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  1. Its even more complex than that. If a player signs up for NBA evaluation, he can work with an NCAA certified agent and retain eligibility. Non-certified cannot return. https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2021-10-13/ncaa-certified-agents-helping-college-athletes-test-nba-draft-waters
  2. Tulsa has been a great stepping stone job going back to the 1980s Nolan Richardson left for Arkansas Tubby Smith - Georgia then Kentucky Steve Robinson - FSU Bill Self- Illinois/Kansas Buzz Peterson - Tennessee Danny Manning - Wake Forest Even the coaches that dont move on stay at Tulsa for a decent amount of time, almost 7 years on average
  3. Your bracket is in trouble
  4. Tulsa made the NCAA Tournament in 2014 and 2016. They might have made it in 2020 if it hadn't been cancelled as they tied for 1st in the conference. They've made the torunament 4 times since Self left. They've had good coaches and teams before and after Self. You might have heard SMU's name locally more because of Larry Brown, but I think Tulsa has been respected much more nationally
  5. If Memphis dominates the AAC like they did CUSA, it actually makes the conference look worse. I don't think that happens though. The biggest problem is the league is being inconsistent at best out of conference. Memphis had some very good wins but also some bad losses. The middle of the pack will play horrible schedules and/or lose to bad teams, then they'll get their act together in conference and beat some of the better teams. Then there are the bottom tier teams that will pick up Q4 losses OOC but still manage to win a few against mid to upper tier teams. I think the AAC needs Memphis to keep moving up. It needs Wichita State and Tulsa to improve because those are names that basketball fans know so they could recover their reputations more quickly. Need at least one ex-CUSA team to be solid to show you're not just losing good teams but also picking up good teams. Need better OOC performance from all levels. And need the bottom of the league to improve to just bad instead if horrible.
  6. Memphis is likely underseeded. When they are on, they can beat anyone. They've had a crazy year with injuries, COVID, and just meshing their team. They're on a roll lately. Even though UH iust beat them by 18, i don't want to play them again. Only team to beat UH by more than 2 points, and both their wins were by double digits.
  7. Because of efficiency stats. UH is #11 in offensive efficiency and #3 in defensive efficiency. Only 4 quad 1 opportunities. Lost 3 of them by 1 or 2 points Only 1 quad 2 loss (Memphis at home). No quad 3 or 4 losses.
  8. And to be clear, I don't think UH is the 3rd best team. Just pointing out how useless the NET is
  9. UH is #3 in NET for that 5 seed. Shows you how much they value the NET unless they can use it as a basis for selecting the big conference school to get in
  10. You think Applewhite was a home run? You could probably get him cheap since he's currently the OC at South Alabama
  11. I know the head coach status has changed since this topic, but thought you'd enjoy an update. Prairie View A&M has contacted Sumlin as a possibility for their open head coach position. Don't know if he has any interest, but it gives an indication of his status in the coaching ranks.
  12. The UH offense has been pretty bad this year especially the running game. The defense and return game are why Houston has only 1 loss
  13. If you want to be a glass half full type, you had more butts in seat than Houston
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