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  1. NTXCoog

    FAU getting spanked by OU

    27-45 final
  2. Arkansas is averaging $3.5M for 6 years with possible additional incentives of $1.2M per year
  3. I'd guess it was as much based on his OC history at Clemson. Littrell has had more success as Head Coach, but Morris made more headlines as OC
  4. Didn't stop Arkansas from giving Morris $3.3M a year. I'd argue SL has been more successful than Morris
  5. Tom Herman: ""If you want to win championships and you want to win New Year's Six bowl games and win 13 games and kiss trophies … you can certainly do it at one of the finest institutions in the country and … the greatest city in America" Art Briles: "still proud to be a Houston Cougar." 11/27/2007 "Art Briles on Wednesday accepted the position as head coach at Baylor," 11/29/2007 Not saying it will happen to you, but if it does, don't be surprised. And regarding waiting, sometimes they go when jobs are opening up. Sometimes they go when you think a decline us coming. Sumlin leaves when Keenum is leaving (5-7 the year before when Keenum is hurt). Herman leaves when Greg Ward is leaving (no lined up QB star ready for the next season). Since Fine isn't a Sr, that might bode well for another year
  6. It does, but until Morris left SMU for Arkansas not a single head coach got another FBS HC job since Hayden Fry after leaving there. Someone will believe they can do it and take a shot
  7. NTXCoog

    DMN: Best in Texas Rankings

    That would explain why Tech might get a 1st place vote. No question UNT had a better offense than UH last year. It will be interesting to see the impact Briles has. The UH offense will definitely improve, but can it get to the level that FAU or Baylor achieved?
  8. NTXCoog

    DMN: Best in Texas Rankings

    Weird. The poll linked is from 3 days ago. Below is from 6 days ago, looks like the same paricipants. Wonder what happened ti change their minds in 3 days. DMN best of Texas
  9. NTXCoog

    DMN: Best in Texas Rankings

    I'd be more concerned if I thought they knew anything. "Houston landed Tennessee transfer quarterback Quinten Dormady this offseason, who is expected to battle with redshirt freshman Bryson Smith and 2018 signee Clayton Tune for the starting job." Completely ignoring that the starter listed on the 2 deep is none of those. Its the QB who started the last 4 games last year "Houston Cougars head coach Tom Herman leads the team onto the field during the NCAA football game between the Lamar Cardinals and Houston Cougars at TDECU Stadium in Houston, Texas. " Tom Herman isnt the UH head coach
  10. NTXCoog

    Kiffin gets 10-year, $9.5 million dollar contract

    Yep. UT bought out Herman's $2.5M. Nebraska bought out Frost's $3M. Florida bought out CSU's $5-7M
  11. Got you. So when losing a coach, continuity is key. You have to be very careful with that path too. UH hired Tony Levine as a continuity hire after Sumlin. That didn't work out very well. Then UH hired Herman with a completely different offensive philosophy and had the most successful season in 2 decades. After he left, we hire Applewhite for continuity. Again that didn't work well. We'll see how the drastic offensive change with KBriles on board works out. It all comes down to getting good coaches regardless of philosophy. If you can get good coaches and keep the same philosophy, that's ideal. But if you have to choose between quality coach or continuity of philosophy, you hire the better coach
  12. One difficulty with attempting to follow that USM model is their head coach Jeff Bower played at USM and was very loyal to his school. That kind of loyalty is very rare especially at a G5 school
  13. NTXCoog

    Throwback: Houston at North Texas 1975

    Heres the 1976 DCTF cover so it should be the 1975 helmet
  14. Interesting that I see posts saying you want consistent winning, but also posts to be like UCF. They are very inconsistent. They have losing seasons 4 of the last 10 years including 0-12 three seasons ago. But I'd take those huge up seasons (2 major bowl wins and an undefeated season) with the big down seasons rather than consistent 7-5 or 8-4
  15. NTXCoog

    Could Mason Fine join the 5,000 yard Club?

    Houston has 4 of them. Case Keenum is the only one with 3