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  1. If you're talking about me, I've been on this board 16 years and generally support UNT since I lived in Denton. And yes, I think Sumlin would be disastrous at UNT
  2. When ESPN decides there is a suitable replacement and/or NCAA forcing round robin or divisions to have a championship game. Boise was recently rumored to be interested, but they wanted all sports. AAC wanted football only, but Boise didn't, partially because they couldn't find a conference for other sports
  3. FAU has probably had the most success with this. Schnellenberger had his ups and downs and ended way down. Kiffin had success but left after 3 years due to that success
  4. Sumlin didn't recruit Manziel. Mike Sherman did. Sumlin didn't recruit Case Keenum. Art Briles did. Even his least bad year at Arizona he inherited Khalil Tate who was Pac 12 Honorable Mention before Sumlin. Those two 5 star QBs he recruited at A&M? One wound up at Houston and the other at OU Sumlin has never been as successful with a QB he recruited
  5. Why the downvotes on facts? Writer did correct story and UH game was cancelled due to UNT COVID issues. No judgment on either
  6. BS too. 1st 5 delays and cancellations were due to to other schools, including UNT, cancelling. https://dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/mean_green/unts-game-at-houston-has-been-canceled-due-to-coronavirus-outbreak/article_8a7d0257-2cf6-50eb-aa93-84f1adb16220.html
  7. Fake news... 15 to 20 players were out total, not due to grades. 3-4 were opt outs to prep for Senior Bowl and NFL draft. Several were missing due to injuries and COVID. There were some academically ineligible but nowhere near 15-20. Duarte (the reporter) retracted and clarified the story.
  8. Thats more positives than Baylor had. Some of their players had 4 negative tests but weren't allowed to play due to contact tracing
  9. Sam Khan has been the UH beat writer and author of the article I linked. Compare him to Brett Vito for UNT except now he's national working for ESPN. He knows UH football. He knows all the back stories. But obviously you know more than him. Corbin could have transferred to a P5. He had offers from TCU, Nebraska, TT, and Wisconsin out of HS. But you knew that
  10. I guess you know more than Sam Khan, Dana Holgorsen, and Keith Corbin, the other UH senior who was announced as redshirting at the same time as King and who is still with the team. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29844641/after-transfer-tragedy-deriq-king-finds-way-back-field
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