'll probably get 2.5x more than what he makes here in Denton and he's coaching a P5 school that we know can be very good and elite in football. The most important person to our athletics program is Wren Baker. Successful coaches particularly in FB & BB will leave here because we'll likely never be able to match their pay so it is up to Wren Baker continuously making the right hires so take care of him as he's the most important of the bunch IMO.
  2. They don't deserve to win this game.
  3. We've had reason to gripe about NT athletics, teams, fans, administration etc for various things over the years and for many decades but yesterday was not the one that needed to be called out. We've had really solid attendance and I don't expect anything different for Rice in a couple of weeks and it may very well be the first true sellout in Apogee's history.
  4. Green Mean

    Start Times

    I get that but there are 6 games a year and we generally know the times of those games weeks/months in advance. This stuff can be planned early without ever needing to miss going to Apogee. That said like anything else things can come up suddenly as life happens but that's ok that can and does happen anywhere and everywhere else too.
  5. Green Mean

    Start Times

    I always prefer the earlier start times unless it's in September when it's way too ridiculously hot. It's a great feeling that I can enjoy half the day doing NT activities and still have most of the rest of the day and spend time with the family, friends etc. Regardless of timing I'll still be there but given we have 6 home games a year and have a long time to plan these things I don't think start times should ever make a difference.
  6. Green Mean

    This team deserved better

    It'd been pouring cats and dog where I was until about 1pm. People didn't show up because weather was just bad and I don't fault them one bit. We are not the exception here...this type of weather especially that includes a delay impacts attendance all across the country including the P5's. The people that passed and decided to not come did so because they have a choice. Not enough people realize that times are different now and there are plenty of options out there and that they'll do what makes them most comfortable. Our attendance has been good the last couple of years...I expect a great turnout for Rice. And no coaches are going to leave or stay because of attendance...we can sell out every game but if opportunity arises for a better job and more money and status guess what they'll be gone in a heartbeat.
  7. I tend to agree with much of what you're saying. This was a punch in the guts. I certianly didn't expect some magical undefeated season but this game was different. This was the game that could have been the true break out game and party in our house in front of our fans many of them casual and skeptical and on a super special day honoring Mean Joe while having all this media attention nationally and locally on us. If there was a game for us that we least afford to lose it was this one IMO. Still think were in for a really nice season and those that have penciled in LT I just say to tap the brakes as there's still a ton of football to be played.
  8. Regardless how LT got some of their points in the first half we've still given them quite a bit of belief and momentum. I'm not that worried right now but we just look completely shattered and out matched right now.
  9. My buddy had to cancel last minute and cannot attend the game. I have a single club ticket available that sits in section CL9. If anyone is interested just DM me.
  10. Green Mean

    Shut Down of 35 at the Loop

    I live in Plano and could take 35 or 380. I haven't driven on 380 to Denton in a few years at least...would that be a viable option? I think things are and have been getting built out along the road which probably makes it even or maybe worse.
  11. Just keep on winning and continue to market it. The attendance will take are of itself eventually.
  12. Green Mean

    The Hardline

    Ok I downloaded the whole HL show from today and listen from the 23:30 mark to 36:00. rec-vd0mnQsssEI4yG2HVnAJ.mp3
  13. Green Mean

    The Hardline

    Today's Mike's Mind segment on The Hardline was all about North Texas and specifically the punt return. If I see it posted somewhere I'll put a link to it here. It's not like nobody has ever wanted to root against North Texas...we were just irrelevant for virtually most of our history but we're now forcing people to talk about us and take notice because were legitimately good and we're getting some great mojo our way i.e. the punt return etc.
  14. Green Mean

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    Tonight at 1030 channel 4