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  1. The UH defense is not good, but playing OU and Washington State would skew the stats for most teams
  2. There are positives and negatives to both approaches. The premise was perception of the program. Even if you expand to 50k and fill the stadium for a UT or aTm game, unless you have 45k the next week for the lesser opponent, the perception will be horrible. Trust me on this. I attended UH during the run and shoot years in the late 80s/early 90s. We'd have 50k vs UT or aTm, then have 20k the next week for TCU. The percpion was the additional 30k fans were all UT. The truth was more likely 15k UT fans and 15k UH fans that would only show up against the bigger name opponent. But the truth didnt matter. All perception. And if you think 20k in a 30k stadium isnt the best atmosphere, 30k in a 50k stadium is worse. Even with 50% more attendance, it feels empty
  3. I think a consistently sold out 31k seat stadium is a better image than one 40k sell out game per season along with multiple games under 30k. Scarcity of single game tickets drives up season ticket sales which really improves perception. After a couple of seasons of sell outs, you expand
  4. Returns UH 188 yards 2 TDs UNT 86 yards 0 TDs
  5. Stevenson was and is UH's best WR. Not even close.
  6. Not top G5 programs. Not even top G5 teams. Top undefeated G5 teams. That's a big difference. For example Tulane isn't a top G5 program. Also their undefeated team was good, but I'm sure there are 1 loss G5 teams that were better
  7. I don't understand why he doesn't get banned. I cringe wvery time he posts over here
  8. If you want to read more about this piece of work Johnson's ex-aide focus of 2008 HISD flap Ex-worker lashes out against councilman
  9. This is a ridiculous lawsuit from someone wanting money and/or attention. His reason for claiming he's a better candidate is because he has 30+ years of coaching experience. But no one has found a record of him coaching at the pro, college (all divisions), or high school level. Has he coached YMCA flag football? His claim is that UH did not post 3 days so he didnt get a chance to apply. UT fired their coach and announced their new hire same day. Should be suing the deep pocket school. His 30+ years coaching is surely better than Herman's resume. Claims that not posting 3 days discriminates against African American coaches. Not sure how that is racist. BTW the 3 day rule is a lie. That rule explains that IF you post a job, it has to be posted at least 3 days. It does not say a job has to be posted.
  10. The one time TT represented the SWC in the Cotton Bowl, aTm was champion but ineligible due to NCAA vioations. There was a 5 way tie for 2nd and TT went winning the tiebreaker because they hadn't been to the Cotton Bowl in the longest time, because they had never been
  11. King is on his 4th OC in 4 years. A new OC with a completely different offense didn't seem to have a negative impact last year. His total numbers may be down this year because Holgorsen doesn't run a hyper fast offense, but his efficiency may actually improve which would be amazing since he had the #7 QB rating
  12. To make a local comparison, this would be equivalent to the Waco Tribune saying UNT should drop to FCS
  13. Paul Johnson had 5 of those 14 winning seasons I mentioned. His only losing season at Navy was his 1st, taking over a 0 win team
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